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The "All New Scooby Doo" era

1983: "The All New Scooby and Scrappy Show" Here, we finally have gotten back to the original format of the phony ghost mystery, (though there are still some exceptions to this) and one of the old gang members has returned; the one who you would least expect, from being the least close to Shaggy and the dogs before; Daphne! She (a reporter who brings Shaggy and the dogs along with her on her assignments) is now a bit more smart and witty than before. In fact, the old dynamic is restored, as she takes Velma's role as the intelligent female, and the increasingly mellowed-down Scrappy is pretty much the new Freddy! (All his haters apparently, or maybe obviously, never watched this far, to see how much he has changed from that first season and even the next two seasons!) Splitups are now usually Daphne and Scrappy doing most of the cluefinding work, and once again, good ol' Shaggy and Scooby, and their more comedic roles. So everything is scaled down now, including most episodes being half-length. (10 or 11 minutes). In both this season and the next, filled with clever new story and comedy ideas, we are treated at the end with special two part episodes.


We enter our new era with Scooby, Scrappy, Shaggy, and now accompanying Daphne, approaching a spooky house, that she, a reporter, is writing an article on, to prove it is not haunted, by spending the night there. (Shaggy: "Then you sleep in this creepy old house, and I'll sleep in the van!" Scooby: "Me too!"; Scrappy: "Not Me! Why I hope I see a ghost; I'll flatten his sheet!") Inside, she puts a time lock on the door to prove they spent the night there and so they can't leave (Shaggy and Scooby frantically "test" it). She sends Shaggy and Scooby to take the food into the dining room, and they see what look like ghosts, but they are really just dust covers on the chairs. That is, until, Shaggy and Scooby sit in them and begin eating, and the cover wipes Scooby's mouth ("Like neat trick, Scoob!"), but then they get wise. The whole story has Shaggy and Scooby seeing haunts, but Scrappy and Daphne not believing them. They find a diary ("Must have been from someone who lived here". "Or died here"), which reads "Whoever reads this book will learn the truth about the evil spirits that haunt this house". The lights go out, and Shaggy passes candles to Scooby who then passes them to no one; they float in the air and disappear. As she continues reading, Scooby freezes (from "chill winds"), and then sees the "foul face of the fireplace fiend". He and Scooby go to bed, and Daphne reads of the ghosts under the bed and comments "Boy, it's a good thing Shaggy and Scooby can't hear this". They instead see them, along with the heads of stuffed animals on the wall.

Scooby runs into a secret pasage behind a bookcase, and Shaggy runs to Scrappy and Daphne when he sees a skeleton ("Stop reading that stuff!") They now look for Scooby in the secret passage and find a coffin full of books, and another one with a statue inside (Shaggy: "YOW! A dead ghost!") They hear a knock on a door, and it's Scooby. The statue rises and comes after Shaggy and Scooby. Shaggy pushes the library ladder on him, which breaks him to pieces. They now hear an organ, and see a ghost playing it. They take a picture to prove it. (We next get the old gag, "You tap him on the shoulder, and I'll take his picture", and when Scooby objects, Shaggy simply reverses the order). When they show the others, it's just a picture of Shaggy and Scooby ("What did you do; take a picture of yourselves in a mirror?" This before its time "selfie" is never explained). She resumes reading, about a ship in a typhoon, and the picture of it becomes animated and sends a wave that sweeps them downstairs, and out the door, unlocked by the time running out. ("The captain tried to sink us with his ship!") The entire house then sinks into the ground. ("I'm getting a sinking feeling!") Daphne still doen't believe them, and Shaggy and Scooby grab her and Scrappy and drive off in the Mystery Machine. "Scooby Dooby whew!"

We enter a new "streamlined" era of shorter mysteries, that are not always the old phony ghost format (as this one isn't), the streamlined gang, and get a lot of cool new story and gag ideas. Where before, Daphne was often as frightened as Shaggy and Scooby (and also "dangerprone"), now she is much more confident, and taking Velma's role in a a way.

Shaggy drives the Mystery Machine when they leave. Afterwards, Daphne will drive it

Dinosaur Deception

Now, we finally return to the full mystery format! In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico a scientist runs screaming, as a dinosaur he's excavated has come alive, and catches him as the villagers run. The gang is driving to look for the paleontologist. They rent a parasailer that Shaggy and Scooby fly, while Scrappy and Daphne run the boat. The ropes break, and Shaggy and Scooby sail right into the village, landing in the fountain, where they see the dinosaur. ("Like somebody should tell him he's extinct!") Scrappy and Daphne are now on land, and see the town of San Pablo has been "splatted" by something big. Scrappy falls into a dinosaur footprint covered in oil. They also find the tattered parachute, and someone watching them, and end up capturing Shaggy and Scooby in it.

Scooby now describes the dinosaur, transforming himself into one part by part, only for the huge Scoobysaur to be completely dwarfed by the real thing! ("Like him?") They run and hide in the forest. Daphne thinks's soemething's funny about the dinosaur. They now find a trail of oil puddles the person watching them says "I gotta get those kids off the trail!" They are standing right under the dinosaur before they realize. Scrappy ("I'll teach him to be extinct!") jumps on his tail, which opens a stairway leading inside of it. This leads to a mine in a cliff cave (they don't seem to be aware that they have climbed up through the dinosaur, as they are still looking for it). They find ore cars, and the man activates a switch leading them to the dinosaur mouth, behind them, which then eats three cars (and slmost Shaggy and Scooby, in them). They then find silver ore, which the ore cars were filled with ("I never heard of a dinosaur that ate silver!") Daphne then remembers the lost silver mine of Montezuma is supposed to be around there somewhere. The man ("Those pesky kids won't be around here for long") activates another switch, dropping them through a trap door. They see silver ingots dropped from the dinosaur into trucks, and realize it is a silver processor.
Scrappy now controls the dinosaur and chases the truck, which crashes, tossing the driver into the pool, and grabbing a cactus by the tail, the dinosaur's skin is pulled off revealing a huge crane. ("the old crane in the computerized dinosaur suit trick!") It's really the man we saw at the beginning, and he made up the paleontolgist story to scare the people away, "So you could steal Montezuma's silver that rightfully belongs to these people!" Shaggy scolds. (The villagers take him away to the Federales).
Shaggy is "glad there were no real dinosaurs around here after all!" But there's a huge egg, which hatches, and a baby dinosaur sits on Scooby's lap and kicks him. Shaggy runs, and says Daphne: "Oh Shaggy!"

Scooby transforming himself into the dinosaur was one of the scenes used in the SatAM preview show before the season started. You already knew you were going to be getting a lot of new interesting comedy gags in this show!

The man faked his own capture by the dinosaur

Quagmire Quake Caper

The gang is going to Sulphur Springs to see a seismologist named Grumper who is investigating a mysterious series of earthquakes, rumored to be caused by a monster. An earthquake occurs and the monster arises from a mud pool as they speak. They run (Shaggy and Scooby jump into a trash can a family of skunks is inside, and quickly jump back out). They all drive away.
At the Indian museum, Grumper is trying to motivate a chief to leave, and tells the arriving gang to leave the investigating to him and clear out. The gang finds a traditional Indian medicine stick, and refuses to give it to Grumper ("Those kids don't know what they're getting into!") In the deserted town, they pass a truck with strange looking jackhammers, and reach the sherrif's office, which is also empty. A quake strikes and Scooby jumps into a drawer, and comes out with a golden eagle on his tail, the same as the one on the medicine stick. The sherriff arrives and says the eagle is from the Indian's ancient tribal spirit chamber, and he found the other one in the alley (Scooby slips it back into the drawer).

They go back to the Sulphur Springs park, and a quake occurs, and the monster arises. For the second time, Daphne grabs Scrappy, and they run into a mine. It's totally dark, and Scooby lights a candle, —being held by the monster. Scooby now graps Scrappy before the monster pounds him. They find a hole with a ladder to climb down. They are in the spirit chamber, which contains several statues. They also find the jackhammer machine, that right then, starts a quake. Scrappy runs in, in a bison costume, causing Shaggy and Scooby to jump, knocking over a pot of gold. The monster is climbing down, and they all hide in the costume and watch the monster collect gold into a sac ("Why does a monster need gold?") He hears them talking, and their cover is blown. They run, in the costume back up the ladder and outside, to bump into the sherriff.
Grumper brings out the monster, who is one of the Indian men from the museum. He was trying to steal the gold and fool everyone with the fake earthquakes and the monster. The sherriff even comments he was "too eager" to take the job at the museum, with all the artifacts. The chief hands Scooby the medicine stick, and he does a rain dance, that causes a small cloud to form over him, which rains on him. "It really works!"

The Indian chief is voiced by Michael Rye, the same voice who did Apache Chief on the Superfriends


At KZZZ-TV, the doctors at Genuine Hospital are operating on a TV! A shadowy figure, the Phantom of the Soaps, swings in and kidnaps the show's star, Victoria Sensible, ("Cut, cut, cut! That line wasn't in the script!") The gang is arriving at the studio, for Daphne's article on the phantom. Scooby slips and winds up on a jig that takes him near the phantom on the catwalk, and he falls. He mimicks the phantom to the others, then he and Shaggy swipe a rubber turkey and are chased by a guard. Daphne and Scrappy talk to the other star, Danny Divine, who warns them of the phantom. Scrappy takes his picture. Both they and the guard are looking for Shaggy and Scooby, who now disguise as a nurse with a patient, but then gets wise. They crash into the director, who sees the nurse Scooby, and thinks he's the perfect new star. He names "her" Scoobsie. The phantom is still set on stopping the show. Scoobsie is rather careless with the bandaged Shaggy ("What are you trying to do, put me in the hospital?") He tells the doctor the patient has "ryrhoid rever!" or typhoid fever. The phantom sprays them with a hose ("Or maybe she said I've got typhoon fever!") Scrappy and Daphne see him, but when they go up after him, he's gone. The bed tosses Shaggy, and he and Scoobsie find the phantom behind a door (Director: "What is this, Halloween Hospital?") Soon, he's blowing them with a huge fan and soap. Scrappy swings down, and is flying mid air. He turns the water valve back on, and Shaggy and Scoobsie are swimming in soapy water.
The phantom grabs Daphne from behind, covering her mouth, with his skull ring focused on. Scrappy hoses him off the catwalk and he tries to escape on a bed. Director enters: "Well, we're off the air! I'll have you all thrown in jail!" Shaggy: "Well, that's the only place we haven't been thrown lately, sir!" Daphne: "Wouldn't you rather throw the phantom in jail?" The phantom grabs Scoobsie and they slip and crash into the laundromat, where he had Victoria Sensible.

The phantom is Danny Devine. He tried to ruin the show because he was going to be taken out of it. His ring matched the one in Scrappy's photo. ("That's what I call a 'photo finish'!") The phones have been ringing off the hook, and Scoobsie is a star. The water hose, which had been pinned by a prop window, explodes, washiing everyone out of the studio. The director now observes "Scoobsie, you're a dog!" Says Scooby, "well, I never!" As a dog, he's still a doll!

Hound of the Scoobyvilles

The gang is driving on the Scottish highlands, all singing "The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond". They are heading to Barkerville Hall (a big castle) to find out who is rustling the sheep used to make Barker weave sweaters. Bentley the caretaker answers, saying there's a curse on the place, and all who enter: the curse of the Barkervilles! Inside, they meet Lord Barkerville who tells them of the "fiendish hound" ("Reindish round!" "No, fiendish hound!") the Hound of the Barkervilles, whom his great grandfather Cedric Barkerville's estate was terorized by. He came by night to devour all the sheep ("What a pig!" "No, a hound!") and was banished by Cedric. Bentley adds to the legend that if the hound ever returns, the house of Barkerville will fall. Right then, a howl is heard. Scooby jumps into a wolf skin rug, and then scares himself in it. (They take the baggage upstairs, in including Shaggy who had jumped into a bagpipe!)

At night, as they sleep, a hand with a glowing ring reaches into Shaggy and Scooby's door, and causes Scooby to sleepwalk out of the estate. The howl is heard, and Bentley enters the estate reporting that all the sheep are gone, and that he saw the hound, "who looked more than a might like that Scooby fellow!" (Barkerville: "SO! Your hound stole my sheep!") Of course, he's not in his bed ("Like maybe he went out for a midnight Scooby snack". "Yes, of my sheep!") He sleepwalks in from the moors, holding a staff and with wool in his ears. The shepherds have formed a torch carrying mob, shouting "Down with the hound!" They see Scooby and come after him, and the gang runs out the back way. Shaggy trips, knocking books out of a shelf. One contains Cedric's will.

To prove Scooby's not the hound, they need to catch the real one. In the cemetery, they find an empty grave to cover with heather, to trap the hound. As they go to get the heather, Scooby stays behind, and the hand hypnotizes him again. The others are now covering the grave, and the hound of the Barkervilles comes up behind them. (He hands Shaggy a stalk of heather, making him think it was Scooby, until he feels his face and fangs). When he runs to tell the others, he's gone. Scrappy dons his detective hat and magnifying glass looking for Scooby, who sleepwalks toward them, with the actual hound following him. Barkerville and the shepherds hear the hound, and Scrappy runs into him. He starts to challenge ("What did you do with my Uncle Scooby, you wolf-napping wolf?"), but then, for the first time, backs down and runs ("Ulp, never mind!") Meanwhile, the shepherds see Scooby, who runs, bumping into the hound, and is then netted by Barkerville. He shows them to the shepherds, but Scrappy points out "If he's the hound; who's that?" pointing to a silhouette of the hound in the moonlight in the distance, falling into the trap.
It's Bentley, and the will had said if the estate ever falls, then it goes to the caretaker. He's the only one who said he saw the hound, and tried to frame Scooby. The sheep are in the shed, and Scrappy opens it, causing a stampede. The last part of the mystery, the ultrasonic ring. Barkerville shows it, and and we fade out on a dazed Scooby.

Parody of Hound of the Baskervilles

No Sharking Zone

The island of Scaruba is having a surfing festival, but is haunted by the great white shark, and a seaweed monster. Shaggy and Scooby are Daphne's camera crew (Shaggy sits in a director's chair on a boat with their equipment) for the event. She greets Prince Ruba who is judging the contest. Shaggy and Scooby are getting in the way, landing world surfer Cowabunga Carlisle in a pile of seaweed. (Scrappy asks about the rocks spelling his initials in his board, and he brushes him off; "Uh, I dunno, kid!") Shaggy and Scooby being bounced, end up swapping places with a surfer, and they, now hanging ten, are attacked by the shark (Scooby winds his tail as a motor, and they are tossed by a wave back to the beach (Shaggy getting his regular clothes back enroute!) They land in the hot dog stand ("Like I think we've landed in Heaven!") Daphne thinks it's strange, as she's never heard about a great white shark near Scaruba. Ruba then tells them of the Curse of Scaruba, which regards a treasure, guarded by both the shark and the monster. ("Two very good reasons to leave here immediately!")

They are now in a boat in their scuba gear, above where the treasure is supposed to be. (Scrappy: "You're not scared of a little bitty shark, are ya, Uncle Scooby?" Scooby: "Of course not! I'm scared of a BIIIG shark!") Daphne "throws in the whole box" of Scooby Snacks, to get them to go into the water. (Watching from the beach, Cowabunga: "If you ask me, [those kids] are looking for trouble!" Ruba: "And I'm afraid, they may find it!") They split up, and Shaggy and Scooby decide to just head back to the boat, but bump into the shark (which is metal). They run into a cave, and find the others, who have found the lost treasure of Scaruba (which included some familiar looking pearls). Scrappy: "The legend is true!" Shaggy: "So let's split before the rest of the legend shows up!" Scrappy points out "Even if there was a seaweed monster, you'd turn him into seaweed salad; wouldn't you, Uncle Scooby?!" He and Shaggy nevertheless discover him, and are chased past the others (Scrappy: "Uncle Scooby has him on the run!" Daphne: "That's one way of putting it!") The chase leads them right to the shark, which Daphne shows is a mini submarine.

The seaweed monster enters the shark sub, and the gang heads back to the boat. Scooby skis by a rope, and then lands on top of the shark, and a wave wipes them out onto the beach. The seaweed monster is Cowabunga Carlisle. His surfboard gave him away, as it was lined with the black pearls they found in the teasure. He stole them, and used the monster and shark to scare eveyone away. Scrappy kicks the "mean old shark", and it's jaws being moving, scaring Shaggy. Inside is Scooby Dooby Doo!

Wizards and Warlocks

The gang arrives at Wizards and Warlocks Castle, which is a convention hall, to cover the meeting of the world's greatest Wizards and Warlocks game players. Scrappy, in wizard garb, has brought his game book, which he uses to lower the drawbridge (which disappears when Shaggy and Scooby are crossing). They are scared by a gargoyle, and then run up a stairway to a dead end, and are drawn through the wall, and are greeted by the Tower Wizard, who already knows them (having watched the gang on his crystal ball). He makes Daphne and Scrappy magically appear. They ask where the conventioneers are and he gives them a riddle, and puts them in a game, with Scrappy as Seeker, and he disappears.

They must get to the Wand Room in the third level to win, and they first have to find the gold puzzle key. Shaggy sees it (a half, actually) on a suit of armor, but touching it turns him into a duck. ("Like quack; like quack, quack!") Scrappy has to read a spell to fix every mishap. They are then attacked by "squidnats", which make Scooby's ears disappear. (The first spell gives him elephant ears). They find the door to the second level. When climbing the stairs, Scrappy and Daphne turn invisible (actually, caught in a wizard warp). As Shaggy and Scooby continue, the steps start moving down like an escalator, but they manage to reach the level, and see a sign for food. Food magically appears on a table, and Scrappy enters and makes it disappear. A drumstick Scooby still manages to have, crumbles, revealing the other half of the key. (He says if they had eaten it, they would have turned into zoggs).

They take the elevator to the "Rhird Rhevel Rots of Ruck", as the sign reads, and then Scooby actually reads it in normal speech, pronouncing the "th"'s, but neither he nor Shaggy understand what he has pronounced! They find the wand room and unlock the door. Shaggy and Scooby are left outside to stand guard, and given a magic word to say if the "yadzruck" appears. Inside, they find the wand is sealed in glass. Scrappy has to read a spell to release it, and if he does it wrong, it will disappear and they'll have to start all over again. He is successful, but the yadzruck is approaching, outside. Scooby tries to remember the magic word, but repeatedly gets it wrong, eventually causing the creature to grow as big as the room. Scrappy has read a spell that gives him the wizard's power, and he is then able to zap the yadzruck away with the wand.

The conventioneers were aleep behind a curtain. The wizard awards Scrappy with his wand and hat, and the title of Grand Master of the game, as the first to ever defeat him. "I couldn't have done it without the help of my brave Uncle Scooby!", whom he gives the hat. With his newfound power, he says "abra cadabra", and turns into a rabbit. Scrappy changes him back. "I think we better leave this magic stuff to the experts!" Scrappy dappy Doo!

Another cool idea that is spooky, keeping with the show's character, without being a standard mystery.

Who's Minding the Monster

Frankenstein is walking through a Transylvanian forest as the gang drives by, Daphne reading the story of him coming back and terrifying a village (she doesn't believe it, but Scrappy points out this is where all the monsters live). Igor's Cafe (next to Gargoyle Gas) instructs them to Frankenstein Castle ("Straight north, as the bat flies"). They see a want ad for babysitters in the castle. He also tells them Frankenstein moved out, and now Dracula lives there! At the castle, the Draculas tell them the last babysitter vanished. Frankenstein enters the basement door.

Shaggy and Scooby "volunteer", because looking for Frankenstein requires "courage, quick reflexes and tremendous strength. So good luck to you two; we'll be babysitting; happy hunting!" In a tunnel, Daphne picks up a candelabra that causes Scrappy to fall through a rotating secret panel, then Scrappy sees Frankenstein walking, but he is gone. Shaggy and Scooby find food in the kitchen, and tend to the baby, who is a werewolf, who transforms right then. We get the moonlight gag, where Shaggy goes to look, and the moon is covered, and he changes back. Scrappy finds a X95 automatic radio control unit made in Detroit. What it controls in the Frankenstein monster.

The Dracula couple returns, and sees him, their old babysitter, and in a panel in his back, they see part of his remote control device is gone and his brain solenoids are short circuiting. Shaggy now reads the baby Red Riding Hood, as he transforms into a werewolf again. They run to the lab where the Draculas are trying to fix Frankenstein, and Scrappy and Daphne follow the beeps of the device that way. The werewolf has changed back to the baby, and Dracula has Shaggy and Scooby strapped to their lab table with Frankenstein, to use energy from their brains to jumpstart his. ("You don't want our brains; we've had them for years and they still don't work!") As Dracula counts down, the others enter, but the baby throws the switch that starts the transformation. Daphne uses her mirror to deflect the ray from Shaggy and Scooby to a duck, switching its personality with Frankenstein's (Baby: "Franken-duck!").
Now, in the town, the duck is the new babysitter, and Frankenstein swims in the canal.

The menacing monster turns out to be fake (a robot), but the family using the robot as their babysitter are real monsters

Shaggy drives the Mystery Machine

Scooby A-La Mode

In Paris, at the Academie Versailles, a class is disrupted by the ghost of Chef Miratte. The gang is going there to cover the cooking school's 200th anniversary. Madame Letourt the head of the school is supposed to meet them. A chef, Pierre, impatiently says they cannot see the Madame because they are too busy preparing for the anniversary banquet. The ghost enters, and Shaggy and Scooby and Scrappy disguise as waiters and dump food all over him, but the person covered with food is Pierre, who says the ghost knocked him over and took his jacket. He goes to Madam Letourt and quits, and he is the 23rd student who has dropped out. The ghost was the school's founder, and he started haunting them when they opened his private banquet room for the first time in 200 years. Chef Gustave enters carrying a stack of onions and trips over Scooby, and everyone dances on onions.

The gang splits up and Scrappy finds a dumbwaiter and rides it down; Shaggy and Scooby hear a noise and hoist him back up, (noting how he sounds strange and has put on weight) to find the ghost. Daphne finds Scrappy in a room he locked him in. They now find Pierre's missing coat, with a set of plans for the banquet room, along with phosporous paint.
Shaggy and Scooby find a room full of cream puffs. A chef enters and thinks they're students (and they sing "Frere Jacques" to prove they're French). They are to put together the cream puffs coming down the conveyor. Scooby is eating most of them, and Shaggy tries to change the speed, but breaks the switch, running on the belt, and ends up getting made into a cream puff himself. The ghost enters and chases them.

Daphne next finds a glowing onion and runs into the banquet, and the ghost chases Shaggy and Scooby into the room as well. All three slide down the table, and the ghost slams into the wall. It was Chef Gustave who was in a hurry to get out of his ghost costume, and so got phosphorous paint on the onion. He was trying to find the treasure that has just fallen on him from a wall panel. He stole Pierre's jacket to try to frame him.
The feast shall begin, starting with a cart of creme puffs brought in. But Scooby doesn't want to see creme puffs for a long time! Scooby dooby —hiccup— Doo!

Carnival caper

The gang is visiting their old school, Central High, for it's carnival. (Shaggy: "Being at the carnival is one time I don't mind staying after school!") Scrappy cranks a clown jack in the box that plays the tune "Pop goes the weasel". When it does, Scooby is frightened and runs into the science exhibit tent, where they see the principal, Mr McDabble (who seems to remember Shaggy all too well) and the ruby laser, which can cut through the hardest steel, by student Jerry.
The principle closes the exhibit, and then takes the ruby, with an evil laugh (but is being watched by a cop). The gang and the principal pass by the dunk tank, and McDabble is drafted to be dunked, and hands Daphne the ruby he has placed in a box (and them not knowing what it is). Scrappy dunks him first try but then, the tank is empty. Then an evil clown appears and tries to take the box from the gang, and chases them. They pass it to each other, and Scooby crashes into a peanut wagon, and the clown is gone. (Scooby tries to eat some peanuts, and Shaggy pulls a fast one on him for a change!)

They now go to look for Mr. McDabble in the science exhibit and the cop is still watching. They now see that the ruby is gone. Scrappy suggests McDabble might have stolen it. They see a shadow approaching, and scatter. It's the cop, who now sees the ruby is gone. The gang now goes back to the dunk tank to look for clues. Daphne finds a memo from McDabble, "Don't forget the rattle". All this time they have avoided looking inside the box, and now when they decide to, the clown appears ("How about if I open it!") They run and duck into a tent, but Scooby, who's holding the box hears about a pie eating contest, and joins it, almost losing the box to the clown (who Scrappy splats with Scooby's pie, his favorite flavor). They pass by the charity raffle, and Jerry enters, looking for McDabble. Daphne realizes that "rattle" is really supposed to be "raffle". Again, they aim to look in the box, but the clown shows up. They look in a shed and find McDabble bound and gagged. He now demands the box, but Scrappy refuses to give it to him, now realizing it's "stolen property". ("I'll have you all expelled for this!" Shaggy: "But we already graduated!")

The clown now pursues them on the carousel. Shaggy pulls the lever stopping it, throwing the clown into a vat of caramel. ("Get your caramel covered...clown?") It's Jerry, and what he was after was obvious, but the ruby wasn't in the box, McDabble had it on his person the whole time. What was in the box was the raffle prize, a watch, which wasn't waterproof, and that's why he gave it to Daphne when he was on the dunk tank. Daphne further explains how Jerry made McDabble disappear, using a mirror. ("Get it?" Scooby: "Absolutely NOT!" Shaggy: "Yeah! Like me neither!")
Shaggy orders enough food for everyone, but Scooby, dressed as a clown, rides past on a unicycle, swiping the whole tray: "Enough for me!"

Great plot twist at the end

Jerry is voiced by Jerry Dexter

It's clear we've gone back to the "Scooby Doo Show" era dynamic, where Shaggy and Scooby, as largely the comedy relief, are clueless about the mystery sometimes.

The memo paper clearly had "TT" (RATTLE), not "FF" (RAFFLE, though the first "T" is smudged), but they determined the word was "raffle"

Scooby and the Barbarian

On a tour of mountain Viking ruins in Norway, one tourist asks Professor Busby about the area being haunted by a real live Viking. He assures them it isn't, but then one appears, scaring the tourists away. The gang is driving to the ruins (Shaggy asks what's so important about "digging up old bones", and Scrappy points out "Digging up bones is what Uncle Scooby likes best"). By now, Professor Busby reported to be vanished, and it's rumored that he was kidnapped by the Viking.
They arrive at the professor's lab, and he isn't there. (Scrappy wears a viking headpiece, scaring Shaggy and Scooby). The tourist who asked about the Viking enters, saying he's the lab assistant and that they're tresspassing. Not finding the professor anywhere, Scrappy mentions the Viking, Daphne says' it's just a crazy rumor, and that there hasn't been any real Vikings for centuries. As she says this, a loud roar is heard, and the Viking, "Olaf the Terrible" clobbers a huge boulder to pieces with his club ("But like who's he?") He crushes a pumpkin with his bare hands, and saying "Not good food!" pushes the whole pumpkin cart, which Shaggy and Scooby get carried away on, crashing into a horse statue with pumpkins on their heads (like "headless horsemen"). The stone horse bucks them off! We now get a good old fashioned "He can't do that to my Uncle Scooby! I'll SPLAT this barbarian!", and Scrappy goes to fight the Viking, but when he picks him up and roars at him, he then nervously says "Of course, I, I might be wrong", and Olaf grabs Daphne as well and takes them to a fortress full of Vikings who throw them in the dungeon. Shaggy and Scooby are watching (Shaggy: "We got to get in there!" Scooby: "We do?" Shaggy: "Scoob!"). The Vikings now come after them and corner them atop a tree, but get their clothes torn off, and tossed into a pond. Shaggy gets an idea.

The lab assistant sees Scrappy and Daphne in the dungeon ("You kids should have stayed away!" Scrappy: "What have you done with Professor Busby?" Assistant: "Nothing...yet!"). He then runs off. Scrappy is able to grab the key, and they go to look for the assistant, but find a room full of cans of diesel fuel ("Why would Vikings have diesel fuel?"). They also find an office, with a world map of the Atlantic Ocean. The professor enters, meeting them for the first time, and they go separate ways looking for an exit.
Shaggy and Scooby are now wearing the viking clothes and approach the fortress. Olaf sees them as "new recruits" and they must pass "tug of war god test", against for other Vikings, and over a pit. The two land on top of the other Vikings ("You fail test; we MAD now!" but don't seem to even notice they have fallen out of their Viking clothes). Scrappy and Daphne go up a flight of stairs, finding the exit, but have lost the professor. Shaggy and Scooby come running down the stairs, colliding with them ("Scoob and I came to rescue you!" "Well, thanks. I think"). They see an underground waterway with a Viking boat. The Vikings enter, and they jump on the boat but can't move it. Scrappy goes to cast off the rope, but Olaf grabs him, Scooby swings on a rope to "Rescue Rappy—I hope!" and picks up the Viking, landing both of them in the crow's nest. The Viking is immobilized, being afraid of heights (along with Scooby).

The whole boat rises, being on top of a submarine, or really apart of it, as a disguise, as the lab assistant comes out of it and tells them. Olaf is Professor Busby, or really "Busby the pirate". He and his pirate gang planned to plunder the high seas as ancient Vikings with the disguised submarine, and the ruins would be their hideout. The assistant is Niels Janssen, with the Navy department, who was sent to retrieve the stolen submarine. Shaggy comments there probably isn't an old bone within miles, but Scooby has dug up a whale bone. "Wrong, Raggy!"

Another one where we're really thrown off as to who the culprit is; the bad guy looks like the victim, and the legitimate official looks like the villain!

Shaggy is back in his regular clothes, which cover his arms and legs, after being tossed in the Viking costume, in which his arms and legs were exposed.

Here we see both sides of Scooby; the coward who has to think twice about rescuing his friends, and in the end, he bravely does so without thought

We also see two sides of Scrappy; the old Scrappy who challenges trouble wih no thought, and the new, softened down Scrappy who will back down when it becomes clear the threat is too big.

Mark of Scooby

The gang is at the Old California Festival, and see the poster for the play "The Legend of the Masked Bandit"—El Sabueso the Hound, who's Scooby's favorite hero. He grabs the ticket, unwinding the whole roll. They watch the play, and they go to sleep in their desert campsite, and we see the transition where we're entering a dream.

The commandant and his horsemen arrive, arresting Seńor Shaggy and Seńorita Daphne as two more peasants who haven't payed their taxes. Scooby and Scrappy awaken, and this is a job for masked bandit "El Scoobo" and his faithful sidekick, "Scrapito". ("Together we shall face unspeakable dangers!") They go to rescue the captives, and El Scoobo is incredibly clumsy, and begins riding off on the horse, almost forgetting to recue them. ("How embarrasing!") They are now thrown in jail, and El Scoobo frees them, but wakes the guard. They disguise as a mariachi band. The guard asks why one of them is wearing a mask, and pulls several different colored masks off of him. They begin playing, as the commandant counts the tax money he's keeping for himself. He's really into the music (dancing to it even), but then suddenly realizes a mariachi band should not be in the fort, and tells the guard El Scoobo is escaping with the prisoners.

They shut the gate, and the gang runs into the commandante's office, and sees the money, along with food. The commandante enters, and he and Scooby end up having a "classic bread fight, just like in the movies" (using the loaves as swords). Daphne realizes that as the commandante is distracted, she and Shaggy can take the stolen tax moneyto the people (Shaggy is only interested in the food). Scooby tries to make his "S" sign on the wall, only breaking the loaf. The commandante thinks he's won, but suddenly realizes "What am I doing?" El Scoobo and Scrapito swing away on a rope, but the commandante grabs on to Scoobo's cape, which Scrapito releases by pulling a string ("Excess weight!") landing him in the horse trough. Scoobo hits the ground, and then wakes up, continuing to act like El Scoobo. The others realize he was dreaming, but he's kissed by the horse who laughs just like the one from the dream. He makes his "S" mark on the screen, with his finger.

Great story idea, with a crime plot that differs from the standard mystery format.

Here we get to see Scooby and Scrappy as partners, rather than Scooby and Shaggy.

Scooby Doo and Cyclops Too

The gang is driving to Paradise Island on vacation, They stop at Barney's gas station to ask directions. Just the mention of Paradise Island makes this man scream (a running gag). People have disappeared there, and they say guests have been turned to "ZOM-BIES!" They continue on and are greeted by the host, Mr. Cyclops (who has an eye patch), and his assistant Ivan. They ask where are the other guests, and Cyclops says they all went on a picnic. ("In a thunderstorm?") When Shaggy says "Like I didn't know zombies liked picnics!" the man shouts "Did you say 'zombies'?" and Shaggy tries to retract, asking everyone "did you say zombies", and Scrappy says he didn't, but Barney did. ("Oh, you stopped by Barney's!") They both tell the gang Barney tells everyone that because he wants their land, and is trying to scare people away to run them out of business. The gang is satisfied that "that explains everything".

As they unpack in their room, first, a hand behind the curtain nearly misses Scooby, and then the maid, who knocks is a zombie ("It's for you" gag). They realize maybe Barney could be right. Outside, Scrappy and Daphne don't see any zombies —or guests. They run into Cyclops and again are told by him that the guests are picnicking. Shaggy and Scooby are sneaking around in bushes, and bump into Barney —who's now a zombie. They go and tell the others, and then start to head back to the hotel to pack (They "test" whistling for help). Scrappy and Daphne find Barney sneaking around, and don't fall for his zombie act. He didn't want anyone to ruin his plan to rescue his sister Amy who went there, and has been missing ever since, and he fears, turned into a zombie. All he has found is a railroad track, leading to a cave, which might be for mining cars.

At the hotel, Scooby is snatched by a zombie (with Ivan) behind a picture on the wall and turned into a zombie, and ordered to bring his friends to the old mine behind the building. He finds Shaggy, who takes a couple of minutes to realize he didn't just see a zombie, but "You... ARE a zombie!". He grabs him by the shirt, but when he whistles for the others, the trance is broken. They walk past what looks like a picture of a zombie ("Wouldn't yoiu hate to look like him the rest of your life?", but it is a real zombie who lunges at them. They run down a flight of stairs, and Ivan, watching from behind another picture on the wall, turns it into a slide.

The others arrive, and they all go to the cave, to see it full of zombies working the mine, watched over by Cyclops and Ivan. Cyclops tells Ivan he will use his normalizing ray to turn the guests back to normal (and they won't remember a thing), then have his new guests, who he'll have under his power soon, find the uranium. One of the wokers is Barney's sister, and he runs to her, and using an emerald in place of the patched eye, Cyclops turns him into a zombie, and also, Scrappy, when he comes challenging. He sends the zombies after Shaggy, Scooby and Daphne, and they head for the normalizing ray (which Scooby bumps into, activating accidentally), freeing everyone. Cyclops runs after them, but trips, losing his hypnotic crystal (he seems to have his other eye behind it), and Scrappy uses it on him.

Barney thanks the gang for saving him, his sister and the others, but still screams when the name "Paradise Island" is mentioned. Scooby, praised by Scrappy as having "courage" as his middle name, likewise jumps into the suitcase at the sound of the scream. "Scooby Courage Doo!"

We once again see the pair of crooks that are similar to Greenway and Leach ("That's Snow Ghost"), and the crooks in last season's "Maltese Mackerel". Mr. Cyclops is Henry Corden, who was familiar as the then current voice of Fred Flintstone

Scooby of the Jungle

The gang is driving through the African jungle. Scooby reads his animal phrase book, and imitates an alligator, speaking their language for "does the bus stop here?" They arrive at the game preserve office, doing the story on the disappearance of their animals; and meet Randall Batco, assistant game warden, and Mr. Rasheed, the top man. As they speak, a pair of lions attack. Scooby, aining to tell them to go away, reads out of his book a worthless "meow". It actually seems to work, as they just stop and walk away (upright) as in a trance, except that he and Scrappy are now coming to out of a daze as well. As Daphne says they are going to investigate, Batco warns them about Randar the Apeman, with his gorilla Mobatu.
The Mystery Machine is stuck in sand, so they have to continue on foot. "Speaking of feet", Scrappy is standing in a huge pawprint. Mobatu grabs Daphne, and Scooby distracts him, freeing her, and then he too just walk saway in a trance; and Scooby and Scrappy, once again come out of one, mentioning a whistle (that Daphne can't hear). The game warden drives by, telling them to be back by nightfall, which is closing time.

Now they want to look for Randarr. Scooby reads in his book how to call him. He instead calls all the other animals, and when he tries to read a message that they're friendly, he ends up reading something that translates to "your father's a monkey's uncle". They consider offering the animals Scooby Snacks, but a young ape swipes the whole box. Randarr does answer the call (and now has the Scooby Snacks, which he appears to be trying to figure), but the phrase book is no use, and then Randarr swings away with Daphne. Scrappy carries Shaggy and Scooby after them ("Jungle Puppy Power!") He has her in a cage hanging next to his treehouse, (in skins like a jungle girl). The others enter the treehouse, and Shaggy finds a whistle, but upon leaving, they get caged. Now next to Daphne's cage, when he blows the whistle, the dogs are in a trance, and they realize it's an ultasonic whistle used to hypnootize animals.

The assistant game warden arrives, but has to go get Rasheed to be able to help. They then decide to call the other animals with the whistle (the dogs cover their ears). Mobatu comes, and shakes them down, but Randarr orders him back to the cage to guard the animals. ("That's the first apeman I ever heard who speaks English!" Scooby: "English, like me; amazing!") They sneak back into Randarr's treehouse and see him in a radio room speaking communicating to someone about buyers for the animals, and they now know he's the one who's been taking them. The Scooby Snacks are in this room, and Scooby is now sent to get them and the whistles seen in the room, so they can free the animals. Randarr sees them, and the dogs plug their ears, while Scooby blows four whistles at once, to call the other animals. They all come, shaking the treehouse, Scrappy carries the gang out, and Randarr falls into a cage made of palms. The whistle tames Mobatu into being playful and licking Scooby.

Randarr is the assistant, who was selling the animals down the river (Scrappy: "You meanie you!") Mobatu is in love —with the Scooby Snacks!

Scooby is seen bandaged in a bed in the treehouse when Scrappy volunteers him to get the whistles and Scooby Snacks. There was apparently a gag that was cut out in these latest prints.

Scooby Roo

The gang is driving through the outback, heading to the Devil's Rock Sheep Station, to find the real story behind a Neanderthal monster rumor. (Bumping on a rock, Scooby is propelled up to a branch with a koala bear, who feeds him a eucalyptus leaf ("Yecch!" He then poses for a picture with the koala. "Hey Scoob, looks like you're getting a little hot under the koala! Get it?" Scooby laughs and then says "huh"). They then see a sign saying "Roo Crossing", which is not a town, as Shaggy thinks, but rather a kangaroo crossing! A kangaroo hops onto Scooby turning him momentarily into an accordion. Scrappy goes to fight him and he takes him away in his pouch. He falls out and lands in a tumbleweed Scooby catches. Scooby actually follows Scrappy's prompt to "go catch that mangy roo and show him who's boss", and bumps into the neanderthal monster, who tries to lasso him. He describes him and the lasso tho the others, and they are greeted by Hugh Smallwood, the sheep station owner, who knew Daphne the reporter was coming. He ells them about the Neanderthal of Devil's Rock, who he's seen himself, and has scared away his men and sheep.

At the station, he introduces them to his foremen, Mitt and Darcy. Scooby fixes himself a plate of food, but the sheep dog, Dingo eats it, as well as Shaggy's ("Like we can't get a bite in edgewise, with that chowhound around!") Daphne notices her picture of the sheepdog came out blank. Scrappy and Daphne search Devil Rock using a geiger counter, which is detecting uranium, and also find pieces of a dog biscuit, and know the neanderthal has gone back to the ranch, where Shaggy and Scooby stay and guard. ("Gee! My Uncle Scooby gets to have all the fun!") Shaggy and Scooby, who figured they'd let the sheep dog do the guarding, are inside getting food, and the neanderthal hands Scooby the mustard. They run and pretend to be sheep, to no avail. They run past Daphne and Scrappy on all fours. Scrappy ("I told you I was missing all the fun!") goes to challenge him, but he opens the gate, causing a stampede. Scrappy poses as a traffic cop, and stops them, sending them back into their corral. Shaggy and Scooby are hiding in a bale of wool, but the neanderthal is in it with them. ("Bale out, Scoob!") He tosses the lasso again, grabs a pail (and Scooby twice again ducking his head into his body), which lands on the neanderthal's head, and he falls next to Scrappy. ("That's how my Uncle Scooby handles a mean old monster!")

It's Darcy the ranch hand, who discovered the uranium, and tried to scare everyone away so the ranch would go under, and he could buy it out cheap. The uranium is what ruined Daphne's film. The dog biscuit is also the one Darcy fed the sheep dog.
Shaggy and Scooby run to get their meal (that they lost out on before), but this time, the sheep dog and Scrappy (on the covered dish) have eaten it. "Herding sheep really works up an appetite! Scrappy dappy Doo!"

Creature From Chem-Lab

At Hillside High School, everyone is cheering the school team, including the janitor, but a creatiure suddenly emerges from the chemistry lab ("He's back!"), scaring everyone away. Daphne's cousin Jenny (a typical 1980's "San Fernando Valley girl", with all the "totally tubular" speech) goes to this school, and being big news her cousin "couldn't pass up", she and the gang are there to investigate the creature (who's "grody to the max", and only shows up at night). Jenny's crush Toby tells her the school dance has been canceled because of the creature. ("What a bummer!") In the lab, they ask professor Morriston about the creature, and he doesn't know, and doesn't care about him ruining the dance, because "students should be doing homework". (He then leaves to prepare a surprise quiz, and make it "the hardest one yet"). Scooby, chasing a bunch of frogs he's released out of their cage, finds a piece of the creature's skin. Daphne goes to analyze it, and sends the others to the gym, the last place the creature was seen. (It's watching her as she speaks).

At the gym, Shaggy and the dogs are trampled by the recess bell, and then Scooby, bouncing on the trampoline, is grabbed by the creature, released when Scrappy clobbers it with a basketball, and then bounces again, into the basket hoop. The creature is now coming after them, and they grab Scrappy and run into the laundry room. Scrappy hits him with a laundy basket, pushing him out the window, and dropping a computer disk. Daphne enters announcing the creature's skin is just painted foam rubber. They take the disk to the computer room, but Shaggy and Scooby are sidetracked the the Home Economics room, where they are again trampled by the bell. Inside, Jenny gets them to do the dishes for her ("Cause they're so grody...!" Scooby has a quick way of tossing the whole stack into the washer, then the dryer, then the cabinet. "Like wow, Scoob; you get an A for neatness!") Scooby missed one, handed to them by the creature. They are trapped, and wish they had gone to the computer room with Daphne. The creature hears this, and now leaves them and heads there, and Shaggy and Scooby follow.

On the disk is the game Star Puppy. Professor Morriston enters, yells at them for being in there, and takes the disk, and puts them out. They run into Shaggy and Scooby (saying "the only creature we saw was Professor Morriston", and how it was funny that he would show up instead of the creature). They open a door and are blocked by the creature, and run back. He traps Scooby, who is then "saved by the bell" he rings the button for on the wall, and the creature is trampled. It's Toby Wallace.(Jenny: "I am totally freaked!" His locker is full of video games, which he has been copying in the computer room at night, and sells them illegally. He says he needed the money ("You can just bag it, Toby!" He also has to figure out a way to pay for all the damage).

At the dance,, Scooby is dancing with Jenny, doing a new dance he calls "The Creature". He is "totally tubular to the max!"; "for sure, for sure!"

Another cool, excellent, original idea this season is memorable for. (People who reject this whole period because of Scrappy don't know what they've missed!)

No Thanx, Masked Manx

Daphne is driving home, to the huge, ritzy castle-like Blake Manor, for vacation. (They hope they don't run into the "Masked Manx", a notorious cat burglar they read about in the paper, who always leaves a caling card, the ace of spades and has been robbing every ritzy mansion in town). He made all his riches selling Blake's Bubble Bath; "Billowing bubbles for a bountiful bath". Shaggy and Scooby think "at least this is one old mansion where we won't have to worry about ghouls and goblins", but they are scared at the door by Klaus, the typical creepy looking butler. ("Oh boy, like I spoke too soon; YIII!")
They run into a gorilla ("Like who's this, the maid?"), but it's Daphne's father. Her mother enters as well. They're dressed up for the ball they're having that night. She keeps getting Scrappy's name wrong, ("Scrimpy", "Scruffy", etc). He also has to go the ball as a rabbit, because that's the only costume small enough. Shaggy is a knight (the running gag is his visor closing on him), and Scooby is Carmen Miranda. (Daphne finds another gorilla suit, which her father explains, was a "two for the price of one sale". "You really got your monkey's worth"). The most important part of the party is a stamp, the Faulty Phoenix, the most valuable stamp in the world, which they are auctioning off at the party. The pool converts to a dance floor, where they shall have the dance. Scooby bumps into the free samples of bubble bath for the guests. The first guest is Mr. Damp, a private eye, offering his services.

The dance has begun, and Blake goes to get the stamp. The Masked Manx, in a gorilla suit (evidenced by the ace card), takes the stamp right before Blake arrives. He backs out and bumps into Scooby, who thinks it's Mr. Blake (the stamp floats into Scooby's fruit hat). Blake sees the stamp missing, and runs after the gorilla, but slips on a banana peel Scooby earlier dropped ("Two Mr. Blakes?") He then tells everyone what has happened and they know it's the Masked Manx because of the card. There's broken glass by the window, which is not broken, and is locked, which indicates that it must be a disguised guest at the party. ("Oh great; like that narrows it down, to merely 100 suspects!") Damp enters and offers his help, and suggests they split up and search the grounds.

Scooby finds the gorilla (hoping it was Mr. Blake), who chases him into the Blake Zoo, where the chase continues riding animals (including Daphne's mother). Scrappy carries Shaggy (who falls and can hardly move in his suit). Daphne finds a magnifying glass with her dad's initial on it, and Scrappy and Shaggy join her, as the galloping animals and riders head their way. Scrappy retracts the dance floor, dumping the guests into the pool, and the animals and riders land in it. Shaggy opens the shed door, dumping all the soap into the pool, filling the air with bubbles. Mrs. Blake to Mr. Blake "Come on in, dear, the water's terrific!" Scooby and Scrappy float up in bubbles ("This is what I call a party!") Scooby's bubble pops, and Blake catches the hat, with the stamp. The Manx is trying to climb out of the pool, and Scooby activates the water from a statue, which traps him in the air.

The Masked Manx was Damp, and his private eye agency was a phony, to cover for his crime. The broken glass was from his magnifying glass (an important part of his costume), so he stole Mr. Blake's magnifying glass. They thank Scooby, and also, "the knight in rusty armor", Shaggy. When asking how he will get out of the armor, Scooby brings a giant can opener. "Shaggy Shaggy Doo!"

Here Daphne is directly given the last name "Blake". (An uncle had the name in "A Bum Steer for Scooby")

Scooby Coupe

At the annual auto show, the gang is going to see the unvailing of Dr. Sprocket's new XYZ Sports Coupe. Scooby and Shaggy are playing around in a car (including "snooze control" that puts you to bed in the car) and get lifted to the ceiling, and are rescued by the owner, Ingrid Ignition. Dr. Sprocket is too nervous for an interview because of ananymous threats. His assistant Crocker Pitt has no comment on the threats. The car is unveiled, and the Spectre of Sports Cars appears, and causes the car to move without a driver. (Scrappy theatens to splat "that buggy buggy", but as the car bears down on him, "Uh, maybe I won't", and he runs with everyone else). Shaggy and Scooby take off in a rocket car (driven by Scooby who has a dog "license"), and head vertically into the sky, and have to eject, via parachutes. At the idea of them tracking down the spectre, Scooby dons a "little Lord Fauntleroy" getup, with a note from his mom excusing him to go to school. He changes his mind for a whole box of Scooby snacks.

Where the XYZ car was, they find blueprints, which are the top secret plans for the sports coupe. (Shaggy: "It looks like my math homework: after the teacher gets done marking it!") Pitt says they were missing from the safe, and takes them to a safe place. They split up, and Shaggy and Scooby find an "ultra modern gsrbage truck" (which has numerous hooks on it; "you must have to go to flight school to drive this jalopy"). Scooby reminds "remember last time", but Shaggy activates it, and it dumps several garbage cans, but then grabs them, dumping them into the compactor too. Ingrid saves them again. They find a glove, with the initials "I. I." Scooby puts it on, and it shoots a ray. It's just like the glove the spectre wore. Scrappy and Daphne find a paper saying Sprocket and Ignition are rivals, competing for the blue ribbon. The spectre enters (missing a glove) and causes the XYZ car to run towads them, but it almost hits him too, and crashes. He leaves, "You haven't seen the last of me!" Shaggy and Scooby arrive, and they see that the wrecked car was run by remote control, and installing it was what the blueprints were needed for. Mr. Pitt sees what happens and goes to tell Sprocket, and the spectre comes back and swipes Shaggy and Daphne. Scooby and Scrappy take to the garbage truck, cleaning the whole town (and some dirty kids) along the way. It catches up to them and lifts the spectre's whole car, dumping it in the truck.

The spectre is Mr. Pitt, who wanted Sprocket to lose the blue ribbon and be forced out of the business, and take his secret plans to build his own super car. He tried to make them think it was Ingrid by leaving behind the monogrammed glove.
The BlueRibbon goes to the ultra modern garbage truck (still driven by Scooby, with Scrappy), and a special reward for Scooby, for cleaning up a "trashy" situation!

We again see Scooby and Scrappy as the team that saves the day

When they clean up the town, the background loop includes a store window showing simple drawings of PacMan and a ghostmonster!

Fall Dog

In the filming of a movie, the scene is ruined by the car stalling, and under the hood is a message "stop filming or else", signed "the Gremlin". (The actor has to explain to the director what a gremlin is: a monster that makes things go wrong). As they speak, the gremlin is on top of a studio building saying "Beware of the Gremlin!" and now the car falls to pieces as he laughs maniacally. The actor quits. The gang is driving to the studio to try to see the filming of Bobby Mogul's movie "The Amazing Wondercar". They get a flat and crash into the fake stunt wall of the set right in front of Mogul ("genius director, that is!") and his writer Mickey Hack, who think the gang are his new stunt drivers, and the latter particularly being antagonistic toward "snoopy reporters". He introduces the hulking, growling Eric Von Stronghand, who plays the villain, and also "takes care of snoopy reporters". ("Gee guys, see any reporters around?" and then, with a quick change of clothes, "Just us stunt people").

Shaggy, Daphne and Scooby film a scene involving a parachute, and the gremlin, on a cliff ledge, rips it with a hook. Scrappy, riding in the helicopter with the director and cameraman, accidentally releases a hook that stops the car falling (Scooby, screaming, then falls the remaining few feet into the water; "Honestly, Scooby, do you have to be so melodramatic?")
During break time, they split up to look for clues. Daphne and Scrappy ask around the trailers about the secret special effects finale. Terry Lee, former stuntman tells them it will be a disaster. Hack says only he and the director know about it. ("For a stuntwoman, that new girl sure asks a lot of nosy questions. Just like a — reporter!") Shaggy and Scooby check the costume room, and one turns out to be the gremlin. They "give him the slip" in a pair of slips.

At the finale, the gang is to drive down a winding road, where the special effect will be unveiled from under a cover. The gremlin throws a can of oil on the road, causing the car to skid and bump into the covered object, which is a huge robot, the Cybernaut, which Mogul controls with his computer console. Mogul: "It only moves when I push its buttons". Shaggy: "Are you pushing any buttons now?" Mogul: "No, not yet", Shaggy: "Then I think we're in trouble, cause..." Scooby: "It's moving!". Out of control, it picks up the car, and the gang hangs out of it. Scooby lands on the ground and pushes an oil barrel, causing the Cybernaut to slip and fall, crashing to pieces. The gremlin shouts "The gremlin strikes again", and runs up the hill, but slips back down on the oil.

The gremlin is Mickey Hack, who complains that Mogul ruined his script. Eric takes him to the police. Mogul wants the gang to be in his next movie. "If you think these stunts were dangerous, wait till you see the next script. It'll be awesome!" (which has been his running line in the story). Shaggy: "No offense Mr Mogul, but your stunts will stunt our growth!" Leaving the lot, the Mystery machine draves the stunt course seen in the beginning in reverse, breaking through the fake brick wall, and over a loop-de-loop and a little chasm.

Scooby and the Minotaur

Scooby once again tackles a Minotaur. On a Greek isle, treasure hunters are digging for the Golden Fleece, and the minotaur emerges from the temple of the ruins. The gang arrives at the Hotel Cretonia, and sees the people running and taking off on a boat. Mr. Kronos, the host, yells to them, asking why they're leaving, and they pull back from the horizon, and respond in unison "It's the Minotaur!" This has Shaggy and Scooby jump into a trunk, afraid of the shadow of an arriving guest Mr. Smith. The minotaur is heard (but not seen), and hoofprints are left in the lobby. Scrappy pushes the trunk with Shaggy and Scooby outside, to look for the minotaur. The hoofprints disappear, and Scooby does his "totally sick" routine, to get out of sniffing the scent. He does investigate a noise behind a wooden gate, and comes out barricading it, and shaping his head like the minotaur. The monster breaks through the barricade.

They hide as fountain statues. Scrappy and Daphne find them, and they find an engraved map on a pedestal showing the entrance o te labyrith of Knossos. (According to the legend, where the minotaur is supposed to live). Mr' Smith arrives and takes a picture of the map. They find the door leading to the labyrinth. Scooby is volunteered to go see if the coast is clear, and for a Scooby snack, dons a gladiator getup and goes ahead. They go inside and immediately run out shouting it's the minotaur, but the only person who comes out is Mr. Kronos. (He says he was afraid the kids might have gotten lost inside). They go back inside (Scooby tries to sneak out, But Scrappy carries him in; "I'll help you MASH that minotaur!") Inside, the minotaur enters with the hat like the one Mr. Smith was wearing ("It probably fell off that minotaur's horn up there!") They run (and the silhouette of Smith is seen sneaking around). A statue hands Scooby a business card for the International Treasurehunter's Club. They also find a trail of little holes in the ground. The minotaur begins following them, leading to a walking version of the running through multiple doors in the same hall gag. They then notice hoof prints, and see the minotaur. Scrappy threatens to "splat" him with his left hook, but then gets hooked by the minotaur's horn ("Or maybe not"; Daphne: "You're the one who's hooked!") Scooby and the minotaur then start to charge each other like bulls, but Scooby sneezes, using a red handkerchief, which drives the minotaur wild. He then becomes a toreador, and the minotaur tatters his hanky, but crashes into a wall.

It's Mr Kronos. Mr. Smith (president of the treasurehunter's club) enters, saying Kronos was a member of the club who found the map on the pedestal and tried to drive the club away to keep the treasure for himself to himself. His cane is a metal detector, which left the holes, and he now scratches a wall with uncovering a gladiator skeleton holding the golden fleece. Scooby now uses the fleece to sneeze from the dust ("No, Scooby!"), obliterating it. "Scooby dooby ah-choo!"

Scooby Pinch Hits

At Casey O'Riley stadium (the running gag is saying the "late great" player's name while closing their eyes and holding their hats over their hearts), Fairway Flounders Coach Cooper is letting Daphne interview the newest pitcher, Sally Star. Scooby tries practice batting against her, but the "curve ball" literally runs circles around the bat. The screwball makes him so dizzy he faints. The fastball goes right through it. ("At least you got a piece of the ball!") The mascot, Freddie, wants to be the coach's assistant, but walks away sorrowful. The ghost of Casey O'Riley appears on the pitcher's mound, telling Sally Star not to pitch, and then disappears. The coach urges her to pitch in order to beat the Roosters. The team has run off, and the coach of the Roosters (who used to be the Flounders' manager when the stadium was built) comes and gloats. Shaggy and Scooby, who had jumped to the top of the fence, fall down, knocking down a projector that creates a 3D image of the ghost. Daphne takes it to the coach, and Shaggy and the dogs are confronted by the ghost again, but think it's the 3D image, at first. They run and trip on bats, and the ghost starts the automatic pitching machine, and Scooby takes two bats and "strikes back", sending the ghost on the run. Scrappy goes after the "baseball banshee", but he's gone.

On the field practicing, the team is messing up from being "spooked". The ghost now appears and grabs Sally and disappears, right as the game is about to begin. Scrappy volunteers Scooby to take Sally's place, for a tray full of "genuine baseball snacks". He goes to bat, and gets trapped between 3rd and home base. He digs the rest of the way and is safe. Scrappy and Daphne search for Sally, and in Freddie's room, find the Casey O'Riley ghost uniform. The ghost locks them in, and then they hear Sally through a vent. Shaggy and Scooby are looking for them and the ghost comes out of a locker and chases them out into the stadium and they end up riding a camera down the steps and land on the field. ("We just struck out mighty Casey!") The others find Sally, and climb a ladder leading to under the pitcher's mound.

The ghost is the rival coach, who kidnapped Sally so the Flounders wouldn't beat his team. ("As far as baseball goes, YOU'RE OUT!"). Sally strikes out a Rooster and it looks like they're going to win their first game against the team, and they owe it all to Scooby, who's doing his favorite national pastime, eating baseball food in the bleachers.

Gold Medal Gambit

At Wholesome Prison, a prisoner, the alarms sound that the Chameleon has escaped. What he has done is to use paint he has stolen from the prison supply room, to make himself look like part of the cell wall. The guards find it apparently empty, and leave the gate open, allowing him to escape behind their backs. ("This has made me a walking masterpiece. And now, this masterpiece is walking out the door!") He says bye to the prison and its crummy food, and also "that disgusting Worcestershire sauce they put on it! Yuck, I HATE Worcestershire sauce!" (This reaction is the running gag of the story). He finds a notice of the World Games and its gold medals.

The gang is at the games, so Daphne can interview the chairman, Mr. Bluitt. (Scooby is pretending to be an athlete warming up on the track). He's coming, reading something that is distressing him, and not seeing where's he's going, bumps into Scooby, landing both in a fountain. It's a telegram telling of the Chameleon being traced to the games, after the gold medals. (Signed, "The Bureau of Federal Detection"). A statue of a discus thrower Scooby bumps into, is actually the Chameleon. He decides to disguise himself as "that big dumb dog". Scooby passes by an opening he thinks is a mirror, and we get the old phony reflection gag (as seen in "Never Ape An Ape Man", and "Mystery in Persia"), where the phony reflection (who basically has no paws) matches Scooby for awhile, but then starts acting different. He pulls him through the opening, and then takes his place with the gang.

The chairman has them in the maximum security area, showing them the showcase with the gold medals and trophies, of which only he knows the combination for, and opens it. He tells them the Chameleon wears dark glasses and hates Worcestershire sauce. This reminds Shaggy to set up his little automatic food table, to eat. The phony Scooby comes in (he has to catch himself, and remember to answer in Scooby's voice), and when they tell him about the medals, he says "Yeah, kid, that's just what I came to see!" (Scrappy notes "something's funny about Uncle Scooby"). Shaggy hands him a hot dog, with "your favorite", Worcestershire sauce. He goes into his reaction (in his own voice), and Shaggy unmasks him. He escapes ("Time for another disguise"), and then the real Scooby breaks out of the closet he's locked in, only to be jumped by the gang (Scrappy: "Take off that silly looking mask, you nasty old thief!") Trying to pull his head off (and stretching his snout), they see it is him.

The gang goes undercover (Shaggy and the dogs as athletes, and Daphne as a waitress) in the arena (Shaggy and Scooby, who pretended to be on crutches with casts, are motivated by the promise of meeting famous athletes, and immediately change into athletic wear. "The Chameleon isn't the only one who can do quick changes!") On the field, Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy see an athlete with dark glasses, who they think might be the Chameleon. (They fumble on the equipment, including even Scrappy, calling "puppy Power", getting pulled into the ground by the shotput he's trying to throw). When he goes to the snack bar, they follow him, and meet Daphne and Bluitt, who the Chameleon, hiding behind a trash can, have been watching. ("This'll be easier than I thought!") They try to give the man Worcestershire sauce for his hamburger (but they now have forgotten how to pronounce it, with Daphne saying "weerstershersstersister sauce"; "You people are strange!") and the bottle. He calls a waiter, who reacts to the word, exposing himself as the Chameleon. He runs and pole vaults ("If you can't catch me, it's your own vault!", and Shaggy, Scooby and also the athlete also pole vault after him, but on the same pole, and they fall. He identifies himself as Ron Spivey of the BFD who was trying to catch the Chameleon, "but you clowns got in the way!"

The chairman is announcing the giveing of the gold medal to the winners. Just before Spivey hands him the medals, Daphne identifies and unmasks him as the Chameleon! He grabs the medals and runs, easily ducking Scooby's attempt to pounce. ("YOU should have been in the broad jump!") Scooby bounces off of a banner, and bumps him into the kitchen tent, where he lands with a bottle of Worcestershire sauce pouring onto him. Daphne knew it was him, because when reading the speech, he didn't wear glasses, like Bluitt. ("Like I guess we knocked the sauce out of that thief, eh Scoob?" "Reah, rocked the rauce out of him!") Back in front of the arena, Bluitt hands Scooby a special honorary medal, the "Worcestershire Sauce Award", which Bluitt can't pronounce, but Scooby now can!

Another cool new plot idea, with a real villain, though still employing disguises.

Where's Scooby Doo?

Now we do a "Murder on the Orient Express" plot! The gang boards the train, ridden by all the spies and secret agents in the world. Scooby is in his secret agent garb sneaking from point to point in the terminal. His "secret password" is "Scooby Snacks", which he has a case full of. Shaggy thinks the trip is a bad idea. They had gotten free tickets via a note, signed "your mysterious admirers". We begin to meet the other characters, such as a man and a woman eyeing them, and a lady knitting a sweater. A little Peter Lorre-like man (basically "Ivan" from the cyclops episode, or "Leach" from the first season) runs in, saying "the Mummy" is after him, chasing him around the world ever since he opened his tomb in Egypt, and is there in the station. Meanwhile, a newspaper boy is shouting the story of a fuel formula stolen by a spy. Scooby buys a paper, and then someone swipes the rest of the papers. As Scooby reads, the mummy jumps out from behind the column he's leaning against. He and Scooby run, crashing into everyone.

The train boards, and the mummy arises out of a mummy case in the baggage compartment. When unpacking, Daphne sees that they don't have Scooby's bag, with his Scooby Snacks, but someone else's, with a two necked, three armed sweater, and knitting. So it seems he switched bags with the lady in the train station. He goes to look for her (pretending to be a soldier on a mission). He searches up and down a room, and the mummy appears. His yell is drowned out by the train's horn.

The little man tells Shaggy "the big dog is in grave danger", and then as Shaggy turns his back to tell the others, the mummy grabs the man.
They then hear Scooby yelling. They run and find his collar, and realize he's been kidnapped. Daphne got a list of passengers from the conductor, and try to find out who the kidnapper is. Each passenger will give their version of what happened to Scooby (and give an evil look as the gang heads off to the next one).

They start out with Beatrice Whimsey, being it was her knitting stuff he had. (Scrappy dons his detective suit with magnifying glass and interrogates the lady ("Where were you on the night of the 14th; did you ipso facto the habeas corpus?" etc.) Scooby brought her her suitcase, and she lets him take his suitcase out of the cupboard, but he pulls out the mummy along with it. Scooby traps him in the wall bed, but the suitcase belonges to Sidney Gaspar the famous gournet. The mummy breaks out of the bed and continues the chase.
So they head for the dining car to speak to Gaspar. (Carrying Daphne and Shaggy; "Detective Puppy Power!") The train goes through atunnel, everything goes dark, and Shaggy finds himself walking with the mummy. Now, the train horn drowns out his scream. End part 1.

Part II: Shaggy tries to bargain, "If you give back Scooby Doo, I'll try to give you a tomb with a view". He then disguises as a French conductor, and asks him for his ticket and tosses a huge trunk at him, carrying him to the next car. Daphne and Scrappy return, having found a whole stack of the newspapers, with the same article torn out of all of them. Scrappy goes after the mummy into the next car, and interrogates Gaspar (the man with the fez). In his story, Scooby came to him as a waiter and seats him and tries to take his suitcase. He tries again as "a ravishing creature" (a sexy female). As he tugs with his for the suitcase, the mummy is in the next seat. He accidentally grabs the emergency brake cord and then lets go of it (which immediately starts the train again) tossing the mummy.

Inside the bag was a stethoscope, which could only belong to the diabolical Dr. Natasha. Scooby came to her disguised as a doctor, saying there was a bad case of "Scooby Snackitis", and she didn't know what she was talking about. He has her cover her eyes while he finds the suitcase, and it only contains pictures of Egypt ("This is getting ridiculous"). Again, the mummy appears and chases him out.

So now they look for the little guy, who actually grabs Shaggy into a room, as the others run on. He says they already know all they need to find Scooby. The mummy grabs him again. He tells the others, and they realize since he's looking for a lost bag, they haven't checked the baggage car yet. It's at first locked, and we get Shaggy's "short night" gag, from "Fiesta Host is an Aztec Ghost"). Scooby's bound and gagged in the mummy case, and comes out, but Shaggy's trying so hard to get out of the locked door, he and the others don't see him, and the flour that covers him, making them think he's a ghost ("Please mister Ghost; like we tried to rescure Scooby Doo; honest!") He shakes off the flour and the ropes, and the suitcase containing his Scooby snacks is there (which he enjoys).

He gives his story, and he is confronted by the mummy, Natasha, Beatrice and the little guy, who tied him up and carried him away. (So they were on in cahoots). Daphne finds a whole copy of the newspaper, and it has the picture of the woman who stole it. The mummy now approaches, stops, laughs, and unmasks himself as Gaspar, and the others all rise and shout "surprise!" They are the Super Sleuth Society, the gang's admirers, and the gang has passed their initiation test "with flying colors". ("You mean everything was a hoax?")
Daphne mentions "just one problem": that there's a real criminal among them; a smuggler of top secret formulas ("What?", "Who?", "Us?") who tried stop them from seeing the newspaper article, and was clever enough to translate the fuel formulas into code. She picks up the sweater and shows the threads are actually morse code (long stitches and short stitches). "A Clever way to smuggle formulas, Beatrice Whimsey; if that's really your name". She takes off the old lady mask, revealing the woman in the article, and grabs a suitcase and runs, but she has taken the Scooby Snacks! Scooby chases her on top of the train, and she uncouples their car ("So long, super sleuths!") Scooby has one foot on both cars as they separate. He and Shaggy are thrown into the baggage car, where Scooby pulls the brake cord again, and she lands in the car, dropping the Scooby Snacks, and lands in the mummy case.

They arrive at Vienna, and the spy is taken into custody. Shaggy comments "You mean there never was a real mummy?" The club members say there are no live mummies, but then a dog mummy comes out of the mummy case, scaring them away. "Well I guess that about 'wraps up' this case, eh, mummy old pal?" Scooby unwinds the bandages "Scooby Dooby Doo!"

Another one of the truly great ideas from these two seasons; the mummy wasn't the villain, and it was a double mystery, and it looked like Natasha would be the villain, since she looked like the woman in the paper!

Wedding Bell Boos

We earlier met much of Daphne's family; now we meet much of Shaggy's and Scooby's family. Just like she received the last name "Blake", Shaggy's family is "Rogers". (And Scooby's family is here on in "Doo", rather than "Scooby", as we saw with earlier relatives). We also saw way back in "Loch Ness Mess" (with the Globetrotters) that the American part of his family is in Massachusetts. So the gang is driving to Plymouth for Shaggy's sister Maggie's wedding. (Scooby smells up the Mystery Machine with his "Eau du Arfie" cologne).
In his parents' home, the bride runs down the stairs screaming, saying she saw the ghost of McBaggy Rogers in her room. ("He's been dead for centuries!" "Most ghosts are". "You've got a point there!") The episode is full of mass reactions from several members of Shaggy's family, paralleled by the corresponding members of their pets, Scooby's family. The gang arrives, and as the family greets them, the ghost, behind their backs, says "The wedding is OFF!" (Shaggy's greeting to his parents: "Hi mom! Hi pop! Like when do we eat?") Scooby then greets his parents "Mumsy" and "Dada" Doo!

Maggie begins to tell Shaggy about "something really strange going on here", and we see the Doo family (with the males in tights) doing a ballet dance! (which abruptly ends when she mentions the ghost!) The groom, Wilfred tries to assure her there are no ghosts, but then a sheeted figure appears right before them, sending Shaggy amd Scooby and their parents into the tree, both branches breaking under them. It's a sheet on a hook, done by Uncle Gaggy ("What are you doing up there? Lookin for squirrels? OR are you squirrels looking for nuts?"), who's brought along the canine circus clown Whoopsie Doo. (Walking back to the house, Pop tells Gaggy "No more joking about ghosts", and the ghost, watching from inside, says "I'm not joking!")

Maggie shows everyone her ring, which has been in the family for centuries. Scooby and Scrappy are looking at the table of gifts, and Scrappy pulls one out, causing everything to fall, and the table cloth land on the both of them. The family is looking at the picture of their ancestor (Maggie: "Zoinkers! That's the ghost I saw!") When Wilfred reiterates there are no ghosts, the sheeted Scooby and Scrappy emerge, again scaring everyone into hiding in a couch (the dogs try a vase first, but burst out of it). Daphne uncovers them, and Pop gives the ring to Shaggy, the best man. The picture then says "I want my ring!"

Shaggy and Scooby are struggling getting into their tuxes. Daphne is reading "The History of Plymouth" which says McBaggy Rogers came to America on the Mayflower with his dog Yankee Doodle Doo. Shaggy and Scooby's ties get tied up, and Shaggy ends up dropping the ring, which rolls under a door. Scooby opens it, and it is handed to him by the ghost. He chases him and Shaggy out the window, where they spin on a windvane, whose rooster comes to life and flees the ghost. Shaggy and Scooby are tossed into a window, landing in Dada's bath ("What's the meaning of this?") The ghost enters the window now chases all three of them, and the rest of the family members in the other room.
Scrappy and Daphne have set up a Scrappy trap, which catches Judge Jonas Porter, the officiant. He's also the author of The History of Plymouth, being the town historian as well as the justice of the peace. Scrappy asks him about McBaggy Rogers, and he tells them one legend is that he built a secret chamber beneath the house. The family is having lunch, but Scrappy grabs Shaggy and Scooby, who's pies are caught by Pop and Dada ("You're excused!") as they've got a mystery to solve. The gang heads to the cellar, and the door slams and locks behind them, and a frightening figure appears before them. End Part 1.

Part II: The figure approaches them, and Shaggy and Scooby (hiding in a barrel waving surrender flags) run ("Let's hit the road, Scoob!"), and first hit a wall ("I think the road hit us"), then try to jackhammer, and then simply break through it. The creepy figure trips, and turns out to be Whoopsie; with Gaggy providing the physical effects. Shaggy and Scooby have found the secret chamber! Daphne finds McBaggy Rogers' diary, which says McBaggy buried a priceless Indian treasure somewhere on the property (We get Scooby laughing at Gaggy's "I can dig it" pun, and then saying "huh"). A rival pilgrim named Alexander tried to steal the map to the treasure, but McBaggy hid it "behind the stone that glitters". (Gaggy: this riddle is "A regular brain twister! Maybe Whoopsie knows. His brain's twisted!" Whoopsie now is the one to laugh and then say "I don't get it". Scrappy finds a plastic lid ("The pilgrims didn't have plastic. Someone must have been here recently"), and a panel opens up, revealing the ghost. Everyone runs except Scrappy, who tries to "duke it out" with him, until he picks him up and blasts him with his breath. ("Ok, let's not, and say we did!" and kicks himself free).

Outside, as the wedding is getting ready to start, Shaggy's parents, reading their list, check off the preacher, caterer and photographer. When the others emerge from the cellar with the ghost in pursuit, they check off "the ghost" and join the chase. Scooby's parents jump into the punch bowl. Everyone else runs through a tent, which Scrappy tries to collapse onto the ghost, but traps the photographer instead, Alex Anders. (Shaggy and Scooby go for some fruit punch and ladle up Scooby's parents, and run off).

Everyone is inside, wondering what to do about the ghost. The gang explains that he is probably trying to scare people off so he can steal the map to the treasure. As to what "the stone that glitters" means, Mumsy says "Maybe he knows", pointing to the ghost, now stading in the door. He demands the ring, and Shaggy tosses it to Scooby to give to him, but it gets stuck in his finger. Everyone runs down into the celler to hide, but he hears Scooby's whimpering. He runs into the secret chamber, and everyone is disguised as Pilgrims and Indians. Scooby offers the ghost a peace pipe, and Scrappy and Daphne suddenly realize "the stone that glitters" is the one on the ring Scooby is wearing, and the map is therefore within it; also in the process revealing this to the ghost (who rises, "It is?!!") He knocks over the candle, plunging everyone into darkness. Scrappy thinks he's caught the ghost in a sack, but it's only eveyone else.

The ceremony is interrupted, as the ring is still on Scooby's finger, and Daphne now reads the map, which shows the treasure is in a cave they go to. The Doo and Rogers families are afraid to go inside, all dress as Buckingham Palace-style guards to "stand outside", and so Daphne and Scrappy have brought along Scooby and Shaggy snacks to change their minds, and they all grab them. They find an arrow pointing to the treasure, and Scooby digs the box out. Whoopsie takes it and falls backwards, and the box is tossed and caught by the ghost. ("I thank thee for it all!") He runs, and Scooby is digging a tunnel under him, emerges outside the cave, and the ghost trips on him, and he lands in part of the cake.

It's Alex Anders, the photographer. The plastic camera lid in the chamber gave him away. He knew about the treasure because his ancestors were the Alexander family, who've been trying to steal it for centuries! (We see his french accent was fake, along with changing his name a bit). They now open the box (Scrappy: "I bet it's gold. Or silver! or diamonds!") to find corn (Gaggy: "What kind of 'corny' treasure is that?"), which was the Pilgrims' greatest "treasure" of all! It grew in large crops, ensuring they would never grow hungry. Shaggy and Scooby now eat it! ("Amazing!" "And pretty tasty too!")

The newlyweds are driving off to their honeymoon, and Scooby has to go with them, as he still has the ring. He says a heartelt farewell to his parents, (as if he was the one getting married) and pours the rice on himself, as he rides in the trunk.

Another really cool story! "Scooby-Doo" is such a people-focused concept, so, as with the special guests of the past, it's always been "the more, the merrier", and our extended 12-member "gang" really entertains, in the chase scenes.

A "Shaggy snack" was originally shown in "Never Ape an Apeman" (a pizza and chocolate pot pie), and the idea came up again in "The Dynamic Scooby Doo Affair". Here, the Scooby snacks are now portrayed as balls, rather than dog biscuits, and the Shaggy snacks are like cookies. A Shaggy Snack will appear again in A Pup Named Scooby Doo.

The "Alex Anders" bit was rather weak, as the fake "French" name was too similar to the original name.

1984 The New Scooby Doo Mysteries. Basically continues the last season, except for the six two part episodes where Freddy and/or Velma return, from their careers! Scooby now for the first time has his own agency; not "Mystery Inc.", but rather, simply the "Scooby Doo Detective Agency!"

The intro signifies that we have entered the digital "hip hop" age, with the rapped lyrics, and the gang, and even the monsters, all dancing to the beat! This is one of the coolest cartoon intros ever!

Scooby Dooby Doo, Looking for you

Scooby Doo, where are You?

Come on, Scooby, Where ya been?
Trouble's on the loose again
(bkg singers: Scoo-by)
They're not gonna get you!
Unh, unh; Scrappy's gonna help you
Shaggy's gonna be there!
And Daphne too!


Scooby Dooby Doo, looking for you, Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?
Scoo-by, Scoo-ba-de-doo, Scoo-by
Scoobyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Scooby - Doo! Scoobyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Scooby Doo!

Accompanying the new show was the "Scary Scooby Funnies", which comprised the best of the '80/81 Scooby/Scrappy/Shaggy shorts (From "Richie Rich/Scooby Doo), with a modified version of this opening, without the rap or animated sequence, and using clips of those cartoons instead. [see "shorts" page for embedded video].

Happy Birthday Scooby

Scooby's 15th season begins with a birthday bash.

Driving through the city, the gang, answering as the "Scooby Doo Detective Agency" gets a call about a robbery at the TV station. Scooby is only concerned about it being his birthday, which noone seems to remember. Looking for his birthday cake in the oven, he gets covered with Scrappy's invention--crazy rubber. At the TV station, ZPOP, they look for a "howling ghoul". Scooby is sent into studio 1 to look for him, and is locked in the dark. Sad, he sings "happy birthday to me", and is surrounded by dozens of eyes. It is a surprise birthday party on stage! The howling ghoul myth was made up for the surprise, but a real fiend is shown lurking around.

Mark Winkindale presents Scooby with a book "Here is Your Life Scooby Doo", and he is dressed up like a king. He faints in embarrassment, and the station director, Milo Spender runs shouting "That's not in the script!" He wakes up to birthday cake, but is grabbed away to the show. The first piece is a film of baby Shaggy and Scooby and their monstrous babysitters. (Shaggy: "It was a monstrous childhood!") The fiend on the catwalk drops a light nearly splatting Scooby. Next, Scooby is asked to remember a couple of voices: "Jinkies!" and "Let's split up!" It is old gang members Velma Dinkley, now an apprentice research scientist for NASA, and Freddy Jones*, now a mystery writer. Meanwhile, Scrappy and Daphne search and find that the light had been unscrewed. Freddy and Velma retell an old case of Scooby's--the Red Skull, who had stolen a diamond necklace from Mrs. Vanderwheel, was captured by Freddy and Scooby, and turned out to be Stuyvesant, her butler. Mrs. Vanderwheel now comes out and greets Scooby. By now, Freddy is missing, as is noticed by Daphne. When Scooby boasts of having defeated the Red Skull single handedly, the Red Skull (the fiend seen earlier, who dropped the light) comes out of the TV screen he was on, shouting "you haven't defeated me! End part l.

Part II: Scooby runs, and is twirled around the microphone, and the Red Skull steals Mrs. Vanderwheel's necklace --again! Scooby is dangling from a rope, as the Red Skull wishes him a happy last birthday. He falls and is saved by the crazy rubber. (Dir.:"that Red Skull is trying to ruin my show'!"') Freddy shows up ("Did I miss anything?), and the director asks him, suspiciously, where he was. Everyone splits up and searches, (Scooby being motivated by Velma telling him his birthday present is hidden backstage) while Freddy goes to get the police. Scrappy and the girls fall through a vent. (Velma: the superstructure's atmospheric control system the perpetrator utilized to extricate himself"). They find an ascot, which Fred appears and claims as his own. He then remembers he also left his briefcase in the washroom. Scrappy and the girls feel he is acting "too forgetful". Meanwhile, the camera crews follow Shaggy and Scooby, searching for his present. Soon, they find the Red Skull. They disguise as French chefs and make "crepe du Scoobettes". Police chief Bundy arrives and Shaggy and Scooby are running from the Red Skull. Scrappy goes to catch the bad guy for ruining his Uncle Scooby's birthday, and pulls out Freddy, in whose briefcase are red screws. Scrappy adds up the clues on his wrist computer, which suggests the bad guy is Freddy. The officer tries to arrest him, but he escapes. Shaggy and Scooby are up on the roof talking about how only someone real stupid would be up there on a night like this in a thunderstorm, and the Red Skull appears regardless (Hi, genius!) He chases them to a ledge. Scooby rearranges the station billboard to read "RELP!", and the others see it (Fred already in custody), and run to the rescue. Scrappy trips "numb skull", who then winds up dangling below Shaggy and Scooby. Back on stage, he is unmasked, and turns out to be the TV station director, Milo Spender (Winkindale: "But boss, why?") He claims it was just a gag to liven up the show, and that he was going to return the diamond. But since he kept trying to pin the crime on Freddy and squish Scooby, the gang knew it was really the revenge of Stuyvesant the original butler on the ones who caught him. They remove a second mask revealing him. ("The rutler rid it!") Scooby is praised for capturing the Red Skull twice.
The show ends with everyone singing "Happy birthday Scooby Doo", to the tune of "Frere Jacques".

*Freddy is mistakenly introduced with the last name "Rogers". Later in the show, and in "A Pup Named Scooby Doo", he is called "Jones". Beginning with the prior season's "Wedding Bell Boos", "Rogers" is the name of Shaggy's family.

Scooby now for the first time has his own detective agency

Maria Frumkin, who had taken over as the last Velma voice toward the end of the first Scrappy season, resumes the role.

The Hand of Horror

The gang is driving to Louie's Pizza Parlor (Shaggy's hungry, and he must be, since he's driving!) He and the dogs begin arguing on the toppings, and he almost crashes into a wall ("Who put that wall there?") They're lost, (Shaggy denies, but then, "We're, uh, uh, uh...!") A person, Ratfield, storms out of a nearby house, the Von Gizmo estate, arguing with someone inside (Shaggy: "Like I said, we're at the Von Gizmo estate!") He's murmuring to himself about giving the Von Gizmo twins his inventive genius, only to be fired by them. Daphne asks him for directions, and he tells them to leave because "they've gone mad in there!" Daphne and Scrappy sense a mystery from this. Scooby and Shaggy stay in the Mystery Machine and order the pizza (the topping gag for this one is "no anchovies; yuck!"), and Scrappy and Daphne go inside to check things out. A hand without a body closes the door behind them, then opens for Shaggy and Scooby and then, for Pizza Louie, who has brought pizza with anchovies, and has to go back.

The whole gang is down in the lab calling for anyone. A hand taps Scooby on the shoulder, causing him to fall on Shaggy, and then the Von Gizmo twins enter, one of them accusing them of spying, trying to steal their secret invention, and puts them out. They pretend to leave, but Daphne, realizing something odd is going on (like Ratfield said), splits the gang up to check different sides of the house. A hand tiptoes and goes up Shaggy's back under his shirt, and he of course thinks it's Scooby. Pizza Louie returns, and the hand goes by the door, and lassoes the pizza, so he reaches Shaggy and Scooby holding up nothing, and thinking he must have left it in the truck ("What a weirdo!") Shaggy and Scooby begin moving, and are on a carpet being pulled by the hand, which then rolls them up in the carpet, and drops them through a trap door. They land in a basement, and knock over a crate containing remote controls, and Shaggy unknowingly controls a hand lying on the floor, which then holds Scooby's nose when he's about to sneeze.

A hand is following Scrappy and Daphne and almost grabs Scrappy, until it goes to answer the door for Louie, and again takes the pizza, and replaces it with a decorative shield, which he then hands to Scrappy ("No thanks; the crust is a little too crispy!") They hear the twins arguing in another room. Shaggy has now figured out how to work the hands, and has one lift Scooby out of the crate he's in and set him down. So he now has it get the pizza from Louie and slam the door in his face! ("Mighty weird!") Saying "let's do this in style", Shaggy has the hand set the pizza down on a crate they're using as a table, and bring a candelabra, and place napkins around their necks, and serve them slices. As they start to eat, Shaggy hears a growl, and thinks it's Scooby's stomach. It sounds like it's coming from the wall, and Shaggy has the hand knock on the wall, to find the secret doorway. He runs to knock it down, but Scooby has the hand open it. Inside is one of the twins, who says "You must help us before it's too late!"

Scrappy and Daphne follow the sound of the arguing, and see both twins, in the lab, arguing because one says the "helping hands" were developed to help mankind, and the other brother wants to use them to commit crimes. ("Precisely! I, uh, I mean we, will make millions!" They play tug of war with a hand via their remotes, and punch a hole through the wall freeing the others, including a third "twin". Two hands controlled by the brother who was with Shaggy and Scooby, and one of the others now arm wrestle. The gang realizes that one of them is fake, switching places with the real twin, to steal the secret of the hands. Scrappy sniffs the one saying "which one of us is it?", and "Smell[s] a rat! Or should I say, a Ratfield!" and unmasks him. He uses a hand to swipe the real twin's remote, but Scrappy grabs it; and the hand grabs him, and the control is tossed and caught by Shaggy, who then enters another "tug of war", with Ratfield, who has deployed all the hands. Scrappy then rides Scooby like a horse, but the hands grab Scooby, and then trap the others with a table against the wall. Ratfield triumphantly and maniacally announces "Now I've got the world in my hands! Nothing can stop me!" Nothing but Scrappy who calls "puppy power" and grabs the remote from Ratfield, and frees the others, and has the hands pick Ratfield up from the ground. ("I'll put you down when the police get here!")
The only thing that needs to be "unwrapped", is the pizza. Scrappy sends the hands to open the door again for Pizza Louie: "I repeat, mighty weird!", as the hands applaud.

Another cool, memorable title and story concept!

Scrappy is the hero, saving everyone in the end by himself!

Scooby's Peep Hole Pandemonium

High in the Peephole Publications office tower, Orson Kane appoints the gang as "ace reporters" for Peephole Magazine. (They are dressed up in trench coats with "Press" hats). Their first assignment is for what looks like a vampiress with pet werewolf, Norma Deathman, the famous horror movie queen. He last film, "Fangs for the Memories", from 1933, which was her last film, and she retired and no one had seen her since. They are to get a picture and interview of her. The mansion is guarded by her staff, of monsters. They will join her birthday party, which will be a "monstrous" bash.

In her house, we see the veil-wearing mistress playing an organ (the same creepy stock tune used in "Harum Scarum Sanitarium", from the Scooby Doo Show). She calls in her butler Franklin Stein (the actual monster) and the new maid he has hired, Maid Mummy. Shaggy and Scooby arrive, as caterers. When Maid Mummy answers the door, they use an excuse to run away, but then the door gong rings again, and wee see the cowering pair pushed in by Daphne, apologizing for them. (Franklin tells Shaggy and Scooby "walk this way", and they follow, imitating Frankenstein). Scrappy and Daphne push their "Creepy Caterers" wagon, in which they've hidden a camera. Franklin shows Shaggy and Scooby the food, which includes little caged bat-like monsters, ravens, bones and weird vegetables. The meat tenderizer is a medieval flail that falls right through the table. ("Like that might make things a little too tender!) The "flour" is a carnivorous plant (that then turns tame and kisses Scooby). Maid Mummy sets the table all wrong, and as Scrappy and Daphne sense something wrong, we see her unbandaged feet, in regular shoes. Scrappy goes to get the camera, but the wolf has gotten into the wagon and hands it to him. Scrappy flashes him, and then Norma shouts "I saw that flash! Who DARES to have a camera in my house?!" She figures they are reporters in disguise and sends Maid Mummy and the wolf after them. Shaggy and Scooby are baking something, while Franklin watches. It blows up in Scooby's face, and comes out as a dough monster, and Franklin realizes they aren't cooks either.

Both groups being chased come together in front of the door to the Chamber of Horrors ("Shaggy: "I think I'd rather be caught!"), and duck inside. Norma says that it's a basement that is filled with mementos from her movies, which they can now try out on them. Scrappy and Daphne hide in the stocks, and Shaggy and Scooby are in suits of armor. Norma has Maid Mummy dust Scooby, causing him to sneeze, blowing their cover. They run back upstairs, into the game room. The gang has set up the "Family Ghoul" game show (with Shaggy as host). It's the "Snoopy Reporter family" (with Scooby dressed as a businessman, and Scrappy in the "little Lord Fauntleroy" getup) versus the "Disgusting Deathman family" (contestant Franklin: "Oh, goody, goody; I always watch this show on TV!") Scooby's one 7-word answer fills all the slots. They quickly get wise and continue the chase.

They duck into Norma's bedroom and see an empty hidden wall safe, and Daphne has a suspicion who robbed it. Norma and the others are coming and they hide. Shaggy and Scooby are in the closet, but there's a third pair of eyes. They fall out with Maid Mummy. Norma: "Good work, Maid Mummy; you've caught them!" Daphne: "I think it's the other way around!" The mummy is in possession of her priceless jewels.
She unmasks "her", and it's their publisher, Orson Kane! He hired the game to get the story to keep everyone busy, while he stole the jewels. It was clear the mummy was fake from the table setting scene. How she can repay the gang for saving her jewels? To show her face! She's as young and beautiful as she was 50 years ago. How she does it? She's a vampire (her fangs are exposed now), who never ages! And the celebration that night was for her 300th birthday! "We simply must have you all — for dinner"; and the werewolf licks his chops! Even Scrappy is standing there shivering with the others! Running out and then taking off; Shaggy (actually driving now) says "From now on; we're not interviewing anyone over the age of 5!)

Even though the gang is its own detective agency now, they here return to reporting work, like last season. Perhaps it was a leftover story?

Another one with real monsters. This is similar to "Halloween Hassle In Dracula's Castle", coming up later this season

Stoney Glare Scare

Vacation time, in the exotic Greek islands, by ferry. So think Shaggy and Scooby. They're really going to do a story on the legendary Mask of Medusa. As Scrappy and Daphne describe her (and her mask, which has the same effect as looking directly at her), Scooby imitates her, scaring Shaggy. ("I just hope the mask of Medusa isn't as scary as the mask of Scooby-Dusa". The boat passes by Blimp Island, home of the international archvillain Thaddeus Blimp. They're heading to Cyclops Island. Meanwhile, Blimp's assistant, Wilbur —this is another incarnation of the pair that began with Greenway and Leach, now influenced by the Roure and Tatttoo from "Fantasy Island" and will appear again this season—, is watching them through a telescope. Blimp plans to steal the mask of medusa and turn all the world leaders into stone —and all his enemies; including —Scooby Doo! At the tavern, Professor Mikos says they will be the first persons to enter the fortress of the Cyclops in centuries (Shaggy: and the first ones to leave, too!" (they run, and Scrappy carries them back in). According to the legend, the cyclops guarded the mask of Medusa, so the mask must be inside.

Once inside, Mikos is gone, and they pass by the Cyclops, who Daphne describes as a myth. Shaggy and Scooby, who see him, describe him in the form of a question, and Daphne figures they know the myth pretty well. "But in this case, it's not a myth, it's a mythter!"! and run, picking up the others. They enter a room filled with statues, that might be people turned to stone ("I'm too young to be a pet rock!" "Reah, a ret rock!") One of them is Professor Mikos! Scrappy takes a picture of a wall tablet with writing as evidence, and it falls almost on him, and shatters. "It's all Greek To me"; being ancient Greek. Scrappy uses his wrist translator, and it reads "the mask of Medusa is beneath the fountain in the cave of the Cyclops on Cyclops mountain". The cyclops is there saying "But you must NEVER go there! NEVER!" They run, and Scrappy carries off Mikos. They find a brick wall ("We're caught between a rock and a hard face!"), and Scrappy uses the stone Mikos to smash through it.

They've lost the cyclops, and are in the taverna next to the fortress. Its owner, Anna enters, and when she sees the statue, points out that the statues she paid him to produce for the taverna were "junk". Her waiters are actually Blimp and Wilbur. ("I hope they enjoy their last meal, before I turn them all to stone!") Scooby runs into the kitchen (to see if they make Greek pizzas) and bumps into Blimp, who's sucked in belly expands, exposing him, and runs and tells the others. They start to head to the cave, but Shaggy and Scooby have to do one last dance —which the cyclops joins in on. Shaggy takes the composer's stick and changes the tune, and Scooby is still not aware he is dancing with the cyclops (after the other dancers have noticed and cut out). When he does, he tosses him into the lecterns ("That's what I call, 'break dancing'!")

On Cyclops mountain, Scrappy is still carrying Mikos, while behind them, Wilbur is pulling Blimp, uphill. ("MUSH! Mr. Doo and his friends must not beat us to the mask!") but then trips and drops him, landing him in a tree at the bottom of the hill. Anna is following as well. ("If those kids and the fat one aren't careful, the mask of Medusa will be their DOOM!") The gang enters the cave, finds the fountain, and begins pulling a stone out, but the cyclops enters, with Blimp and Wilbur; the cyclops being Blimp's monster. Shaggy and Scooby are hanging from stalactites, which the cyclops grabs and breaks, landing Shaggy and Scooby on his shoulders. Scrappy tries to drop kick, but only bounces off of Blimp's belly and lands on the cyclops' head, and covers his eyes ("Now we'll show that mean old cyclops who's boss!" Shaggy, Scooby: "He is!") He falls backward, and Daphne has found the mask, which Blimp takes, but it doesn't do anything ("Blast! The mask is a fake!") Scooby picks it up and shines a flashlight through it, and this is what turns everyone there into stone!

Anna enters, and instructs him to shine the light through from the other way, and this reverses it, except for Mikos! How come? Because he was too busy being the cyclops, who Daphne unmasks! (He says Blimp put him up to it). The stone version of him was just another of his bad statues, shown by the fact that it has no hair, like he does. They tried to scare Anna off their trail, being the taverna is really a cover for her work in the Greek secret intelligence, who for years were trying to catch Thaddeus Blimp. He grabs the mask and runs with Wilbur, but are blocked by a cyclops (the two of them jump into Shaggy's arms, who seems to have no problem holding the weight!), which is really Scooby and Scrappy, (who had walked by with the costume as they were talking). "Scooby Doo!" "And Scrappy Doo too!"

Scooby is now being pitted against a supervillain

Here, as in the previous episode, the gang is still being identified as "the press"

Scoo-Be, or Not Scoo-Be

The gang is dumped off of the shabby "Cheapo European Tours" bus in Denmark, where they get to stay in the Hotel Hamlet castle where the legendary Prince of Denmark was said to have lived, and who kept seeing scary ghosts. ("What a neat place to spend the night". Yeah! If you plan on never waking up!") At the front desk, they meet Rosie Kranz, and the caretaker, Uric, and Gilley Stern, assistant manager. The hotel staff —and a ghost, take their luggage (Scooby, after thanking the others: "Thanks, Mr. Ghost!") All the ghost ever says is "BEWARE, THE BRINY BOOM!" Shaggy and Scooby run and tell the others, and Stern says this is the ghost of Hamlet, just like in the play. Uric enters and corrects him, that in the play, Hamlet was haunted by his father's ghost.

Shaggy and Scooby sneak a snack. (Scooby is scared into a pickle jar by the fierce looking rat-like shadow of a mouse; "Like you got yourself into a real pickle that time!") The ghost enters (they leave the food behind this time), and they run back to room 13 and pack, crashing through the bedroom door. Back at the front desk, as Rosie assures them there's no ghost, someone in the potted bush hands Scooby a rolled up newspaper, which has a story of sighting of a sea demon, and that rigs are losing oil. As Scrappy says he wishes he could get his hands on him, he pops up from right behind the desk ("Hey! My wish came true!", and Daphne grabs him). They run into a room and close the door, but the ghost is in there, beckoning them to follow him. He points out to a flashing light at sea, and then disappears.

Scrappy uses his new infrared fog-a-scope. The briny boom is a ship, and the silhouette of someone operating a winch on the smaller boom is seen as well. Shaggy ask if it could be the creepy sea demon, but he climbs onto the cliff they're standing on, and they run back toward the hotel. Scrappy and Daphne trip over a big pipe leading to the sea and the ship and boom, from the castle cellar. The sea demon chases Shaggy and Scooby inside. Getting an idea from the book "Shakespeare's Hamlet", which falls on his head; using the window as a stage, they perform "Scoo-be, or not Scoo-be". Scooby is "Ophelia", and Shaggy says "beware the wrath of my father's ghost", right as the ghost knocks on the window. The sea demon, as well as Shaggy and Scooby, are scared by the ghost ("Exit, stage left!") They now run and trip on the pipe, before Scrappy and Daphne in the basement. The pipe goes into tanks in the floor, which are full of oil. Someone's piping the oil to the offshore tanker. Scrappy connects this with the newspaper story. The sea demon comes out of one of the tanks. They run out onto the beach, and Scrappy slings a fishnet on him.

The demon shouts "let me out of here" in a female voice. It's Rosie Kranz. Now, a second sea demon arises fromn a docked boat! The ghost comes and unmasks the second demon. It's Gilley Stern. The ghost is Uric, who knew what Rosie and Gilley were up to, but no one would listen to him. But who could ignore the ghost of Hamlet? Like the Shakespeare guy used to say, "Oil's well that ends well!"

The sea demon is used in the opening sequence, dancing beside Dracula, Frankenstein, Igor, the werewolf and Medusa.

The second sea demon appearing right after the first has been unmasked was a great surprise.

Another one where the "ghost" is not the villain.

Mission Un-Dooable

"When the criminals get tough, it takes a tough bunch to nab them! That's when they call on us' the Un-Dooable Mission Team. The toughest nuts to ever crack a case", narrates Scrappy (as he does throughout the story), as the gang drives, dressed up in detective garb. "That's Agent Doo", as Scooby slips behind a lamp post. From a fire hydrant, he gets the secret message (via a monitor under its top, of the Mastermind, who is plotting to control the world's satellites, and whose hideout is believed to be near the Statue of Liberty. "Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is the nab the no good crook!" The hydrant will self-destruct in five seconds, and Scooby's coat tail is caught in it, and so when it blows, Scooby is on top of the resulting fountain. ("That's Agent Doo! Already on top of the case!")

They follow the tourists on Liberty Island. (In order to "blend in", Scooby, in his tourist outfit, holding the tour guide, points every direction, going "ooh, ahh, ooh...". Not looking where he's going, be goes off the path, and down a hill, landing on a groundskeeper and crashing into a garbage can, and the guy yells at them, and behind their backs radios about the "suspicious looking kids", who he'll keep an eye on. Having combed the island for clues, there was only one place to look: the top of the statue. Shaggy and Scooby, afraid of the height, stay on the ground and find a pizza parlor. A woman asks for a pizza, which is actually "a brilliant password" ("because nobody but a fool would order such a stupid concoction!"), and the pizza chefs activate a lever that drops her through a trap door.
When Shaggy and Scooby ask for the same pizza (pepperoni and peanut butter with a triple scoop of chocolate fudge ice cream, which Scooby orders in his familiar speech); looking at each other surprised, they nevertheless send the two through the trap door. They land in what they think is a "video arcade", until Mastermind appears on the big screen. He asks them if they were the technicians he was expecting, and when they try to leave, they are confronted by a laser shooting robot. He says "You're not going anywhere until you've started my transponder beam!" (They don't even know what this is!) When the beam is operational he will control the world.

Scrappy and Daphne, in the head, try to enter the torch, but the tour guide, Cecil, who was already inside, stops them and locks it, saying its off limits ("Then what was he doing in there?") They see the pizza parlor, and we next see them landing in Masterminds' headquarters, having asked if anyone asked for that pizza. (Scrappy thought it was a video arcade too! The guy with the radio, who was watching them as they approached the pizza stand, says the kids may be onto something, and "we better act fast!")
Shaggy and Scooby are being forced by the robot to carry supplies to make the beam (passing by the secret entrance chute right before Scrappy and Daphne land). They are now on the deck outside the torch, but not seeing where they are heading, drop the boxes they were carrying over the side. The robot still takes them inside to the transponder beam, and they see themselves on screens, and start acting silly (Robot: "Stop this foolishness!") Shaggy and Scooby now act like auditioners ("Look at that face...!") and convince him he can be a star. They start a Broadway type "song and dance" with canes and hats, "The Great White Way With Your Name in Lights", and prompt him to 'take it away', and then all three dance together.

Scrappy and Daphne find a paper showing the transponder beam is in the torch, and then Scrappy sees on the monitor the others dancing. The Mastermind appears on screen, realizing the "technicians" are imposters, and orders the robot to stop them, as Daphne tells then on the PA to run. They do so, and the robot, who is still dancing and not wise to it, is asking "But what about our big finish?" Shaggy, now in the elevator, says "Have your agent call us!" When they emerge from the elevator, they are confronted by an army of robots. They pull on a large wall map, and get rolled up into it and tossed out. They find an electric cable, and as they follow it, Mastermind begins shouting "No! No! Leave the cable alone!" Just like in Oz, behind a curtain is a short guy as Mastermind.
They unmask him, and it's Cecil, the tour guide! He runs to the elevator to start the transponder beam himself. The gang takes the stairs. The door to the torch is still locked, so Scrappy hooks a rappel up to it, and volunteers Scooby to walk up (Shaggy makes his fear worse by telling him "Don't look down"). The rope unravels, and Shaggy grabs the end, and ends up swinging with him. Daphne and Scrappy now have the key to the door. Scrappy now pulls on the rappel, as Daphne demands Cecil to open (in a wimpy voice: "Never! With my transponder beam; I will rule the world!") Scooby's feet were clamped to Lady Liberty's nose, and when he lets go, he and Shaggy are slung up, breaking down the door, and smashing the transponder.

"And that's how Agent Doo defeated the Mastermind, and his fellow spies!" (Who are all seen being taken away by the police, including the pizza men and the woman who ordered the pizza first). The groundskeeper was really working undercover for the police. The case isn't over until Shaggy and Scooby do their big finish with the robot!

Another of the great ideas of these two seasons. Scooby is going big time now, as a crime solver.

The scene of Scooby walking the rope was used in the opening sequence, but with the large moon in the backgroud so that it looks like he's rappeling to the moon, which isn't present in the actual scene.

Night of the Living Toys

"Like why would anyone put the biggest toy store in he world right in the middle of the world's spookiest forest?" Shaggy asks, as they drive. (Scrappy has listed of all the toys he wants in his computer, and the list fills the back of the Mystery Machine). They arrive at the Black Forest Toy Shop. Shaggy and the dogs run eagerly into the store and ride the toy train —and crash, while Daphne meets the owner [Hair Dryspock?] He takes them upstairs to meet his assistant, Beekman, and shows them the picture of his great grandfather who founded the store; and lived by his motto, "Treasure your foundation for its bricks will build your future". Behind this picture is a safe, containing what money is left, after it has been disappearing, along with a toy robot. The suspects are the elves, according to Beekman. The store was built on top of the Elf King's castle, and now the Evil Elf King has returned to claim his property.
Scooby's tail is hammered by a mechanical puppet elf. (Catarina Cobalt, head of the stuffed toys department, takes Scrappy, the "cute little pup" and dons him with ribbons, saying he's cuter than her toys, which of course disgusts him; "I'm no sissy toy!"). Dryspock says there was a treasure he's never found that he could really use to pay the bills. If not, he will be bought out by the Forest Toy Company.

The gang splits up to search the store. When Shaggy and Scooby play with a couple of puppets, they see them get up and run to the earlier seen puppet, who's really the Evil Elf. Shaggy and Scooby disguise as stuffed toys. (The elf pulls Scooby's string, and is fooled). He commands the two smaller elves to take two of the bears and follow. Scrappy and Daphne enter, and she finds a lab report sent to Catarina Cobalt, at 123 Forest Lane ("That sales lady, with the -yecch!- ribbons!"), sent to analyze the mineral content of —a brick! Daphne, who will look for the Evil Elf with Scrappy upstairs, sends Shaggy and Scooby downstairs, where it's dark and spooky. She holds a box of Scooby Snacks, and says "Oops, sorry guys, it slipped!", dropping it to the darkness below. ("The old Scooby Snacks down the stairs trick works every time!" Scooby and Shaggy, none the wiser, think they're doing her a favor; i.e. "Don't worry, we'll get em!")

Upstairs, they see the Evil Elf commanding the elves to open the safe, and the toy robot inside hands them the sack of money, and then follows them. Scrappy runs to splat them, but the elevator door closes in his face. Daphne now takes note of the slogan on the picture. Shaggy and Scooby find the Scooby Snacks. They eat all of them and toss the box, which lands on Beekman's head ("Fine detectives you are; attacking defenseless employees in the dark!") He tells them to get out before the evil elf turns them into toys. They think that's silly, but are now sitting on a conveyor that begins moving and turns them into jackintheboxes. The conveyor lands them right before the others, who see that underneath the box is "Forest Toy Company 123 Forest Lane"; the company that offered to buy the store, and the address is familiar too.
They both begin winding up the jackintheboxes, springing free Shaggy and Scooby, with Scooby getting his head stuck in the brick wall. When Shaggy pulls him out, there's a brick missing from the foundation (and Scooby's head is forced into the shape of a brick). And a bunch of other packages are addressed to the Forest Toy Company too. The Evil Elf is approaching. They run and are blocked by the other toys, who begin trapping Daphne behind some boxes. Scrappy leaps up into a toy plane and buzzes the little elves, but is caught by the Evil Elf. Shaggy and Scooby, who wound up sliding down from the mezzanine on a rocking horse, splat the Evil Elf.

The Evil Elf is Catarina Cobalt. (Scrappy: "I knew she was strange, when she tried to put ribbons on me!") She was the safe cracker, using the toy inside to open it by remote control (rendering the combination lock useless).Then she stuffed the teddy bears full of money and mailed them COD to the Forest Toy Company, which was really her own address. (So she offered to buy Dryspock's store with money she stole from him). She did this for the treasure, which he now thinks doesn't exist. They take him down to the basement, where Catarina had removed the brick, and Scooby and Scrappy hose down the rest of the foundation, which is solid gold!
Several windup dolls climb Shaggy and Scooby, kissing them and saying "Da Da kiss me"!

Dooby Dooby Doo Ado

This next pair of episodes in the half hour program, we get two additional "Doo" family relatives!

The gang is in Las Vegas, to see "Circus A-go-go", featuring yet another cousin of Scooby's, the Elvis-like Dooby Doo. On stage, he brushes off a reporter, Marcy Green with the Daily Press, who wants a picture of him in his fancy collar. Scooby likes the collar too, and Dooby says that rather then it bringing him luck, he's had a funny feeling someone was out to get him. As he speaks, a hand reaches at him from behind the curtain. Scooby pushes him out of the way. ("Hey Scoob, watch the coat, huh!") and only he is aware of the hand. As they head to watch the show, two figures (with a male and a female voice) are seen behind a curtain plotting against him, "collar and all".

Dooby performs a song "Dooby Dooby Doo". A dancing girl tries to pull him off stage. Scrappy swings with Scooby to rescue him, and she gets away. Shaggy and Daphne run, knocking down a prop that Marcy was behind. Daphne now thinks she was the showgirl that tried to grab Dooby. In the plan to trap her, Scooby now has to be dressed as Dooby (with a copy of the collar, which has a homing signal if he gets into trouble. A reworked version of the opening sequence music is playing in this part, and Scooby sings "Scooby... Scooby Doo" part). On stage, he doesn't know what to do, but Shaggy and Scrappy play a Dooby Doo record he lip syncs to, but it begins skipping, then Shaggy turns the rpm's up. So now he's on his own, his howling breaking glasses and having everyone cover their ears. He's hooked off of the stage by the man and woman from before (the woman being the dancing girl). The gang and Dooby pursue, but they get away in a van. Scrappy tracks the collar on his wrist computer, and follow them in Dooby's limo.

In a mine tunnel, they take the collar from him and see it's fake. As the gang watches, and Shaggy asks what's so special about the collar, a hand covers Shaggy's mouth. It's Marcy Green, who's really a government agent tracking down a stolen laser band: the collar! The crooks stole the band and used Dooby to smuggle it across the country, and now plan to sell it to foreign agents. Scrappy takes the collar, and goads the crooks, and then they start running towards them, and he figures out how to fire a laser that causes a part of the ceiling to cave in on them. Celebrating too much, the collar is grabbed from him from behind by the male crook, who does the same to the extended gang. They run while Marcy goes for the police. The gang disguises as miners, but Scooby knocks off his mustache disguise, blowing their cover, and they run into a dead end. The crooks say it's "Dooby Doo's swan song", and this gives Daphne the idea to have Scooby sing, which causes the collar to give a blast that knocks them out. (Dooby kisses Scooby; "yecch!")
On his next show, he brings out "two fine human beings; dogs that is", Scooby and Scrappy. All three do a song and dance of Dooby thanking them. Scooby holds a final note, blowing out all the lights in Vegas!

Real crook action, no ghostly getups

Showboat Scooby

Big show tonight; Delta Queen. One man enters saying there won't be any show to see by the time he gets through. The show begins with Dixie Doo and the Showboat Seven. As soon as it starts, the ghost of Colonel Beauregard appears on the balcony, shouting "Magnolia!" Everyone abandons the boat as the gang arrives. Shaggy and Scooby are doing a "Dixie" dance, and jump into the water to get out of the way of the fleeing fans. They split up to search for Dixie, and the ghost soon chases Shaggy and Scooby, who disguise as a ship's crew, trapping him in a life preserver and dropping him in the lifeboat. The man seen earlier, the mayor, tells Steamboat Sally she needs to pay what she owes in 24 hours, or he'll repossess the boat. She can't raise the money because the ghost keeps scaring away the customers. Pops the janitor enters saying he saw the ghost.

In the engine, Scrappy fights with a "wise guy steam vent" that fills the room, and the ghost opens the window to let the steam out ("Is that better?") and they run up to Sally's captain quarters. On the wall are pictures of Col. Beauregard, who was supposed to marry on the boat 100 years ago, but it's said he had stolen a priceless necklace from his bride to be, Magnolia, so she left him standing at the altar. The showboat's captain, in another picture, loved Magnolia too. Dixie brings in a batch of her fried chicken, "But not one piece, till you catch that mean old ghost!" In the captain's log, Daphne finds "Magnolia's emerald necklace is hidden onboard, and well in hand. The wedding is off".

So Beauregard didn't steal the necklace, the captain did. It may stil be onboard. The ghost chases Shaggy and Scooby, who grab Scrappy who was looking for them, and they disguise as old southerners and escape. Daphne realizes the steering wheel was in the captain's hand, and has Sally kick it open, revealing the necklace. The ghost chases the others in and sees the necklace. Scrappy tosses it to Shaggy, but the ghost grabs it; however Magnolia's ghost enters and takes it from him. Scooby is sent to save the necklace (reminded of the fried chicken). Scooby and the two ghosts end up on the paddle wheel, and Scrappy speeds up the boat, tossing them into the captain's quarters.

The ghost of Magnolia is Dixie, who has the necklace. The ghost of Col. Beauregard was Pops. When Pops learned that the necklace was still onboard, he tried to scare everyone away so he could find it. (Mayor: "Shameful conduct, sir! It's the callaboose for you!") Sally pays him the mortgage, thanks to a big crowd tonight. Scooby and Shaggy feast on the chicken. They take notice, over the water, the real ghost of Colonel Beauregard, and the real ghost of Magnolia, united at last. They float off to the distance. "Like isn't that the most precious thing?" No; to Scooby, the chicken is!

Dixie Doo's relation to Scooby is not mentioned.

A Code in the Nose

A spotlight follows full dressed detective Scooby, who then gives us a raspberry. Then we cut to a top secret army compound; "so secret, we can't even tell you where it is". The spotlight misses Codefinger, who now spots a new top secret government decoder. He picks it up, an alarm goes off, and a guard is foolish enough to look at his "dot", which blinds him with smoke, allowing the thief to "dash". He takes off in a jeep and needs to find someplace to stash the decoder. He chooses Pingree's Department Store.

The gang is driving to the same store (and Shaggy is driving again), so Daphne can replace a broken toaster (which produces burn toast, as Scooby discovers). The store welcome mat is actually a trap door that drops them to a room ("I've heard of dropping prices, but not dropping customers!") General Heffner, head of the Bureau of Federal Detection (which we heard of in "Gold Medal Gambit", and it was the "Bureau of Federal Investigation" in "Surprised Spies") has chosen the gang for an ultra top secret mission. Major Burch shows them Codefinger (Scooby does hand shadows, and the general shouts "Cool it, you!") They decided to recruit normal people, as to not arouse suspicion. And the gang seems as normal as they come, except that Shaggy and Scooby resent that, and jump up on the table, acting like chimps.
No one knows what the decoder looks like, except that it was designed to look like an appliance, and will respond to certain code words. (He sends them out on "Should you be captured or caught, the Army will disavow any knowledge of your actions!") Their chairs rocket them back up to the welcome met.

So they each take a phrase, and begin talking to the appliances! Daphne's phrase is "So how much is that anyway?" This confuses a salesperson when he twice comes to answers her, and she doesn't want his help ("There's something strange about that lady!") The same thing happens when he sees Scooby, whose phrase is "Patty cake, pattycake, baker's man". Shaggy's phrase is "Myrtle, are you there?" He gets an answer and keeps reading, which is a love letter, but it's a lady who kisses him ("Yuck! The things I do for my country!")
When the salesman asks Scooby "Are you trying to cause trouble?", nearby Scrappy reads his line, "Go ahead, call the police!" ("They're all nuts!") He runs to get the store detective. Shaggy points out it could take years to say his phrase to all the appliances, and then a fan responds, so they know hey have found the decoder. They begin leaving with it, and the salesman returns with the store detective, who tries to grab the fan from Shaggy. It acts as a helicopter and flies him and Scooby to another department. Scrappy disguises as a toy clown, but the detective grabs the wrong one and begins interrogating it. The salesman enters and asks "Why are you talking to that toy clown?" ("He's just as crazy as the others! I gotta get away; far away!")

Daphne disguises as a man, and Shaggy and Scooby are disguised as skiing mannequins, along with Codefinger, "this fan's biggest fan", who takes it from them, and uses it to blow them away on the skis. (The salesman calls the travel agency for a long vacation!). Scrappy and Daphne pursue him, but he runs up the down escalator, and they grab the fan as he slides by on gumballs he released to slow them down. He crashes into the makeup. Shaggy and Scooby bounce on a bed and land in the arms of the store detective, and the arriving general. (The salesman walks by "They're all nuts! New Zealand, here I come!") The major arrives also, and asks to take the fan, but Daphne identifies him as Codefinger! He then unmasks himself and grabs the fan, but trips over Scooby, who gets the fan, which begins flying, with Codefinger hanging on ("Good work, secret agent Scooby!") The fan repeats "Scooby, dooby Doo!, and the iris closes onto it reforming the spotlight from the beginning, which Scooby moves back into, and it zooms onto his eye.

Another cool idea, and not the standard fake ghost format, but like the reverse of it: a costumed character disguised as a regular person.

Doom service

Shaggy thinks going to the Overview Hotel is a bad idea, because it's haunted by a ghost. (Which is of course why they're going there, to get rid of the ghost! They paas by the Western Command base, and Shaggy and Scooby, dressed up as draftees, want to be dropped off there!) The parking lot's empty, so all the guests must have checked out ("Let's do the same, and make it unanimous!" "But Uncle Scooby, the front door is this way!" They're reminded that they're working there undercover, as hotel help. Shaggy and Scooby, pushed on the ice by Scrappy: "Help!")

Inside, Shaggy and Scooby are greeted by someone who says in an almost ghostly voice "Whooo arre youuu?" He says he's the owner, and gives a strange laugh when they say they're relieved he's not the ghost. He goes upstairs, and they see his picture on the wall. ("Like he looks much worse in person!") Scrappy and Daphne enter, and Scrappy drops the luggage on someone, who identifies himself as Jack Marston, owner of the hotel.
Shaggy points to the guy in the picture as the "owner" they met, and Jack says "Then, I guess then you already met our ghost!", Ebenezer Overview, who died 100 years ago.

Shaggy and Scooby run outside ("I just remember I have an urgent appointment —In Brazil!") and collide into someone in the snow. It's Sheldon Gates, the famous horror novelist and occult expert, who's writing a novel about the Overview Hotel called "Secret Rooms". Another guest, Mrs. Von Loon (with her invisible dog on a leash, Max, who growls at Scooby and leaves pawprints, and has been there for years, and knows every twist and crack in the mountain; Shaggy: "I think she's twisted and cracked!") He asks them to stop the hauntings before he goes out of business.

Shaggy and the dogs are in charge of the kitchen (Shaggy: "You heard the man; CHARGE!") and Daphne is the chamber maid, and given the keys to every room in the hotel. Shaggy and the dogs create an "Overview Hotel Hoagie". Mrs Van Loon enters asking for something for her dog to eat, and when Shaggy tells Scooby to "humor her" by "offering" the invisible dog some of his half of the sandwich, it actually eats all but a little piece. Scrappy gets a call from the man in room 6 on the 7th floor, who wants a sandwich sent up (Shaggy takes the replacement sandwich Scooby was about to gulp; "Sorry Scoob; the customer always comes first"). Scooby delivers it to room 7, and finds the ghost, who shouts "GET OUT!" (And runs off without the sandwich). He runs into the elevator, but the ghost is in there too. He runs back into room 7, and Sheldon enters, saying "Where's my sandwich?" and is pounced by Scrappy whom Scooby had called, and now thought this was the ghost. He now sees thst this was the wrong room.

Everyone now present, Sheldon suggests holding a seance with the ghost in an hour to find out why he won't leave the hotel alone. (As they talk, the invisible dog eats another sandwich out of Scooby's hand). As the gang cleans up room 7 in the meantime, Scooby backs up into the wall and opens a secret passageway into the mountain, and a torn page reading "Secret". They now connect this with Sheldon's book. (Scrappy: "I told you that guy was a ghost!")

They hold the seance, and the ghost answers, saying he will never leave. Now, it's Shaggy, Scooby and the other guests who want to leave instead. ("This ghost is real, Marston!" "I'm afraid they're right. We were all at the table when Ebenezer spoke"). Daphne and Scrappy go to check out a hunch —while Shaggy and Scooby are "checking out", or at least staying in the van, since the storm is too strong for them to leave. In the garage, they find the ghost, who then drives off on a snowmobile. Scooby, who has jumped up in fright, lands on the back of the snowmobile, and is being driven by him. Scrappy and Daphne meanwhile find a tape recorder in a vent, and then hear Scooby, and run to the front to see him riding with the ghost. Looking back to tell Scooby "Get off!" he's not looking where he's going and crashes into a snowbank. ("You really put that ghost on ice!")

It's Mrs. Van Loon, and in the snowmobile was the top secret papers she was trying to get away with. As a long time resident, she had a secret passage built into the mountain, which led to the new air base, so she could steal secrets and sell them to the highest bidder.
Sheldon will write a new book, about Scooby's adventures at the hotel. (And Scrappy too, as he must chime in!). For saving the hotel, Scooby can help himself to food, but Max still eats it. "For a phony invisible dog, that Max has a real incredible appetite!" Left only with the plate, Scooby salts it to eat, and Max devours that too!

Max is never explained, and presumed to be a real invisible dog. This plays upon fake dog leashes which were a common toy in the 80's, and was simply a stiff piece of rope with the loop or harness at the end, that you would hold, and it would bounce, like you were actually walking a dog

South Pole Vault

We pan over the frozen wilderness of Antarctica, and see numerous penguins. The gang has transported the Mystery Machine there (Shaggy is driving again). They arrive at the scientific research camp, where all the criminal scientific sabotaging took place. They are greeted by Dr. Carlin, director of the research at the base (who talks like Carl Sagan, and speaks in terms of "millions and billions"; like the "millions and billions" of frightening things that have been happening). They are doing vital work on penguins and sea lions, and some kind of "evil force" has been sabotaging the research, like stealing all the helium tanks for their weather balloons, so now they are useless (Scooby plays around blowing little balloons into shapes; "Ohh, I don't know!") The fiend broke into the vault and stole all their research.
Scrappy looks inside and gets locked in, and Carlin, who's the only one who knows the combination (having opened it "millions and billions" of times) can't remember it. Another person, Virgil, of his research crew, walks up and opens it with the combination. (So Carlin thought only he had the combination!) When they take the case, he gives a "crazy rumor" ("nothing much"), that one of the large sea lions has gone mad, and that this highly intelligent monster is the saboteur.

For a whole batch of delicious hot roasted Scooby snacks (that Scrappy is cooking on a fire) Shaggy and Scooby are sent to infiltrate a pack of sea lions to see if one of them could be the thief. Their way of not making the animals suspicious is to act as salesmen, selling them a refrigerator full of fresh fish. A penguin begins tossing the fish to the sea lions ("Hey, what gives? You're throwing away the merchandise!") who then tramples Shaggy and Scooby, who run. Scrappy and Daphne question camp crewmembers, by setting up a "polling place" (a "south poll"). All anyone says is they want to leave, but Dr. Carlin won't let them until the research is found. Shaggy and Scooby, being chased by the sea lions, grab the others and continue running (the little penguin is also following, but gets closed out when they go into the dorm shed. Asked if they saw the mad sea lion; "They're ALL mad! About eating!").

A trunk begins floating, and it belongs to Virgil. Scrappy opens it, and it contains helium tanks. Scrappy interrogates him about "why these stolen tanks are in your trunk", and he denies ("So, you say you're being framed, eh?!"), but sounding suspicious ("Yes; Uh, no...!); and he too only wants to go home. Scrappy is convinced Virgil is the culprit, but Daphne says not to jump to conclusions. Virgil wants to leave like everyone else, but the saboteur wants everyone to stay, but for what reason is not known.

Scooby observes the little penguin fishing in a hole in the ice, and thinks "suppertime!" and goes and calls to the fish, and the mad sea lion grabs both of them underneath. Scooby gets free, frees the penguin, and is trapped between the sea lion and an octopus, and uses the octupus to drill to the surface. They all begin walking down a hill to warn Dr. Carlin and the rest of the camp, and the sea lion pushes a huge snowball after them. It catches them, begins rolling up another hill, and then rolls back, catching the sea lion and lands on a pack of sea lions arranged like bowling pins.

The mad sea lion is Dr. Carlin (he confesses all; "I've sabotaged millions, and billions of things here"). He did it for the publicity, to win the Nobel Prize in International Geographics, and most of all, to be on all the talk shows.
Now, with Dr. Carlin in custody, the research team can go home, as can the gang. Scooby is now in a tux leading a flock of penguins. Shaggy tries to get him out of it by announcing that the rental time of his tux is up. So he turns it in —as do all the penguins! Iris out on him and his little friend posing in their red thermal underwear.

Caricature of scientist Carl Sagan, who had his popularity in the 1980's

Scooby will have a similar adventure with Antarctica penguins, in the "What's New Scooy Doo?" episode "Uncle Scooby and Antarctica" (which actually made it look like Scrappy might appear in that series, but in this case, he was "uncle" to the penguins!)

The Bee Team

We enter on a flying car chase scene, as a spy is escaping the "Z Team". He's stopped by the giant "Mr. BLT"; casually eating his sandwich while holding up the car in one hand; "I pity the spy who messes with me!" Scooby and Scrappy are watching this show in the back of the Mystery Machine ("Wow; that Mr. BLT and the Z Team sure are tough! But not half as tough as you; right Mr. Doo?") Imitating him, Scooby falls on Shaggy, trying to navigate on the map to the Bee in Your Bonnet honey farm in Honeydale (Sign: "People 72. Bees 95,000,000").
Nathan Stinger wants them to investigate renegade bees. Says Scooby: "I pity the bee, who messes with me!" Until Scrappy says "Uncle Scooby will SPLAT those giant killer bees!", and now he wraps himself up in a gift box for Christmas; "Looks like ol' Scoob has this case wrapped up!" Scrappy adds "Because he's Mr. Doo, and we're the 'Bee Team'!" On the way, they stop at Harley's gas station. When they ask Harley for directions, he warns them about the "ornery" bees.

At the farm, they ask Mr. Stinger about any clues. There aren't, but the bees have wrecked the manmade hives. Saying "I'll never get any honey out of those". Shaggy and Scooby foolishly figure "Then like, then how about us trying to get some honey out of these?" (next to them) and are chased by a swarm (zipping out of their protective beekeeper wear), that forms a hand that opens a shed they are hiding in, lifts up the scarecrow outfit they are wearing, and swats them on the bottom. Stinger contains them back in the hive, however, these aren't the "killer bees" he's having problem with; "those" are, pointing to the swarm of giant, car-sized bees heading for them. Everyone sneaks away in in hives, but one giant uncovers Shaggy and Scooby, and lands in front of them. Scrappy challenges "Don't mess with Mr. Doo, you bad old bee!", and Scooby remembers, and dons his Mr. Doo hairpiece, but the bee is sharpening his stingers on a sharpening stone. They grab Scrappy and run, and jump into a full trash dumpster with Daphne and Stinger, as the bees take off with the hives.

The Bee Team drives in the Mystery Machine (with radar dish on top), and the bees suddenly disappear. Where they are is right above them. They pick up the Mystery Machine and drop it, flattening out all the tires, and then fly off. Feisty old Sherriff Wanda Parker drives up on her motorcycle. She says the bees "Took off with my squad car yesterday, and I mean TOOK OFF!" She has her doubts about the honey farm, as the honey tastes horrible on her flapjacks, but "sure makes my chopper run like the wind!", and she actually fuels it with a can of honey right there! They all fit on her sidecar, and she takes them to Harley's, who knew about the flats, and jokes he'll "buzz right over".

The sherriff then takes them to the barn where she found the honey, and it likely isn't honey making equipment in there. A barrel is leaking, and she tastes it, and it's the same stuff she had before. The label says "Danger, experimental rocket fuel". Scooby had slipped on some of it, and landed on a barrel, which now begins rocketing off into space, doing several orbits around the earth, and returns, with Scooby having been a tourist around the world ("What a trip!"). It's clear the place is a coverup for a secret rocket fuel factory. Wanda goes to call the state police and tells the gang to "mind your own beeswax".
After she leaves, Mr. Stinger enters (first, as a dark figure appearing in the door saying "hold it right there!") They ask him about the rocket fuel, and he says "Uh, Uh, I can explain...!" Right then, the bees enter. Two collide, and Daphne unmasks them, to find they are just bee suits worn by men with rocket powered back packs. Another one carries off Stinger and the rocket fuel. Scrappy puts Scooby's hairpiece on him, "This looks like a job for Mr. Doo and the Bee Team!" Shaggy and Scooby wear the jet packs and free Stinger, and are now chased by the bees through the air. Scooby's pack fails, and he lands in a hive. Its swarm forms a horn making a battle cry, and then forms the swatter again, and goes after the giant bees (Mr Doo: "Amazing!") They run and Wanda halts them.

Stinger thanks the Team, on behalf of his bosses at NASA. The giant bees are spies, and their leader is Harley (who now ditches the jolly southern speech in favor of a foreign accent: "You sabotaged my mission; my government will not be pleased!") The clues were that he was working on one of the jet packs, with the foreign spy emblem when they stopped at the gas station, and also, that he knew about the flat fires. ("Because he was there. When they were flattened!") Wanda "pats him [Scooby] on the back" for his fine detective work, and sitting on one of the barrels, it rockets off into orbit again.

Excellent parody of the popular 80's crime drama "The A Team" and its star Mr. T, who this same year gained his own Saturday morning cartoon, produced by Ruby-Spears. May bring to 1990's-2000's "Cartoon Network" minds a similar parody on Dexter's Laboratory, and Mr. T's own appearance on Johnny Bravo! Scooby's imitation hairpiece is oppposite of Mr. T's; having hair on the side and bald on top; like regular male pattern baldness.

Another giveaway, as it was rather obvious Harley was the culprit, in knowing about the flat tires, and then even saying he would "buzz over", which he literally did; though Stinger did look quite suspicious himself later, for the secret factory.

Scarey Duel with a Cartoon Ghoul

Back in Hollywood Again! Last season, we had a TV studio, for "Scoobsie", and a movie studio for "The Fall Dog". This time, it's a cartoon studio, for Scrappy's favorite, Hero Hound. Scooby dresses like him, and leaps, wrecking the office space in the back of the Mystery Machine (Scrappy, now in a Her Hound costume himself: "I think you better work on your landings, Uncle Scooby!") They arrive at Bananatoons Studios. (When the tour guide welcoming them, Ms. Handle, asks "Any questions?" [voice is Marilyn Schreffler; think Olive Oyl from HB's Popeye cartoon], Shaggy asks "What's the state bird of South Dakota?")

In the screening room of the boss, Buster Banana, he's watching his latest episode of Hero Hound. Scooby is frightened by the villain. Monster Mutt, and when Daphne tells him he isn't real, he suddenly bursts out of the picture into the room. He punches over the projector and takes the film, but has left behind his boot. Bananas calls his clumsy security guard Dimwittie ("Was it a funny cartoon, boss?") Needing "professionals", he asks the phone operator for "the nearest detective agency". Scrappy answers the call right there standing next to him! Of course, the gang "reports for duty" in zero seconds of course ("You? Well, what kept you?" Gang: "Huh"?) He orders them to go undercover as cartoonists. ("Our dream come true!")

As the others do all the animating, etc. Scooby records the dialogue of Hero Hound challenging Monster Mutt. He leaps and crashes into the boss (Handle, who is skeptical of them: "Mr. Bananas...this is a mistake I'll think you'll regret!") They are observing the set of a space movie. Shaggy and Scooby bump into an actor in a space alien costume, who drops a can of film. They follow him into a trailer containing monster costumes (including one that resembles "Inky" from the PacMan cartoon!) A Monster Mutt costume turns out to be really him. He snatches his boot from Scrappy, and then chases Shaggy and Scooby (who have the can of film) back onto the space set. They take off on a rocket car. The monster follows in another rocket car, firing beams at them. They break the control, and blast off vertically high, into space, while Monster Mutt lands on top of the studio's banana logo and falls. Shaggy and Scooby land softly because it ran out of gas!

The actor is in a room looking at the film with a light. Scrappy chases him, and he and Daphne hear someone in a room saying "Those kids are messing up our operation! I'm gonna change the plan", but when they enter, they've gone out the window, leaving a walkie talkie. (Explaining this to Shaggy and Scooby, Shaggy says "Well, we're going to walkie out of here. We'll talkie to you later!") Dimwittie prevents them from leaving, saying he was ordered by Ms. Handle to keep them there until they finish the cartoon. They get out by saying they have to go to the editing room, and it could take "days, months, years, etc." and give him an easy chair and newspaper to read. Him getting wise is "Hey, this is yesterday's paper!"

In the editing room, they find a mess, likely left by Monster Mutt, and Scrappy is almost done splicing the cartoon together. The lights go out, and Shaggy asks somebody to light a match, which Monster Mutt does. Scrappy drop kicks him into shelves of film, and the others go skating out on cans of film (Scrappy then follows them, likewise). They crash into the screening room, and Scrappy has a hunk of Monster Mutt's fur, but it really isnt fur, but does tell us who he is.

Scrappy begins playing for Bananas their completed film. "Scrappy Doo Productions presents, Hero Hound!" It is a stick figure cartoon that could have been made by any five year old! (Handle: "This is AWFUL!") It suddenly cuts off and we get an actual video of a rocket lifting off. Monster Mutt bursts out of the screen again ("That isn't apart of our cartoon!" --- "And neither is he!"), and takes the film again ("I've got what I want!") Scooby, still in his Hero Hound getup, simply tackles him, and the film goes flying, and caught by the other actor, who says they've just caught the most ruthless enemy agent in the spy business.
Unmasked, it is Dimwittie, "with or [now] without his mustache", which was the fur Scrappy found. The "actor" is really agent Ralph Mayo, with the US Federal Office. Dimwittie had stolen the film of their top secret rocket project, and they tracked him there where he laid low by getting a job as a security guard. He misplaced the film, and so had to go through thousands of film cans to find it, and came up with the "Monster Mutt" disguise to throw everyone off. That's what the gang spliced into their cartoon.

To Handle's dismay, Bananas wants to see the rest of the gang's cartoon, which he likes. The stick figure Hero Hound says "Scooby dooby Doo! Scrappy adds "And Scrappy Doo too!"


The gang is driving through cornfields; "Neat to get away from the crime in the city, so we can investigate the crime in the countryside!" They arrive at the farm that called them: Old McDonald's Experimental Institute fo Evolutionary Improvements of Organisms; "E-I-E-I-O"! (Scooby sings the song and takes an egg from a chicken, who takes it back ("Looks like the yolk's on you, Scoob!" Others: Ohhh..!")
Mr. McDonald, the director, comes to greet them ("McDonald's my name, farming's my game"), and "on this farm, we have a big mystery!" (Shaggy would seemingly rather have a "little mystery", and Scooby, "eensy, tiny, itty, bitty mysteries") The problem is that they do genetic experiments there, in order to produce greater amounts of food (which excites Scooby who jumps into his arm and kisses him; "My hero!"), but someone here is performing wicked experiments, to create monsters. (Scooby now jumps out of his arms and runs). As an example, he points to a harmless looking lamb, who's a genetic demon, with a mean streak a mile wide". Scrappy doesn't believe it, until it grows, and then a beat up Scrappy is tossed back onto the fence (!). Also, a tiny field mouse has been turned into a 30 foot tall terror! (Who, behinds their backs, is shown looking at them from behind a grain elevator).

He begins showing them his employees, who are all suspects. First, his lab assistant, Mr. Memory, who sounds like a fast-talking salesman (To "keep a close watch on him"; "Keep a stopwatch on him; you mean!") He shows them a peanut butter and jelly sandwich tree (they have to translate his fast technical speech. Bending the whole tree to grab a sandwich, all the other sandwiches are tossed onto the others). He goes to get back to his experiments. Daphne observes "You know; anybody that smart could be capable of creating monsters!" (Shaggy: "Yeah; monsters that talk you to death!")
She sends Shaggy and Scooby to follow Memory, while she and Scrappy check the rest of the farm. They encounter the milkmaid Eunice, who is milking Molly, the cow. Just by feeding her "super actuated cocoa beans", she's able to give 500 gallons of chocolate milk a day! Scrappy is appetized, but she trips and dumps the pail over his head ("It's dark chocolate in here!") She cries and berates herself (As she always does. Daphne: "There's no need to cry over spilled milk". Scrappy now thinks the amazing "500 gallons a day" refers to her tears!")

Shaggy and Scooby follow Memory, and bump into Parker, who works there, and talks like W.C. Fields. He shows them a pig, who runs faster than a race horse (and even has a harness and saddle). He lets him out and he zips past Shaggy and Daphne, spinning them ("I told you he was a bore!"; get it? McDonald shows up and calls him into his office "to chit chat with you about your attitude", to which he answers "Whatever!") As soon as he leaves, Monster Mouse begins stomping toward them, crushing farm equipment. They hide in a barrel.

McDonald comes back with "fantastic news", which Shaggy is "You mean, we can go home now?" and he replies "Exactly", as he's "solved the whole dag-nabbed mystery myself!" It seems there was a formula mixup in the lab, but it's been "kee-rected", and he can take care of Monster Mouse himself; and he dismisses the gang ("Thanks anyway for your help; now; youall drive careful. So long!") Shaggy and Scooby start running to leave, but trip over a "Monster Mouse chow pellet". There's also a trail of them leading around a bend, straight to Eunice the milk maid, who's on the top of the grain elevator, feeding him. He sees them and pursues ("Yikes, It's Enormouse!") Scooby takes to a plowing tractor, spelling "RELP!" He jumps off and the mouse picks it up and crushes it. We then hear the voice of his "master" commanding him, and he walks away. The gang tries to figure who's voice it was, and run through the names of the farm workers.

They approach Eunice, on the churning vat, weeping. She confesses feeding the mouse, from feeling so sorry for him. He's now approaching, moving faster, and while the others take off on horses, Scooby rides the race pig (easily passing the others), and they see the mouse is heading for the high tension wires. Scooby jumps off the pig, and actually grabs the mouse's leg, tackling him to the ground before he was zapped. The grateful mouse now picks up Scooby and kisses him, and now goes after the voice commanding him to attack, from the grain elevator, whose top he removes.
It's Old McDonald, but Daphne says that "McDonald" is a fake, as the mouse drops him into the hay they are standing next to. It's really Parker. He did it because he wanted to take over the farm, and make millions with McDonald's formulas. "And beside. I was bored!" The real McDonald is found in a nearby barrel.

Daphne knew that wasn't "the real McCoy", because McDonald needs glasses to see, while Parker can't see through thick lenses. Eunice cries out of joy; now Memory gives as his token of gratitude, the "monster mouse", now shrunken back to normal size. He hops to Scooby's shoulder and kisses him; "My pal!"

Night Louse at the White House

Who would think the White House would ever be the latest "haunted house"?
The gang, including Velma, are there at a banquet she got them the tickets to (Recall, she is an assistant researcher at NASA). The news reporter Jessica Byline interviews her about NASA's new space station, which she doesn't know much about, except that the actual plans are kept in the top secret computer, that only the president and key officials have access to. (Shaggy and Scooby stick themselves into it behind her; "Hi Mom!" and otherwise acting silly, until Daphne pulls them away). She also interviews Ambassador of "Cofstockia"[?] (who talks like W.C. Fields) and his wife, who are for it. Next is Senator Bullhorn, who's an opponent of the space station, thinking the whole space deal is a "boondoggle" (his wife: "You tell 'em; I say, you tell 'em; honey!") He continues, "We can put a man on the moon, but we can't keep food on the table!" (Scooby: "Exactly!", and then promptly downs the man's whole plate of food! He then follows a waiter into the kitchen going into the covered dish he is carrying!)

The President begins speaking, announcing the new space station, and is suddenly interrupted by the ghost of George Washington, who says "I've come to reclaim my home!" Everyone flees the banquet room except the gang, and Scooby is coming out of the kitchen with a stack of food unaware of what's going on. He collides with the ghost, and a brass eagle landing on a plate of food, which he takes back, and runs. Scrappy and the girls hide behind a plant, where the eagle, which Scooby had dropped landed ("This looks like a clue!") Shaggy and Scooby disguise as "Blue Coats" statues telling the ghost "the Red Coats are Coming"; and describing the war, and "the rockets' red glare", go into singing part of "The Star Spangled Banner". They give him as weapons a mop and pail over his head and push him into a closet. Scrappy tries to drop a curtain on him, but it's really Scooby.

The press arrives, interviewing him (still in "Blue Coat" getup) as "the accused", and he cries "I want my Mumsy!" His parents are watching and pack for the White House (her sure to grab his galoshes!) The Secret Service brings the gang into the office of the President. Shaggy begs "Please, Mr. President; we didn't do anything! Please don't put us in jail!". He knows they're innocent, and will let them go if they help them catch the ghost. Shaggy and Scooby transform into prisoners with ball and chain, and pick axe ("Please, anything but that!") The others tell them "Think of our flag!" "Think of our country!" Shaggy: "Think of our blood pressure!" Scrappy accepts the case from the president.

His assistant, Marilyn Maxie walks them out. (As they pass by, the eyes on a picture of Lincoln move). She gives them a map of the White house and the keys to all the rooms. Walking around a corner, Shaggy and Scooby bump into Senator Bullhorn, who is up even though it's almost midnight. He says he was collecting a little reading material, but one of the books is NASA's report on the space station. He says the president askes him to "parouse it; I say, parouse it", even though he is against the space station, but he hoped he would change his mind. Scrappy suspects him, but Daphne says "let's stick with the clues", such as the brass eagle. Maxie identifies it as coming from the a bedpost in one of their three guestrooms. Meanwhile, Mumsy and Dada are enroute, flying in.

Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby are disguised as cleaning ladies and knock on the door of the ambassador seen in the beginning (who talks like WC Fields). They ask if he always sleeps with his shoes on, and he says it's an old "Costokian custom, and his wife agrees ("Ya! See!" as she shows hers, from in bed! She also offers them tea from under the covers). The man pushes them out. Velma and Scrappy enter Bullhorn's room disguised as "pest control" (with mustaches and overalls). "We're here to check your brass bed for termites!" Why they eat brass; because "These are MEAN termites!" This couple is also wearing their boots, claiming a custom. "We all like to square dance in our sleep" (Scrappy: "A likely story!"). They too throw them out.

As the others pass another picture in the hall, the eyes move, and then a hand reaches out after Shaggy and Scooby. They now open the door to Maxie's room, which "used to be Grant's room", and his ghost emerges ("You mean more like Grant's Tomb!") They run and encounter the ghost of Teddy Roosevelt, who shouts "CHARGE!", and they "RETREAT!" They run back into Grant's room and barricade the door. ("How many ghosts are in this place?" "I don't know, but somebody's trying awful hard to scare us out of here!") Scooby sees the eyes were cut out of a painting of Jackson. The brass eagle fits the bed, where one was missing! A trap door then opens up landing them in a secret chamber. A bright light shines on them, and they fall again through the floor. End part 1.

Part II. Scooby, Shaggy and Daphne are hanging from the boards of a floor they have fallen through. The light approaching them was from Velma, with Scrappy. He jumps on a board, catapulting them up, and catches them (a scene used in the opening sequence. Shaggy comments "With friends like you guys, who needs ghosts?") They too had found a secret passageway in one of the bedrooms. Scrappy shows them a room they found, where someone was collecting paintings, switched with the ones with the eye holes. Scooby imitates "Honest Abe", and then his ghost shows up. He chases them into a pair of archways, and Scooby then pretends to be his reflection in a mirror. The ghost begins reciting "Fourscore and seven years ago", and when Scooby garbles it; the jig is up. When he catches up to the others, they close a bookcase on the secret passage ("I guess old Honest Abe didn't like your impersonation of him". Or us finding those paintings!") It seems they have gotten to the bottom of the case, and it's time to tell the President.
Scooby's parents, still on the flight, watch the news story of the new developments, that "the ghost is giving everyone cold feet", making Mumsy all the more glad she's bringing the galoshes.

The gang has the President and everyone else gathered, except the senator and his wife, who square dance in late and still in their pajamas, (and then Shaggy and Scooby join them). Daphne and Scrappy ask them what they were doing. They claim to have been square dancing in their sleep again. They tell the senator about the stolen paintings, and that whoever was stealing them was trying to scare everyone away. The only person who could have known was the one who had keys to all the rooms, and knew what the bedpost was from; Marilyn Maxie. The secret service takes her away for questioning as she protests her innocence, and the President congratulates the gang. The senator and his wife marvel at the eagle; "And to think you figured it all out from this little doodad!" "Looks like something from off the top a flagpole!". The president takes it in a haste; "Now I think we'll all sleep better tonight"

"Chalk up another one for our team!", but Velma is wondering if it really was Maxie. "If she only wanted to steal the paintings, why did she put eye holes in the phonies? For spying?" Shaggy wonders if the place is really haunted, and then this reminds them of George Washington's ghost saying he came to reclaim his home —which was never the White House, which was built after he left office! The ghost now enters, with the eagle again ("Maybe he didn't live here, but he sure is hanging around a lot!"), and the President emerges from his room saying the ghost stole the eagle.
Shaggy and the dogs disguise as Bluecoats again, rowing a boat and singing "Yankee Doodle" and take the eagle. He gets it back from Scooby and runs into a room, and the door is locked. the President now adds something he couldn't tell them earlier; "Something that makes this situation very urgent". Mrs. Bullhorn was right; the eagle does fit on the top of a flagpole —in the underground chamber. It unlocks a secret room that houses the NASA computers. (So he's after the space lab plans).

The ghost now uses the eagle to open the secret room, and the others use the other way in, but the entrance has closed, and they can't push it open. That is, until the ghost runs out, with the plans in his arms. He goes up the fire escape to a helicopter waiting on the roof, piloted by Lincoln, but trips, and some of the tape is hanging out. The helicopter's lander catches Shaggy and Scooby as it flies out over the city (Shaggy: "At least we get a free tour of the city". Scooby: "I can't look!" The press is now catching all of this).
They are eventually able to use the tape, which wraps them around the Washington Monument. Shaggy and Scooby fall, landing in bushes. The others and the President, who were following in the Presidential helicopter now pursue the ghosts on foot, followed by the press, reporting that two helicopters have landed. They now add three helicopters, as Scooby's parents have arrived, hovering over the chase, and Mumsy drops him his galoshes, which land on the ghosts' heads ("Drat! I missed!"), and they fall into the reflecting pool.

The "colonial con artists" are the Ambassador and his wife, who are spies, trying to steal top secret plans from the good old US of A. (The Secret Service takes them away, and the wife asks "Do they have tea in jail"; and jokes Shaggy: "I don't know, but it looks like you two are in plenty of hot water, already!")
Back in the White House, they apologize to Ms. Maxie for mistaking her as the ghost. Mumsy and Dada now square dance with the Bullhorns. The President tells them "Mr. and Mrs. Doo, your son has done a great service for his country".

The banquet, out on the Lawns, is in appreciation of him! Scooby, Scrappy and Shaggy "have the spirit of '76"; marching as the Patriots playing "Yankee Doodle" on the flute, with the flag. Shaggy and Scooby see the food being brought out, and run to the table; "FOODSVILLE!". Says Velma, "They've got the 'appetites of '76'! 7600 people!" "Yankee Doodle Doo!"

Great story, with its exellent plot twist. In cartoon world; this is like the pinnacle of Scooby's career, making him a national hero!

Second appearance of Scooby's parents, who first appeared at the end of last season. We shall be seeing even more of them in coming seasons!

The second episode in a row, where the culprit is a caricature of W.C. Fields! (Recall, it was Parker in EIEIO)

Only Velma guest stars in this one. There are four more two-part specials left, (comprising the remainder of this season). Two of them will have the whole gang reunited (as the season opener did), and the other two will have Fred only.

The Bullhorns are based on "Senator Claghorn", an old radio character that is also the inspiration for Looney Tunes character Foghorn Leghorn. The familiar part of the speech is repeating words with "I say".

The President and First Lady faintly resemble future president Bill Clinton, and more loosely, a perhaps younger Hillary, who would take office eight years later. A actual caricature of the then sitting president will appear next season!

Ghosts of the Ancient Astronauts

The entire gang (including Fred and Velma) have been invited to Velma's uncle Cosmo's South American expedition, and are on a ship traveling through a storm. (Daphne tries to be positive, until a big waves splashes her, Fred and Velma). Shaggy and the dogs are playing shuffleboard. Also on board are a heavy set (similar to "Thaddeus Blimp" from "Stoney Glare Scare") crook with bungling Laurel and Hardy-like accomplices Abdul and Punjab; who are set on stealing the treasure.

We next see Uncle Cosmo showing the gang on a map of the continent, that they'll be searching the "South American jungle", for a ruby called the Celestial Orb. It's said to be as big as a baseball (Scooby dons a baseball outfit with ball and bat. Scooby swings at the ball, Cosmo takes it as an example, and Shaggy and Scooby get into a baseball field argument about whether he's "OUT" or not). Velma thought they were looking for the treasure in the lost temple of Sirius, and they are, but they must find the Celestial Orb first, which contains the map to the temple, which was built by the ancient astronauts, and (says Cosmo): it's supposed to be haunted by their ghosts. (Says Fred): The orb is hidden in the Cave of Death, which (says Velma): is located in the Valley of the Zombies. (Shaggy and Scooby jump into the arms of the person saying it, repeating the last word, which of course increasingly frightens them). They jump out the cabin window, knocking the spies listening in on them into the ocean. Shaggy and Scooby take off in a lifeboat, but find they are only in the swimming pool!

They reach land, and will have to go by foot, into the Valley of the Zombies, to the Cave of Death. (Daphne pushes Shaggy out, and Scrappy carries Scooby in his backpack). Now, a female and her parrot are watching them, and once they lead them to the Celestial Orb, they shall have their sweet revenge. Velma, having been away, sees how Daphne calms Shaggy and Scooby' nerves; with whole boxes of Scooby snacks. A little monkey lands on Scooby's shoulder, and then runs off with his box. He and Shaggy chase him, and fall into the covered entrance to the Cave of Death. They encounter two tunnels and split up.

Shaggy and the dogs hear rumbling, and experience a cave-in. Scooby tries to tap it lightly with a mallet, but Scrappy finds a cavern, containing a statue holding the Celestial Orb. Scrappy can't reach it, and when Shaggy warns Scooby about a possible booby trap, he has to convince himself he's not afraid. He snags it with his teeth, and a huge block is falling from above, and Scrappy pulls him out of the way just in time. Next, they're assaulted by a "zombie catapult". They run back to the cave, and a gate starts closing and they slip under it just in time, except that it catches Scooby's tail. They pull him out, and they go flying just as the others (who heard the cave-in) remove the last boulder, and they land on the girls (Just as Velma says "Now to find Scooby and the guys!". Daphne: Looks like they found us!") They show everyone the orb.

They all climb out of the cave, only to find themselves surrounded by zombies (Shaggy thought "nothing could go wrong!") They grab everyone, and the female seen earlier, Harriet Mullins, a renegade archaeologist who worked for Cosmo, until he caught her stealing priceless relics, is now going to steal another, the Celestial Orb. If he refuses, she'll turn him over to "her friends". Shaggy actually takes it from him and gives it to her ("It's all yours; Wear it in good health!") and runs, but is of course stopped by a zombie. Cosmo says the Orb won't do her any good, because only he knows how to read its markings, but she's sure he'll cooperate after she's through with him.
The zombies take everyone onto a boat upriver "to speak to some very persuasive friends of mine". They enter a stone temple with cobras painted on the outside (Fred: "I don't like the looks of this!" Scrappy being pushed in by a zombie chanting "shambala"; "Watch who you're shoving, shambala face!" Shaggy stops him from fighting "Take it easy; never criticize a zombie; they're very sensitive!") It's a snake pit full of cobras, which are encroaching upon them. End part 1.

Part II: Scooby grabs a horn and charms the snakes (and goes into "A Stitch in Time"), and then Scrappy has a fiddle, and does a hoedown (with Fred and the girls dressed up as old southerners). The snakes dance with each other, and with Scooby, and the final line is "and now the snakes all conga home", as they head in a line, back into a hole. Next, using gunk, they make themselves look like zombies, and grab some of their robes, to blend in with them. Scooby blows their cover, and they all run, and take a pair of canoes. The piranhas begin eating the one Shaggy and the dogs are in. (Scrappy tries to beat them off with the bullhorn he was using, but they eat it out of his hand!) and Scooby uses his tail to motor the now mostly sunken canoe past the others.

Mullins has Cosmo in a dungeon, and he's refusing to talk. Her "business associate" and his two partners enter, and when he threatens "your young niece", then he gives in, when he promises she'll be safe. He still doesn't know that she's escaped the pit of snakes, so they leave him saying that she's already met her doom. They drive off, and then the gang arrives, and see zombie guard; one with a key. Daphne recognizes that for once, Scrappy's "Lemme at 'im!" may be a good idea! Shouting "Puppy Power!" he grabs the key and lets them chase him, into the net Shaggy and Freddy have waiting for them ("Nyah, nyah! Next time, pick on somebody your own size!)
They open the door and find Uncle Cosmo! They use the truck seen downstairs to catch the crooks, who've arrived at the Temple of Sirius. Abdul and Punjab are scared by the suits of the ancient astronauts that guard the entrance. The gang soon arrives as well; Scooby making the same mistake when the monkey grabs his Scooby snacks again, and he chases him and bounces into the suits, and Scrappy tries to get the "ghostie" off of him. (Shaggy's comment on the suits: "I didn't know they played football then!"; and that they know they are in the Temple of Sirius: "The temple of serious danger, you mean!") All of this gives Daphne an idea.

As the crooks progress, the orb starts glowing. A huge stone panel opens, to the treasure room, and a huge egg of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc. is seen. (They don't know what it is). Suddenly, two ghosts of the ancient astronauts are approaching, and the crooks run, but this is really Shaggy and Scooby. Scrappy finds what looks like a "million year old" [Tandy TRS-80] computer. Scooby takes it and drops it, and the whole room opens up. Shaggy thinks Scooby "pulled a boo-boo", but enter the large headed, one-eyed real ghosts of the ancient astronauts, who say "No, he didn't!" They had been trying to get the spaceship going for the past 6000 years. "And you figured it out in six seconds! Thanks!" The "egg" is their spaceship, which they enter. As a token of their appreciation, they give them a "going away present", the tied up crooks; "We even gift-wrapped them for you!" They say "so long!" and take off into the starry night sky. Says Cosmo, "There goes the most important archaeological discovery in all history!" What Scooby has to say for himself? "Bon voyage! And Scooby Dooby Doo!"

The whole gang reunited again, from the start


Driving around on Halloween, Scooby, Scrappy, Shaggy and Daphne stop into a costume store, the "Little Stop of Horrors". A couple of space aliens lurk from behind. The store clerks are dressed like Dracula and Igor, sending Shaggy and Scooby running for the door. They are blocked by the aliens, and are terrified for their lives until the aliens unmask, revealing them to be old friends Freddy and Velma. When they say that Shaggy and Scooby are still big chickens, Scrappy charges that his uncle Scooby is the bravest ghost chaser in the world. The Dracula store owner takes notice, and devises a plan to lure the "ghostbusters" to his Halloween party. With a game-show like setting, he announces Scooby as the one millionth customer, winning him and his gang free invitations to his big party.

Outside the party site, which is a castle, Scrappy, who wanted to go as something scary, is upset because the only costume that would fit him was a cute pink bunny. Inside, they see the other party guests who are disguised as other monsters, except for one man standing by a window, who"changes into" his disguise--A werewolf. Scooby and Shaggy don't like the realistic "effects". Velma, disguised as a witch, grabs a broom and flies all around the room. A magician named Chandra "The unbelievably remarkable (and quite interesting too)" appears, and magically stops the broom, landing Velma into a punch bowl. She pulls Scrappy out of her hat with carrot doing Bugs Bunny's "What's up doc" routine. Chandra observes an amulet Daphne's wearing, which she finds of interest. Igor complains because he has to clean up, and Dracula is ordering him around. A dish is opened revealing a live octopus. A ghostly figure of a man appears, which Scrappy thinks is another costume.

The ghost threatens all the monsters, and Dracula says that it is the ghost of his old enemy, Dr.Van Helsing. The gang, not believing in ghosts, and still believing the monsters are only people in disguise attempt to prove it by removing their masks. Freddy grabs the werewolf's headland he roars. Velma grabs Frankenstein's head and gets an electrical charge. Scooby touches Dracula's fangs and cries "HE's REAL!". Scrappy shouts with excitement "THEY'RE ALL REAL!" The gang runs for the door, but the Invisible Man locks them in. The monsters all corner them saying "WE WANT YOU, WE WANT YOU!" End part 1.

Part 2 continues with the monsters saying WE WANT YOU, WE WANT YOU --- TO HELP US!", dropping to their knees. Shaggy faints. The monsters explain that the reason they lured the gang there is because they heard that they were "ghostbusters" and wanted them to drive out this ghost that was haunting them, trying to make them leave the castle they had all retired in.

They all split up into two groups to look for clues. The ghost appears and the room goes dark. When lights have come on again, the mummy and Velma are missing. Chandra performs magic to drive the ghost out, but disappears herself instead. The invisible man is gone too. (Shaggy: "how can you tell?") The ghost reappears, and when the room goes dark again, Shaggy wonders who will disappear next, only to find that this time he did along with Scooby and Scrappy. They wind up in a dungeon with the walls closing in on them. Searching for a way out, Scooby finds a hole in the wall containing the amulet Daphne was wearing. Shaggy wishes they were out of there, and when Scooby agrees, the amulet glows, and they disappear right as the walls slam together. They appear in a room where someone has been digging, and find Velma, the Invisible Man, and the Mummy. Shaggy wishes they were with the rest of the gang, Scooby agrees, and they are all reunited except for Chandra, who is still missing. Dracula identifies the amulet as the Moonstone Medallion.

The ghost appears with Chandra, who is the one responsible for conjuring up the ghost in the first place to drive out the monsters and take over the castle, and was the one who had been digging, in search of the medallion. She grabs it and attaches it to her wand, and casts a spell which sends everyone running. Dracula and his wife want to leave the castle, but the gang encourages them to "act monstrous". Scrappy charges up Frankenstein. Scooby shines moonrays on the werewolf, giving him more strength, and the vampire couple drink old vintage tomato juice they had stored for their anniversary.

The werewolf grabs the wand from Chandra, and it is tossed back and forth. Scooby grabs it and tries to make her disappear, but she only grows larger and takes the wand back. The vampires try to attack by turning into bats, but Chandra changes them into baseball bats. The werewolf and Frankenstein attack and she changes them into a puppy and a windup toy. She shoots a spell at Scooby to turn him into a frog, but it comes back on her, changing her into a frog instead. Scooby, who's hanging from the ceiling falls, landing on the ghost. He is unmasked and turns out to be none other than Igor, who had joined in Chandra's plot to take over the castle because he was tired of always being bossed around. Dracula says "That was a very awful thing to do. Too bad I didn't think of it". The gang is astonished: "HUH?". The monsters all commend Igor and vote him in "to the dishonorable position of Full Fledged Monster in bad standing".

Then all the monsters decide to return from retirement to their "old jobs" which are "BEING MONSTERS!" They come after Scooby and the gang who flee the castle and take off in the Mystery Machine, Scooby shouting "Scooby Dooby Doooooooooooooo .....!"

A new "classic" episode, and with the whole gang. Much of what made the older series great, and yet with real monsters after all.

The last time the whole gang will appear together in this original form, and animation style

Sherlock Doo

Freddy has joined the gang, driving them to the house of Sherlock Holmes, for the mystery solvers' contest. Scooby tries to solve the “mystery” of where they are, but is reading the map of downtown Buffalo. They've found Baker Street, and now look for 221B. Walking through the thick London fog, Shaggy and Scooby get separated and see someone to ask for directions to 221B Baker St., but when he turns around and says that was one of his favorite haunts, they realize it's the ghost of Sherlock Holmes. They run and duck into a basement window, landing on a pile of coal (“Not exactly the cleanest getaway, but it worked!”).

The others have arrived at the Mystery Solvers Magazine contest, and wonder where Shaggy and Scooby are. Mr. Stapleton, the contest supervisor, says that tonight they will be solving the mystery of the Blue Carbuncle; one of Sherlock Holmes' unsolved cases. Scrappy looks in his desk drawer and picks him up from his chair; (“Excuse me, but the search for clues has not started yet”), looking for Scooby. Stapleton gives out the cards containing the only clues Sherlock Holmes left about the Blue Carbunckle to the gang and the other players: Mr. Lestrawn, Ms Etna[?], and the comedic pair Iggy and Ziggy Moriarty.
He asks The gang where is the rest of their team; "Lost in the fog?" Scrappy: No; caught in the dumbwaiter. (They fall out and get dust on Stapleton!) They tell everyone about the ghost (they got away by falling down a coal chute), and while the gang says there's no ghost, Ms Etna tells them the legend says the ghost of Sherlock Holmes still walks (Shaggy: "he was walking, we were running!" )

Driving in the Mystery Machine, the gang reads the clue: "Take a letter tomb it may concern, below address." But there's no address given. Fred thinks it may mean a graveyard (inbetween, Scooby jumps out and is "on the scent" of dinner, at a fish and chips place. Shaggy and Scrappy eat all but the first bit of his). They notice they are on "Petticoat Lane". "Below a dress" is a petticoat! So they look for a graveyard on the street. (Scrappy now grabs Scooby, who's gotten more fish & chips. Shaggy catches them, but then Scrappy grabs him too. Then, they're caught by Iggy and Ziggy —"I knew it was a smashing idea, following those Americans!")

The gang finds the graveyard and splits up to find the letter. Shaggy and Scooby immediately see the ghost (telling them to come with him) and run, and then Iggy has Ziggy put on a gargoyle mask to scare them while he looks for the letter. But after Ziggy scares Shaggy and Scooby, the ghost taps him on the shoulder ("You're not Iggy!" —"And you're not solving this game!"), and he runs, dropping the mask.
Scrappy finds Scooby and Shaggy in a bush, who tell them about the gargoyle. Scrappy: "You mean like this one here?" Scrappy, shouting "I'm not afraid of him" unmasks him, and it's the ghost. He tells them to follow him, and they will solve this case. (Daphne: "Never look a gift ghost in the mouth". Scrappy carries Shaggy and Scooby after him, but soon are running on their own: "For once, Scoob, we're chasing the ghost, instead of him chasing us!") Lestrawn is in a doorway seeing them run into the alley: "They must know something", and follows them, bumping into a lady who is Ms Etna in disguise ("Worthy of Holmes himself!")

They find the Great Detectives Club, where absolute silence is required within. So they have to not make a sound. The next nearly two minutes start with absolutely no sound; nor background score, or even sound effects, except for occasional guffaws like Shaggy tripping. The gang interacts with people silently, and then the rival players try to cause them to make noise, leading to Averyesque gags such as bringing the sneeze or bag of noise outside.

The ghost directs Shaggy and Scooby to follow him, but then takes the prints from the Detectives Hall of Fame and takes off, and the alarm goes off on Shaggy and Scooby. (And Daphne snatches Scrappy away right before a glass chandelier smashes down on him). Daphne and Freddy see the people going somewhere, and find Shaggy and Scooby accused of stealing ELC Nubrac's blueprints. (Shaggy says the ghost did it; Ms Etna says "And left you holding the bag?"; Scooby literally still holding the bag, which he drops, releasing the remaining horn blasts he had captured in it!) She's called the constable, who takes the gang to Scotland Yard, where they're locked up. The ghost runs through the street saying "Now I have the blueprints; Scotland Yard has those fools; just the way I planned!" End part 1.

Part II opens with Shaggy and Scooby being interrogated. The others are still in the cell, and Scrappy does the old running the cup against the bars bit, which gains the attention of a guard, whom they ask who CL Nubrac was. He was a detective who designed foolproof security systems for hotels, banks, and even the Queen's jewels in Buckingham Palace. Daphne bets that's what the ghost is after. The fellow points out the jewels are guarded by a Nubrac security system, just like the jail is.
Daphne acts anxious, saying "It looks so complicated; like what if you've forgotten the combination!", and he opens it, and they sneak away, and close the gate when he goes in the cell. (Scrappy gives him the cup "Try this; it always works in the movies!", which he does aggravatedly). Shaggy and Scooby are still being interrogated. The others move in, disguised as inspectors (Fred speaking in a British accent), and give the inspector a break ("You go get a spot of tea, and a cup of rest, and all that". "Shaggy, exasperated: "Like if I've told him once, I told him a thousand times, the ghost did it!" "We know that, Shaggy!")

The gang is now in the Mystery Machine, making plans to stop the ghost from stealing the Queen's jewels. They use their crime computer. It prints the info on Nubrac's blueprints. The blueprints for Buckingham Palace weren't stolen from the detective club, because they were on loan at the Nubrac exhibit at the London Wax Museum. So that "mean old ghost" didn't get the blueprints he was after!
Scrappy, to Shaggy, driving "To the London Wax Museum; and step on it!" Shaggy: "But Buffalo's really nice this time of year!" Lestrawn drives past going the other way; "Hm, those Americans must have found another clue to the Carbuncle", and turns around and follows. (They pass Iggy and Ziggy, slowly on their way by bike, as well; left in the dust by both vehicles).

The gang finds that the museum is closed. Scooby shapes the tip of his tail like a key. (Where he learned to do this; "We'll save that tail for another time!") They split up and Shaggy sees Iggy and Ziggy disguised as part of the Knights of the Round Table exhibit. The ghost takes the blueprint from the ELC Nubrac statue, and then the gang sees that it's gone (leaving dust Daphne picks up on her finger), and head to Buckingham Palace. (Shaggy and Scooby start to stay behind, until a mummy case opens. This turns out to be Ms Etna. Running past the others, Scrappy comments "That's my Uncle Scooby! Always wants to be the first on the case!")

The Buckingham Palace guard is lured away by Scrappy wearing a beefeater hat, while the others run in. (Inside, Shaggy asks "Which way; and don't tell us to split up!" Daphne points out there isn't much time, so they have to split up. Freddy: "At least I didn't tell you to split up!") Shaggy and Scooby see the guards looking in every room. Scooby ducks into a closet and comes out as the Queen, bopping both of them (basically, a second pair of “Iggy and Ziggy”, when one laughs at the other) with the scepter.
Shaggy, hiding in another room also sees “her”, and then Scotland Yard walking down the hall. (And the Scooby "Queen" has to duck behind a column when they pass). The ghost has found the jewels and keys in the combination, and begins stuffing them in the sack. Scooby enters, (“Naughty, naughty!”) fooling him for a moment, until the robe gets caught in the door, uncovering him.

The ghost takes the sceptre and crown off of him and flees, dropping the blueprints; then the rest of the gang enters, followed by Scotland Yard, who have once again caught them “red handed” with the blueprint; in addition now to the Queen's coronation dress. (“And I suppose you're going to tell me the ghost of Sherlock Holmes took them?” Scooby: “Yeah; oh, definitely; the ghost!”) All of this now brings out a bit of the old Scrappy, who actually challenges one of the officers (“Nobody calls my Uncle Scooby a blarney! Put up your dukes! Or your duchesses!” He “subdue[s] this ruffian” using the coronation dress).

Scooby sees a rope suspended from the window outside, and they realize this is how the ghost escaped, and he and Shaggy begin escaping on it themselves (“I don't know where we're going, Scoob, but it's better than jail!”) The ghost begins jumping from roof to roof, and they follow (“I know it's a long stretch; but we'll be serving a longer stretch if that ghost gets away!”) They fall into some clothes on a line and land on a lower roof the ghost exits onto, squashing Scooby behind the door.
Here, close to the end of the season, in a virtual repeat of the finale of season opener “Happy Birthday, Scooby”: Shaggy is backed up to the edge, and then left dangling from the roof, the suspects are being walked on the sidewalk below, and they and the officers begin to see what is unfolding above, and Scooby defeats the ghost; this time, by springing from behind the door, and flattening him, just as Scrappy said he would (“My Uncle Scooby did it again!”)

The ghost (whom Daphne calls “very clever”) is Mr. Stapleton. (“Oh, to my great misfortune, you are correct!”) Fred hands the jewels to the inspector. He was going to hide them at 221B Baker St. until after the contest. The ghost left soot on the Nubrac statue, that he picked up when Shaggy and Scooby fell on him from the dumbwaiter. (“We did that on purpose; eh, Scoob?” “Yeah, accidentally on purpose!”) The contest was a “wild goose chase” to get all the best detectives busy on the case while he gets the Nubrac blueprints, to steal the Crown Jewels. His Sherlock ghost led the gang to the scenes of the crime so they would take the rap (“Yeah, the rap; Rappy!”) Iggy now thinks there was no “Blue Carbuncle”, but there was; it was “ELC Nubrac” spelled backwards! “Blue” was the real Sherlock Holmes code word for the “blueprint” of the Crown Jewels Security System! (Ziggy, always bopped by Iggy's hat, now gets to bop Iggy with his hat for making a mistake; “I always wanted to do that!”)

The gang of course wins the prize (and now add the thanks of the British nation, to what they did for our nation two episodes ago), and “If there was a ghost of Sherlock Holmes, he'd be proud of you!” We now hear a violin, and see the ghost, but it's just Scooby wearing the disguise! “Elementary, Doctor Watson!”

Really intense plot, with the clever double frame-up! Scooby's original “classic animation and design” period is really going out with a 'bang'!

The Nutcracker Scoob

We close this era with Scooby's first Christmas special; basically his rendition of “A Christmas Carol” (and of course, the Nutcracker), opening on a modified version of “Deck the Halls”, introducing the gang:

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, falalalala, lalalala
'Tis the season to be jolly falalalala, lalalala
Daphne dresses like Kris Kringle, falala lalala lalala
Freddy sings the Yuletide jingle falalalala lala la la

See the Christmas tree before us, falalalala, lalalala
Scrappy Doo will juggle for us falalalala, lalalala
Shaggy puts the stage together falala lalala lalala
Scooby Doo enjoys the weather falalalala, lalalala

[Then picks up with the regular second verse]

Shaggy and Scooby wind up in the food on the table. Tiny Tina says “I like Uncle Scooby! He's silly!” Fred, thanked by Ms. Featherwig, had brought the gang there to help the children with their Christmas pageant. They look to find a place to put the antique Nutcracker (the play always being part of their pageant). Tina, who talks to her teddy bear, is told by him that it should go on the very top of the tree, which Fred, lifting her up, allows her to do.

"Scrooge" figure Winslow Nickleby enters, saying he's closing down the place. The building used to belong to his family, so he's come to buy it back, today! (His cat Snowball, who stays on his shoulder, snickers!) Tina mentions it's Christmas Eve, to which he replies Bah, humbug! prepared to make a generous offer for the building; $5000 (Tina: "that's chicken feed!") Scrappy and Snowball box, and the cat is tossed back, knocking Shaggy, Scooby and Nickleby out against a tree; its snow turning them into snowmen. He leaves saying he'll get the building back one way or another.

Figuring he can't do anything; they have happier things to think about, rehearsal for the show. We now get a repeat of Scrappy jumping for joy over what he wants to be, but angry that he has to be a sugar plum fairy. They now rehearse "A Christmas Story". Shaggy is Scrooge, and repeatedly calling for Scooby, as the ghost of Christmas past. When a ghost does surface, Shaggy say's it's a keen costume, but Scooby is on the other side of him ("If you're here; then who's he?") He says he's "the ghost of Christmas NEVER!" ("Hey, that's not in the script!"; Shaggy and Scooby both tearing the pages off).

They run on stage, everyone sees him and runs (and they grab Scrappy; "I thought the show must go on"). They run outside, and Shaggy and the dogs disguise as Santa's elves and sing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", and kick him into a sleigh and push him off into a tree. The ghost runs back inside, but when they go in, they don't see him, but the stage is totally ruined. They find a lapel pin with a "W N". Being obvious who this is, Shaggy and Scooby don't want to go to Nickleby's place "under any circumstances", but Ms. Featherwig mentions his cook Ms Muffinstuff baked some cookies. Shaggy and Scooby carry the horse and the sleigh outside! At the bakery, Nanette Musette the maid tells them secretly that Niclkleby is in the library hatching a nasty scheme to take over the children's home.

They sneak around to listen in to him. Nickleby's lawyer tells him his uncle's will clearly states that he left behind a priceless emerald at the children's home ("Those foolish kids don't have the slightest idea they're sitting on a fortune!) but points out he can't legally force them out ("Who cares about legally? They won't want to stay there once our 'friend' gets through with them!" Shaggy: "It sounds like he's in cahoots with the ghost!")
Scrappy drags Shaggy and Scooby, "Leave it to us!" ("Us! Why always us?") Nanette answers the door to them disguised as chimney sweeps, and fill the place with soot dust while Scrappy takes a picture of the will. Back at the home, Scrappy reads under a microscope the fine print: "On Christmas Eve, your goal's not far. The emerald rests in the pageant's star". Daphne remembers seeing a golden stage prop star in the attic. In the cupboard she saw it in, is the ghost, holding the golden star. Shaggy and Scooby jump out the window while the ghost confronts the others. End Part 1.

Part II: As Fred and Daphne go to rescue Shaggy and Scooby, hanging from a ledge, Scrappy takes the star from the ghost, and jumps out, landing on Scooby's paw, peeling the gutter away from the ledge. All three fall, bouncing off a tree branch, and going down through the chimney. They land, right before the ghost, as Santa (Scooby) and his two elves ("We told you Santa Claus was coming!") They say Santa brought him a huge gold star, in their sack, which they use to trick him by pushing him in the sack. Yet, as they start walking to tell the others, the ghost begins escaping through a hole he makes in the bag.

There is no emerald inside the star. Nickleby arrives with his lawyer telling them to clear out. He now has the power to take the building, thanks to his friend, not the ghost, as Shaggy asks, but the city building inspector, who's granted their request to have the place condemned. They'll have to be out first thing in the morning.

But they can't let this spoil Christmas for the kids, so they put on the show. Even Nickleby pays to attend ("I just love a farewell performance!" The cat shreds Nanette's duster!)
Freddy emcees the Dance of the Sugar Plum fairy. (Scrappy and Shaggy, also a fairy, start by colliding into each other: "Hey! Watch where you're going!") When Freddy appears as the Nutcracker, and Ms. Featherwig says "The star of the show!", Nickleby, sitting next to her, realizes this was "the star" referred to in the will! He goes on stage and pounces Freddy, tearing off his clothes, demanding the emerald, and upsetting the "dance of the fairies", swinging on ropes, who are now knocking over all the props. They land on one Snowball is standing on, propelling him to a beam he claws onto upside down. Nickleby wants someone to save him. Tina, another fairy, gets him, and being lowered, hands him back to him.

Freddy yells at him for ruining the ballet. He explains about the Nutcracker, and Daphne realizes this must refer to the antique Nutcracker on the tree. The ghost is behind a curtain hearing this, and then runs across the stage and grabs it (the audience applauds, thinking it's apart of the show). He runs outside and takes off in the sleigh, and the gang, still in their stage costumes, all ski after him! Nickleby and Tina follow in another sleigh. They all go over a ski jump, rearranging their order, and Shaggy and Scooby end up carrying the ghost's horse. Scooby tries to stop with the poles, but only propels the ghost's sleigh forward, with Shaggy and Scooby riding the horse. The horse then skids to a stop throwing the ghost, and the Nutcracker lands in the snow, and Scrappy gets the emerald out of it. The ghost is Nanette. ("Oui! With the emerald, it would have been Christmas everyday!")

When Nanette overheard Nickleby talking about the emerald, she decided to steal it for herself. The lapel pin was bing held upside down. It wasn't "WN", but rather "NM", for "Nanette Musette". Nickleby enters saying "Ho, ho ho, Merry Christmas!" with a stack of presents. He and Snowball have found the "Christmas spirit"! (Snowball jumps in Tina's arm and licks her). The best gift of all, tearing up the document condemning the place! Tina's present, under the tree: Uncle Scooby!
"Scooby dooby Doo, be Doo be Doo!"

Such a special occasion should have had the whole gang

We end another era of mystery solving

To the 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo

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