The Real Ghostbusters meet the Original [Filmation] Ghostbusters

Written By: Peter Kong profile/3575 on the old at defunct address
According to this 2010 forum comment, the author, apparently a big OGB fan, "sad[ly]" was "no longer around", and I'm not sure if it means he died, or just dropped out of the online GB communities. But this s a great story pairing together both competing franchises, and the characters actually blend together so well. Even before seeing this, a decade ago, I had long thought the two franchises should come together, and as the more popular RGB series is continuing to go strong, with a new movie coming out, they really should consider this for a future production! NBC Universal has just purchased DreamWorks Animation, which had purchased Classic Media, which had owned the Filmation library. So it would be a joint venture between huge media empires NBC and CBS (RGB owner), if possible.

Chapter 1

A Call is Made

It was a bright sunny Saturday afternoon in the streets of New York City. The Real
Ghostbusters were on their way home from a long mourning of battling ecto-plasmic entities.
Ecto-1 was a white remodeled 50's ambulance. The sirens were screeching a ghostly sound.
Inside the car, the GBs were dreaming of a relaxing afternoon.

"That was two class fives," said Ray. Dr. Raymond Stantz is the heart of the group. No
matter how excruciating life may become, he always looks on the bright side. He has the heart
of a child, sometimes he even acts like one.

"Don't forget the three class fours," replied Egon. Dr. Egon Spengler is the brain of the
group. He's very well known as the human computer. This guy knows nearly everything when it
comes to science. Despite his great mind, he is a tremendous bore.

"At least the class three wasn't too bad," said Winston. Winston Zeddemore is the most down
to earth guy among the four. He might not have as much of a vast knowledge over ghoulish
ghouls, but he is interested in learning. For some people, it's best to talk to Winston. He doesn't
use as much science jabber as the others. Winston is also the driver of the Ecto-1.

"Who cares about three, four, or five, I'm interested in six," replied Peter, "a six hour nap that
is." Dr. Peter Venkman is the most interesting and peculiar one of them all. He's the leader of
the group, even though Egon is far much smarter. But, he knows how to do business. His top
three interests are girls, money, and sleep. Peter is also a creep when it comes to women.

Wintson smelled a foul odor. "Does anyone else smell what I smell?"

Everyone takes a whiff and looks in the back seat and yell, "Slimer!"

Slimer is a class five full roaming vapor. He was the GBs first job. When Walter Peck
released the ghosts from the containment unit, Slimer and several hundred other ghosts were
free. However, Slimer remained with the Ghostbusters. In a sense, he is the mascot and ghostly
friend. He is useful for studying ghosts, and in some cases, making contact with other ghosts.
But, Slimer loves to eat, so he can be a big bother at meal times.

When the Ghostbusters arrive home at the firehouse, Janine is just finishing up a call. "By the
dark alley on Tusc Avenue? Got it. They'll be right over, they're just coming back. Bye."
Janine Melnitz is the Ghostbusters beautiful red head secretary. She speaks with a distinct New
Yorker accent. "Okay boys, ready for another job?"

Peter hops out of the car and sighs, "a Ghostbuster's work is never done. C'mon guys, let's
hurry up and get this done."

Everyone else sighs and gets back in. "Oh well, at least we get work in great weather," says

Winston feels Ray's forehead and asks, "are you sure you're feelin' all right buddy?" They
drive off to the scene of the slime.

Chapter 2

Let's Go!

Clear across the country lives the other Ghostbusters team. They live in an old house filled
with creepy boney furniture, gizmos, and appliances. The head headquarters is known as the
Ghost Command. Their mourning was quiet and peaceful for some odd reason. Of course,
since they're always busy, they're enjoying the time off.

"It's been days since we've seen a ghost around," said Jake. Jake Kong Jr. is the leader of the
team. He has a vast knowledge of ghosts and knows how to deal with them. Whenever
something's wrong, his nose wiggles like Samantha Stevens.

"I know, isn't it great?" Eddie asks gleefully. Eddie Spenser Jr. is Jake's best friend and
co-Ghostbuster. He is a big frady cat when comes to his job. But, he has his friends to help him
pull through even the most frightening jobs.

"But, I'm worried about this Eddie. I'm sure Prime Evil is coming up with some kind of plan
for something." explains Jake. Prime Evil is this team's worst enemy. For years, they've been
after him, but they can never seem to be able to catch him. They are able to foil his plans for
taking over the world, but catching him is another story. "What do you think, Tracy?"

Tracy is a big gorilla who is smarter than what most people give credit to. He's sometimes
smarter than most humans! His strength comes in handy escaping the many traps and dangers
they get into. Tracy shrugs in reply with a worried look. Jake shakes his head in worry

"We have to find out what's going on," said Jake. "Maybe we should call Futura."

Just as Jake is about to push the button on Tracy's camera, Futura appears. Futura is a
sorceress from the 24th century. She is a very beautiful young woman with amazing powers that
are useful. With her ability to sense danger, she immediately came on her own.

"Futura, what a wonderful surprise," said Eddie.

"I'm afraid it's not that wonderful Eddie, I bring bad news," explains Futura in a soft voice,
"Prime Evil is in New York."

"New York?" gags Jake and Eddie.

"What is he doing there?" asks Eddie.

"I don't know, but I'm sure we'd better hurry. I'll meet you on the way there, boys." She

"We'll be there, Futura!" said Jake. "A Ghostbuster's work is never done."

Tracy, Jake, and Eddie all get into a huddle and yell, "Let's go, Ghooooostbusters!" They
jump high into the air and do a high five to each other. Jake and Eddie run into the hall and enter
the Skelevator. Jake the enters the code into the Skull Pad keys and the Skelevator jets up into
the air at amazing speeds. Eddie screams with fear.

The Skelevator is lifted to an extreme height above the ground. The ceiling is decorated with
odd faces, grins, and frowns. It's a very freaky place. A robot hand suspends the elevator in the
air and the doors fly open. Jake is calm, and Eddie is freaked out. Another robot hand comes
and picks up Kong and tosses him into a sparkling spider web. Jake's clothes disintegrate
leaving only his underwear, socks, and shoes.

It's now Eddie's turn. The robot hand picks up the screaming guy and tosses him into the air.
On Eddie's way to the web, Jake is relaxing and whistling in a chair traveling on a conveyor
belt of bones. Eddie lands into the web and his clothes disintegrate. He covers himself up and
is embarrassed and is booted off of the web by a giant skeleton foot.

Jake enters the outfit room and exits on the other side with his Ghostbuster uniform. Eddie
flies into the outfit room and exits the other side with his uniform. Sitting down, Jake is
gracefully picked up by a robotic hand to stand up. He comes across the machine that holds his
camera, belt, and Ghost Pack. Boney hands place the belt around his waist, a skull drops the
camera around his neck, and another boney hand gently slaps a pack onto his back.

Eddie now comes across the same machine. He is sitting down. The machine violently
assembles his gear. The boney hands pick him up by the coat and slaps the belt. The skull
drops his camera around his neck. And, the last boney hand smacks the Ghost Pack onto his

Jake now comes near the end of the conveyor belt. A bone trapeze is flung towards him and
his gracefully grabs it and swings away. Eddie comes across and a big plunger comes down
and plunges his pilot cap onto his head. Eddie screams. He falls into his trapeze and becomes
air sick and dizzy.

The trapeze brings Jake to the slide and he gracefully somersaults downward and slides
down. Eddie is simply dropped to the slide. They slide toward Tracy. On the end of the
building, is a closet bed where Tracy awaits for his friends to finish suiting up for the job. This
is the secret exit to their garage. He pulls a string and the mattress falls to the ground. Jake
jumps on and bounces off like a trampoline. Eddie lands on his head and rebounds to the exit.
Tracy quickly jumps on the mattress pulling the string and exits as the mattress closes itself.

Inside the garage sits the Ghost Buggy, or GB for short. The Ghost Buggy is a red convertible
with big white wheels and has the logo on the front. GB is not an ordinary vehicle. It actually
talks. He is very cranky because when the Ghostbusters are not driving him, he sleeps. As GB
is sawing logs, Jake lands in the passengers seat. GB awakes. Eddie lands in the back seat.
GB coughs. And finally, Tracy lands in the driver's seat. GB coughs louder. The automatic
seat belts buckles Jake & Tracy.

GB coughs some more and is a little upset, "you guys always have to come and the b-b-b-b-b
best part of my d-d-d-d-d dreams." GB, of course, has a speech impediment. "W-w-w-w-w
where to now?"

"We're heading to the Big Apple, GB," said Eddie.

"J-j-j- just great. Pollution, violence, trash, and more pollution. I hate New York."

Tracy switches to flight mode. GB begins the transformation. His wheels extend to the
ceiling and sway back and fourth. Rockets pop out in the back. The logo backs inside the car
and morphs into a pointy rocket head. Wings open from the bottom of the vehicle. The wheels
lower back to the ground as the garage door opens. GB's rockets ignite and he flies into the sky
heading for Manhattan.

"Manhattan, here we come," Eddie said as they flew off.

Chapter 3

They Meet

Deep within a dark gloomy alley, a band of ghosts are making their way through New York.
This band of banshees are the ghosts that Futura was talking about.

A sorrow voice spoke, "what are we doing in New York?" The ghost was a robotic wreck.
His metal gleamed in the dim light. Scared Stiff was his name. Rackety old tin sounds came out
of his rusty joints and wires.

"Shkrrrrrrsh, we're here for some recruits, you overgrown bucket of bolts," screeched Prime
Evil. Prime Evil's face was blue and green in robotic form. His mouth was an electrical
current. Whenever he spoke, the current would go crazy. His ghostly body was covered by a
giant red robe.

"I say old boy," replied Haunter, "what kind of ghosts are we looking for." Haunter was an
old English explorer with dark purple skin and spoke with an English accent.

Prime Evil steamed up, "don't you dare call me old boy, shkrrrrrrsh! We're not looking for
ghosts, but to release ghosts."

"Release ghosts?" asked Haunter, "where?"

"There is a group of Ghost . . . busters that catch ghosts and store them in some big machine.
We're going to set them free so I can take over the world. Shkrrrrrrrsh!" Prime Evil laughs with

"Ghostbusters?" screeched Scared Stiff. "I'm scared!"

"You better not foul this plan up. Instead of going through one of my vile punishments, you will
be trapped in there with other evil ghouls. Shkrrrrrsh."

While the ghosts are making their evil deeds, the Ecto-1 has almost made its destination.
"C'mon Winston, I want to get back in time to make a date," shouted Peter.

"How do you know this job will be quick, Peter?" asked Winston.

"We've been in this place once before and there was never real major creep here."

Egon took out his PKE meter to begin scanning the area. "Um, Peter."

"Yeah, Egon"

"This one is big. I'm receiving some very strong readings. There is even more than one of

"Well so much for a night on the town."

"Maybe we'll get home in time for Saturday Night Live," replied Ray with glee.

"Man, you should get out more," said Winston as he parked the car. The Ghostbusters geared
up and entered the alley.

Just as the Ghostbusters entered the alley, the other Ghostbusters are just making their
arrival. Up in the sky, the Ghost Buggy is rocketing to the destination.

"Okay Tracy, time to land," said Jake. Tracy began descending the Ghost Buggy. Futura
appeared in her Time Hopper behind and pulled close to the mobile.

"Hi guys, we'd better hurry. Meet you down there." Futura landed with the Ghost Buggy

As the Ghostbusters got out of their car, they noticed the Ecto-1 sitting beside them. "What
kind of car is this, Jake?" asked Eddie.

"I don't know, but I bet someone else is here. Let's go Ghostbusters." The four dashed into
the alley with their gear.

Sir Trance-a-lot was the first spook to notice the Ghostbusters coming. "Sir, the Ghost
Bunglers are coming." Trance-a-lot was a tall knight with a metallic skull for a head. He had a
point mustache and a long blue cape.

"Shkrrrrrrsh! It's the New Yorkers. And, wait, who's behind them?"

"It appears to be the other Ghostbusters."

"Perfect. Shkrrrrrrrsh! We can really mess them up. If we can we get them to fight each
other, we'll be able to release the ghosts without interference. Shkrrrrrrsh! Scared Stiff,
Aparitia, Haunter. Go after them and buzz around them so they end up hitting each other."

"Yes your sliminess," replied Aparitia. She wore a long red robe and had long green hair.
The three ghouls ran to the scene. Not only did the Ghostbusters see the ghosts, but they also
noticed the other Ghostbusters.

"Who are they, Tracy?" asked Eddie. Tracy shrugged without a clue.

"Hey Ray, do you know those guys?" asked Winston.

Ray promptly replied, "I never seen them before in my life."

"They better be becareful if they don't want to get hurt," said Futura.

"Guys, never mind them, let's get the ghosts," Peter said.

"Bla blu b-b-b-b-b-b blooooooooorb," Slimer squealed

Peter, Winston, and Ray took out their streamers and turned them on. "Are you coming,
Egon?" asked Peter.

"Strange, as if I knew that blonde one. Hmmmmm," Egon thought to himself.

"Are you coming, Egon?" asked Peter.

Egon shrugged and pulled out his streamer.

"That guy with the glasses looks familiar," Jake pondered"

Eddie took out his Ghost Gummer and said, "hey Jake, aren't you coming?"

"Yeah," replied Jake as he took out his Dematerializer, "maybe I'll figure it out soon."

Ray ran after Aparitia with his streamer and Eddie aimed and shot gum at her. The gum
missed Aparitia and gummed Ray by mistake. "Good shot, bozo," echoed Aparitia as she

"Hey, what happened?" yelled Ray angrily. Then he took a bite at the gum. "Hey, my favorite

"Maybe some magic will do the trick," said Futura as she closed her eyes and projected an
orb towards Scared Stiff.

Peter, without noticing the spell, dashed towards the robot ghost with his streamer aimed at
the ghoul. "How about a nap in the containment unit?"

"How about a zap in the rear?," laughed Scared Stiff.

"Huh?" Peter looked around and got stung by the orb and screamed. "That purple babe's got

Egon snatched Haunter in a particle stream. Haunter was paralyzed in the beam. "Okay
Winston, the trap!"

Winston swung a trap and tossed it. Tracy was unfortunately in the way and got knocked in
the head by the trap. "What's a big ape doing here in New York? Did he escape Central Park
Zoo or something?" yelled a puzzled Winston.

"Maybe that thing will keep that ghoul suspended while I blast him with this," thought Jake as
he shot a projection out of the Dematerializer.

Egon saw the blast coming and panicked. "That doesn't look like a particle beam, but I can't
take the chance of it crossing streams." Egon turned off the stream and Haunter flew away
before the Dematerializer beam reached him.

Eddie aimed his Ghost Gummer at Slimer. "Noooo!" yelled Slimer and he flew out of the
alley. Splat! Slimer slimed GB.

"Yuck! I-I-I-I-I hate N-n-n-n-n-n-n York!" cried GB.

"Shkrrrrrrsh! My plan is working beautifully. Get out of there bozos. We're wasting time,
let's go to the machine and release the ghosts."

"Yes Prime Evil," replied the ghosts as they flew to their next destination.

Chapter 4

Egon & Jake

Meanwhile, all eight Ghostbusters are a little upset. Six of them to be more precise.

"Hey, you ruined my chance at that ghost, you pilot!" cried a gummy Stantz.

"Me? You ran into my shot!" yelled Eddie.

"What's the idea of burning my buns, missy?" Peter yelled at Futura.

"I can't help it, if you're too stupid to anticipate a magic orb"


Tracy rubbed his head and smashed the Ghost Trap. "Hey, and this big ape got in the way of
entrapment." yelled Winston.

"After all, don't you know who we are?" asked Ray as he got out of the gummy mess.

"No, who?" asked Eddie.

"We're the Ghostbusters!" exclaimed Ray excitedly.

"I don't know how to break this to you, boys, but they are the Ghostbusters," giggled Futura.

"That's impossible! We've been Ghostbusters for years!" Winston said.

"So have we," said Eddie.

Egon thought to himself, "hmmmm." He walked over to Jake. Jake began thinking and
walked towards Egon. While everyone else was arguing the two did some talking. The two
made an incredible discover.

Egon whistled to shut everybody up. "Quiet all of you!" yelled Jake.

"Jake, tell these guys that we are Ghostbusters and they're phonies." Eddie yelled.

"Egon, you know we are the Real Ghostbusters, tell them that they are the fakes!" yelled

"Well," Egon and Jake said, "we're all Ghostbusters." Everyone was shocked and bugged

"What are you saying, Egon?" asked Ray.

"Well before I knew you and Peter, I went to school this guy. We were childhood friends."

"You never mentioned that you had any friends when you were a kid, Egon."

"You never asked, Ray"

"Jake, does this mean you were friends with him before we met?" asked Eddie.


"How'd you guys meet, and when?" asked Eddie. "I mean, we've been best friends for a long

"Well, that was before our dads began our business. I went to school with Egon in grade
school before we moved."

"We used to conduct paranormal researches as kids. His dad is what got me started into
parapsychology. We knew each other from kindergarten to 6th grade," said Egon.

"When we moved, that's when dad met your dad and began their Ghostbusting business."

"After we were thrown out of college because of Venkman, we began our own business."

"So who officially owns the name, Ghostbusters?" asked Peter.

"Dad never did go to a copyright office or patent office," said Jake.

"We didn't either," said Egon. "I guess in a sense, we both do."

"Okay, so now that we know who we all are, now there's one question on my mind,"
remarked Peter.

"And that is," replied Jake.

"If we're all standing here jabbering about the past, old friends, college, and ownership,
who's taking care of those ghosts on the loose?"

"Oh no, Prime Evil is up to his old tricks again," cried Eddie.

"Who's Prime Evil, man?" asked Winston.

"He's a ghost that we've been hunting down for years. We have never been able to catch
him," answered Jake.

"He uses black magic to control ghosts. He desires to take over the world," said Eddie.

"Luckily, we've always been to foil his plans."

"If Prime Evil has been your nemesis for years, why would he come to New York and bother
us?" asked Ray.

"Ray, what do we have in our basement?" Egon replied.

Ray answered, "the containment unit."

"What do we store in the containment unit?"


"And what does Prime Evil control, Ray?"


Winston interrupted, "now put two and two together."

"Oh my, you don't mean!" Ray said in a worried manner.

"Exactly," said Egon.

"What are you talking about?" asked Eddie. "You store ghosts? All we do is zap them to
another dimension."

"Unfortunately it's only temporarily," said Jake. "Like anywhere from a week to six months.

"When we catch ghosts, we encase them in Ghost Traps and then load them into our storage
unit," said Ray.

"Well, if it's ghosts you have caught, Prime Evil wants, we'd better get there before he

"I'd hate to see another explosion like the one that stupid Peck did to us years ago," sighed

The Ghostbusters enter their respected vehicles and immediately drove to the firehouse.

Chapter 5

Operation Ecto

In the kitchen of the firehouse, the Ghostbusters were discussing how to protect the
containment unit from Prime Evil. The containment was a large red metallic wall in the
basement of the HQ. Extreme security measures are necessary, anyone or anything can easily
open the valve, or merely shut the system off and all the ghosts would escape. Terror would run
throughout the streets.

"I've been doing some reading in Tobin's Spirit on our way to home," said Egon.

"What's Tobin's Whosywhatsees?" mumbled Eddie.

"It's an ancient book I found that lists nearly every demon and spook ever imagined."

"Ooh." Eddie was staring at Egon with fear.

"So did you find anything on Prime Evil, Egon?" asked Peter.

"It says in her that he is a special kind of necromancer."

"What's a necromancer?" asked Winston.

"That's a demon who has the power to control undead and other things like that," Jake said.

"Does it list anything about his past or something?" Ray asked.

"No Ray, I'm afraid he isn't. There's not much in here, except he measures a class 8," sighed

"Well, at least we know what kind of a ghost he is," said Winston.

"Enough discussing about what he is and what he does. What we need to do is find a way to
stop him from letting loose your contained ghosts," Futura said.

"She's right, we're getting no where," Peter regretted.

Everybody nods. "Okay, but there's only one way this going to work, and that's working
together. All eight of us," Egon demanded.

"Right, leave the arguments in the alley behind you. We can't let little pet peeves in the way
of the good of mankind," Jake said.

"There are four areas of the firehouse that must be guarded for when Prime Evil strikes. The
front, the back, the roof, and the basement. We'll split up in pairs. To determine partners, we'll
draw straws. The two matching size straws are a pair. The shortest straw will guard the
basement, which is the last line of defense," Egon said. "The next size will be in the Ecto-1 in
front of the firehouse. The longer straw size will be in the Ghost Buggy in the back alley. And,
the longest straws will guard the roof. Agreed?"

Everyone shouted, "agreed." The Ghostbusters each pulled a straw from Egon's hand and
began comparing straws.

"Hey, Egon, we're together in the basement," Jake said cheerfully.

"It'll be the best, if the two of us are down there. After all, we have the most experience and
knowledge," Egon replied. "Listen up, me and Jake are guarding the containment unit. That
means, we're the last barrier before they can open it. Whenever you're in your post and you feel
you're getting bombarded, immediately come to the basement. If you're bombarded, that means
more ghosts are making it through. There's strength in numbers."

"Gotcha," everyone said.

Eddie discovered that his straw matched Ray's. "Exactly who I wanted to be partners with!"
The two gave each other a high five. "Oh no!"

"What's wrong Eddie?" asked Ray.

"We're on the roof! Mommy!" Eddie screamed.

Tracy and Winston compared their straws. "Well, I guess we're partners, man. Er, I mean,
uh," Winston didn't know what to say. "Well, let's get to our post."

"Okie-dokie," replied Tracy in a deep voice as he picked up Winston and carried him off.

Peter looked at Futura with a big smirk. In ways, Futura reminded Peter of Dana Berrett.
"Our chariot awaits, my little sorceress," Peter said swiftly as he opened the door.

"Humph, how'd I get stuck with this bozo?" Futura said in disgust as she rolled her eyes. She
walked cautiously to the door. Before she exited, she quickly turned around and said, "just
becareful, buster, I know you're kind!" Futura walked away with disgust.

"Why do I always have this trouble with women. But, somehow in the end, they catch the
Venkman charm," Peter thought to himself as he followed Futura.

With everyone set in their positions, the team is set for whenever Prime Evil reaches the

Chapter 6

Dematerializers, Proton Packs, and Ghosts, Oh My!

A few blocks away, Prime Evil and his band of banshees were heading towards the
firehouse. Prime Evil had the building in his sights and chuckled with glee, "there, inside the
basement of that building bares the machine imprisoning my future ghouls. Shkrrrrrsh!"

"Uh sir, I'd hate to break this to you, but I think the Ghostbusters beat us here," Haunter said

"Shkrrrrrrsh! How'd they get here? Well, we'll just have to attack. There's only eight of
them. We'll still out number them!"

"Why don't we have everyone enter the building in a different location? They can't possibly
watch every single brick of that huge thing, Prime Evil," Brat-a-rat said.

"Good idea, I'm glad I thought of it," laughed Prime Evil.

"You did?" Brat-a-rat sneered. Prime Evil gave the evil eye to Brat. "Of course, good plan,
Prime Evil!"

Haunter and Mysteria flew to the roof top. Mysteria was a thin pale woman who wore a long
purple robe. She possessed magical powers and evil spells. "C'mon darling, they'll never think
any of us would sneak into the roof," she muttered.

As they approached the roof, Ray picked up them up on the PKE meter. "A live one is
coming," he said. Ray pulled out his streamer and Eddie took out a Ghost Gummer. Haunter
landed before Mysteria.

"This was such a good idea. It's so too easy," he said. Ray jumped out and blasted him.
Haunter was engulfed by the particle beam. "Yaaaaah! This is not very sporting gov'nor!"

"Hmmm, maybe while Haunter's backed into a corner, I can sneak in," Mysteria thought to
herself. She made herself invisible and went through the roof and entered the firehouse.

"What am I, some decoy?" Haunter asked as Ray though a Ghost Trap under him.
"Noooooooooo!" Ray immediately stomped on the trigger and Haunter got sucked into the trap.

Eddie ran over and smelled the smoking trap. "Sheesh, I'd hate to be a ghost around you
guys." He said.

Ray picked up the trap and said, "I'm sure more will be coming. Get ready."

Meanwhile in the back alley, Aparitia and Scared Stiff attempt to sneak past Winston and
Tracy. Scared Stiff rattled, "there's two of them in that buggy. I'm scared."

"How are we going to get past them," Aparitia pondered.

"Hey look," Scared Stiff pointed to a Trash Receptacle beside him. "Maybe we can hide in
here and roll by."

"Maybe for once, you have a good idea, Stiffo." Aparitia climbed in side. "Now push and
jump in." Scared Stiff pushed the receptacle to a fast speed. A speed that was too fast for him.
"No, no, not that way, fool!"

Tracy spotted the moving receptacle and muttered, "Winton, Winton!"

"What is it, big guy?" asked Winston. Tracy pointed to the battering ram. "That's fishy, let's
get out." The two hopped out and pulled out their weapons.

The receptacle crashed with Aparitia covered with rotting meat and moldy banana peels.
"The fool did it again, he can't do anything right!" The impact caused Scared Stiff to blow
apart. Every single piece of him was scattered so far apart, neither Ghostbuster noticed him.
But, they did find Aparitia. Tracy gummed her up with a Ghost Gummer. With a trap, Winston
caught the creepy female.

"Maybe if I just lie here and wait, I can pull myself together when they're not around," Scared
Stiff thought to himself.

"Man, look at this mess, it'll take days to clean this trash up. Let's get back into GB," Winston

In front of the firehouse, the Ecto-1 sat with Peter and Futura ready for action. All appeared
quiet on the front end of the building, ghost wise. Peter on the driver's side was not really
paying any attention to what he was suppose to be doing. He just couldn't keep his eyes off of

"What are you looking at?" she asked.

"Nothing," Peter grinned.

"We're suppose to be watching for Prime Evil in case you forgot."

"It's easy to lose your mind around someone as beautiful as you." Futura almost gave out a
little smile when she felt Peter's hand slowly move onto her shoulder.

"Do you mind! Get your hand off me you creep!"

"This happens always to me. All you women think I'm some kind of a creep, or a geek."

"That's because you are."


They felt the vehicle sway back and forth.

"Are you trying to hit on me again?" Futura shouted angrily.

"No, but I think we have company." Peter got out of the Ecto-1 and pulled out his streamer.

"Why do I always get stuck with these jerks?" Futura sighed as she got out.

"Hey, who's the wise guy?" Peter shrieked.

Upon his ghostly steed, Sir Trance-a-lot was crushing the back side of the ectomobile. "Ah,
Ghostbunglers. Time to end this," he screeched as he shot a laser blast at Peter.

Peter leaped out of the way as the blast blew up the front car door. "I hope you have
insurance pal, 'cause I'm not paying for that damage!"

"Peter, don't," Futura warned.

"Do you really think. . ." Before Peter could finish, Trance-a-lot shot another blast as
Venkman. Futura leaped and pushed him out of the way. The blast missed both of them. Peter
fell to the ground and Futura dropped on top of them with her arms around him.

"Gee, I didn't know you cared," he said with a smirk.

"You really think I'm going to let him kill you, and I still think you're a creep. So get those
thoughts out of your head," she replied angrily. She stood up and casted an orb towards
Trance-a-lot. Trance-a-lot used his lance to guide the orb. Unfortunately it zapped his steed
and he fell.

"Frightmare!" Trance-a-lot screamed.

Peter aimed his streamer at the ghostly knight. "Time to say nighty night, knight."

Just then Peter was knocked over by Airhead. "He he he he. I got you!" the stupid mummy

"Oh no, Peter, look!" Futura said as she pointed to the streets. Several of Prime Evil's ghouls
were coming to the entrance.

"C'mon, we'd better get to the basement. Looks like Egon and Jake will need reinforcements
sooner than we thought," Peter replied as the two ran into the building.

Up in the roof, Eddie and Ray were also getting hammered by ghosts. "There's too many,
Ray! I think it's high time we get to the basement before a doomsday occurs," said Eddie.

"Great, just when I was beginning to have fun up here" Ray sighed as they left the roof.

The alley was also getting its fair share of too many spooks.

"I'd hate to say it, Big Guy, but we're getting too many here," Winston said.

"Bathement, bathement," Tracy called.

"I agree, bud," Winston said as he tried shooting three ghosts at once and missed each one,
"we have to get down there, now!"

The two ran into the back door to get to the basement.

The six Ghostbusters reached the basement before all went haywire. They crushed the door
open and shouted, "you guys all right?"

Egon looked up and said, "yes, but I'm picking up strong reading."

Jake's nose began twitching, "he's right, time to get ready for the big battle."

Everyone ran down the stairs and armed themselves waiting for the moment. The basement
was dead silent.

"It's quiet, too quiet," Futura said.

"Punsville, anyone?" Winston asked.

Everyone shushed him as they all backed up to the containment unit. Then, it happened.

"Blaaaaga bagga," a familiar ghost howled. It was Slimer.

"Slimer, target practice," Peter cheered.

"No, don't," yelled Ray and Egon.

"But, he's in the way," Peter snorted

"Who is he?" Jake asked.

"That is Slimer, we caught him once before. Instead of putting him the containment, we let
him free. He let's us do science experiments and research," Egon replied.

"He's also our pet," Ray said.

"Oh, he's cute!" Futura said.

"Humph," Peter mumbled with jealousy.

"Slimer, you'd better get out of here, something big is coming and you'll get in the way. Ok
bud? Winston explained.

Slimer nodded, "uh-huh, uh-huh." He immediately flew to the ceiling.

Jake's nose twitched violently and the PKE meter began to smoke. "Here they come," Egon

Prime Evil, Floatzart, Fib Face, Airhead, Trance-a-lot, Scared Stiff, Brat-a-rat, and several
others all appeared. "Get those Ghost. . . Busters! And open the valve, you nincompoops!"
Prime Evil screeched.

The Ghostbusters all began shooting their streamers, dematerializers, and ghost gummers at
all the ghosts. Prime Evil faded and left the basement. "There's one other thing I need to do
before I leave this place. Shkrrrrrrsh!"

"Let's go Ghostbusters!" yelled Jake.

"Let's fry these ecto-losers!" yelled Peter.

"Heh heh heh, go get those bunglars!" cried Brat-a-rat.

"I'll take care of you now, weasel," Futura said as she zapped the flying rat.

"Yaih!" cried Brat as he vanished.

Fib Face ran to the unit and leaned forward to pull down the lever. "Ha ha ha! Easy as pie,"
the right face said.

"Yeah, easy as cake," said the left face.

"No, pie!"

"No, cake!"

"How about no dessert," Winston yelled as he snared the double faced specter. He then
trapped the ghoul quickly with his Ghost Trap. "Two heads may be better than one, but two
faces are no substitute, man."

Mysteria appeared and cried, "by the wave of my hand, you will all become harmless frogs."

Egon leaped over and said, "uh, I uh, oh, I won't be dramatic." With a positron thrower in his
hand, he zapped the frightful female and trapped her.

Ray and Eddie were hiding behind a big metal box. Together, they saw the bumbling
screwball, Airhead, running to the unit. As the mummy ran past the box, Eddie stepped on a
lose wrap from his foot. Without noticing, Airhead was losing his entire body. He kept running
till there was nothing left but a roll of clothe and two eyes. Ray hopped out and trapped the bits
and pieces.

"Arrrr, matey! I shall open the gate for the prisoners of the sea," Long John Scarechrome
said. He slowly made his way to the unit as the Ghostbusters were busy chasing after the other
ghosts. Jake, however, did notice the pirate making progress.

"Hey, go back to the sea where you belong," said Jake as he zapped Scarechrome to another
world with his dematerializer.

Floatzart, a very small ghost that resembled Mozart, appeared and tried to use he music to
freeze the Ghostbusters. "This should pause these Ghostbummers," he said. "Bleack!" Before
Floatzart could wave his patton, Tracy gummed him up with a Ghost Gummer.

"You've performed your last note, Floaty," Venkman said as he trapped the spook. "That ape
doesn't make that bad of a Ghostbuster," Peter thought.

Fangster rolled into the unit and began pushing buttons. The sirens began to scream.
"Aaarrrrrrooooooo, how do you open this contraption thingy?" he asked.

"You don't," Futura said as she zapped Fangster. The big muscle bound werewolf vanished.

Peter ran immediately to the unit and undid what Fangster did. "Phew, that was a close call,"
he said as he wiped sweat from his forehead.

"You still have me to deal with," Sir Trance-a-lot screeched. "Say goodnight,
Ghostbunglers." Futura immediately zapped the lance out of the ghoul's hand. "Hey, my trance
lens. I'm nothing without it."

"Exactly," Futura replied.

"Okay, time to cook this tin can," Ray said as he and the other 3 Ghostbusters blasted
Trance-a-lot with particle throwers.

"Jake, take the trap out of my Proton Pack," Egon said.

Jake followed the instructions and said, "ok."

"Now, roll the trap underneath the ghost."

Jake followed and said, "ok."

"Now, step on that peddle," Egon said as he pointed to the foot pad. Jake stomped on it.

"No, I'll get you someday for this," Trance-a-lot echoed as he slithered into the trap.

When the trap was closed, Winston said, "I doubt we'll ever see you again."

"Was that all of them?" Eddie asked.

Egon checked his PKE meter and replied, "no, there's one more." Scared Stiff was hiding
behind a big crate in the back. He was shaking and squeaking. "It's right over there," Egon said
pointing to the crate.

"No!" Scared Stiff screamed as he tried to make a run for it. But, he tripped over a pipe and
fell apart. Venkman aimed at the dissembled robot and Stiff moped, "s-s-s-s-spare me!"

"Spare a ghost, never heard such nonsense," Peter replied as he shot Stiff with the streamer.

As Scared Stiff began fading into an open Ghost Trap, his last words were, "maybe this won't
be as bad as Prime Evil's punishments." His voice echoed as the trap closed.

"Great, we got them all!" Ray cheered.

"That wasn't that bad," Winston said.

"Eight Ghostbusters is far much better than just three or four," Jake said.

"Okay, so who got Prime Evil?" Eddie asked. Everyone looked at each other.

"Not me, I never saw him," Winston said.

"Neither did I, Eddie," Futura shrugged.

"There were so many, I figured if I didn't get them, someone else had to," Jake said.

"Ah man, don't tell me we didn't catch Prime Evil," Winston regretted.

"You're right, Zeddemore. Shkrrrrrrrsh!" Prime Evil screeched.

Winston aimed at the necromancer and said, "got ya in my sights!"

"I wouldn't do that Zeddemore, not if you want to see him again," Prime Evil said as he
waved his hand. Slimer appeared before them encased in a bubble which paralyzed him.

Ray stopped Winston and said, "don't, you might hit Slimer."

"What do you plan to do with him, Prime Evil?" asked Jake.

"I'm going to make him one of my followers. Ha ha ha ha ha!" Prime Evil laughed as he
vanished to his Haunt Quarters.

"We've got to save him," Ray said.

"But how?" asked Futura.

"He's just a spud, I wouldn't worry," said Peter.

"It's too bad we just can't go to Prime Evil's Haunt Quarters and get him back," Eddie

"That's a great idea, Eddie. And while we're there we can catch Prime Evil," replied Jake.

"We should have enough time to work up a new plan," Egon said.

"Uh Jake, I was just kidding," Eddie replied.

"Too late buddy, we're going."

"Oh, me and my big fat mouth!" Eddie said in disgust.

Chapter 7

The Next Big Plan

Once again, the Ghostbusters round up at the kitchen table. With Egon's mind and Jake's
knowledge of the Haunt Quarters layout, the two develop a plan. A plan with two purposes; to
save Slimer, and to capture Prime Evil for good.

"This will definitely work," said Egon.

"I'm positive it will," Jake replied.

"What has popped out of your head this time, Egon?" asked Peter.

Egon took off his red specks to polish them and said, "let take out the map first." Egon
reached into his pocket pulled out a big sheet of paper. He laid it across the table so everyone
could see it.

Winston whistled, "that's one big building."

"That big building is Prime Evil's hide out," Eddie said.

"The first thing we do is infiltrate the Haunt Quarters through this window," Egon said
pointing to the plans.

"But, we must becareful. Prime Evil may have traps or guards or something," Jake warned.

"Okay, so we'll have to watch our backs. As if that wasn't something we were all expecting,"
Peter replied.

"Next," Egon continued, "we make our way to Prime Evil's layer. That's where you come in,

"Ooo, I get the first move," Futura giggled.

"You must use your magic to turn invisible. We need you to enter to make sure that the coast
is clear and unseal anything so we can enter. Then, use a spell to prevent Prime Evil from
casting any spells towards us. Some kind of invisible barrier that we can attack him, but he
can't attack us."

"I can do that, simple."

"Once Futura has neutralized Prime Evil's magic, she gives us a signal and we all enter."

"Then what do we do, Egon?" asked Ray.

"Before we do anything, Winston will use a standard trap to catch Slimer. Once inside, he'll
be safe and won't be able to get in the way. We'll deal with whatever happened to Slimer when
we get back home."

"Who knows, maybe he won't do anything to him," Eddie said.

"Eddie, Tracy," Egon continued, "you two will be carrying your Ghost Gummers. You two
will be the first to attack Prime Evil. You must gum him so he can't move. Do this immediately
after Slimer is trapped."

"Okie-dokie," Tracy replied.

"Once Prime Evil is stuck, Winston and Ray will hose him with Slimer Blowers. We still
have plenty of the mood slime left from our battle with Vigo. This neutralize him enough so our
particle beams will have affect on him."

"That stuff makes you feel like a million bucks," Ray said.

Egon continued, "once that's done, Jake, Peter, and I will snag Prime Evil with the Proton
Packs. Futura will then slide this more powerful trap so we can entrap him."

"After that, Prime Evil will have a nice long nap in the containment unit. I love this plan, I'm
so proud to be a part of it, let's do it!" screamed Peter.

"Let's go Ghostbusters!" Jake cried.

Just before they all leave, Peter paused and asked, "wait a minute. Where's this Haunt

"Up in the sky," Jake said.

"The sky, how on earth are we going to get up there?" Peter asked.

"You will see, sweety pie," Futura said. Peter was clueless.

The Ghostbusters entered the back alley where the Ghost Buggy was parked. "Okay guys, hop
in," Jake said.

"We're getting in that piece of junk?" Peter asked.

"Peter," Egon said in disgust of Venkman's rudeness.

"H-h-h-h-h hey, watch what you say meatball!" GB muttered.

"It talks?" Peter asked with amazement.

"Quit worrying about it, Peter, just get in," Eddie said.

Tracy, Eddie, and Jake sat at their normal seating locations. Unfortunately, the Ghost Buggy
must also fit the other four. Futura sat beside Eddie, and then Peter hopped between them.
Winston sat on the other side of Eddie and Ray got in on Winston's other side. Egon got in the
front with Jake and Tracy.

"Umph, g-g-g-g-g gee wiz. You all need to go on diets!" GB muttered.

"Flight mode, Tracy," Jake ordered.

"Flight mode?" Peter asked.

Tracy switches to flight mode. GB begins the transformation. His wheels extend to the
ceiling and sway back and fourth. Rockets pop out in the back. The logo backs inside the car
and morphs into a pointy rocket head. Wings open from the bottom of the vehicle. The wheels
lower back to the ground as GB's rockets ignite and he flies into the sky.

As the car heads to Haunt Quarters, Peter yells, "I think I'm gonna be sick!"

Chapter 8

The Final Fight?

The Haunt Quarters was located way up in the sky above the ocean. Sitting along thick dark
clouds, the Haunt Quarters was a very creepy place. Thunder and lightning went off nearly
every second. Deep inside was the chamber of Prime Evil. This is where he schemed up his
evil deeds and lies his magical organ. The organ is a special device he uses to send ghouls
around the world and other things.

Prime Evil was doing whatever he could to convert Slimer into one of his followers. He had
Slimer suspended within a bubble that prevented him from making any movements. All Slimer
could do in this state was talk and observe.

"Shkrrrrrrrsh! I may not have an army of ghosts, but I will have some slime thing for a slave,"
Prime Evil screeched as he played a haunting tune.

"Nooooooooo!" Slimer yelled.

Prime Evil turned around and noticed something strange, "why isn't he changing?
Shkrrrrrrsh. He's suppose to be mutating!" Prime Evil began checking the keys, "the thing is
working correctly." Prime Evil began to steam up and burn red. "What could be wrong?"

Meanwhile, the Ghost Buggy made its landed near the entrance of the haunted mansion.

"That sucker is big," Winston said.

"I wonder what will be in store for us this time," Jake asked.

"We took care of nearly every ghost Prime Evil has under his power. Maybe he has nothing
left but himself," Eddie mentioned.

"Perhaps, but we should still be extremely cautious," Egon said.

"Ah, I'm not scared, we've been through worse situations before," Peter said as he walked up
to the entrance.

As Peter was making his way to the door, Prime Evil spotted him on his scanner screen. "The
Ghost . . . Busters are here! Oh well, my dragon will take care of them," Prime Evil laughed.

Back outside, Peter opened the door, "is the lady of the house at home?"

Jake followed behind him and whispered, "becareful, Peter, you never know what Prime Evil
might have in store for us."

"Ah, nonsense," Peter said.

"Peter, I think you should listen," Egon warned.

Peter stepped inside and turned around and said, "see nothing to worry aaaabooouuuttttt!"
Peter was grabbed by a giant dragon's hand.

"Peeeeteeeer!" Ray yelled.

"How are we going to get him down safely?" asked Eddie.

"We can't just shoot this dragon," Winston said.

"Some help would be very nice!" Peter screamed.

"Should we change polarization?" asked Ray.

"Wait, I've got it," Jake snapped his fingers and said, "wait, I've got it. Tracy, get the Ghost

"Okie-dokie," Tracy said as he reached into his Ghost Pack and pulled out a long rope with a
fishing line.

The dragon lunged Peter between its eyes and roared.

"Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed!" screamed Peter. "Oh, I'm sorry for
dissecting that lizard in biology class."

"Now, Tracy," Jake ordered.

Tracy pulled back and released the rope to grab Peter. The knot snared Peter's left leg.
Tracy began to pull with all of his strength.

"What are they doing, tearing off my leg?" Peter thought. With a powerful tug, Tracy managed
to pull Peter out of the dragon's grip. Peter tackled Tracy to the ground. "Fancy meeting you

Jake pulled out his dematerializer and said, "good bye dragon." He zapped the dragon and it
vanished into thin air.

"Are you okay, Peter?" Jake asked.

"Don't you ever let that happen to me again!" Peter screamed.

"He's okay, that's just his way of saying thanks," Egon said.

"Where to now?" Eddie asked.

Egon pulled out his PKE meter to find Prime Evil's energy trail, but when he turned it on, the
PKE smoked up. "Ouch!" Egon screamed as he dropped it. "There's too much psychic kinetic
energy in this place. It's astounding to me."

"At least we have the map," Jake said as he pulled it out.

Egon kneeled down to the floor and pulled out tongs and a glass jar.

"What are you doing, Egon?" Winston asked.

"Getting some samples. I want to study some these substances," Egon replied.

"C'mon, you can do that later. We have to get Prime Evil and save Slimer," Jake said.

Egon stood up and said, "you're right. I'll get some samples on our way out. This place is
fascinating." They all headed to Prime Evil's layer.

As the Ghostbusters were making their way to the main hall, Prime Evil took a look at his
scanner. "What, those Ghostbumblers took out my dragon! I have just one thing left," Prime
Evil snarled as he played a haunting tune. "They are near by the main hall. When they reach the
end of it, they'll really reach the end." He laughed hysterically.

Back in the hall, the Ghostbusters were reaching the last door. "We're almost there," Jake
said with delight. His nose began twitching.

"Jake, something must be wrong," Futura warned.

"That means we must be on guard in the next room," Jake said.

Egon and Peter pulled out their streamers. "I wonder what Prime Evil has cooked up this
time," Peter said as they entered the door cautiously.

Inside the room was a large black three headed dog creature, the Cerberus. Peter said, "ga ga
ga ga ga."

"How are we going to get past that nasty thing?" Eddie asked.

"I don't know if the particle beams will have any affect," Egon said.

Peter leaned towards Tracy and said, "you don't happen to have a giant leash in that back
pack of yours, do you?" Tracy reached into his Ghost Pack and pulled out a long strong steel
chain with hooks. "How convenient," Venkman said. Peter leaned to Ray and said, "this boy
has everything in there, but the kitchen sink."

"Okay, so we have this thing, but how are we gonna tie him up?" asked Winston.

"Leave it to me, boys," Futura said taking the chain. She tossed it into the air and closed her
eyes and began meditating.

"What's she doing?" asked Ray.

"Just watch, Ray," Eddie said.

With her magic powers, Futura made the chain fly to the hungry beast. "Roooooaaaarrr!" the
creature snarled. She began swaying her arms around to make the chain move. First, she tied
the chain around its legs.

"Be careful, Futura," said Jake.

With a wave of her right arm, the chain went around the beast's body and neck. Then she
made the chain wrap around its mouth. The beast fell to the ground.

"Now that's my kind of woman!" Peter said slowly.

"Are you sure this will hold him?" Winston asked.

"Let's get this over with. If we're quick, we'll be out of here before it gets loose," Jake said.

They exited the door behind the creature. The next room was Prime Evil's layer. "So this is
where Prime Evil dwells," Winston whispered. They looked through the window.

"Why is this thing resisting my magic?" Prime Evil hollered. "Nothing seems to work. It's as
if this Slime ball is immune to my evil."

The Ghostbusters stood back from the door. "Is everybody ready? We only have one
chance," Egon said.

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be," Eddie replied.

"Okay Futura, go," Egon said.

Futura became invisible and snuck through the door. The room was large, but was practically
empty. All there was, was Prime Evil, his organ, and Slimer. "The coast is clear, now to form
the magic barrier," she thought as she waved her arms. An invisible force field surrounded
Prime Evil. His magic was powerless momentarily. With her psychic ability, she gave the
Ghostbusters the signal that it was safe.

"Okay, Futura has the room set. Let's go Ghostbusters!" Jake said as they all kicked the door

Prime Evil turned around and yelled, "Ghostbusters? How'd you get past the Cerberus?"

"Just some ingenuity," Winston said as he opened the trap in his hands, "come on home,
Slimer." When the trap opened, Slimer flew out of the bubble and into the trap.

"You may have saved your little slime ball, but you won't save yourselves, boobies," Prime
Evil shrieked as he raised his hands. He attempted to blast them, but nothing happened. "What's
this? My magic isn't working."

Futura reappeared and said, "that barrier spell works wonders."

"Eddie, blast him so he can't move," Jake ordered.

Eddie and Tracy pulled the triggers on their Ghost Gummers and gummed up Prime Evil.

"Yuck! I'm covered with gum," Prime Evil hollered trying to remove the gum.

"Hose him boys," Peter ordered.

"Let's frost this sucker," Winston said as he and Ray squirted the mood slime onto Prime Evil.

"Yaiih! What's happening? I feel good. I feel different. I hate it!" yelled Prime Evil as he
got slimed.

"It's working, the slime is neutralizing his," Egon said.

"Time to fry him," Jake said. He, Peter, and Egon blasted Prime Evil with particle beams.
Prime Evil was snared.

"Nooooo! You can't do this, I'm Prime Evil!" They all stepped back as Futura rolled the
powerful trap under Prime Evil. As she opened the trap, Prime Evil yelled," I'll get you for this,
Ghost . . . Busters!"

"This is the last we'll see you," yelled Jake.

"I'll get you. All of you some how. I'll get you! Shkrrrrrrrrrrrsh!" echoed the phantom as he
got sucked into the trap. The light flashed on the trap. Prime Evil was finally caught. Everyone
cheered as they turned off their equipment.

Jake walked to Egon and said, "it's a shame that we haven't had a proper reunion yet old

"Well under the circumstances, we didn't have time. We had to get this ecto-plamsic entity
out of the world for good," Egon replied.

Jake leaned over and gave Egon a hug as he said, "same old Egon."

Eddie walked to Ray and said, "to think, after all these years, it took the talents of all of us
Ghostbusters to get him!"

"Yeah, hey, when we get back, want to order a pizza?" Ray asked.

"Sure, I want pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, sausage, and peppers," Eddie replied.

Winston said to Tracy, "you did a good job, Big Guy. Give me five!" He held out his hand.

"Okie-dokie," Tracy replied as he smacked Winston's hand.

"Ow! Man, are you strong," Winston said rubbing his hand.

"Sorry," Tracy replied.

Peter walked over to Futura. "You did great, Futura," he said.

"Uh, thanks," Futura turned around and then looked back. "You didn't do too bad yourself,
buster." She leaned over, put her arms around him and gave him a long romantic kiss.

Peter thought, "the Venkman charm gets 'em every time."

"I think it's time to let Slimer out," Winston said as he opened the trap. Slimer flew out and

"Oh boy!" Slimer said. He flew to the trap containing Prime Evil, slapped it and laughed
with delight and flew back to the Ghostbusters.

"Come on, just one more kiss," Peter begged.

"No, you got one, and that's all," Futura said and walked away.

Peter stood, closed his eyes and said, "I'm not moving from this spot until someone kisses

Slimer flew to him and gave him a big wet one and laughed as he flew away.

Peter wiped off the slime as he said angrily, "yugh! I've been kissed by a spud!"

Chapter 9

Back Home We Go

After a long hard day's work of busting ghosts, the Ghostbusters hopped back into GB and
headed back to the firehouse. Everyone is tired, hungry, and happy. The demon known as Prime
Evil was no more.

"It certainly will be good to get home," Jake said.

"I know I'm ready for a nap," Peter said.

Egon handed Jake a slip of paper, "here's our number if you ever need our help."

"Good idea," Jake said as he wrote their number, "this is ours. This way, whenever there's a
major specter on the loose, all eight of us can get back together."

"After all, eight Ghostbusters is better than just three or four," Futura said.

"Hey Egon," Eddie said.

"Yes, Eddie," replied Egon.

"Can we keep the trap that Prime Evil is in as a souvenir?"

"I'm afraid that would be extraordinarily dangerous. Someone might accidentally open it, or
think it's a toy or something. We need to load him into the containment unit as soon as possible."

"I understand, but can I at least hold the trap on the way? At least that would be something."

"I don't know."

"Ah, c'mon Egon. Let him hold the trap. What could go wrong?" Peter said.

"I don't think it's a good idea."

Peter ignored Egon's warning and picked up the trap from Egon's hands and gave it to Eddie.
"To the victor, comes the spoils, I always say," Peter said.

"This is exciting, I'm holding one of Prime Evil's final resting places," Eddie said with glee.

Jake looked ahead and noticed a black cloud. "Oh no, we're heading into the storm. Get us
through carefully Trace," he said.

"Okie-dokie," Tracy said as he guided the car.

"Eddie, I think you should let someone else hold the trap," Jake said.

"I'll be okay," said Eddie.

"No, I think one of us should hold it," said Winston.

"I've got. I can hold it," Eddie said.

"B-b-b-b-b-b-b. This rain and wind is hard on my wings," said GB.

"C'mon Eddie. We're getting turbulence. Give the trap to someone else before you drop it!"
yelled Jake.

"Ah, I won't drop," Eddie spoke as they hit ran into a powerful wind that caused the
suspended car to shake. The trap slipped through Eddie's hands and fell to the earth. "It."

"Eddie!" everyone yelled.

"Ah man, he dropped the trap!" Winston cried.

"Peter!" Egon yelled.

"What, I didn't drop it," said Peter.

"No, but you did give it to him."

"At least it wasn't all my fault," Eddie sighed.

"I have a hunch we'll see Prime Evil again. And, when he shows up, we'd better be ready,"
Jake said.

"Maybe no one will open it. After all, we are over an ocean. Who could possible get to it.
Unless of coarse, it lands on a boat," Peter said trying to relax everyone. "I mean, what are the
chances of that happening?

The Ghost Buggy rocket through the sky to the firehouse so everyone could go home and rest.
Jake, Eddie, and Tracy headed back home. Futura vanished back to her own time. Everything is
at peace for now.

While the two Ghostbuster teams were at their own homes recuperating during the night, the
trap continued to descend. Unfortunately, there was a ship out that night. A retired old sea
captain was enjoying an evening on the ocean. As the man sat down to sing an old sailor's song,
the trap fell to his lap.

"What's this thing?" he asked. He dropped the trap and accidentally stepped on the foot
peddle. Lights began flashing as the doors opened. The man screamed as he picked it up and
tossed it overboard. He immediately turned on the engine and left the ocean.

Out of the water, the robotic necromancer emerged from his cell. "Cough! Cough! I'll get
you Ghostbusters! Someday, I'll get you! Shkrrrrrrrrrsh!"

The End?!?

Maybe not