A third type of dimensional continuum?

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If we imagine loops of string, in different states. Say color.
I can have only one color , but I imagine other "realities" where the circle appears other colors. These different circles are displaced in a medium that appears imaginary, because in our perception, only one "reality" can be actualized at a time.

So we need a way to actualize the other states of the circle.
One way is to essentially create copies of the circle with each one being one of the other colors. We can then place them in a "side by side" displacement, and all are then actualized at once.

We have now created a new dimensional medium, called SPACE.

In this medium, we can freely, randomly access each circle, measure their location relative to each other, building a scale called distance.

How can we actualize the different states of the same object without creating copies of it?
We can have it change to all the different colors, the displacement being sequential, "one after the other", involving causation. We raise the frequency, causing one color to turn into the next.

This is yet another dimensional medium, called TIME.

One drawback, is that we do not have the total freedom to randomly access these states. Unless the cycle is looped, if you miss one, there is no way to get back to it. Actualization is now avery brief thing.

So we see we have arrived at the same "different states" of an object, using three different means. One, we hypothesized these alternate states, as simple parallel realities, and basically imagined a medium connecting them.
What we lacked, was a way to actualize them.

Two, we placed these alternate realities in a medium where they could be actualized all at once, and randomly acessed.

Three, we had a medium where the original object itself could actualize all of these different states one after the other.

Of course, our universe is a combination of these last two. "Events" are actualized changes of states of matter and energy marking location in both the randomly accessed medium (which is actually fanned out into three dimensions of freedom), as well as the sequential medium.
All together, this is called "four dimensional spacetime".

The premise is that the first medium, which I call "chance", is the primary "Father"-like realm (i.e. "Patrix"), and that space and time are simply manifestations of it, in which reality is actualized.

This was paralled with the early Church's understanding of God as being the Father, and the Son and Spirit as springing forth as the accessible representatives of a divine nature that otherwise cannot be contained in the physical spacetime universe. (Where the later Church reconfigured this into three separate "equals" sitting side by side).

Since the reality we experience "now" was once only one potential arrangement of strings out of countless others, and we could have just as well made different choices leading to other possible potential arrangements, these others can be thought of as just as "real" in a sense ("potentially" real, that is), only not actualized. The result, is a third kind of "vector space" or continuum leading to alternate arrangements (or vibrations) of the strings.

Another premise is that this "chance" dimension might be able to figure in theoretical equations calling for various dimensions that are currently assumed to be space or time.

Like the six tiny (1035m) "extra" dimensions of string theory. Some variations add anywhere from one to sixteen additional ones. All of these are generally assumed to be spatial. (Occasionally, a suggestion of one of them being temporal surfaces).

But perhaps they are chance. Wouldn't this fit in with the "uncertainty principle" that string theory is in part based on? (that a particle may or may not appear at a given location)

Every alternate state of every string in the universe would generate a new dimension of "chance". So perhaps in these field equations calling for more dimensions, each one would somehow involve that number (6, 16, etc) of probabilies that could become real.

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