Two versions of Season 1 opening


Late on a spooky night, a man is transporting a suit of armor in a crate to a museum. Unbeknownst to him, we then see it coming to life. Enter Shaggy and Scooby, coming from having seen the move Star Dog, Ranger of the North Woods, twice. They are at first frightened by the sound of a frog, then come across the truck, now with the empty suit of armor in the driver's seat. They run and get Freddy, Daphne and Velma, who, after seeing a label reading "To James Hyde-White, Professor of Archaeology; deliver to county museum", then decide to check it out. (This English name makes Shaggy think of "hide and seek").

Inside, the curator, Mr. Wickles, tells them the legend of the Black Knight, who comes to life at the full moon (which there was that night). The knight opens its eyes as they speak! Scooby takes a pair of goggles from a statue. Wanting to find out what kind of glasses they are, they check out the library. They read that they are a special kind made in England, and then shout in unison "Professor Hyde-White!", and now suspect something fishy going on at the museum, realizing that it's "another" mystery.

They return, and it is closed. They try to lift Shaggy up on a ladder placed on a jack, and even thought it still doesn't reach, he, being the "swingingest gymnast in school", is able to swing in, but makes a noisy descent to the ground floor. He passes the still black knight on his way to the door to let the others in. A mummy case also moves its eyes. They split up-- Freddy and Daphne go one way, Shaggy and Velma another way, and Scooby stands guard for a Scooby snack. He gets scared by his own shadow, and runs, pouncing on Shaggy, who lets him come along. They pass a window with the full moon shining in, and Shaggy closes the shade, "not taking any chances". Soon, he gets separated, and the black knight begins following Scooby and Velma. Scooby, whose mouth is tied to prevent his teeth from chattering, runs, knocking Velma's glasses off, and hides in a pot of dirt. She bends over, tripping the knight who lands in stocks. Thinking he's Shaggy with a cold, she begins to feed him cough medicine, but Shaggy shows up and takes the spoonful and pulls her out of the room. Scooby jumps out of the pot and runs too, and soon encounters a dinosaur skeleton. He tries to take a bone, causing it to collapse, ripping a curtain the black knight was behind. Scooby tosses the pile of bones, instantly reassembling the dinosaur and runs. Shaggy and Scooby find a picture missing, and when they find and bring back the others, it is back with a trail of red drops, which is paint, rather than blood. The trail leads to a mummy case, which they open, finding a secret room. Inside, they see paintings being copied. The knight appears and punches through a picture at Shaggy. Scooby, dressed as an artist, squirts him with paint. Shaggy and Scooby dash around a wall, and crawl under a bear skin, but the knight uncovers them. They next hide under a table, and the knight picks it up and throws it with them holding onto its legs. They run past him into the relic room and hide in a plane. Shaggy throws his voice into another room, but Scooby starts the plane with his tail, and it flies through the museum, finally knocking out the knight. It was the curator, Mr. Wickles. He was switching the fake paintings for the real ones. Scooby finds Prof. Hyde-White tied up in the mummy case, and they explained the case with him. Wickles made him disappear and covered it up with the Black Knight legend.

Scooby wears the suit of armor, scaring the others for a moment, only his legs give him away.


We pan in on Vasquez Castle on Haunted Isle, and a plain, sheeted ghost looking out with a telescope from the top of a tower. He spies the gang approaching the island on a boat; Fred having "sure picked a spooky day" for the outing. Velma explains the sudden change of atmosphere, "when the barometric pressure dropped, warm offshore air came into contact with an inland cold front, we ran into some unnavigable nebulation" (Fred: "You're right; whatever you said"). When she translates this as "We're lost in a fog", Shaggy hears this as a call for him to enter from sleeping in the V-berth. Fully up, he decides to make a "Super Shaggy Sandwich" (a double triple decker sardine and marshmallow fudge sandwich). Scooby peeks in through a porthole and gulps the whole thing right out of his hand, coming back for the olive ("With him around, I even can't get in a bite edgewise!")

They run aground on the island, and go into the castle hoping to find help. Scooby sees something moving on the ground, which is a crab under a map (which attacks, and he runs with the map back to the gang, skidding and covering everyone in sand). It says "Danger, leave Haunted Isle". This further leads them to the castle, as the ghostly figure peers from behind a nearby tree. (Shaggy, "What a place for a 'scare-in'"). Inside, they see a picture of Vasquez the pirate, who had sailed in 1612 and used the castle for his hideout. Velma says she once read the castles were loaded with traps, and as Daphne dismisses this as only in movies, she falls through a trap door. They then hear the ghostly laughing and run. (Velma thinks it's the wind, and Shaggy says "That's the first wind I heard with a sense of humor"). Daphne lands in a dungeon, and is unknowingly swiped at by the ghostly arm (a scene used in the opening sequence). Shaggy and Scooby get separated, and a glowing skull tells them where the others went. (This also appears in the opening). They run to a knight in armor, and Shaggy wishes he had a ham sandwich. One appears from above, along with the mustard he asks for ("This has got to be my imagination; otherwise, I'd be scared stiff!") When he wishes his imagination would cut it in half, the knight's axe drops and chops it. He runs, (making sure to grab the sandwich), and Daphne, hearing him coming, konks him on the head with a vase. (He tells the others he'll be alright, as soon as he has six or seven sandwiches).

They hear the laughing again, but this time see the ghost ("Crazy wind nothing!"), known simply as "The Phantom". He warns them to leave the island, or "pay!" Shaggy, Scooby and Freddy run after him and try to pounce, but pass right through him. He then disappears through a wall. (Velma states the obvious, that the place is haunted). But Freddy gives three good reasons they should stay: 1) No phantom is going to scare us away; 2) Why does he want us off this island so bad?; 3) We're marooned (Shaggy; "I'll buy that last one!)"
Daphne meanwhile has found a huge key they figure must belong to the phantom. It says "Second passage of the old bell". With there being no old bell in the castle, Velma realizes it's a "passage" in a book, that "The Old Bell" must be its title, and thus, they should look in the library. (The eyes of the picture move).

There, they find the book, and in its second passage, the term "catacombs" is underlined in red. So now they know to head to the basement. The key opens the door. They send Scooby in to look around, but he pretends to be sick ("what a ham!"), but does it for three Scooby snacks. He finds a magician's hat, complete with disappearing rabbit and flowers that squirt him He calls the others in, who see all the magic show items. They then hear footsteps and hide in a closet. They then see the phantom who tells them they shall now "pay". (Shaggy, saying "I'll pay; I'll pay!" offers "four bits", and Freddy says "Not that kind of pay!") and they run. The phantom chases them through several doors. Suddenly Shaggy is seen being sawn in half, but it's only a dummy head on the top half, while Shaggy was in the other half. (To Velma saying "dummy"; Shaggy: "Someone mention me?") Freddy, Daphne and Scooby are running from the phantom, and find a magic carpet, which they ride, and then crash.

All together again, Fred sets up the phantom trap, and plans to send Scooby to sniff him out with his "super sleuth nose". He pretends to have a cold in his nose. Fearing the phantom might not chase a dog, they then decide to dress him in a trench coat, and try to encourage him by thinking of "Rin Din Din", "Laddie" or "John Wayne". This last one works ("Rhon Rayne!"; Velma "Like I said before; 'what a ham'"), and he goes out and shows down the phantom, with them pacing each other. He taunts the phantom, leading to the chase to the "Rube Goldberg" trap, which Scooby himself trips into, but then falls onto the phantom, who was threatening the rest of the gang.

An officer, having seen the beached boat and investigated, identifies the unmasked villain as Bluestone the Great, an ex magician wanted in six states, who had heard the legend of the Vasquez treasure, and used all his magic tricks (and the threatening letter) to keep people away while he searched for it. (But now, "his scaring days are over; the great Bluestone is going to do a final disappearing act courtesy of the local jail!")
The one trick they couldn't figure out was walking through the wall. Bluestone does "one last performance", showing his use of mirrors and a projector. (Velma: "I've got to admit, you're a good magician, but a bad phantom").

Shaggy wonders if there really is a treasure. They hear Scooby and see him digging, but it's only a groundhog. "Well, roobidy doo!"

The captured villain displays an unusual graciousness, in smiling and doing the last performance for them! He enjoys the final gag along with everyone else.


On a foggy moonlit night, we see glowing footprints on a shore, that are washed away by a wave, as a ghostly glowing scuba diver walks away descending into the surf.

The gang arrives at the beach to have a party, and Shaggy longs for "chocolate covered hot dogs" (Velma: "Yechh; his stomach must be made of scrap iron!"; Shaggy: "Can I help it if my first toy was a garbage disposal!")
The party having begun, Scooby is surfing, but suddenly grabs ahold of the ghost, from just under the surface. He frantically paddles back to the beach, landing on Shaggy, and everyone sees the "sea-going ghost". Shaggy ends up in the closed beach umbrella, and the ghost has gone back unde the water.

The next day, at the malt shop, they read in the paper that another boat has mysteriously vanished, claimed by beach hermit Ebenezer Shark to have been stolen by the ghost of Captain Cutler. They wonder if that's what they saw, and decide to ask the hermit. He explains the story of the captain, sent to a watery demise in the "graveyard of ships", from colliding with a fancy yacht. By stealing them, his ghost is getting his revenge, as he promised before he sank.

While they're talking, Scooby wanders and falls to a lower deck, and a closet opens, and what looks like the ghost falls on him and he tussles under it, but is really only Shark's "diving suit". He then tells them to seek more information from Cutler's widow in the old lighthouse. (Shaggy thinks that what's "fishy" about him is that "he looks more like a barricuda"). Shaggy, Scooby and Velma are sent to the lighthouse (Scooby pretends to have a paw too injured to knock; "Look at him; what a ham!"; Shaggy says it's up to Velma to get in, and she orders "It's up to ALL of us; now march!"; Shaggy then offers "ladies first"). Inside, they recognize that she practices witchcraft ("This place is furnished in early Halloween!"). They find jars of "an ear of a newt", and "canned hyena laughs". They read a book "Witchcraft Made Easy", and a hand is placed on Shaggy's shoulder. ("Who do I know who has long skinny hands?") It's Mrs. Cutler, who affirms her husband was the ghost, whom she brought back to life with her witchcraft, but wouldn't have done so if she knew he was going to take revenge.

Scooby tastes the cauldron she's making, but it's her wash! They leave, and see a glow heading into a drain pipe on the beach. Velma orders Scooby into the pipe, but he wears a jacket stuffed with pillows in order to be "too fat", but instantly pops out of this. He goes in for a Scooby snack, and engages in a tug of war with a rat. It's glowing seaweed, and researching this (together with the rest of the gang), determines it's "phosphorous pyriphra" (Shaggy: "Like, speak English!"), a phosphorous glowing seaweed only found in the area of the Graveyard of Ships. So that's where they should head next. They go on a boat (and find a note in a bottle, saying only "No deposit, no return"). They see a boat from the marina moving with no one aboard, and no motor running. They follow it into a cove, and it's vanished. They then head "onward and downward, to the graveyard of ships, that is", but first have to get Scooby down from the mast of a partially sunken sailboat. Shaggy unties the rope he's clinging onto, but is pulled along with Scooby down to a sunken ship.

Scooby diving with the rest of the gang, they split up, and Fred and the girls see a diver sitting inside a cabin and think it might be Captain Cutler, but upon determining it was someone else (who had been down there for a 100 years), are then locked in by the actual ghost. He runs toward Shaggy and Scooby. Scooby then inflates his suit, which Shaggy pierces with a spear, knocking over the ghost, but is then twirled around and slung on a ship's wheel, and crashes through the stern of another ship, where he "found a clue". They try to fire a cannon at the ghost, but then remember matches don't light under water. They find the others, and take them to Scooby's clue, a secret storehouse of scuba tanks. Things are beginning to add up (Shaggy: "You mean, like 2 and 2 are 5?").
They follow the ghost's trail to the side of a cliff, in the same area where the yacht from the marina vanished. Shaggy sits on a rock, which opens a secret passage in the cliff. This leads to a giant underground cavern, where they see yachts being painted, including the one that had just vanished, which was tied to a mini-sub.

They lure the ghost in with bells and whistles, and aim to suds him up with hoses with soap in them. Shaggy loses control of the hose, and Scooby is the one hosed, into a boat, which takes to the air and lands on the ghost. They expect it to be Ebenezer, but it's not him. Shaggy remembers a picure on widow Cutler's wall, and then fashions a beard with seaweed, and now he's recognized as Capatain Cutler himself!

At the malt shop again, they read the story of them solving the boat hijacking mystery. Both Cutler and his wife spread the phony story about Cutler, and then stealing the yachts from the marina. His diving suit had become covered with the glowing seaweed, allowing him to on the spot create the story of the ghost.

Scooby then manages to drink everyone else's malt from his own straw. How he did it? Fred guesses "That's another mystery!"

The ghost premise was actually an accidental afterthought

All first and second season Scooby episodes use a combination of original background score made for the show, as well as a group of tunes created the year before, for the shows "The New Adventures of Gulliver"," Huck Finn", and Banana Splits animated segments "The Three Musketeers", "The Arabian Knights", and "The Micro Venture". Many of these backgrounds convey a "sea-faring adventure" type of atmosphere.
This episode in particular (along with the previous one) is heavy in these pieces, and they will also be heavily resused in the '76-7 "Scooby Doo Show" era.


We pan through a Western ghost town on a thunderous night, and see an old miner walking around near the entrance to a boarded up mine.
The gang is driving along in a western desert, and Shaggy reads the map and affirms they took the right turn, because "We took this road, and turned to the right". Yet, he's reading the map upside down. Velma sees they are at Gold City, a ghost town with a vulture perched atop the town's main street. They arrive at the Gold City Guest Ranch, which has a "vacancy" sign, and decide to spend the night. They are welcomed by Big Ben, the owner, who points out they are the only guests. (Scooby steals a piece of cheese from a mousetrap, angering the mouse).
He calls Hank, the caretaker, who takes them to their rooms and warns them about the Miner 49er, who came to Gold City in 1849 looking for gold, and won't rest until he finds the last vein. The mine can be heard moaning, calling for the miner. He does not know what the ghost has to do with the ranch, however, and he had scared away all the guests, and Hank is planning to leave too in the morning.
The gang, (including even Shaggy), is skeptical about "a hundred year old miner", but realize that "something must have scared off the guests". (Scooby observes an eye peering at him through a keyhole, but finds no one behind the door).

Since it's still early, Fred decides to go into the ghost town and take a look around "to see what we can find". (Shaggy: "I know what we'll find--ghosts!" Shaggy wonders "what it's like on a Saturday night", and then has "seen enough" when the shutter of the undertaker's office falls off). Unbeknownst to them, a lightning flash reveals the miner watching them from a doorway.
They enter a saloon, and when Shaggy and Scooby order sarsparillas, the miner (still unnoticed) pushes glasses filled with spider webs to them. The player piano starts up, making them think it's being played by ghosts. (When they fall down from the drapes and Scooby lands on Shaggy: "Why couldn't you have been a poodle?")

Back outside, no one has found any clues. They enter a hotel ("Maybe our mysterious miner has rented a room for the night"), and a branch catches onto Shaggy's shirt through a window, and grabbing onto Scooby's tail, they both get pulled out onto the tree. Back inside, Scooby lags behind the others, and his reflection in a mirror is soon replaced by the miner, who is about to grab him. He runs, getting wrapped up in a curtain, which then drags a cigar store Indian along (which Shaggy at first thinks is the miner). It crashes into the others ("Some miner!") and falls over. Inside is a map of gold city inside (Shaggy: "What's a new map doing in an old Indian?") with a series of numbers they realize is the combination of a safe. (At first they wonder if it's directions to a treasure, which to Shaggy is "like a fortune in buried chocolate cheeseburgers"). They head to the safe in the lobby.

Shaggy tries to work the lock like a master safecracker, but the instructions Freddy reads is simply to turn the knob to the right ("I knew it was open all the time"). It is a wooden elevator. Scooby has to be lured in with two Scooby snacks, and then it lands them in a mine tunnel (As Freddy says "If there is a miner; this is where we'll find him", he's seen walking by, through a nearby opening). Shaggy lights up what he thinks are candles, but are really sticks of dynamite, which he tries to blow out, then tosses in the nick of time.
They encounter a section of tunnel lit by three lanterns, and then hear the moaning.

They split up to find where the moan came from (Shaggy: "I'm liable to holler even if I don't find anything!"). Shaggy walks whistling "Oh My Darling". Suddenly, a huge shadow is behind him, scaring him. It is Scooby, playing a prank. But like the boy who cried wolf, this causes Shaggy to not believe him when he finds the miner behind one of a series of doors. When Shaggy looks, there is nothing. ("What are you trying to do, scare me again?") This happens a couple of times (Scooby imitating his grunt), until they switch sides, and then Shaggy finally sees him, and they both run.

Meanwhile, Freddy falls through a section of floor, and is covered with flour, scaring Shaggy and Scooby who open the door he is behind. They escape in a mine car train, but the miner is in the next car. They uncouple him, Scooby ends up in his car for a bit, and they then crash at the end of the track, and roll down some barrels, landing near the others. "Danger prone Daphne" has just fallen into a mineshaft. Scooby tries to pull her out, but gets the miner instead and drops him back down, then she's back.
They hear the moans again (Shaggy: "Well, if like I had a face like that, I'd moan too!"). They find a wire leading to a speaker. To Velma's hunch of what was at the other end of the wire; "I was right; a tape recorder!" Shaggy has also found a jar of what he thinks is chocolate syrup, but is really samples of crude oil. ("Oil in a gold mine?")

Fred decides to use the speakers and microphone to lure the miner, with Scooby scooting on a track dolly (with a huge headlight on it), to Shaggy's train imitation. The Miner hears and sees these effects and runs, and Fred traps him in a shack, but Scooby has lost control, and crashes through, with the miner hanging from a platform, with Scooby holding onto his boots. Scooby falls to the ground below, pulling off the boots, revealing stilts. As a little guy, it can only be one person; Hank ("Aww, dag nabbit!") Back outside, they explain to Ben that Hank was scaring off the guests to force him out of business, so he could buy the guest ranch, the ghost town and the mine for almost nothing. He had accidentally found the secret mine entrance in the hotel safe, and then found "not gold, [but] 'black gold'" (oil), and hid the map in the cigar store Indian. ("Now, instead of being rich, he's in jail").

Scooby uses the stilts to picks apples out of a tree, but then trips in a gopher hole and falls, holding two of them. Says Shaggy, "One of those apples better be for me!"

The background score includes a newly produced rendition of "Oh My Darling", which was a popular song mentioning "the miner forty-niner, and his daughter, Clementine". This would be reused at different times throughout the series. The title part of the chorus was also the frequent song of earlier HB star Huckleberry Hound. And it was also whistled by Shaggy in the story.

The title screne tune is different, using a different scaledown of the theme tume. This would be reused on the similar "Scooby Doo Comedy Movie" episode "Ghastly Ghost Town".

The guest ranch (minus the sign) would be reused three seasons later as the disappearing farmhouse in the Scooby Doo Comedy Movie episode "Dynamic Scooby Doo Affair".

When Velma talks to Hank, she has a smaller, typically "female" mouth with lipstick, like Daphne.


On an Autumn day, Scooby is walking down a leaf covered sidewalk, bumping into a statue. He spots a poodle being walked by a rich lady. He tries to impress her with flowers, but she ignores him. When they pass off the screen, a struggle is heard, and the poodle is dognapped. Scooby runs to the rest of the gang, and changes the radio they were listening to to the news, which reports the third dognapping of championship dogs. (Shaggy: "Wow! A canine crime wave!"). Buck Masters, the owner of one of them, is offering a $500 reward. The gang takes the case, and arrives at his home. He tells them Big Red was sure to win the contest, but now Bob Miller's Great Dane will have to be a shoe-in. The mention of a "Great Dane" instantly points to Scooby as a logical decoy. (He even seems to be proud at the very idea, at first). Shaggy, holding up a picture of the champion dog says "Yeah, but who'd dog nap Scooby for ransom?" Says Daphne: "We'll fix that!". The girls bathe him in the Mystery Machine (Velma: "What are we doing, solving a mystery, or running a beauty parlor for pooches?"), and Fred fits a fancy collar on him, which has a transmitter so the gang can track him. When a Scooby snack is tossed for his bravery, Shaggy gulps it knowing that he is the one to take him out on a leash. (Scooby blocks him from getting the second one, though).

Shaggy (disguised in a coat and hat) and Scooby walk down the street on which the dognapper is expected to strike. They pass a scruffy female dog who likes Scooby. Shaggy tells him to keep going, and she then gets angry and kicks a can of garbage at them. Shaggy catches it all in his hat. ("Lucky for you, I'm a dog lover! Yuck!") Soon, a truck fills the area with its smoke, Scooby's leash is cut, and he is taken. Shaggy tries to run, and then takes a motor scooter from a gas station. The gang, watching the radar screen in the Mystery Machine, notices the collar is moving fast, and then join the pursuit. The chase leads to the desert, and suddenly, the horse-riding ghost of Geronimo is chasing Shaggy, who crashes. Meanwhile, Scooby has been brought to the lair where the other dogs are being kept in cages, and is viewed by a witch doctor. He immediately recognizes him as phony and yells at his henchman. ("YOU FOOL...!! How could you mistake this mutt for a show dog?"). He then instructs him to dispose of him on a hand-car. The man puts him back in the box and sends him rolling.
Meanwhile, Shaggy has met up with the rest of the gang, and describes the ghost. ("Why, when he waved that tomahawk, even my hair was scared!") Velma finds the tomahawk, which "must be a thousand years old". Scooby, who was able to cut a hole in the box with one of his claws to stick his head out, passes by the gang, who then pursues. Shaggy jumps from the Mystery Machine onto the hand car, and the rest of the gang stops at a gorge. Shaggy and Scooby are out on a trestle with a train approaching. Shaggy tries to apply the brake, which is rusty, and Scooby helps him with a bite to the rear. They are able to stop and reverse, but the train is still catching up to them. Fred finds a switch and diverts them to a siding just in time. They are happy to be reunited, and when Scooby is asked where he was taken, he imitates Geronimo.

The whole gang tries to backtrack to the dognappers on the hand-car (Shaggy imitates train sounds while Fred & the girls pump), but the ghost comes after them and shoots an arrow into the handcar. The gang takes cover behind a rock until he passes. (Scooby waving a white flag with his tail). Fred points out the arrow was factory made. Then Shaggy points out the cliff dwelling behind them. They sling a huge spear with a rope attached up to the cliff to climb up. Scooby tries to crawl away, but Velma orders him back. Up in the dwelling, the witch doctor appears threatening them with "the fate of Spanish Conquistadores buried in desert below" and then disappears. Velma notes "That Indian sure spoke good English, considering he's supposed to be a thousand years old!". Scooby, who was hiding in a vase, breaks out and follows the rest of the gang. They are soon swarmed with bats (Shaggy: "If I ever get out of this, we'll call this dance the 'Bat-tusi'!") Everyone separates, and Velma's glasses have been knocked off. Shaggy runs into Scooby, who is disguised as a native. This scares him away, but then he returns seeing it was only Scooby, who is also wearing Velma's glasses. Velma meanwhile comes across a totem pole she thinks is Shaggy and Scooby petrified with fear, until they enter the room and give her back her glasses.
Fred and Daphne, meanwhile, enter a temple and see a fire burning at the altar, ("Bet that fire hasn't been burning for a thousand years!") and the witch doctor appears in the fire, makes another threat, and then vanishes again. Daphne refuses to go any further and instead sits on a stone bench, which carries her down through the floor and returns empty, leaving Fred to wonder what happened to her.

Shaggy and Scooby find a pantry of food, including dog food ("Rooby rood!"), and realize that this is the dognappers' hide-out. Shaggy makes himself a sandwich (putting together its layers to the tune of "Them Bones"), and unknown to him, Scooby is pushed into one of the cabinets, which leads to a slide down to the dungeon where Daphne and the stolen dogs are being held. He unties her. Fred meanwhile moves a statue hiding a secret passage and Velma rises up from it on another bench, and then Daphne also appears, to lead them to the dogs. Scooby communicates with the dogs (all in barking) to lead them to the dognappers. Shaggy is getting ready to eat his sandwich as he looks for Scooby, and is knocked down by the running dogs. He puts the sandwich layers back together as fast as they fall ("That was almost a catastrophe!"), and he eats the whole thing in one bite and follows. Everyone slides down a ladder, which Shaggy falls through the rungs of.
The dogs corner the witch doctor, and unmask him. It was Buck Masters, the owner of Big Red, himself. He shouts "Blasted kids! Why didn't you mind your own business?" and Fred responds "Catching dognappers is our business, Mr. Masters. After all, Scooby is a dog, and we love him very much!" (Scooby is flattered). At the sheriff's office, they explain the mystery. Buck Masters wanted to remove the only other dogs who could beat Big Red; then Big Red was to turn up right before the contest and win first prize. The phantom Indian was only movies from a projector. Shaggy thinks he sees the shadow of Geronimo on the wall, but it's only Scooby, holding up a tomahawk and feather duster.

The Mystery Machine is full of the high-tech radar equipment of its day. A new Mystery Machine would be introduced for the 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo in the 80's that was even more advanced.

The truck that creates smoke when Scooby is captured is clearly a reused silhouette of Freddy in the Mystery Machine.

When Daphne says that the temple she and Fred are about to enter is a "perfect place for a witch doctor to live", the upper light colored stripe on her dress is missing.

The story omits how Velma gets separated from Shaggy and Scooby the second time. She is with them one minute and gone the next scene and eventually discovered by Fred to whom she explains that she [like Daphne] had sat on a bench that carried her to a different place.

Much of the score for this episode is from "The Man Called Flintstone" feature (1966). A few pieces, such as the one at the beginning and when the whole gang rides the handcar, were first used in Alice in Wonderland, Secret Squirrel and other such shows.


At the Kingston Mansion (the huge palace-like house seen at the very beginning of the opening sequence), a ghostly voice is heard, saying "Come"! A man is shown sleepwalking through a cemetery, drawn by the voice.
The gang is driving to the Wetherby Estate, being invited for the weekend by their friend Sharon. (Shaggy looks forward to all the "groovy things to do", such as "swimming and eating, and tennis and eating, and riding and eating, and eating and...", when Scooby swipes his huge sandwich out of his hand. It takes him a couple of seconds to even realize).

They see the man walking into the mansion. They meet Sharon and her father, and she tells them about her Uncle Stewart, who has disappeared, in addition to strange noises. Daphne wonders if it was the man they saw going to the mansion.
They go to the mansion and look, and outside, find him in a shadow, having become an old man! He tells them about the voice that put him in a trance and drew him there, where he saw the ghost of Elias Kingston, who tells him the Wetherby fortune belongs to him and places a curse on him to make him age, which will happen to all in the Weatherby estate if the fortune is not returned by the morning. The phone being dead, Mr. Weatherby goes to get the sheriff, while the gang watches Uncle Stewart. The first one to stand guard is Scooby, "the watchdog". (He at first pretends to be hard of hearing). He sleeps on duty, and the voice calls Stewart again. Scooby wakes up and calls everyone on the bugle. Sharon is now gone too.

They go to the mansion, and Shaggy rolls on skates, so the ghost won't catch him. The bookcase (seen on the opening sequence) opens, revealing both the ghost and Sharon, gagged and tied to a chair. The ghost begins following the gang. Shaggy wonders "if ghosts can hide in little pots", bending over to pick one up from the floor. The ghost uses a bellow to blow him away, still on the skates. He skates out of control, and lands in a bathtub, with the shower running on him.

Scooby opens a cobweb filled refigerator and finds a bone. A bulldog enters the room and gets right in his face. Scooby props the bone into his mouth and runs. The dog crunches the bone to nothing and pursues (and the ghost points to where Scooby is), but then Scooby slams the wooden washbasin he was running in over him, and blind, he crashes into Shaggy, dripping wet out of the tub ("Like wow; how soggy can a guy get"), and both land back in the tub. ("If there's one thing I can't stand, it's taking a bath in a haunted house").

The gang, back together, realizes that this was a clue; "Who ever heard of a ghost needing a watch dog to scare anybody away?" They still have not seen the ghost themselves, nor Sharon or her uncle. Yet Shaggy identifies, from what Stewart as wearing, that he has now been turned "a little older"; i.e. into a skeleton; ("That's just about as old as you can get!") Shaggy reveals another clue; the ghost standing right next to him with his hand on his shoulder. The ghost repeats his threat. (Freddy says they're not going to let him scare them, but rather, "We're going to solve this mystery!") Scooby had run into a closet and placed an "out to lunch" sign on the door. ("With Scooby, I wouldn't be surprised"). When they open it, they find that he is in fact actually at a dinner table (complete with candelabra), eating a whole turkey! (Shaggy: "How do you like that? He didn't even invite me!")

Outside, they see the ghost walk into the mausoleum. They use Velma's fingerprinting kit, and Shaggy (giving it "the old Sherlock Holmes touch") dusts Velma's hand, saying "look at all them fingerprints"! When he finally dusts the doorknob instead, they see fingerprints, and realize "ghosts don't leave fingerprints". Scooby's offered four Scooby snacks to go in and sniff around for the ghost, but Shaggy at the last minute eats them out of Freddy's hand and goes in instead. ("Sometimes, I'll do anything for a Scooby snack"!)
When they're all in, they find a book on crystalomacy (Shaggy: "Crystal O'Macy? I once knew a Crystal O'Nerdlinger!"), which is about how to use a crystal ball, like fortune teller use. The ghost pulls the door, locking them in. They look around for a secret way out. Scooby disappears through a rotating section of wall. When the others tap on the wall, it rotates again, and spins, landing them all in a secret passage that was a shortcut to the Weatherby estate.

They go to the swami shop, but he's not there. Daphne opens the storage closet door, causing Shaggy and Scooby to be buried under stuff, including a swami costume. Someone enters; a customer. She sees Scooby, sitting at the swami's table looking like him. Shaggy throws his voice to respond to her. He begins reading her fortune, but then insults her. When she asks for her palm to be read, Scooby paints it. ("You did say 'red'!"). She gets mad and leaves. Suddenly, the table rises, with the ghost's head appearing in the crystal ball, saying "Now you shall PAY", and begins floating toward them. They duck and run as he chases them through the store. Scooby ends up on the table, and it crashes. Freddy sees it was fan propelled. They also see suitcases, a professional makeup kit, and a TV camera. When Shaggy points it at Scooby, he appears on the crystal ball.

So they have now figured it all out, and Scooby and Shaggy are sent out with a trunk, calling the ghost, who thinks it's the fortune. He shows up and opens the trunk, but is squirted with a water flower inside. He chases them, and they place an anvil behind a curtain, and Shaggy's shoes under it, tricking him into hurting his hand when he punches it. Reunited with the others, they enact "Phase 2", by filming Shaggy running on a treadmill, leading him to give chase ("Stop, or I'll mummify you!") The ghost then sees multiple copies of himself running alongside him, and thinks "This place is really haunted!" They then project a tape of Scooby growling, which is larger than life. He runs into the secret room where he had Sharon, who's now freed and watching with the gang. Inside, he instead sees the chair with the skeleton ("How did that get here?"). He runs back out and is trapped by a net dropped by the gang.
It was Uncle Stewart. He was trying to scare Sharon into giving up the family fortune, and used makeup to make himself look old. Sharon herself had seen his wig blow off, and already knew he wasn't old, which is why he had to tie and gag her. As for the swami; "What better way for a swindler to disappear?"

Mr. Wetherby offers them food. Shaggy runs right to the table and uncovers a dish, but it's empty with a sign reading "Scooby Doo was here"? He's again eaten the whole turkey, chomping away on the last drumstick.

This episode is where a majority of the clips used on the intro were taken from.

When the girls are explaining the makeup, Daphne's voice continues talking, even though the animation has switched to Velma.


The gang is at the movie set of Daphne's Uncle John Maxwell. He is directing the movie, "The Ape Man of Forbidden Mountain", (by the "Epi-Center Film Company"). He had given the gang jobs as extras. He needed them, because he couldn't get locals to work in the film, because of a legend about a real ape man, who had burned down an old mansion years ago, and had been seen in the area at night. (Scooby tries on a gruesome disguise, but Shaggy says he doesn't see any difference). John says the only ape man on the mountain is his stunt man, Carl.
As they begin filming, the star, Candy Mint runs across a foot bridge, and the ape man is on the other side, (looking "for real", and "better than he was in rehearsal"). He was supposed to jump up and down on the bridge, but instead lifts it up, shaking it. Maxwell, realizes it's not his stuntman. Scooby bravely runs and confronts the apeman, allowing Candy to escape. The ropes snap and Scooby bounces off a branch, allowing him to physically assault the ape and finally knock him into the gorge. They catch him with a net and all praise him. ("You were better than Laddie!") They go to Carl's trailer to look for him. Scooby opens a compartment and find's the "apeman's head", which is really part of a costume. (He's by now lost the bravery he had before). A knock is heard from the trunk Scooby is leaning on. Velma tells him "don't go into one of your acts; just open the trunk". It's Carl, who says a big hairy animal grabbed him and threw him in the trunk. Candy comes in and quits, and Carl does as well. Maxwell withdraws his job offer, but allows the gang to help solve the mystery.

Outside, they discuss the legend, of the ape man living in a secret cave somewhere in the rocks, and how he was smart enough to get rid of the stuntman. (Shaggy: "A dumb ape is bad enough. One that smart, I can live without; get it?"). With the set built on the ruins of the old mansion, they realize there should be some good clue hunting. Scooby finds a half eaten burger. Shaggy wants to eat it, but the others realize it was being eaten by the ape man, given the claw marks on it. This was strange, considering apes don't eat meat. Shaggy now doesn't want to eat after an ape, but Scooby obliges instead.
Tbey split up to search for "this ape man who eats hamburgers". Velma, Scooby and Shaggy hear a voice repeating "Stick 'em up; what's the password?" (Shaggy; his and Velma's hands in the air: "The great ape is first rate"). Scooby goes and uncovers a parrot in a cage. They suddenly see the ape man coming after them, but it's stuffed and on wheels, and it lands on Shaggy ("Can't we talk this man to ape man?"), who tears it to pieces trying to fight "him" off. ("I hope you don't think it had me fooled for a minute. I knew it all the time!"). They find a copy of the film's shooting script, which was left open to the scene they were shooting that day. While continuing to search around, Fred notes that in the film, people mysteriously vanish from the room. He himself then falls back through a secret opening, activated by a button on a shelf pushed by Daphne, with the others unaware at first.

The apeman puts on a disguise of Scooby's head, and makes him think he's looking in a mirror, but the paws don't match. When he shows the others the phony reflection, he disappears, leaving no reflection, and then appears as the apeman and chases them. Scooby turns brave again and manages to back the apeman off, up a flight of stairs. Trying to turn on a light, Daphne instead presses a switch changing the stairs into a slide, causing Scooby to slide down and crash. (Shaggy: "Why didn't you put on the brakes?" Scooby: "rI like to slide!")

The next switch (Velma: "With your luck, Daph, the next button you push will bring the roof down, but go ahead") lifts up the whole staircase, revealing Freddy underneath. He's found the perfect trap for the apeman, and leads them to where he was. Using the net put up to capture the ape in the film to catch the real ape man, Scooby is promised a few Scooby snacks, and a bonus one afterward, and not working on Shaggy, he's promised a "Shaggy snack" Daphne whipped up, which is a pot pie with pizza crust, anchovies, cherries, and all in a thick chocolate sauce (!)
Going out to look for the ape, they hear a growl coming from a room, and see trophies of a deer, lion, rhino, and an ape (Shaggy: "Don't be silly, that's only a trophy"). The ape head disappears, and Scooby repeatedly counts the trophies. He begins to tell Shaggy, who's shooting a game of pool, and pokes the apeman who's standing behind him, realizing it was not Scooby. He chases them around the pool table, and then they lead him out to the trap, but Scooby, clenching on to Velma, has steamed up her glasses, and she pulls the wrong switch, turning off the light, and Shaggy is captured instead (sarcastically, "Yeah; King Kong in the flesh").

Realizing he must still be in the basement, they look, and find a tuft of hair in a wine cask. It's actually a secret entrance to a tunnel, which rather than being part of the film set, "is more like the cave where the ape man is supposed to live". It leads out to the dressing room trailers. They split (Shaggy's not only playing it cool, but is an "ice cube"). Inside one trailer, he tries on an old colonial era style wig ("Give me liberty, or give me pizza pie!") Scooby wears an ape head, and Shaggy grabs a jiffy camera and takes several pictures of him. Stopping to wind it, he looks over and sees the ape man getting ready to put on his mask. He gets his attention and snaps a picture. The ape man enters and chases them. Fred directs them to lead him to the trap, and he slides down the staircase-turned-slide. Shaggy shows the others the photo; it's Carl, the stunt man.

Maxwell explains that Carl tried to sabotage the film because he wouldn't let him play the lead. He had locked himself in the trunk and made up the phony story.

Everyone sees Scooby and the ape man sitting before the fireplace, figuring Shaggy was trying on the ape mask. But when they see it's actually Scooby under that mask, (so that there's two Scoobies), everyone is confused, but Shaggy then reveals he's the other one, wearing the Scooby head the ape man wore! Says Maxwell; "There's real talent". Shaggy: "We ought to be in the movies!"

We for the first time begin to see the gang's family members

The villain uses his actual work role as his haunting getup. That seemed like a giveaway, especially since it was obvious it was Carl whom Shaggy witnessed putting the mask back on.


Scooby and the gang are on the beach, near Funland, which is closed for the season. Scooby has caught a bucket of clams for Shaggy ("I've heard of bird dogs, and rabbit dogs, but you're the first clam dog I ever heard of"). Thinking about food makes Shaggy long for the food and rides of Funland, (which in its dark state looks a bit spooky, even haunted, says Daphne). Right as they talk, suddenly, the lights come on and the rides begin moving, even though the place isn't supposed to open for weeks. They go to investigate. As they do, a robot is shown riding the rollercoaster.

Once inside, they see that everything's running, but nobody's there. Shaggy and Scooby go to a counter and order food, and it is slid to them by itself. Freddy tries a ball toss, knocking down all the bottles. When their backs are turned, the bottles are all stacked back up, and a prize given! When he pays his quarter, the cash register rings it up by itself! ("I'm beginning to wonder if this place is haunted").
Shaggy begins seeing the robot running past, in the distance. Scooby is unable to pick up his scent, and they think it might be a ghost. They then get a better look at him heading into the hall of mirrors ("That was no ghost; it looks more like a man from Mars!"). Shaggy and Scooby look at their distorted reflections in the mirror, and eventually see a mouse made giant, and finally, the robot. They run and hide in trash cans. Meanwhile, Fred and the girls see him in a distance entering the ferris wheel, and Fred goes to ask him questions. With the ride stopping half way, he manually cranks it until the robot's car is back down, but it's now empty. Suddenly, and the lights and rides in the park start going out (Daphne: "This is the first time I ever wanted to leave Funland").

The gang is back together and describes the strange man. They see a house and figure it might be the caretaker. They go in and explain to the caretaker, Mr. Jenkins, and his sister, but they deny anything strange could be going on. ("Maybe it's the moonlight playing tricks on you"). They give up trying to prove it to them and go back to the beach and watch. (Shaggy: "What's this; a stakeout? I'd rather have a 'steak-IN'; a sirloin steak—in me!") After an hour, the music, lights and rides start up again, and they go back into the park, but this time, everything is running haywire (including the merry go round running backwards, and the hot dog stand jetting out a steady stream of the food, which Scooby has going straight into his mouth, until Shaggy intercepts them with his tray; —"I like to eat too!"). They see the strange man juggling. They give chase and he causes a stand of stuffed toys to rain on them. He next goes into the tunnel of love, and they follow. He comes at them like a torpedo, causing them to land in the knee high water (Shaggy swims frantically. Daphne wants to hurt him for messing up her hair).

They've split up ("It's OK to look for the torpedo man, just as long as we don't find him"), and Shaggy and Scooby find the high striker (strongman) game. Shaggy can barely lift the hammer, but manages to reach "He-Man". Scooby, using his tail, hits the bell! ("You gotta have the strongest tail in the world!") Behind their backs, the robot shows up, and hits the bell so hard, the puck disintegrates! Shaggy and Scooby run, and he pursues, onto the rollercoaster, and climbs car by car, toward them. Fred and the girls watch, and then Fred uses the control to slow down an empty car going the other way, for them to jump into. ("Don't EVER let us do that again!")
The robot has gotten out and standing on the top of the rollercoaster, and then dives, landing into a tent. They then aim to catch him using a bumper car. Shaggy turns it on from the motor instead of the battery, and it takes off with Velma and Scooby, who can't control it. She also loses her glasses. They nearly crash into the miniature train and then land in the cotton candy (which Scooby licks off of himself with his tongue, as seen in the opening sequence).

Fred devises another trap. (Scooby doesn't want to be the bait, until Velma suggests going with him and using the Dodg'em car again). He creeps around in a barrel and runs right into the robot (another scene from the opening). They chase into the wax museum and then into the trap, which the robot is able to crash right through (including a brick wall). They finally realize "He's not human!" and Mr Jenkins arrives and confesses it's "Charlie, the world's most perfect robot" who he programmed to operate everything the park, but somehow got out of hand, and asks them to help him catch it. (Scooby: "Rere re ro arain!").
They ride the go kart with a huge magnet, and spot him. They are drawing him toward them, until the magnet suddenly stops, and Charlie, whose circuits have been fouled by it, runs into a wall. The magnet's electric cable has been cut! Scooby points out someone hiding around the corner and Jenkins calls the person out. We see first the clips in someone's hand, and then see it's Sarah, his sister. She caused him to lose control, because she didn't think robots should work where children come to have fun. The gang agrees; "kids need humans".

Jenkins decides to rebuild Charlie, and the gang has come back to see. He now gives Scooby a good ear-scratching!

An instance where no crime is committed

This episode also lends several clips to the opening sequence


"Kind of a spooky night", says Shaggy as he and Scooby walk carrying a pizza. Just as they decide to eat it now, ("after all, we only had 6 blockbuster pizzas!"), a car speeds by and a violin case falls out. It is full of money, perhaps thousands of dollars. Shaggy has Scooby guard it while he goes to phone the gang. The car pulls back up and a girl poodle is released, limping. When Scooby runs to help her, the violin case is taken ("rI roofed"). The gang shows up, and Scooby reenacts what has happened. Searching the area, they find a puppet control from Pietro's Puppets, the puppet show at the Strand. They then realize that the girl dog was a puppet, and piecing together the clues realize, shouting in unison, "COUNTERFEITERS!" They go to the Strand and see a watchman working a puppet. They ask about auditioning Scooby as a trained dog act. The puppet says "You can't work here unless you are a puppet!" Despite looking like a professional, the man says he only fiddles with the puppet as a hobby; the great Pietro having taught him. Scooby finds a brand new $20 bill and they leave. Velma identifies it as real, and figuring it may have been planted to make them think nothing fishy was going on, they go back.
The doorman is now asleep, and the door is unlocked. Tiptoeing by, Scooby drops a hat, and the puppet opens an eye. They begin looking for clues (Shaggy checks the "clues closet" —a stage prop door). They split up and a man is shown looking down at them. Things begin falling, and Scooby runs. The girls are almost hit with a weight bag, and Velma sees that the rope was cut, "and ropes don't cut themselves". Shaggy and Scooby look in a dressing room. First, Scooby is scared by a jack-in-the-box, then they try on various masks, including Shaggy dressing as "the Cloaked Cavalier". Scooby sees the man dressed the same way in the same pose on the other side of the room, then he is gone. Donning Shaggy's costume, he tells him there were "two of you", and they both split. Next, the others see him in a prompter's box on stage. Scooby is lured down it with a Scooby Snack tossed in. It is a violin case room. They don't find anything in it at first.

The man is now playing the organ on stage and then disappears. Next, a Viking and pirate appear, and then the girl dog puppet. Scooby grabs it, and sticking out of its stuffing is the front engraving plate of a $20 bill. They go to tell the doorman, but find that he is a puppet too! The clue is snatched by an eagle puppet which swoops down from the ceiling. They check the violin room again, and a harp case hides a door (it has "a whole room in it!"), containing counterfeit printing presses. The man appears and chases them ("You have learned my secret; now you can never go!"). They climb a ladder (in total darkness) to a trap door, but the man is standing on it trapping them. After a few seconds, they push, and he is gone. They are back on stage, and see the Viking and pirate again, now realizing that they are only life size puppets, like the doorman. Scooby sees the puppet master (the caped man) up on a catwalk and turns brave and chases him, using a weight rope to propel hisself up there. Trapped on a rope, the man is brought down by Fred, and trapped in a drum and tuba by Shaggy. In police custody, we see it was the man posing as the doorman; —who's really actually Pietro himself, and the mastermind of the counterfeiting ring; the town having been flooded with phony $20's. Scooby shows off by dressing as a magician ("what a ham!")

one of the best plots & settings


The gang is driving along and sees two circus stuntmen, Max and Samson riding a bicycle for two. It suddenly comes apart, and they crash. The gang goes to help, and the little guy, Max is dangling from a tree. Scooby offers his back for him to land on. They tell the gang that the circus they left is jinxed, and that the bicycle was rigged to fall apart, and warn the gang to leave that neck of the woods. The gang goes to the circus anyway and the owner, Mr. Barnstorm, tells them the circus is haunted by a ghost clown (seen earlier) who has caused strange things to happen, such as the trampoline wires coming undone and the lions acting like scared pussycats. He warns them to leave, and they do, but soon notice that Scooby is not with them. He's still back at the circus being hypnotized by the ghost clown with a gold coin, into doing the high wire act. (Having been lured away from the others by seeing the ghost's shadow). The gang returns to the circus and splits up. Shaggy and Velma enter the big top and see Scooby on the high wire and suspect he's in a trance. They move a trampoline over to catch him and Velma climbs up a ladder to the platform. The ghost then wakes Scooby who clings to the wire. Velma tosses him an umbrella, which halfway down gives out. He lands on the trampoline, bouncing Shaggy, who knocks Velma (about to be grabbed by the ghost) off the platform. All three bounce up and down until Scooby lands in a miniature house and rises ("falling up") with balloons which the ghost begins popping with darts ("rootin' at me!"). Shaggy tries to climb to the rescue only to find a clown's rubber ladder. When all the balloons are popped, they are able to break his fall with a trampoline. Outside, Fred and Daphne see the ghost clown walk into the costume tent. Inside, he pushes Fred into a trunk and hypnotizes Daphne. Shaggy, Scooby and Velma are walking in the big top and suddenly see Daphne riding past them on a unicycle (Shaggy: "She can't even ride a bi-cycle!"). She rides up and down a wire and then Shaggy and Scooby try to catch her with a stampede net, but are only pulled into a tuba and a drum. Running blind, they are knocked over by her. She then rides into the animal tent and rides atop elephants. Scooby, talking in animal language, directs an elephant to squirt her with water. He squirts Scooby first, then Daphne, waking her (She wonders why she's in a costume and wet). She only remembers "something about money", the rest being blank.

Fred, found and freed by the others, sets up a trap with a cage. The fastest runner, Scooby, is chosen to lure him, but he pretends to have a "rained rankle". When the reward is changed from Scooby Snacks to a "super duper hero sandwich", then both he and Shaggy are willing to go. They see the clown walking and split up to surround him. The ghost now hypnotizes Shaggy to do the lion tamer's act. Scooby's snout sniffs around a corner, and he soon hears Shaggy taming Simba the lion. The ghost is about to wake him so he can be "a tasty snack for a hungry lion", but Scooby snatches his whistle, opens the lion's cage and wakes Shaggy, who at first doesn't realize what's going on. When he does, he zips out so fast Scooby thinks he's still inside. Scooby realizes he's out, and slams the door just in time. The ghost floats after them, and is trapped in the cage just as planned, but suddenly, his voice is heard from a distance saying "You fools will never capture the ghost clown!", and he has disappeared from the cage. When Freddy says "I'd have bet money we had him", it suddenly dawns on Shaggy that a gold coin had something to do with it, and now he volunteers hisself and Scooby to go back out to lure the ghost again. The ghost clown tries to hypnotize them into being chimpanzees, but Shaggy and Scooby suddenly pull out mirrors causing the clown to hypnotize himself. They bring him in on a leash, leading him with bananas. Unmasked, the owner instantly recognizes him as Harry the Hypnotist, who once had an act with the circus, but was sent to prison for stealing. He was getting revenge, and the disappearing clown was an inflatable dummy.
The circus has reopened, and Samson the Strong is lifting a huge barbell. Scooby and Shaggy pop out of it and pose, being a riot for the crowd. Says Freddy: "What a pair of hams!"

Another instance where the villain is someone who was not met earlier in the mystery.

Perhaps the worst portrayed villain ever, as he aimed to seriously cause great harm to his victims, rather than merely scaring them!


Scooby and the gang are chased by a classic monster trio --Dracula, Frankenstein and a werewolf. Driving to Franken castle (imported stone by stone from Transylvania, and experiencing thunder with not a cloud in the sky) on a pleasure trip, they stop at a gypsy fortune teller who warns them not to go to the castle; the caretaker having run away in fear. They go anyway, and are confronted by the vampire at the drawbridge. He warns them to go away "or abandon all hope of seeing the sun again!", and then turns into a bat. The bridge then goes up, and Daphne, who was halfway across, is trapped inside the castle as the Frankenstein monster approaches. Shaggy and Scooby swing across the moat on a rope, narrowly escaping an alligator's jaws, and try to lower the bridge, but are chased by the werewolf. Scooby, hiding in a suit of armor, trips him, while Shaggy hides on a window ledge. Scooby then hides in a piano. Shaggy throws his voice into two suits of armor. The werewolf smashes one, and throws the other into the piano. Using the broken keys as fangs, Scooby backs him up for Shaggy to trap him with a ceiling candelabra he has cut down.

Freddy and Velma encounter the vampire, who says their spirits will dwell in the castle forever. Velma loses her glasses and crawls blind into a secret passage behind a fireplace. Shaggy and Scooby wander into the kitchen and find pickled bat wings, werewolf snacks and fried moonbeams ("double yuck yuck"). Scooby finds "a big one" (Frankie) in the pantry. They escape on a rail hook. Velma enters a torture chamber with a skeleton in stocks, and hides in a barrel. Shaggy and Scooby land in the room from a chute. They find Velma when Scooby snacks come out of the barrel, and then they hear Daphne, who was in a dungeon below them. Drac approaches and Scooby pulls and drops him into the dungeon as they lift Daphne out. They enter a dark passage, and come out with Shaggy and Scooby missing, but find Fred on the other end. Daphne reads a note from 1668 she copied when Frankie had her as prisoner. It reads "I've fooled them all, I may perish, but I'll be as rich as King Tut". Knowing the Egyptian ruler would have had his wealth buried with him, they decide to visit the Franken crypt.
Meanwhile, Shaggy and Scooby play mad doctor in the lab. (Unknowingly preventing the werewolf from attacking). Frankie appears on a patient table (that they earlier thought he was under and hosed, only to wet a dummy and have the water come back on both of themselves) and pushes Scooby, on another table, who then bumps into Shaggy (who almost left him, and now rides the table too); and using a sheet, they stop just short of a long winding stairway.

Fred and the girls find them and they all head for the crypt. Inside, they open the lid of a coffin and are chased by Drac, who was sleeping inside. Shaggy and Scooby try to trap him in some tapestry, but he runs covered in it back into the coffin, which when opened again is now empty, except for a ruby and gold earring which Fred recognizes as the gypsy's jewels (which are also sewn on a piece of the tapestry Scooby has). They return to her trailer, and as they question her, Scooby pulls the tapestry out from under her, as "she" begins yelling in a male voice. He/she runs and falls in front of a police car, called by the caretaker. It was Big Bob Oakley, "the Actor", master of disguise wanted in 7 states. He was after the jewels in the tapestry. At a picnic, Scooby demonstrates the bat trick-- a stuffed bat on wire. Scooby himself follows on the wire and takes a big chomp out of Shaggy's sandwich. Says Shaggy: "I always thought you were a little batty!"

Oakley is the first villain to utter "I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for these blasted kids and their dog"

One of the most elemental and classic haunting ideas. Especially scenes like Frankenstein coming after Daphne

The female voice of the gypsy is June Foray


At the archaeology building of a college, a professor tells the gang about the 3000 year old mummy of Anka (Shaggy: "Doesn't look a day over 2000"), which was brought by Dr. Najib who then tells them about the curse of Anka which turns whoever disturbs it to stone. Shaggy has found a coin, the mystery of which the professor has not solved yet. Hungry, the gang goes out for a snack, and someone breaks into the school. The professor finds the mummy gone. At the malt shop, they order 3 liverwurst a la modes, and Shaggy almost pays with the coin. They go back to the campus to find the professor turned to "14 karat stone"! They fear the mummy did it and crashed out through the glass door, but the broken glass is inside the door, as if someone came in. They split up to look for clues-- namely the mummy. Putting away a broom and trashcan lid Shaggy and Scooby wanted to use as weapons, they find the mummy in a closet. He punches out of the door and goes after them. Shaggy and Velma disguise as Egyptians in an exhibit, while the mummy plays the shell game with the vases Scooby is hiding in. They are trapped by a locked door, and the mummy begins moaning "coin!" Shaggy offers him a quarter, but Velma realizes it's the old Egyptian coin he's after. When she tells Shaggy not to give it to him, the mummy is fighting mad. For a whole box of Scooby Snacks, Scooby fights him with a right jab and karate chops, all hurting his arm, and then dances away with a cane (Shaggy: "But you must admit, he's not bad"). They are about to give up the coin, when Scooby sneaks up from behind and nails a piece of his bandage to the floor, giving them a chance to escape. Meanwhile, Freddy and Daphne, following the mummy's footprints, find Dr. Najib turned to stone in his car.

The mummy has gone, leaving the piece of bandage, which Velma takes to the lab to test its age. Scooby drinks three formulas on a table which momentarily gives him a frog's head. Just as Velma's beginning the experiment, the "creepy coin collector" hands her a test tube and begins demanding the coin. She throws chemicals together to form a "smokescreen exit", but they realize too late that they've left Scooby inside with the mummy, who they find has taken him out the back window. Outside, Shaggy finds a stone Scooby and begins crying over him. The real Scooby digs out of the ground and cries over the statue with him ("Look Scoob, you've been turned to stone"), and then poses next to it. In the library, the gang finds a book on Anka saying that he was not only the most feared ruler of Egypt, but also the richest --a "riches to rags" story. The book also shows a little hippo statue with the design of the coin on it. "Big, bad and bandaged" enters and chases them with a power saw that cuts a hole in the floor, dropping them into a pool. Shaggy sits down and counts four feet, two belonging to the mummy. Everybody runs, and Shaggy and Scooby find the cement and molds the statues were made with, and wind up in a tool shed. The mummy begins bricking up the door, and reaching in for the coin, Scooby places a mousetrap on his hand. They find the professor bound and gagged, and when he tells them he's fine, Shaggy regags him. They crash out of the back on a power mower, with the mummy in pursuit. They crash into the gym, where Freddy and the girls were hiding, and slam into the gym horse; Scooby and the mummy bouncing on the trampoline. Scooby kicks the mummy into the basketball hoop, and Fred removes the bandages from his face revealing Dr. Najib. Back at the professor's office, he explains that Dr. Najib was after the coin, but when the professor caught him up to no good, he tied him up, and went after the kids disguised as the mummy.

The coin's significance was that it fitted into the back of the statue like a key, opening it's mouth-- a secret compartment containing a "glass beetle", actually Anka's most valued possession: a diamond scarab worth a fortune.
Scooby has found the real mummy, and moans making Shaggy think for a minute that it was alive.


We open on a scene of a zombie rowing himself on a flatboat through the swamp. He hears the sound of the gang driving through, from an unsuccessful fishing trip. Scooby is still trying to fish, with his tail, in a bucket! Freddy has taken a "creepy shortcut", not knowing it would go through such a spooky swamp. They're lost and see a figure with a lantern ahead. They stop and ask him directions, but then, getting a closer look at him see it's a zombie (Scooby jumps into the bucket) and drive off. They arrive at Swamp's Inn (Velma: "I'd like to know more about that zombie"; Daphne: "Well this sure looks like the place where you could find out!")

The owner, Zeke tells them of seeing the zombie, and the witch who brought him to life with her voodoo magic. He had his partner Zeb had gone to the swamp hunting frogs and saw the actual fire ritual and spell. Meanwhile, Scooby has eaten some jumping beans by accident, and goes bouncing all around the shed, landing in a barrel and crashing. Freddy and and the girls offer to clean it up, and send Shaggy and Scooby to Zeb's shack (which he in fear never leaves), to see if they can find out more information about the witch.

Inside, they see a silhouette in the window. Shaggy flips a coin to see who goes to look ("Heads I win, tails you lose"). Scooby (never catching on to this trick) nevertheless weeps and goes, but only finds a chipmunk. However, when he runs back inside, the hidden zombie closes the door behind him. Shaggy, inside, has found a miniature doll of Zeb, and think the witch actually shrunk him. As the gang drives, Velma explains this is a voodoo doll. They head back to the swamp to find out what the witch and zombie are up to (Shaggy wishes they could find out in the phone book). The witch and zombie are now rowing through the swamp, and the gang follows on a rowboat. Passing through some tall grass, they've vanished. The gang sees a bunch of warning signs (and an alligator crawling into the bog) and then arrive at the witch's shack. They find voodoo dolls of themselves (minus Scooby), placed there to scare them (Velma: "Well it won't work! That 'voodoo' stuff is just a bunch of phoney baloney!"). Scooby sticks the Shaggy doll, and Shaggy cries "YOW; I've been voodooed!", but is shown he has only backed into a fork.
Scooby's laugh is echoed by the witch, who magically appears and threatens them for ignoring her signs. Daphne snarks, "You shouldn't believe everything you read!" The witch gives them "a lesson in witchcraft" by making her vanish, and then vanishes herself!

The others see nothing left of Daphne but her footprints. Yet, the footprints slide, showing them that it's really a trap door. (Shaggy thought it was just "big feet"). Testing it out from below, they then follow footprints, leading to a dock, where they see an old derelict riverboat, and the zombie's boat, with a metal tipped pole he was using.
They split up and Shaggy complains of always being stuck with Scooby and his chattering teeth. (Trying to hold his mouth closed only makes his ears flutter!) They soon find the zombie in a deck box ("Hey, a pair of shoes —And look what they're attached to!") He chases them into the saloon, where Shaggy and Scooby disguise as a par of card players. The zombie gives Shaggy an ace for a full house, and he thanks him, blowing his cover!

Meanwhile, Fred and Velma hear something in a bulkhead and Velma pulls on a lamp to activate a secret passage as done in the movies, but it's really an axe, triggered by a sequence of triggers started when she falls and launches a bar of soap, that does it. (Fred: "Never seen it done that way before"; Velma, "Must have been in a soap opera"). At first they see what looks like a ghost, but realize it's Daphne under a cover. In the same room, they also a winch, power tools, and cutting torch. ("What would a witch want with a winch in a swamp?") Velma remembers the metal tipped pole, and piecing it together, thinks she's got it, but the witch appears and lunges at them. They escape down a coal chute (Velma: "We would land in a coal pile!")

Meanwhile, the zombie is creeping right behind Shaggy and Scooby. Shaggy only realizes when he sees he's casting "two shadows", one of them bald headed. They run into a closet, and come out in a ridiculously crude six-footed witch getup using a mop and cover. Not being fooled, the "rumb rombie" grabs Scooby's exposed tail, pulling him out of the disguise, and Shaggy tosses him a Scooby Snack, so that he turns brave and frees himself. They run and are trapped between the witch and zombie. Shaggy finds the witch's broom and wins at "knobbing up" with her, and takes it and tries to fly off of the deck, but lands in a boat below. He still looks like the witch, who, Freddy and the girls, watching, think, has captured Scooby. So they pounce on him. They also notice from the propeller, that this is an airboat. They use it to leave, but the exit is blocked by the magically appearing witch. They drive "through" her, with Shaggy smothered, but see it's only a sheet painted with phosphorus, and with a balloon head, which is what made her fly.
They can't stop because the throttle is stuck, and so Scooby drops the anchor, which then pulls up an armored car, filled with money, which is what the creeps were after. Freddy says "Well then, let's GIVE it to them!" (Everyone else: "HUH?")

The witch and zombie see two sacks of money, which Shaggy and Scooby are also inside ("Here double ugly; go buy yourself a new face!") They lure them to a trap using a huge branch and wagon, but Scooby's sack gets caught on a root, and Scooby is sent rolling with the witch and zombie. Shaggy uses his fishing rod to catch his sack and reel him to safety, as the crooks are trapped in the armored car. ("YAY, thanks to that fast fishing team of Shaggy and Scooby!")

The crooks are both Zeb and Zeke. They had hijacked the armored car and sunk it in the swamp, and were using the metal tipped pole to find it again when it was safe, and the winch to reel it back up, and the witch and zombie getup to scare people away. Velma explains their smokescreen trick (Sheriff: "Where they're going, I don't think their disappearing act will ever work").
Driving away, Scooby is still fishing in the bucket, and this time actually catches a fish! "that's one fish story no one will believe!"


On an old farm, a space ship is seen coming in for a landing, and an alien (looking like a skeleton in a glowing space suit) walks from the site. The gang is driving nearby, and Shaggy puts together one of his "jaw stretcher special" sandwiches, topped with double fudge chocolate syrup. They've run out of gas and stall near the farmhouse, and decide to ask if they can get gas there. The farmer, trying to chase them off with his shotgun, thinks they are reporters, who've been pestering him night and day ever since "it" showed up. He describes the alien craft, and that something has been creeping around, and then they see his glowing, oddly shaped footprints (Shaggy: "Let's us make tracks, the other way!"), which then disappear. As Velma pieces together the clues, a hen mistakes Scooby's tail for a worm, causing him to jump into Scooby's arm ("Aww, you big chicken; it was only a chicken!" Says Freddy: "Well, those footprints weren't made by a chicken. It looks like we've found ourselves a mystery"). Having gotten some gas, and driving along down the road, they see the craft fly overhead, and land behind a hill (Shaggy: "Yeah, we're in luck, and it's all bad!") It's an old abandoned airfield (Shaggy: "I'm for abandoning it too; it's got the creeps". They see the glowing tracks and follow them (Shaggy: "Let's don't and say we did") and find a locked gate. The wind opens it. They hear a noise and think it's the "outer space ghost". Shaggy and Scooby want to stay put, but then hear the ghost laugh, and join the others. They find a shed with the sound of a motor running inside. It's a generator, which is still warm ("But who would be running a generator on an abandoned airfield?")

The space ship now lands right near the shed. They split up to look for the ghost. Shaggy decides to eat some peanuts ("There's no use being scared on an empty stomach"), and offers Scooby some, but he takes the whole handful. When Shaggy dares him to do that again and tosses them, the ghost catches them instead. They run and hide (even holding their breath) in a cockpit as pilots. The ghost has cornered them, and they launch the life raft to escape.
Freddy and the girls find a shop. It's covered with fresh grease, and they also see newly used tools. A lift picks up Freddy by the belt and he's left hanging high above ("I feel like a side of beef!") Even Velma can't figure out how to get him down ("Mechanics aren't my cup of tea"). Shaggy and Scooby enter the parachute loft, and are scared by a parachute dummy, and jump into a bin of sheets, and repeatedly scare each other, looking like ghosts. They both run outside and are recognized by the girls, from one of them having paws. They go and rescue Fred ("Lucky we got you down; you might have scared the ghost away!") When asked to describe the ghost, Shaggy is able to simply point "You might say it looks exactly like THAT!" He realizes it actually is the ghost walking toward them, and he and Scooby run. Says Fred, calmly, "In a case like this, Shag and Scoob did exactly the right thing. Let's scram!"

Shaggy and Scooby run into a mess hall ("Wonder why they would have a place just to make a mess"), and see it's a kitchen. Shaggy tries one cabinet, but it's bare. Scooby tries another one, but finds it's full of food. He gulps it all down, and is too engorged and burping to answer Shaggy, who comes in and sees ham and chicken bones. Never getting wise to Scooby just eating it, he still takes it as a clue. They go outside and see the ghost. They run through a door, and Scooby runs into an automatic dish washer, which Shaggy then accidentally starts, giving Scooby the scrubbing of his life. ("Trying to make a clean getaway, huh, Scoob?") The ghost still finds them, and they run. Fred and the girls find yesterday's newspaper with glowing hand prints, and the story of the ghost craft circled. ("Why would a ghost from space be reading yesterday's newspaper?")

Shaggy and Scooby are hiding in garbage cans. Scooby makes a noise alerting the ghost. ("That's our cue to skadoo!") They run into a shed and lock the door, throwing the key out the window. Seeing another door, they barricade it, but it opens the other way, allowing the ghost to enter. They're now trapped, as the key is outside. They both jump out the window, grab the key, jump back inside, and open the door ("Now we can get out of here!").
Freddy and the girls see Shaggy and Scooby's shadows on the side of a hangar and run. Shaggy and Scooby realize what's happened, but now the ghost's shadow appears behind theirs, and they run.

Back together by the motor pool, Velma suspects the ghost is "using this airfield for something besides haunting". Scooby smells gas in the exhaust pipe of a jeep. It looks like it can't run because of flat tires, but there's actually a second, inner set of wheels on the axle. It then begins driving away by itself.
The ghost appears in a truck, and then "a whole army of ghosts" appear in a row of doors (Shaggy: "I'm going to show them an old army maneuver: RETREAT!") He and Scooby run into the air tower, and find video and recording equipment and a microphone, which he figures are tied to the loud speakers. Scooby plays reveille over it, alerting the others, who then race the ghost to the tower, but he gets there first and is coming up after them, and they end up taking the "very last resort" of parachuting to the ground.

The farmer has arrived with the sheriff. The ghost runs into the wind tunnel, which Freddy then activates, blowing off his disguise (including rubber boots dipped in phosphorus).
It's the farmer's next door neighbor, Henry Baskins. Shaggy shows everyone the tower equipment and they all figure out what was going on. The craft was home movies, a speeded up soundtrack was played over the loud speaker, the multiple ghosts were stuffed dummies, and the jeep was remote control.
They still don't know why. The sheriff knows, and explains. Baskins got wind that the Air Force was planning on reopening the field and would need surrounding land to expand it for jets. He wanted to scare everyone away and buy the land cheap. ("And I'd have done it too, if you kids hadn't come along"!)

When asked if the kids weren't scared like everyone else, Shaggy brags "Aw, no; solving mysteries is our hobby! It takes a lot to scare us!" Freddy plays the ghost noise, and both Shaggy and Scooby cower in terror as everyone laughs.

The basic plot will be reused two seasons later, with the Ghost of the Red Baron replacing the ghost from space.

One bit of bad logic; that flat tires mean an engine can't run. You might be less likely to run it, but you can even still move, but slower, and will mess up the wheels. So that was a rather silly plot element.


On a freight tanker at sea, the captain sees the pirate ship of Redbeard the ghost approaching. At the malt shop, the gang reads the newspaper story of the third freighter disappearing in a week. C. L Magnus, owner of the shipping line, believes it's the ghost of Redbeard the pirate seeking revenge. Says Shaggy, "Well, I'm glad he's not after my super duper sandwich", which he has to tie with a string to make it small enough to eat. Velma: "Lucky for him; he'd probably get indigestion!" Scooby then uses the string he helped tie to pull it into his own mouth. (Shaggy "Huh? What happened?") Magnus' company was already on the verge of going out of business before the ghost showed up, and they wonder why he would be seeking revenge on him.

They go to his penthouse, but the creepy butler says he doesn't want to be disturbed and slams the door. Shaggy and Velma then disguise as room service (with Fred, Daphne and Scooby hiding in the table they're wheeling in) bringing breakfast (Butler: "At 11:00 in the night?!" Shaggy: "Sure, that way you don't have to get up in the morning to eat it!") They trip on a snag in the rug and crash near Mr. Magnus' easy chair. ("Would you believe we're here to help you?")
He explains the story of Redbeard who was the terror of the seven seas 300 years ago, but Magnus' ancestors brough him to justice, and he vowed he'd get his revenge. (The butler is spying from behind a curtain). Ghosts being the gang's specialty, they begin their plan to catch him.

They're now boating out to the Magnus freighter, counting on Redbeard's schedule. They enter a fog bank and play a tape of a fog horn, to lure the ghost. ("The fog is so thick you could cut it with a knife", which Scooby does, creating a porthole!) The plan works too well, and they soon find the ghost ship bearing down on them, right in its path. Placing the motor in "double full speed reverse" causes it to simply break off and speed away. They frantically try paddling by hand, but are paddling in opposite directions, getting nowhere. The boat is cut in half by the ship. (Upon sinking, Daphne worries about her hairdo!)

The two groups board the ship from their respective sides. Shaggy and Scooby enter Redbeard's cabin, where there's a picture of him. Scooby draws goggles on it, but the real Redbeard takes the place of the picture, and they run. A ghost sword now pursues them. They close a door behind them, but find themselves trapped by Redbeard and his two crew members.
Fred and the girls see the ghost walking, but then he's gone. They find tubs of dry ice, and then the door slams, locking them in. Redbeard threatens to make the sniveling Shaggy and Scooby walk the plank, or spare them if they're good for anything. They say they're good cooks (Scooby: "Huh"?) and so make him a pot of "ghost pirate stew", using a bunch of inedible ingredients such as cobwebs, chains ("Ghosts like chains!") and soap (Shaggy: "Hardly use it myself!") He's suspicious, and makes them eat it. They begin hiccuping bubbles, which allow them to escape.

They next fool the ghost crew with a paper pirate hat (to wear and cast a shadow) and Shaggy's imitation of Redbeard. But then they hear the real Redbeard and run. They hide in an upside down basin, and crawling blind, unwittingly walk the plank and end up floating in the basin. ("Off of one tub, and into another"). They are called by Fred and the girls looking out of portholes ("Scooby; your voice has changed!"), as the ship is sailing off without them. They paddle after it into a cove on Skull Island. ("Why does a ghost ship need a secret cove to hide in?") A shark fin approaches, which Scooby picks up, to find no shark! (?)

Aground, the pirate tells Fred and the girls, in chains and cuffs, that they shall join his crew ("I guess that means we'll be ghosts before he's through with us!") When he leaves the room, Fred uses bubble gum at the end of straws to reach the key and free them. Velma uses "eeny meeny miney moe" to choose which of four tunnels to take. Shaggy and Scooby have now found them.
The paper hat Shaggy's still wearing turns out to be a ship's manifest (Shaggy: "I've heard of 'man of war', but never 'man of fest'!") It's a list of the cargo the ship was carryng and how much it was worth. it was for a ship sailing the next day. They find truck tire tracks, which end at a trunk (Shaggy: "It must be stuffed full of that truck!" Velma: "If it is, this creepy cave is creepier than I thought!") Inside is a talking pirate skull (with a mini speaker inside) which asks them for a password. "16 men on a pirate's chest" and "Yo Ho Ho, blow the man down" don't work, but Shaggy's "Yum, yum yum, and a liverwurst a la mode" does the trick, opening a secret entrance the tire tracks continue through. Redbeard is there, and sends his crew after them. They hide behind crates, and the "gay blade of the ghost set" now pursues Shaggy and Scooby again. They run ino a shed, but it's sawing its way in. They find boxes of Scooby Snacks, and both eating them, then burst out through the top, shouting "Scooby Dooby Doo!" Shaggy tries to fence with what he thinks is a night stick, but is really a liverwurst, which the sword slices, allowing Scooby to create a sandwich. ("Re-ricious!") The sword sticks a barrel they're hiding behind, whose contents begin leaking out into mugs Shaggy and Scooby hold and drink ("Down the hatch"), but then spit out, as it's oil.

Freddy and the girls use plungers as arrows to suspend the crew from the ceiling ("Two down; I mean up, and one Redbeard to go"). Redbeard threatens to make a ghost pirate stew out of Shaggy and Scooby. They tickle him with an egg beater. They aim to ride off on a pogo stick, but it's really a jackhammer. They end up on the ceiling, and then fall on Redbeard, with the jackhammer in his pants propelling them to a crash in a pile of tires.

On the Coast Guard ship, they unmask the ghosts. Redbeard is Mr. Magnus! (Shaggy: "And I thought like the butler always did it!") The other two were hired henchmen. "What easier way for someone about to lose his business than to hijack your own ship and sell the cargo". The ghost sword was operated by wire. The mysterious fog was created by dropping the dry ice into the water. Scooby demonstrates and cuts himself a vaporous donut, which he begins eating.

Redbeard and his crew will be reused and redrawn as ghostly white, in the Comedy Movie "Ghostly Creep from the Deep"

The old sailor song "Yo Ho Ho" line "15 men on a dead man's chest; yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" (having been split into two potential "passwords") had its words changed, probably to avoid the terms "dead man" and "rum", for the sake of the kiddies.

The ghost ship was supplied with Scooby Snacks the gang did not bring there. They were apparently already a popular brand of snacks in their universe, as shown in the movie “Scoob” (2020) in which Scooby was actually named after the already existing treats!


On a stormy night, the gang is riding a boat to an island. Freddy and Velma read a newspaper article announcing that an eccentric millionaire, Colonel Beauregard Sanders had died and left an inheritance to four cousins, and to Scooby Doo, who had rescued him years earlier. They arrive at his mansion, and are greeted by Cosgood Creeps, the late colonel's attorney. (His partner, Mr. Crawls, "couldn't make it". Shaggy; "Creeps and Crawls? They sure picked the right lawyers for this job!") Creeps plays a phonograph record of the colonel's will before everyone. They are to spend a night in the house, which is haunted. Whoever leaves, their share of the inheritance will go to those who remain, "if any!"

Everyone turns in for the night, except for Scooby, who decides to take a bath. (Shaggy tries to sprinkle a sandwich with fish food, only to have the goldfish gnarl at him!) While bathing, a section of wall opens up and Scooby is dumped out of the tub down a coal chute to the basement, where he sees a shadowy chain-rattling phantom. Terrified, he runs to tell Freddy and Shaggy, who don't believe him; --Not even Shaggy, who shows him that the tub is bolted to the floor. Scooby is bewildered.

At the stroke of midnight, a ghostly laugh is heard in Cousin Simple's room, and the gang runs to see what's going on. He is mysteriously gone, and a note is written on a dusty mirror: THE FIRST IS GONE; THE REST WILL GO, UNLESS YOU LEAVE THE ISLAND, AND ROW, ROW, ROW!", signed, "the Phantom Shadow". (They now realize Scooby had told the truth before). Freddy and the girls set a trap for the ghost by placing a dummy of Scooby in a bed. Scooby and Shaggy watch from outside the window hanging on the drain pipe. The phantom appears in a window above them and pushes the drainpipe loose. Velma grabs on to rescue them, but all three are swung down to a cave below the house. (Velma tries to convince Shaggy to lead the way). They discover a bunch of old relics from the Civil War. A uniform comes to life and chases them, but it was only a goose inside.

The elevator they had run into takes them to Cousin Slicker's room. He is also now gone. The gang, reunited, realize that they're all gone! (All, except Scooby, that is). With all the spooky events, Shaggy says "the only thing missing is a spooky organ", which is then "not missing anymore" as they hear one being played. They find it, with a music book that says "FEED the organ, and watch the floor", puzzling the gang. (Shaggy is the one who wants to be "fed"). Scooby dresses up as a fancy musician, complete with a candelabra, and begins playing it randomly. Instead of anything happening to the floor, the walls being closing in on them! Ordered to "do something", Scooby first tries to hide in the bench, and then plays the organ some more (including doing a Russian kick dance on it). The walls then stop, and Velma realizes that the letters F-E-E-D were musical notes, not a word. When played, a trap door opens, leading down to "creepy cobweb filled catacombs", containing five coffins, an open one being dog-shaped! The other coffins open revealing the cousins inside! The phantom appears, no longer a shadow, but now a green ghost, and then a second one appears. Scooby faints, knowing they're after him. Shaggy carries him off on his back. Eventually he wakes up, but the ghosts are still after them. They hide atop a big chandelier, but one of the ghosts, in a ceiling panel, clips them down. They then back him off by pulling wine rack corks that shoot off like bullets ("Don't fire till you see the green of his eyes!") Meanwhile, the other ghost is chasing Freddy and the girls. Velma escapes by handing him a ringing phone. Shaggy and Scooby try to escape on a tandem bicycle, but the ghosts are riding it too. Then, they dress up like southern belles and activate a player piano, and square dance to "Turkey in the Straw" with the ghosts. They play the "FEED" notes on the organ and drop them through the trap door. When they find the others, Velma notices the green dust on their hands and they devise a plan to "take them to the cleaners", by using a large fan, and a springing ironing board to propel the ghosts into a washing machine. Scooby turns the fan on too soon (when he hears Daphne shout "here they come, now!"), and in reverse, yet! The fan and the ironing board get attached to the washing machine, which begins flying off, with Shaggy and Scooby. It chases the ghosts all over the house and the cave, and finally lands trapping the ghosts inside. Hung out to dry, they are Creeps and Crawls, whose plot was to scare away all the heirs and claim the inheritance for themselves. The cousins had been scared away fast, and dummies of them had been placed in the coffins.

So Scooby was the sole winner of the inheritance, in an old trunk. But it turned out to be old Confederate money! It seemed like a waste of time "spending a night in an old haunted house that wasn't even haunted, for worthless money", but then a bone mysteriously floats by, and Scooby grabs it. "Looks like haunted bones are one thing Scooby is not afraid of!".

In my opinion, the best story and plot of this original season.

In the first trap they set, they make up a crude dummy of Scooby, with a cantaloupe face, an olive for the nose, buttons for the eyes and carrots for the ears. This is odd, as Fred and Velma usually think nothing of putting Scooby himself in the most dangerous situations as bait.

The flying washing machine was one of the weirdest contraptions in the series.

Crawls, who was not shown until the end, would return in the 2000's video movie "Frankencreepy", along with several other captured villains, seeking revenge. Clips of this episode will be shown.

The first organ piece played when they were only hearing one was reused stock from Jonny Quest, followed by a clip of stock from this season of Scooby. The organ playing by the gang was new for this episode.


The scene is a snowy mountain range, complete with howling wolf-and snow ghost! The gang drives up to the Wolf's End Lodge for skiing. They are welcomed by Mr. Greenway at the desk. (Shaggy: "Comforts of whose home; Dracula's?") Another guest, Mr. Leach, gives his suitcase to Greenway to put away, and pets Scooby, giving him the creeps. Greenway then takes them to their rooms and warns them about the snow ghost, who'll turn them into ghosts. Shaggy pulls up a windowshade, and there he is! The gang runs outside and sees his footprints (Shaggy: "This ski trip is turning into a real scare trip!") They get a couple of snow cars and follow the tracks down the slopes. They end at a cliff; but then the ghost is seen flying across the gorge, right over them, and behind some trees. They look. but there is no sign of him. They see a cave with a light on inside. Scooby is sent to check it out. At first he pretends to be hospitalized with a cast on his ankle, but Velma pulls the bed from under him. He looks inside the cave, and the coast is clear. They all enter to find Tibetan furniture. They ring a gong, and are greeted by Foo Lun Chi, whose temple it is. He Tells them he is the one the snow ghost seeks. Years ago, he encountered the Yeti in Tibet. He escaped bv jumping across a gorge, and the Yeti falls to its death. But its ghost then began seeking him, and has now caught up to him here. The man's pet white timber wolf comes out for his bone, which Scooby has in his mouth. Fred feels the ghost is after something else besides Lun Chi.

Next, the gang sees snow ghost footprints covered with sawdust, and go to the sawmill (Shaggy: "scaremill") Inside, they split up. Scooby is scared by his reflection in a broken mirror. Then, the snow ghost grabs Velma, and Shaggy falls through a trap door, leaving Scooby all alone. He hears Velma calling, and tuns to find her tied to a log about to be sawed. Scooby gets a large saw, but the ghost is carrying the other end. He shakes him off, but running out of time, has to handcraft himself a beaver's mouth, and chews her half of the log free. He escapes with it down a slide and into the lake, but the ghost pushes dynamite after them. Using his tail as a motorblade, he speeds them both to safety, narrowly missing the explosion. Finding Fred & Daphne, they all see Shaggy appear as a moaning ghost, until he falls in water revealing he had been covered with white stuff. The ghost appears and throws a barrel at everyone. Scooby, hiding around a corner with a sledgehammer, pounds Shaggy into the floor and covers his head with a pail. Freddy and the girls hide behind logs, and Daphne has wound up inside a hollow log containing jewels and diamonds. Shaggy and Scooby ride the snowcar, with the ghost floating after them. Sinking in thin ice, they come out frozen, but have lost the ghost. They go off a ski jump and land, and are rescued by the others, who chip them out of the blocks of ice they were trapped in. Fred devises a plan where Scooby dumps a bucket of water on the ghost to freeze him as had happened to Shag & Scoob. The ghost comes from behind Scooby, and the water freezes solid only halfway out of the bucket when Scooby throws it. The ghost then grabs Scooby and tries to throw him off the ledge they are on. Shaggy catapults a large snowball. It rolls, catching everybody, and crashes into a wall.
The ghost is Greenway. He and Leach were masterminds of a jewel ring. Leach brought jewels to him in the suitcase, and he then floated them downriver in the logs. He had gotten idea from Fu Lun Chi's story. He floated by using transparent skis. Scooby demonstrates them, crashing through a tree, disturbing a squirrel, who he then poses with in the final shot.



A jewelry store at the top of a city skycraper is robbed by the ghost of Mr. Hyde. He climbs back down and begins running away; a cop seeing him and blowing his whistle. He hides in the Mystery Machine parked at The Malt Shop. The gang is eating double fudge sundaes. Shaggy's has a pickle on top. Scooby does a "magic trick" causing Shaggy’s ice cream to end up on top of his and eats both. (Velma: “That's called 'the vanishing ice cream trick’". Shaggy: "If he does that again, I'll do the vanishing Scooby trick!")

Driving home, Shaggy says he wants to catch the "Early Late Show" on TV, which is airing "I was a Teenage blob". Velma had seen it, thinking it was corny. The Blob would hide in the back of cars and wait for his victims. As she imitates the evil laugh, Mr. Hyde is shown doing just this; hiding under a beach blanket in the rear with a menacing grin. When Freddy asks Scooby to fetch the blanket, he sees Mr. Hyde. He imitates him to the others (who think he's had too many ice creams) then Mr. Hyde rises and everyone sees him and runs out of the Mystery Machine and hides behind a log.
He runs into the marshes carrying the jewelry. Velma recognizes that he's The Ghost of Mr. Hyde, the jewel thief that has been scaring everyone in town. (Shaggy: "He'd make a fortune renting himself out to Halloween parties!" "I wonder what Hyde was doing hiding in the Mystery Machine").

They go to follow him and he enters a spooky old house. Says Shaggy: "They always do!" (It also is shown with lightning cracking over it, in every scene change). He says he's not scared but then he's biting Scooby's nails! They try to enter the back way but it’s a trap door leading them to fall into a "mad scientist" type lab in the basement. Someone's coming and it's Doctor Jekyll, who like his great grandfather, the first Dr. Jekyll, may also be changing into the horrible Mr. Hyde, but this time as his ghost. He was trying to create a vitamin formula that one only has to take once in his life. He tested it, but something went wrong and having become dizzy and passing out, he was awakened several hours later by Helga his housemaid. He has fresh mud on his shoes, like he's been out in the marsh. It happened again that night, and now he has the jewels on him. So he's certain that he's the ghost of Mr. Hyde. The question is why the mud on his shoes is dry if he had just been out in the marsh.

The gang begins searching the house, and Shaggy and Scooby are sent to the attic, which is full of dust and spider webs (Scooby plays one like a harp). Shaggy opens a chest and bats fly out. He finds a bunch of costumes and tosses them out, with an apeman head landing on Scooby who scares Shaggy with it. (Shaggy snaps "Don't take it off. You look better with it on!") Scooby looks in a wardrobe and is scared but it was only his reflection in a mirror. A huge shadow is approaching them. Scooby opens a sequence of increasingly smaller doors leading to a mouse hole and an annoyed mouse. Shaggy and Scooby run and collide with each other, and think they are goners as the shadow is covering them. Towering over them is Helga, who says they made a mess of the attic after she's finished cleaning it (Shaggy: "I wonder what it looked like before she cleaned it").
Fred and the girls are looking around. Freddy finds in the fireplace a newspaper clipping about Helga the Great who was a famous acrobat and trapeze artist who did her "Human Fly" act. They wonder why an acrobat would be working as a housemaid.

Shaggy and Scooby are in the library and Shaggy picks out the book 101 Ghosts and Ghouls. Mr. Hyde is looking from behind the shelf and comes out after them. They hide behind a TV. When Mr. Hyde looks behind it, they’re gone, as they are actually inside the set! He turns it on and Shaggy is "Uncle Happytime" the clown, with Scooby as "Dogstar King of the Wild Blue Yonder". He changes the channel to Scooby as “Running Dog” the Indian. Colonist Shaggy accidentally sticks his hand out of the TV and pokes Mr. Hyde, blowing their cover. He then picks up the TV leaving them exposed, on the floor, still in costume ("You know, you better get this set fixed").
They run and slide down a banister which Freddy and the girls are at the bottom of. Velma, being in their path is then knocked down a laundry chute with them and they land in the basement. Shaggy tells her they were running from Mr. Hyde so Dr. Jecklyll must have changed again, but Velma says that they had just seen him reading in his study. They also find a pair of muddy shoes on the ironing board, along with Helga's feather duster.

Fred and Daphne enter and they decide they'll find more clues in Helga's room. Shaggy waits outside to "guard" the fruit bowl. (“What safer place for the friut than in my stomach!”) The others find a can of phosphorous paint and knockout drops under her mattress. Shaggy's found something interesting in the fruit bowl, but Mr. Hyde grabs him, and they are gone. He has him in the basement strapped to his lab table, aiming to turn Shaggy into a frog ("You're going to 'croak' me!") Scooby arrives to the rescue and takes off with the table, leading to the musical chase scene. The table runs down the stairs, and in and out of closet doors. Shaggy and Mr. Hyde trade places, and they finally get off the table and run out into the marsh. They try to raft their way across the marsh, but find they are really riding an alligator. They then use the poles as stilts. Shaggy asks for a box of Scooby Snacks and this gives him the strength to go faster, leaving the alligator in the mud. They crash into the house, where Freddy and the girls are. Shaggy shows them his clue, which is a pair of suction cups, which don't seem like a clue to the others. They do suspect Mr. Hyde is a "24-karat phony" and aim to "scare the hide off of Hyde".

Next scene, Shaggy and Scooby sing "For he's an ugly bad fellow", luring him to a curtain. When he looks behind it, he finds another Mr. Hyde, then runs into another room where he finds yet two other Hydes, which were all Freddy and the girls in disguise. He runs out the back door and falls through the trapdoor and is wrapped in a mattress by Shaggy and Scooby.
They are still suspecting Helga, but upon unmasking him, it turned out it really was Dr. Jeckyll himself! Fred explains that when all his crazy experiments failed, he turned to a life of crime, but didn't count on the kids following him into the marsh. He then came up with the idea of framing Helga the housemaid (wagging her finger: "SHAME on you Dr. Jekyll!") First he told the phony story about the formula then planted a bunch of phony clues. It almost worked, but Shaggy's suction cups turned out to be the real clue. They have Scooby demonstrate wearing the suction cups that allowed Hyde to scale buildings. Helga as a circus star would not have needed them.

Scooby, aiming to be a circus star himself, hangs from the ceiling but the suction cups are giving way. He catches himself with his tail. Shaggy: "I got to admit, that's some act!"

The culprit's plot is to confess being the suspect all along, while making it look like he's really the victim being framed!

Chase song: “Recipe for My Love”


In a spooky temple, a faceless Zen Tuo sends his two helpers to bring his mask back to him.
The gang is enjoying a Chinese New Year's parade. Scooby's paw is blocking Shaggy's view as he sits on his shoulder. When he tries to get Scooby off, they lose their balance and crash into an alleyway in trashcans. (A cat in the can Scooby is on takes the fish bone out of his mouth). They go to a curio shop and see the golden mask. Daphne wants to buy it. (Shaggy: "Looks like Daphne wants to 'scare up' a couple of new boyfriends!") After they leave, the two creeps arrive at the shop and demand the mask and he tells them that it was purchased by a young girl. The gang is now walking outside (Shaggy wants a "chop suey malt"). The two confront them and demand the mask, (Shaggy: “With faces like that, you ought to have two masks”) and she refuses. They have Scooby act like a watchdog, but growling doesn’t work, and then his muscles give out, so he runs into a Chinese laundry and brings out a steam press, creating a cloud of steam that allows them to escape.

They go to the shop of A Fong, Oriental art dealer, who they figured would know the mystery of the mask. He tells them it was stolen from the crypt of the warlord Zen Tuo many centuries ago, and the two “hooded horribles” are “emissaries of the living dead” (zombies). As long as they have it in their possession, they're in great danger!

They are driving away and see that the two zombies are now following them (“I didn’t know zombies could drive cars!”). We enter the musical chase up and down the steep hills of San Francisco, and even through a hotel and across rooftops. (Scooby at one point gets expelled, and ends up unknowingly hitching a ride with the zombies). The Mystery Machine ends up in a cargo net of fish, and they find out that Daphne has been taken, in the ghosts' car, with the mask. They try to have Scooby sniff the trail but all the fresh fish is too strong. They see a piece of paper like a laundry ticket dropped by the "hooded hyenas". Even Velma, who can read Chinese can't make heads or tails of it. Scooby sees the reflection in the mirror, and it is written backwards, and says "The Temple in the Hills”. Velma had heard of it, and that it was haunted. They realize this is where they've taken Daphne (Shaggy: "Scary old place, here we come!").

The gang arrives and enters the temple. (When Scooby manually stops his teeth from chattering, then his tail wiggles instead). They decide to split up. (Shaggy says that his direction is dark and spooky; Velma says "Where else would ghosts be living?"; Shaggy says "I never thought of it that way"). They are being watched by the zombies and Zen Tuo, now wearing the mask. Fred and Velma see a wall with an idol. It opens, and they go inside and find Daphne who's gagged, and when ungagged, tells them (too late) that it's a trap, and they are closed in.

Shaggy and Scooby wonder what's behind a curtain ("No, not a shower". Shaggy asks if Scooby is a man or a mouse and Scooby imitates a mouse. "How do you like that; man's best friend is a mouse!") Shaggy covers his eyes ("What you don't see can't hurt you") and walks through, crashing into a flower pot. What they think is a towel to dry himself off is really the robe of Zen Tuo, standing over them. Shaggy rides Scooby like a motorcycle. They try to board up a door, but the whole wall lifts away. Zen Tuo threatens them and they try to bluff him by drawing lines in the ground, Bugs Bunny style, ("I know judo, Chop Suey, Chinese checkers!"), but Zen Tuo simply takes the stick and breaks it. They run and open a door only to find the "scare pair". They run back the other way and find they are not moving because the zombies are pulling the carpet they are running on (they both have to dodge under or over a table). They crash into a statue, knocking all the arms off. They close a door behind them and then come out disguised as Chinese waiters. They serve them dishes (“Chinese spare rib-a à la mode”) but tie the tablecloth to them like bibs (“must have bibs for the boo boys”). This causes the dishes to land on their heads when they get up after them.

Meanwhile, Fred and the girls are unsuccessfully trying to escape the prison they are in. (“If Shaggy and Scooby are our only hope; are we in trouble!”) Shaggy and Scooby think they’ve escaped, but crash into a big gong, landing right back at the feet of Zen Tuo. He ties them up on top of a pile of fireworks that’s set to go off. (“Don't you know it's illegal to shoot off fireworks and wreck a store room?” “We will build a new storeroom!” “Who will build a new us?”) They bounce their way off, landing on the fuse, which burns their bottoms. They then leap up and land on the arms of the idol, opening the door, freeing Fred and the girls.
A clue Daphne had seen inside was a carrier pigeon coop. They read a note one is carrying, and it has a date and place. “The mystery is just about solved”.

They put together a Rube Goldberg-like trap that includes Shaggy's model train set. Scooby’s laying the tracks but Zen Tuo is approaching before he can finish, and steps on the train as planned. The train, running aground, is out of control, and Scooby and the zombies eventually get caught too and are carried along with Zen Tuo, and they all land outside in a sack.
Zen Tuo is actually Mr. Fong who the detective says was suspected of being the leader of an international smuggling ring, but they never had enough evidence. Inside the mask was a roll of recording tape containing all the names and dates of their shipments which they wrote on the slips of paper, and sent to the rest of their gang by carrier pigeon. This latest mask was delivered to the curio shop by accident. The ghost get up was to scare away anyone who got too curious.

All the excitement has made Shaggy and Scooby hungry. There is only one Scooby Snack left which Velma tosses for them. They crash into each other, and end up laying on the floor, allowing a mouse to grab it, who then says in a Chinese accent, “Scooby-Doo!” Shaggy: “How do you like that; outfoxed by a mouse!”

This episode contains numerous Chinese caricatures of the sort that are now usually censored on other classic cartoons, such as Looney Tunes and MGM. (Including Scooby and Shaggy mimicking the stereotypical Chinese face with the slant eyes and buckteeth, and the accent).

Both Zen Tuo and his emissaries are voiced by Keye Luke. This was also the voice of the original Brak on Space Ghost, and the voice used is identical. (In “The Looters”: “All right, everybody MOVE. Unload the gold, and be quick about it!”) Brak would be turned into a dopey comedy sidekick in the 90’s Cartoon Network show “Cartoon Planet”.

Chase song: “I Can make You Happy”. This will be reused and sung by Davey Jones in his guest appearance in the following new season of the show.

The trap sequence with the toy train plays the entire instrumental alternative version of the show’s opening theme that was used on a few early first season episodes.


A bank guard is driving down a desolate road at night and is blocked by a fallen tree. When he goes out to remove it, he's approached by what looks like a hunched over Frankenstein monster. We next cut to the gang, driving on the same road, who are on their way to a dance and hayride being held on an old farm. Shaggy looks forward to chocolate covered corn on the cob. Scooby's getting fancy with a bowtie (getting ready to "put on the dog"). They come upon the guard's car, which is unscratched on the outside, but a "real wreck on the inside" (ransacked). The guard, lying on the road, barely conscious, mumbles "The flame will tell, the Creeper" and hands them a blank piece of paper. Scooby finds another paper with the bank president's address. They bring the guard there, and Mr. Carlswell tells them the Creeper is a phantom who can walk right through walls, and has been robbing the bank in the dead of night when the doors and windows were locked.

The gang goes to the dance. Shaggy is at first dancing with Velma ("Groovy floor!"; "Then why not try dancing on it instead of my feet?") and then stands her up for Scooby who cuts in. They dance right over to the buffet table and make their chocolate covered corncobs. The Creeper has entered the farm and is now outside the barn. He turns the lights out. ("This creepy old barn is no fun in the dark!" How innocent these cartoon teens are!) Freddy decides to pick up the party back at the Malt Shop. The gang stays behind so that Shaggy and Scooby can head the "cleanup committee". They then wolf down all the food as they gather the table, leaving just the plates, and decide to dump them beside what they thought was an "ugly scarecrow", but was really the Creeper. When he moans, they realize "he's for real!", and run into a haystack, knocking off Velma's glasses and pointing him out to the Fred and Daphne, who realize it must be the Creeper, and that moaning "paper!", he wants the blank paper. Velma, not knowing what everyone else is running from puts her glasses back on, and finds herself at the feet of the Creeper. She then joins everyone else in the haystack, which they all run inside of, beginning the musical chase scene. The haystack runs in and out of a house, and to the side of the barn, where the Creeper jumps into it. Fred and the girls are now at the top of the grain elevator, and make a paper plane out of the paper, which they then toss back and forth with Shaggy. Both Shaggy and Scooby, and the Creeper collide with a rake. The chase takes to horseback with the gang riding a carriage, and eventually being thrown off a cliff in two groups.

Shaggy and Scooby hide in a chicken coop. ("Since we're chickens, let's hide with the chickens!"). Scooby pretends to be a hen, fooling the Creeper, and once he's gone, the egg he's sitting on hatches, and the chick thinks Scooby is his mother. When he tries to teach him that he's a dog, by barking, now the chick begins barking ("Oh, great; now he thinks he's a dog!") They go to look for the others, as the barking chick follows them.
Fred and the girls, meanwhile, see a car hidden in bushes. On the floor are torn up film negatives. (Velma: "Somebody, doesn't want somebody, to see a picture of somebody"). They now go look for Shaggy and Scooby (as to whether they may have found a clue; "That'll be the day!") Scooby tries winding the chick's tail like a toy to get rid of him. The Creeper is now approaching and they take him and run. The chick, like a forerunner to Scrappy, goes and barks at the Creeper after Scooby shushed him, and Scooby picks him up, pretending it's his baby, kicks the Creeper in the shin and runs. Fred and the girls hear him and Shaggy running, and hide and pounce on them ("I know who's back you're on, but who's side are you on?"), thinking it was the Creeper ("Who do you think we're running from, this baby chick?")

They see footprints and follow. It leads to a gorge, with a cave on the other side, and the footbridge rolled up for the night (Shaggy is happy about this, and only wants to go back to the Malt Shop). Scooby is chosen to go across the ropes and roll the planks out, and the chick eats the Scooby snack tossed to him, but his annoynce quickly turns to graciousness. Scooby (with the chick riding his nose) barely makes it across. (When the others are crossing, Shaggy asks "Is this trip really necessary?") Inside, they are greeted by the Hermit of the Hills, who they think is creepier than the Creeper, but Velma thinks it really is the Creeper. He serves Shaggy (who had already lost his appetite at his offer of food) squirrel stew with pickled bat wings and crab grass roots. They all leave, "while we still can", as he yells at them to come back.

Fred now also convinced the hermit is the Creeper, they decide to go get the sheriff, but find the Creeper is hiding in the Mystery Machine. They run back to the barn. Velma takes a wrong turn, and says "You wouldn't hit someone with glasses on would you?" He snatches her glasses off, she now kicks him in the shin, grabs them back, and runs. He chases the gang (individuals, and the whole) through the barn (including the standard multiple door gag), and the four kids jump from the second floor into the hay baler, and the Creeper follows them.
They are all entrapped in bales, and Scooby (who's free) unmasks the Creeper. It's Mr. Carlswell the bank president!

Once the Sheriff arrives and everyone is freed, he mentions finding Carlswell not at home, and the guard tied up in the basement. The gang then explains the mystery. Since Carlswell was the last to leave the bank everyday, he would fill up his briefcase with money from the safe and leave, and then return as the Creeper, to make it look like a phantom was robbing the bank. But he didn't know that the guard had installed a new hidden security infrared camera that had taken a picture of him stealing. When he found out, he went after the guard, and figured out the blank paper the gang told him about would be an exposure that would appear when a flame is held behind it. Velma does this, and his picture appears ("Blasted meddling kids!")

The gang now heads for the Malt Shop to join the party, but decides the chick is "one passenger too many" and has Scooby try to take him back to his mother. Inside the coop, a bunch of eggs hatch, and now they all think Scooby is his mother!

One of the girls seen dancing in the barn looks just like "Kelly", the prototype of Daphne from the "Mysteries Five" stage of the show's development.

The chick is in many ways like the first season Scrappy Doo, (aside from not speaking), in being fearlessly naive and trying to challenge the bad guy who's much bigger than he is, having to be snatched away by Scooby, the high pitched barking, eating Scooby's food, being there strictly for the comedy, and on one hand, being annoying, yet still sharing a two way love with the elder, Scooby. The idea of Scrappy really isn't so foreign to the series, after all!

The Hermit is voiced by Frank Welker, in the higher pitched voice he would later use for Marvin White, Mxyzptlk and the Toyman on the Superfriends series.

Chase song: "Daydreaming"


On a stormy night at sea, a frozen caveman is breaks loose and falls off of a ship into the ocean.
The next day, the gang is having a beach party. Shaggy and Scooby are fishing in the surf. Shaggy's not even getting a nibble, while Scooby's having luck "fishing" hot dogs out of their picnic basket. (Shaggy: "Why didn't I think of that?" Scooby tries to eat one, and Shaggy grabs it with his mouth and eats it, laughing "That was like the one that that got away!") Shaggy's bait is a rubber mouse, for "what better way to catch a catfish". (Velma: "It figures!")

Shaggy gets a bite so strong ("I must have hooked Moby Dick"), it pulls him and Scooby up a tree, which slings them back, pulling up the caveman. Velma had read about it being lost at sea, and decides to take it to the Oceanland aquarium, where the research vessel was bringing it. There, professors Wayne and Ingstrom point out that with prevailing current, the caveman would have floated to Oceanland anyway. Wayne takes the caveman to the artic room to keep him cool. Ingstrom mentions the idea of bringing the caveman back to life. (Velma: "If you don't mind, we like him just the way he is!" Scooby plays with a baby octopus and gets tossed by its mother).
When the gang leaves, someone turns a on heater, at the caveman. Ingstrom leaves, to go out to the dock ("to do some, uh, research"), leaving Wayne alone, as the caveman rapidly melts.

The gang is at the Malt Shop. They've finished everything but two slices of bread and an ice cube (with which Shaggy makes a sandwich), which reminds them of the caveman, and then Shaggy remembers he left his rod and reel at Oceanland. So they head back at night. They find a door ripped off its hinges and the whole room wrecked, Wayne's parka torn up, and the caveman is gone! (To find out how it did this, Shaggy only wants to “go home and read about it in tomorrow’s paper”). Then, they see the heater on, and ask why would someone want to bring the caveman to life. (The phone is also dead, and Shaggy trying to call the sheriff, ignores Scooby trying to show him the detached wire, and ends up unwittingly using his snout as the receiver when he "rings" from holding the wire, then asks "why didn't you say something?").
They follow his "extra large cavemen size" footprints to the beach (Shaggy has to carry Scooby by the leash; "I've heard of holding someone's hand when they're scared; but this is ridiculous!"), and from the dunes, they see Ingstrom out on the pier, using his device to talk to a dolphin. Scooby is sent to get a closer look ("Who, me?"; "You're the only Scooby around here!") On the way, he is bitten by a lobster, hides under a tarp, then gets caught on some pails, scaring Ingstrom who goes into a shed on the pier, and when the gang goes and opens the door, it's the caveman!

They run, riding on each others' backs into the aquarium. Shaggy and Scooby, on the top of the stack hit the top of a doorway and get separated. Freddy and the girls hide by hanging on a hook inside a door the caveman opens to look inside of. He enters a room and sees Scooby's tail sticking from under a curtain, and steps on it. Shaggy has Scooby yell into a bag (and in cartoon logic, the yell has absolutely no sound as it goes into the bag), and hands it to the caveman, who's blasted with the loud noise ("Now, you've REALLY made him mad!"). We then briefly cut to the others, with Velma thinking Shaggy and Scooby "must be miles ahead of the caveman by now", but the caveman is still hot on their trail, chasing them into the seal arena. They pretend to be seals, blowing a tune with the others, but the caveman smashes their horns with his club. They next get tossed back and forth by the seals like a ball as the caveman tries to clobber them, and end up on the tail of a whale, which bats them clear out of the park into a trash can ("Now I know how a baseball feels").

The gang tries to put together the clues, and suspect Ingstrom and his crazy machine had something to do with it. Velma has found an ocean chart in the lab, showing a "X" out in the water, with a path following the current to Oceanland marked out. Shaggy, Scooby and Velma are sent out to the "X" (Velma gives nautical directions, Shaggy says "I'm n-n-nervous enough; just simple turn right or turn left will do!") and find a deserted fishing boat. They board, and in the cabin, the door slams and locks, and they also see an ice machine turned on full blast, and make a connection to the caveman being frozen in ice. They give Scooby a Scooby snack to "think of something". He uses tongs to skate on a block of ice, which, when he slips off, is forced through the keyhole in the shape of the key, allowing them to escape just as the room is filled with ice. Their rowboat has been sunk, to make double sure they can't get back to shore. Velma's "hot idea" is to use a block of ice for them to row on. Velma thinks the complaining Shaggy is getting "cold feet", but having to sit on this ice, "cold feet are not what I'm worrying about!")

Back with the others, Velma realizes they have to capture the caveman (Shaggy: "I figured that's what she'd figure"). They stand in a balcony with a net, as Shaggy and Scooby are dressed in shark and swordfish costumes. Scooby sticks the cavement in the rear, starting the chase. ("Feet, I mean fins, let's go"!") When Daphne hears them approaching, she leans over too far, sending her, Velma and Freddy falling on Shaggy and Scooby ("Danger prone Daphne did it again"). The caveman chases them, to the song "Seven Days a Week". They hide in a fish tank. The caveman hooks Shaggy and Scooby with an anchor, which he then clubs, causing it to land on his own feet, allowing them to escape. Shaggy and Scooby enter another tank with a door, and again, in cartoon logic, if you open and close it fast enough, the water doesn't come out, but when the caveman opens it, all the water floods out of it. Fred and the girls hop across the seals' noses, and when the caveman follows, he is then tossed like a ball. He, Shaggy and Scooby ride an outboard motor, by itself (and chases Fred and the girls out onto the high wire), and the caveman finally lands in a giant clam. They pull him out (he can now talk in asking to be rescued), and it is Professor Wayne.

They explain to the sheriff that the 2 million year old caveman lost at sea was real, and gave Professor Wayne the idea for his scheme. He froze a dummy caveman out on the fishing boat and set it adrift knowing it would float to Oceanland, and then melted it, to make it appear he came to life and caused himself and Ingstrom to vanish. Once Ingstrom was gone, Wayne would return, claiming to have escaped from the caveman.
The reason for this is known by Ingstrom: he was after his invention: the revolutionary Marine Life Communicator, which was worth a fortune. ("And it would have been mine, if it wasn't for those meddling kids!" Sherriff: "Well, where you're going, you won't have to worry about meddling kids, any more!" Also, Scooby tries it out on a fish in a tank, who then repeats his "Scooby Doo!" call).

At the Malt Shop, "tall, dark and dummy" (the caveman costume) comes in handy as Scooby's dance partner. ("He's all over the floor!")

They really go all out to make it look like Ingstrom was the culprit.

The voice-in-bag sequence features new score produced for the Josie series that debuted this same season. This piece and several others, seem to be loosely based on original Scooby cues, and would be heavily used in the upcoming "Scooby Doo Comedy Movies", where it fits right in as Scooby score.

Chase song: "Seven Days a Week"


"The non-material embodiment, or essence, or organism, that's seen as a specter, wraith, or apparition, has been scientifically proven to be a sheer myth. In other words, there's NO SUCH THINGS AS GHOSTS!" Elementary, my dear Velma. But does the ghost know that?

We open on a spooky scene of a candle being carried through an old mansion by a headless specter. Cut to the gang, driving along in the woods on the way to a rock festival, Shaggy and Scooby playing, pretending to be One Dog Night and Credence Shaggy. They find that they are lost in the woods, and see a creepy figure of a man carrying a lantern. It turns out to be a local resident, Asa Shanks. When they ask him directions, he tells them in order to reach Interstate 5, they could drive down the road to a fork and take either the right road which is the short route, or the left road which is the long route. Even though it was logical to take the short route, the man warns them about the haunted mansion it passes by, and the headless specter who noone has seen and lived to tell about it. Shanks then blows out his lantern and disappears into the night. The gang drives off and soon reaches the fork. Shaggy flips a slice of salami (mustard side is 'heads') to decide which route to take, but Scooby eats it. Freddy takes the short route because they're low on gas. (Shaggy: "Haunted mansion, here we come!")

The Mystery Machine stalls hear the mansion, and Shaggy and Scooby are sent to a nearby well to fetch water for "Old Faithful", the steaming engine, and a ghost arises out of the well and floats away. Shaggy and Scooby run to get the rest of the gang, but when they look, they only see their reflections in the water (Velma says "a 'Scooby-ghost', that's all it is", and gives her elaborate speech on ghosts). They enter the mansion to seek help, and spot a floating candle, and then a picture of a man named Jefferson Stillwall pointing. When Shaggy and Scooby look a second time, the head is gone. They hear a strange thumping noise, and they look to find where it is coming from. They find a strange box, and Shaggy tricks Scooby into volunteering to open it. Inside is Stillwall's head, but it is only a dummy. They find footprints which mysteriously 'split up', and the gang splits up to follow each foot. Shaggy, Scooby and Velma enter a dark room holding hands, and come out holding the specter's hands. He begins to chase them, and they hide in suits of armor, push books on him in the library, fool him with pillows in a bed, hide in a stove, ride an upside-down spinning wheel like a bike, over the telephone wire, and fall landing in a well (Shaggy thinks he's drowning in 2 feet of water), where they find a secret tunnel.

Freddy and Daphne find an old diary, which reads "Marching men in single file hide the secret, Stillwall shows the way", and wonder what it means. Then they find a trap door which leads down to a fruit cellar. They hear footsteps, and almost attack Shaggy, Scooby and Velma around the corner. They find a canister containing balloons, and Freddy figures out that a helium-filled balloon covered with a sheet was the ghost Shaggy and Scooby saw.

They go back upstairs and try to figure out what "columns" the picture is pointing at. It seems to be pointing out the window, and the only thing out there is a greenhouse. Shaggy and Scooby are sent out to investigate it. They feed a flytrap lilly a Scoobysnack and it turns ferocious. Scooby jumps, landing in the specter's arms. They run back down into the fruit cellar and try to escape by floating away on balloons, but the specter floats after them on another balloon. Freddy and Daphne, observing with Velma, are astonished, seeing him for the first time. (Though Velma says "I tried to tell you!") Scooby's balloon is punctured by a windvane, and rockets into Shaggy's, and then the specter's, and all three land in a chicken coop. His head arises out of his shirt, and it is Penrod Stillwall, great, great, great grandson of Jefferson Stillwall. He had rigged all of the haunted tricks and invented the legend to scare people away from a hidden family treasure that was rightfully his. The gang now offers to help him find it.

The thumping noise is still coming from the house, and Freddy and Shaggy go back in to investigate. Up in the attic, they see what looks like a ghost chopping a beam with an axe. He runs after them, and is tripped as he runs out the front door by the rope pulled by the girls, and crashes, knocking out a porch column. It was Asa Shanks, the "greedy neighbor" trying to steal the treasure, which was in a carpetbag inside the column. It was that column the picture was supposed to have been pointing to, but apparently, someone had moved the picture.

The gang continues on to the rock festival, Scooby doing a drum finale.

The ghostly character is the victim of the attempted crime rather than the villain

Shanks is almost identical to the farmer from "Kooky Space Kook"; same basic appearance, and same voice, by Hal Smith.

Chase song: "Love the World"


In Hawaii, Shaggy and Scooby enjoy their 47th luau with their tour guide, Mr. John Simms. Shaggy is worried about a trip to a haunted village the gang was taking the next day, and Simms warns against it ("even I don't go there"), and tells him to forget about ghosts. Suddenly, ghost drums begin playing, and a fiery witch doctor appears and warns everyone that they are on the forbidden grounds of Mano Tiki Tia, and then disappears. Everyone scatters away, and Shaggy is left all alone. He runs to the food hut where the rest of the gang is, shouting "GHOSTS, GHOST DRUMS, WITCH DOCTORS" and that the natives, Mr. Simms and Scooby Doo "vanished --POOF!". In vain, he literally tries to "get ahold of himself". The gang thinks he's full of poi, and go to check out what happened. At first, they don't see anything, but then hear a ghost drum, who Shaggy points out is coming toward them. Freddy and the girls now cry "Zoinks!" It flips over and turns out to be Scooby, who was hiding (Shaggy: "you mean scaring!") They now go to look for Mr. Simms. Velma finds and reads a newspaper article about the ghost of Mano Tiki Tia, who has scared the fishing villagers away. They see in the dirt where a struggle took place, and someone was dragged away into the jungle, and figured it was Mr. Simms. They tell Scooby to follow the scent when the tracks end, but he pretends he has no nose. When Freddy holds up a Scooby snack and says it smells delicious, Shaggy takes it and leads. They see a strange old man in some brush, and everyone runs, riding on each others' backs. Shaggy and Scooby wind up on a tree branch hanging upside down with some bats. They run catching up with the gang, who soon find themselves bumping into the foot of the huge Tiki statue, which comes to life when their backs are turned (it rolls on wheels). They then run into the witch doctor, and wind up with their backs against a wall. It rotates, leaving Freddy and the girls inside a hut, and Shaggy and Scooby still outside to be attacked by a wild boar. (Shaggy grabs Scooby by the tail trying to use him as a club).

Inside, Freddy and the girls look for an exit. Freddy pulls a torch which makes Velma fall through a trap door. She sees Mr. Simms' hat on a table, and hides in a pile of hay. The witch doctor enters, and she sneezes hay in his face and escapes. Shaggy and Scooby, at the foot of the statue hear it call "MANO TIKI TIA", and they run and are pulled behind a wall by Velma. The witch doctor is approaching, and they enter a hut and try to barricade the door, but he enters from the other way. Velma trips him up with a chair ("have a seat, doc"). They next disguise as Tarzan, Jane (we get to see Velma's figure for a change), and "Cheetah the Chimp". They fool the witch doctor, but the branch breaks landing them on the ground ("some 'lucky break'!"). They next see an airplane covered with weeds (Velma: "plastic, and definitely a clue!"), and a fake skeleton (Shaggy: a "skinny spooky") connected to a tape recorder. After being scared by its laugh, Shaggy tries to have the "last laugh" by telling a corny joke, but the skeleton, now disconnected from the tape by Velma, still laughs back, sending the three running.

They bump into Fred and Daphne, and follow some footprints. They see the old man in a lake and swim after him into a secret cavern, which is a secret entrance to the village. They soon find themselves trapped between the witch doctor and the Tiki, who plays the shell game with the gang in three huts. It then pounds a hole in the ground near the gang, which the witch doctor falls into. Shaggy and Scooby roll on a log, and crash into the rotating wall, and come out in different guises (taking a bath, dancing, juggling, etc.) The witch doctor repeatedly pushes the switch which spins the wall sending Shaggy and Scooby flying into the brush. They come out looking like a "jungle creature", which scares the witch doctor off. Freddy and the girls, seeing this, then use the idea to devise a trap him by "shaking him up alot". They have Shaggy and Scooby lure him back by playing drums, and place an amusement park mirror for him to be scared by his own reflection, and fall into a hole covered with leaves. As Shaggy and Scooby are playing, the witch doctor comes from behind, causing them to run. They go through a hut and come out wearing another witch doctor mask, and are scared by their own reflection. They run up a tree and wind up on the head of the Tiki, covering its eyes. Blind, it grabs the witch doctor, and trips in the hole.

The witch doctor was Mr. Simms, and Mano Tiki Tia was a parade float operated by his henchman. He needed to scare the fishermen away so he could steal pearls from the harbor. He went to the haunted village, knowing no one would dare follow ghosts. The old man shows up and reveals himself to be Lt. Tamuro, of the Hawaii police department. He had been on the trail of the poachers for some time, and in appreciation for the gang's help in catching them, he treats the gang to their last luau. Scooby surfs and rides on the beach with a board that has wheels. He snatches Shaggy's poi and rides off towards the mountains.

The only episode this season with no musical chase. Since these were actually written for the original "Mysteries Five" band acts, they had probably run out of songs.


On top of a cliff in a forest, a werewolf howls at the full moon. The gang is camping nearby, with Freddy and the girls roasting hot dogs, and "the Laurel and Hardy of the outdoors" being unusually late for a meal, because they are trying to pitch Scooby's tent. ("What the heck kind of tent is this?" "A pup tent!" Once they get it open, it closes on Scooby's head). They join the others for food. They hear a howl, and then a growl and eyes are in the brush, sending them all running into their tents. (Velma, "It was probably only a wolf"; Shaggy "What do you mean, 'only'?") Fred wants to look (Shaggy: "Let's pretend we already did, and didn't find anything". Shaggy then tries to take some "special nerve soothing nourishment" in the form of a long link of hot dogs, but Scooby swipes most of them).

They soon find tracks, which appear to be from a large wolf. Except that they were made by a two legged animal, not a four legged one. So it's a werewolf! The tracks lead to an old graveyard (Shaggy: "My most unfavorite place to be; especially at night"), and right into an open grave marked "Here lies Silas Long, half man, half wolf". (Shaggy: "And I'm half gone already") and there are more tracks leading out of and away from the grave ("Oh, swell; it ain't bad enough we're following a werewolf, but now it's the ghost of a werewolf!") The tracks then lead to an old mill, and a howl is heard again. ("Nothing like a cheery greeting from your friendly neighborhood werewolf ghost!")
Inside, the werewolf is watching them from outside a window. They split up. Scooby and Shaggy are at first frightened by a mouse magnified by a water cooler. The werewolf starts following them. Shaggy and Scooby start wondering if the werewolf is their imagination. When they pull on a mask on a wall, it drops the werewolf, who was right behind them, through a trap door, leaving them to wonder what the noise was.

Fred and the girls are also wondering if the whole thing was a wild goose chase, but then find footprint tracks that seem to go through a wall. ("Even a werewolf can't walk through a wall" —"Unless, he really is a ghost!") Fred finds a hidden switch to the secret opening. Inside, is a map of the general area, including the mill. Suddenly, the werewolf is there, and they run, slamming into Shaggy and Scooby. He chases Shaggy and Scooby, who hide under a basket, as they saw a hole through the floor, and land on a slide, only to find him waiting at the bottom. They run back up and out the hole. They next spray him with a fire hose. They jump out of the mill, landing on the water wheel. Scooby takes two trash can lids and flaps them, allowing him and Shaggy to fly. They land in a pile of wool, which sticks to them. Fred and the girls see them, thinking they're ghosts, and run. Scooby realizes what has happened, and blows the wool off of themselves with a fan. They now enter a room and see three barrels with moving tubes coming out of the tops of them. It's Fred and the girls. They see the wool still in Shaggy's ears, and realize that was them. Fred assesses the "lot of strange clues that don't fit", (and Shaggy wonders how the werewolf fits in, Freddy then says they have to find him, and Shaggy says "Oh, why don't I keep quiet!" and Scooby annoyed, agrees).

Some time has passed, and they see a rail dolly rolling along on a track, down toward a boat on the river. Fred and the girls go to see where the railcar came from, and send Shaggy to see where it's going. (Velma tells them to be careful, and Shaggy says "Now, that's got to be the most unnecessary thing she'll ever say!")

Fred and the girls see the cars comning from behind a sliding door. They go inside and see the shadow of the werewolf walking, but then he's gone. They are then locked inside, and the window is locked too. Shaggy and Scooby follow a car into the "pop-top barge" that opens and closes allowing the rail car to go inside. The werewolf comes up behind them, and throws a barrel that they roll on top of, and grab onto a rope and swing, slamming into the side of the barge. The werewolf is coming. Inside the barber shop, Shaggy and Scooby disguise as barbers and shave the werewolf's head to nearly bald, and then run and escape down a manhole. They are in a tunnel, and come up where the others are ("Well, well, Dr. Livingston and friends, I presume"). They don't believe their report of the rail cars going into the barge. Shaggy now suggests going back through the tunnel to show them, for "You know how Freddy and Velma are when they got a mystery to unsolve"! So they show them, and they all get inside before the deckhouse closes. They see the werewolf lifting a barrel out of the water and setting it on a railcar, and then they begin hearing sheep. Fred and Velma are now beginning to get the picture, and devise a plan to capture the werewolf to prove it.

Shaggy and Scooby launch into the water in a barrel, (seeing how the tube was for air). Fred and the girls aim to have Shaggy and Scooby distract the werewolf, so they can grab him with a hook already above him. Their barrel is approaching, but Daphne gets hooked instead, and Shaggy and Scooby are left exposed before the werewolf. They ride down the river in the barrel, opened up like a boat. (A fish lands on them, and saying "no hitchhikers", throw it off, and it lands on the werewolf, following in a canoe). The werewolf is gaining on them, and they do "water hopscotch", splashing water on the werewolf. They are escaping fast, but now find they are heading to a waterfall. Just as they go over, they are netted out by the others. ("Never thought I'd be glad to be a fish"). But the werewolf does go over, and is left hanging from a rock, and crying for help in a human voice. ("He sure doesn't sound like a werewolf anymore!"). They fish him out.

The unidentified man is now unmasked and in custody of the sheriff, who thanks the gang for unraveling a smuggling mystery. They couldn't figure how the rustlers got the sheep across the river without being seen. They sheered them in the mill, and then shipped them off to the black market somewhere. The werewolf disguise and open grave were to scare off intruders.
Says Shaggy, "Shucks, he didn't scare me and Scoob for a minute!" Scooby howls like the werewolf and wears the (still shaven) mask, causing Shaggy to jump into Freddy's arms. "Scooby Doo!"

Chase song: "Tell Me, Tell Me"


At TV station KLMN, the gang competes in a dance contest. Fred and Daphne finish their dance, and Shaggy and Scooby take to the stage with their "taffy twist" (they dance while eating their way out of a mess of taffy. Says Shaggy: "I thought it was an eating contest"). Suddenly, all of the lights go off. They briefly come back on, and a huge shapeless thing is on stage, and everyone flees the studio except the gang and the TV host. He tells them about the wax phantom, who was supposedly brought to life by an eccentric old magician, Mr. Grimsby, who threatened to do this in revenge for his act being canceled by the station years ago. Velma thinks it's a publicity stunt, but the TV station manager is gone, and the safe was robbed. The phantom appears to have gone out the window, but they're 9 stories up. Fred suggests calling the police, but the host warns them that such negative exposure could close the already financially troubled station.

Fred and Daphne check out the wax museum, while Shaggy, Scooby and Velma drive a motor scooter out the back of the Mystery Machine to Grisby's house. Grisby confesses bringing the phantom to life with his black magic. He knew about the happenings at the station from watching his crystal ball. While he is telling Velma all of this, Scooby opens a box and finds a little ghost, which he sneezes away. Shaggy looks in a cooking kettle to find "bubble-ghost stew" (the bubbles rising from it are shaped like skulls). As they leave, Scooby is waved goodbye to by a skeleton in an electric chair. Sneers Grimsby: "So they didn't believe in the foolish old magician's black magic, eh, wax phantom?"

Outside the wax museum, the Mystery Machine is still parked, but there is no sign of Fred & Daphne. For Scooby snacks, Shaggy and Scooby find a window to climb in. Inside, they see various wax figures and a plane ticket to Brazil on the floor. While their backs are turned, a prop has lowered making it appear that a vampire has turned into a large bat, scaring Shaggy and Scooby. Velma tells them "that's just part of the act", but then a ghostly hand taps her on the shoulder, and they hear the phantom moan, and run as he appears from behind a curtain. Velma bumps into Fred & Daphne, and the three hear moaning coming from a mummy case, but it's only Shaggy and Scooby ("I only stopped in to see my mummy").

They split up. Shaggy and Scooby find a dining room and sit down to eat. A wax figure hands them food (they never even catch on to this one!) But the food is wax too. The wax phantom appears and tells them "and you too shall be wax!". They run into the topsy turvy room, and wonder how they got onto the ceiling, and why they're not falling to a couch. They climb "down" to a table and sit. When they try to eat, the food appears to fall "up". They crawl back out of the room, but find themselves at the foot of the wax phantom, and are captured by him.

Meanwhile, Fred and the girls have been trapped in a pit by the phantom. They find a sack of money in a wall panel. Velma stomps her foot in anger, triggering a secret opening. (Fred: Velma, you did it again!" Velma: "What; lose my temper?") They hear Shaggy and Scooby's yelling though a vent, and watch as the phantom places them on a conveyor belt to be dumped into a vat of wax (Shaggy comments about his fate: "That went out with the silent movies, Phantom, old pal"). Daphne leans out of the vent too far and falls, catching onto a line attached to the switch that reverses the belt. Shaggy and Scooby disguise themselves as wax figures, and after a few more gags, they trap the phantom in the mold he was made in. He breaks out, and Fred & the girls pull Shag & Scoob to safety.

They devise a plan to give the phantom a taste of his own wax. Shaggy and Scooby are to lure him into a wax shower operated by Fred. They actually refuse, and come up with their own idea: they point, distracting the others and run away! (Fred: "I have to laugh at myself; those two tricked us!") Shaggy and Scooby encounter the phantom anyway, and wind up luring him into the trap just as planned, only they get covered in the wax too. Fred chips away the mass of wax, freeing Shaggy and Scooby, and cutting the phantom down to size. It was the station manager, who was using Grimsby's legend to embezzle the money and escape to South America, while Grimsby would be blamed for everything.

The gang is driving the away in the Mystery Machine. Shaggy and Scooby have made wax dummies of themselves (sitting in the same pose as they are), and comments "well, next time you go on a mystery, they can go instead of us!" Responds Fred: "Yeah, but only one problem: how to tell one pair of dummies from the other!"

The wax figure who hands Shaggy and Scooby food is actually the Black Widow, an arch-villain and member of the Council of Doom on the Space Ghost series, along with Brak

For once, Shaggy and Scooby refuse and evade an assignment but still wind up going through with it anyway.

The chase score, "Pretty Mary Sunlight" would be reused on "Phantom of the Country Music Hall", where it is sung by guest star Jerry Reed throughout most of the episode.

The callsign "KLMN" (which is a consecutively alphabetical sequence) would actually be used at the end of the decade by a TV station in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and again in the early 2000's, for a station in Montana.

End of the first series. There are no new episodes in 1971, and the year following that, the New Comedy Movies featuring guest stars begins.

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