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The gang is driving across a barren desert toward a ghost town. Shaggy thinks he's seeing a mirage ("at night!"): an alligator, a camel, and a "neurotic orangutan". They encounter a sign saying "monster ahead". Velma says they're usually referring to "teensy weensy" six inch lizards. Suddenly, a giant bat drives at them, running them off the road ("Some six inch lizard!").
They walk ahead, and see another sign saying the "monster" is only 75 yards ahead. They soon see a mechanical dinosaur on top of a hill. (Velma: "Maybe there is something to be scared of!") Scooby digs a hole through the sand and comes up next to the gator, which they still think is a mirage. Then, the orangutan jumps down next to them.

They soon see silhouettes they at first think are ghosts, but are clumsy. They soon recognize them as the Three Stooges, and they are trying to catch the orangutang, Ingagi. ("looks more like the four stooges").

They introduce themselves, and Fred asks for help (Moe: "a psychiatrist will tell you that!") getting the van unstuck. The stooges round up the animals for their "Three Stooges Ghost Town" amusement park they had bought two months ago, and doing fine until all of these strange happenings: the animals being let out at night, the giant bat the gang saw, and Tyrone the Tyrannosaurus (a plastic model apart of the park's kids playground) roaring out of control, which it now does again, causing the ground to shake, windows to break and a chandelier to fall. The sheriff has ordered the park closed due to it being dangerous.

Rhino (a hulking, scary figure) the caretaker of the animals shows up, who only growls, and has been acting suspicious according to Moe, who's too afraid to fire him. (He tries to get Curly to do it, who repeatedly faints, and then Moe simply asks him to do another assignment). The gang decides to find out who's at the bottom of these strange happenings. Suddenly, they're confronted with a blinding flashlight, and a voice accusing them of trespassing on private property. It's Amos Crunch, the stooges' manager, who operated the park before it was closed down.
Scooby finds the entry to Tyrone via a lever on his foot (Fred: "A dinosaur that can wag its tail" [?]) Inside, they find all the electronic controls of the creature, which begins roaring again and everyone jumps out. Crunch explains this to the stooges, and has destroyed the tape that controlled his roar.

Curly plays with Dingbat his bat, who begins flying wild, which it does every time Crunch goes near him. Crunch activates a lever causing Velma to fall through a trap door. (When they set out to look for her, Scooby, Shaggy, Larry and Curly meow, as "scaredy cats").
They split up (Shaggy and Scooby want to check the merry go round because there's nothing suspicious there). They enter the Last Chance Saloon. Shaggy flips a two headed quarter (tails we go in, heads we don't). It nevertheless rolls inside causing them to follow, bounces around and activates the player piano, causing Scooby to faint ("What are you so upset about; it was my quarter!")

The stooges enter the Cowboy Museum. Curly asks the cigar store Indian outside if he's seen Velma, and he answers "no", (and then catching himself, says "oops"), and then swings his tomahawk at him as Moe pulls him inside. ("Darn it!") Inside, the robotic gunslinger begins moving (Larry, Curly: "I got news for you; so am I—to Passaic, NJ" Moe: "We're not leaving until I give the word! And the word is, 'scram!'")

Freddy and Daphne are walking through the desert calling for Velma. Fred drinks from his canteen, and when Daphne asks for it, a cactus creeps up and takes it and drinks the rest of it, and then hands it to her, and now they both think each other drank all of it. They both get the sense that the cactus has moved, and suspect something funny going on ("So why aren't we laughing?")

Shaggy tries to revive Scooby, and sprays him with a bottle, but it's full of dust. Scooby sneezes, sending him through a secret opening in the wall to a shaft. Shaggy needs a light to see down it, and then a hand from behind a curtain hands him a lantern, and he "faints" down the shaft ("Scooby; move over!") He lands in a barrel of flour, making Scooby think he's a ghost. ("Haven't you seen a 'flour child' before?")
They see a staircase, and a hand pulls a lever making it move, like an escalator. They end up on a slide to a giant scary jack-in-the-box. They're in the funhouse and look at their odd shapes in the hall of mirrors. One of Scooby's reflections turns out to be Ingagi, which scares him into jumping into the jack-in-the-box. (Shaggy realizes he was the one pulling all those tricks on them).

Daphne and Fred, still walking through the desert, begin bantering (the desert is like a woman; it goes "on and on", and their footprints were stolen by a man's shoe pad, though it was actually erased by the cactus). Fred sees a swimming pool and dives in, but it was only a mirage. They then see a vulture flying around ("It's not the blue bird of happiness!") They look for shade, and then see the cactus, which wasn't there a minute ago. Its branches begin scratching their backs. They see eyes ("The eyes of Texas are upon us"; "You mean the eyes of cactus") and realize someone is inside it. It then runs and Fred chases it. ("Come back and fight like a man, you vegetable!") He trips, and then the cactus pulls an air valve and deflates itself, and the person inside is gone.

Velma has fallen into the old mine, and finds the mine ride. The others (back together again) see the Indian doing a war cry dance that causes the earth to shake. The stooges jump on the mine ride, which enters the mine. Fred, Daphne Shaggy and Scooby see silhouettes of Crunch and Rhino playing cards inside. The robot gunslinger appears, saying "Draw!" ("You bring the crayons, Scoob") and Fred and Daphne fall through a trap door. This leads to the shootout between Scooby and the gunslinger, seen on the opening sequence. Scooby jumps on a barrel of water. Shaggy runs onto it, setting it rolling, causing Scooby to fall down a well. The water splashes onto the robot shorting him out ("Fastest short circuit in the West!")

Meanwhile, Fred and Daphne have landed on Velma, in the mine tunnel. The stooges' ride also crashes nearby. Dingbat begins flying wild again, and Curly glows. Velma sneezes, causing a cave-in. The stooges find tools to try to dig out. ("I didn't know anyone could be so daffy!") When they find they're "getting nowhere fast", they find an air vent.
Above ground, Shaggy pulls Scooby out of the well, they both fall back in, and get back out, and hear Fred and the others calling from the vent. Shaggy and Scooby go to get Crunch and Rhino but find they were really dummies. (They have a Looney Tunes style "shut up, shuttin' up" moment, as Shaggy tells Scooby to try to think of something, but keeps talking. He uses a cowboy hat as a "thinking cap", but finds Scooby is just sleeping under it). He then starts digging, but only finds a bone. He gets the idea to use Tyrone to dig them out. (First skating across the desert as they figure out how to work the controls). They pull out the stooges ("Rescued by Tyrann the Tyroneasaurus!"), and then Fred and the girls climb out.

The Indian and gunslinger see this and take off in the giant bat car. Scooby and Shaggy chase him with Tyrone, but are losing control, swatting the stooges who slam into a wall, exposing a projector that plays the Indian war dance without sound or the earth shaking. The stooges show them it was just a home movie. Shaggy and Scooby use Tyrone to drop dirt on the bat. They then drop the gunslinger and Indian into the jail. It's Crunch and Rhino, who discovered there was uranium in the mine, and tried to scare everyone away, since it's against the law to sell it to anyone but the government, which would spill their secret. So they used the bat truck to sneak the uranium across the border, where he sold it for a big profit. All the sounds (Tyrone's roar, the war cry, etc.) were timed to cover the sound of them dynamiting the uranium out. Dingbat is now quiet as a mouse. The uranium on Crunch's clothes fouled her radar, just like in the mine.

The amusement park is now open again. The sheriff praises Scooby for catching the uranium smugglers, and allows Shaggy to keep a little bag of uranium as a souvenir. The stooges have made a huge hero sandwich for the heroes. When Shaggy gives the uranium to Curly to take the sandwich, Dingbat flies wild again, knocking the sandwich out of their hands, but they catch all the contents and eat away. Her radar was fouled up again but not their appetites!

Moe is Pat Harrington Jr., who would become a star on the sitcom "One Day At A Time". Larry and Curly are Daws Butler.


(Working Title: "Dynamic Duo Affair")

The gang is driving along to a mystery convention and spots a plane flying overhead with no lights on. Passing just inches above the Mystery Machine, it lands nearby, and a jeep drives out and delivers a large crate to an old farmhouse. Both the plane and the jeep take off.
The gang enters the farmhouse to see what's going on, and suddenly two figures appear at the door. Wanting to defend himself, Shaggy discovers that all the furniture is nailed to the floor. It turns out to be Batman and Robin (who also saw the plane and suspected illegal activity). A hooded figure appears at the top of the stairs and everyone hides. It is Mrs. Baker, the lady of the house. She has no idea of what's going on either, or where the crate came from. They open it, and a punch clown is inside. Scooby plays around with it, gets bopped, and then in anger punches it so hard its head comes off. The gang is astonished as bundles of money comes out (Shaggy: "Never mind the head, look at the bread!"). Batman instantly recognizes it as counterfeit ("President Lincoln never wore a turtleneck"). The jeep tracks lead to an auto "graveyard", which the gang now searches, despite Mrs. Baker warning them that some say "the spirits of the departed" (from a nearby cemetary) wander around there.

In the junkyard, a hooded man is lurking around. Shaggy and Scooby see him and hide in a junked car. Robin tries to light up the entire area by placing a light atop a crane. The hooded man enters the crane's cab and begins operating it, picking up the car Shaggy and Scooby are in. It is heading for the compactor! (Freddy and the girls think the Dynamic Duo are doing this and wonder why). Seeing that someone is in the car, Batman rescues them with the bat line just before the car is dropped and crushed into a small cube. Freddy realizes it's not Batman or Robin in the crane and runs up to tackle the hooded man. Yet the hooded man slips the hood on him and gets away, leading Batman and Robin to mistakenly tackle Fred.

They return to the house to find that it is gone! At first, they think they might not be in the right place, but Velma remembers that the front porch was 25 feet ahead of a tree which they had passed. They begin to wonder if it was all group hypnosis, except that the Batmobile, parked in front of it was also gone. This turned out to be their lucky break (Shaggy/Scooby: "Huh?"), as the car had a tracking device based in the Bat Cave. To get there, Batman has to drive the Mystery Machine with the gang blindfolded to reveal its location. They discover that the Batmobile has been taken to the Gotham City Amusement park, and parked outside the funhouse like an exhibit.

While the others begin searching the amusement park, Shaggy and Scooby stay by the funhouse to "guard" (play in) the Batmobile, pretending to be the Caped Crusaders. Suddenly, they spot the Joker and Penguin inside the funhouse and get everyone's attention. (It becomes obvious that they were behind this, the punch clown being "practically the Joker's calling card").
Batman and Robin enter alone. The Joker activates phony ghosts and sound effects that do not scare them. ("the work of talented professional thespians recorded over a speeded-up sound track"). Then they lure them into a pit ("Our pit is full; how pitiful!"). Not even their bat gear can get them out. Outside, the kids get worried and go in after the Caped Crusaders. The Joker confuses the gang with various haunted funhouse gadgets such as a hidden door and a monster which splits them all up, and moving floors, and then the villains put on skeleton costumes. At first, Scooby is frightened, but then suddenly turns brave, chasing the "delicious looking bones". They fall into the same pit they had trapped Batman and Robin in, and are unmasked. (Upon Joker's trying to escape: "The Clown Prince of Crime is now the crown prince of climb").

Back outside, they try to pry information out of the crooks, but they don't know anything either. The money had been left at their door by "an anonymous benefactor". "Holy enigmas!" Detectives Batman had summoned with his bat radio arrive and take the villains away (the villains almost take them away!), and then Batman counsels: "The brains of this operation are still on the loose, and we haven't got a single clue as to his identity!"
Suspecting that they must have poor Mrs. Baker captive, and pondering the significance of the furniture nailed to the floor, they return to find that the house has reappeared! A light is on upstairs, and Batman warns "Maybe it's not Mrs. Baker. It could be the man we're after!" They all enter except for Shaggy and Scooby who are afraid to enter a house "that might disappear while we're still in it!" After a while, a rabbit pops out of a bush, scaring the nervous Scooby who jumps onto the branch of the earlier mentioned tree. When the branch bends, Shaggy notices that there is an iron hinge and pulley ("Mother Nature sure goofed on this one!"). Then the house begins turning upside down! Everyone inside is tumbled about. When it is upside down, the Caped Crusaders jump out to look around the underground cavern. Shaggy and Scooby, realizing what has happened, lift the branch, rotating the house back upward and then run inside to tell everyone. Batman and Robin, now sealed underground, find another lever which rotates it again. (Meanwhile, poor Freddy and the girls are being flipped over repeatedly).

Everyone now gets out of this "mixing machine" and sees the hooded man, who runs into a cave. They go after him, and a trap door leads to a toy warehouse. Scooby is tempted to box some more punch clowns, and they realize this is where the counterfeit money is being shipped from in the clowns! (Batman and Velma then lecture about the danger of counterfeiting!) Inside, the hooded man winds up a toy dog who begins barking, leading Daphne to muzzle Scooby with a scarf! When they see it's not him, the hooded man tosses a large bouncing ball, causing everyone to scatter separately. Scooby lands in a runaway toy car (similar to "Foul Play in Funland"), and everyone else similarly runs, bikes and pole vaults throughout the warehouse. Scooby finally catapults the man on a seesaw through a basketball net.

Back above ground, they question the hood about "poor Mrs. Baker, the innocent bystander" who suddenly vanished, but this person exclaims "You fools! Mrs. Baker hasn't vanished, she's been here all the time!", and removes the hood. It was her! She was the mastermind of the counterfeiting operation, and yells at "that dumb dog", the hero. Scooby is rewarded with Bat cookies.

Long lost cut scene on the dangers of counterfeiting to the economy


The Addams' house is seen, with a wolf's howl. The gang is driving through the desolate area in a heavy fog (another "pea soup" joke with Scooby) and can't even see where they are (Shaggy: our "wrong turn" was "when we drove out of the garage!"). Shaggy, then Scooby pop up in the front seat, squeezing between the others. Suddenly, they see a car speeding away in the other direction. With Scooby impairing Freddy's driving, they are run off the road. (They now realize what they thought were "a giant pair of eyes" are really headlights). It's an old couple, former housekeepers fleeing the house, in which they describe "all sort of strange things" occur. They then drive off, leaving Fred to try to get unstuck. Shaggy is tapped on the shoulder by Lurch, offering help, and faints. He then tells them to follow him (picking up Scooby by the collar). Both him and the house seem familiar to the gang. (Or, to Shaggy; "faintly" familiar. When Scooby laughs; "Traitor!" Velma explains that what they are experiencing is called "deja vu". When the wolf howls again, Fred points out that in this case, it should be called "deja boo"!)

Inside, Gomez is pacing up and down the wall, worrying that they would have to cancel their vacation, to the Okefenokee swamp, if they don't find replacement housekeepers. (It's "driving me up the wall. And down it too". He's so mad he could "jump up and down shouting pleasant things"). Wednesday has a "voodoo booboo" with her doll, and they worry that she's growing up to be such a "sweet, cheerful young lady". They dig Pugsly out of his sandbox. He says in the three days he's been in there, he's been digging all the way to China, and they don't believe him, yet when they're not looking, he says goodbye to his Chinese friend who's come up with him.
They are ready to unpack, until Lurch, who had said he was going to "round up new housekeepers" rings the foghorn-like bell. (Outside, Shaggy says nothing is getting him to go inside, until he sees the gargoyle on top of the pole he's climbed). He zips by Gomez and Morticia ("felt like a cold, clammy draft"), and ends up in the clutches of the Balinese statue.

The gang now recognizes the Addams family. All the members come and introduce themselves. The howls they were hearing were just Grandma listening to a record ("scareo in stereo!"). The couple then leave, assuming the new housekeepers, and them left without a chance to refuse. Shaggy says he's going to tell them he's leaving, but chickens out when he opens the front door to Lurch. ("I've got one thing to say to you! Where do you keep the guest towels?")
At the dinner table, Shaggy bangs it with the hard bread, causing it to levitate, thinking it was being "rapped", like in a seance. Lurch serves "southern fright chicken" (it's still alive, and flies around). Velma says it's a good time to start a diet. Shaggy isn't fazed, however doesn't realize that his food is being eaten from the fork by Cleopatra the flytrap plant behind him ("The more I eat, the hungrier I get"), who then eats the fork ("That's OK, the plant doctor says she should have lots of iron in her diet").

Suddenly, they hear a giant bird, and the flapping of wings, and its shadow is seen over them (Shaggy actually prays: "Please don't let it be Gabriel!") Scooby tries to hide in Cleopatra's flowerpot, but she picks him out and roars at him ("She's part dande-lion") The lights then go out. Thing (in Uncle Fester's soup) lights the candelabra. Wednesday is gone, and a note left, "Addams Family, this is a warning. Clear out now!" signed "The Vulture". Shaggy isn't interested in finding Wednesday, because he wants "to live to see Thursday, Friday and Saturday". (Finding her "if it's the last thing we do" is "just what it might be!")

They split up. Fred and Daphne find the study, and then hear a creepy organ playing itself. ("A haunting refrain"). Shaggy, Scooby and Velma are soon attacked by a suit of armor. It's no longer behind them, because it's now above them. It then falls, and turns out to be empty.
We next cut to a scene of the couple enjoying themselves in the swamp, including feeding the crocodiles. Gomez, fishing, gets a bite, which turns out to be an octopus ("Darn it, I got away")

Back in the house, Fred and Daphne are being chased by a flying carpet. Fred opens a secret panel by shouting "Open Sesame", and they escape. They are now in a hall of doors. The first room they enter, they see the family "skeletons in the closet". The next one is "Wednesday's Pet Corner", which contains a fire breathing dragon. Then, Pugsly's Experimental Laboratory, which contains several animals who've been changed from other animals (and still sound like their original selves), including a parrot who was really the mailman, and is still trying to finish delivering the mail. They then fall through a trap door and down a slide.

The gang is now back together. (When considering whether to place an ad in the lost and found, Velma jokes "Missing, one girl, Wednesday; Reward, one ice cream sundae"). Shaggy (to "We can't leave; we're the housekeepers", retorts "Well this is one house they can keep"!) is playing chess by himself, and the horse piece neighs and gallops off to the other side, and then the whole table levitates and floats away. ("Sore winner!")

Fred finds a door, but it's locked. When Velma wishes she had her "skeleton key", Scooby runs with terror, right through the door ("Lucky for us, he's go too much bone in his head, and not enough in his back!"). It's Gomez's room. Shaggy sees the bed, and (having "been on pins and needles" ever since he got there) tries to lay on it, but Scooby at the last minute pushes it away (causing him to slam to the floor), as it is a bed of spikes! ("Like the Indian holy men"; Shaggy: "I can certainly see why they would be holey!") When he rewards Scooby with a Scooby snack, the moosehead trophy on the wall eats it instead ("They don't like to harm helpless creatures") and both he and Shaggy faint. ("It's not a total loss; Shaggy and Scooby finally got their rest").

They've now searched the whole house, but haven't found her. (A scene that was cut involved a mummy that chased them, and unwound itself, which Shaggy refers to when "unwinding" in a chair). Shaggy sits on Wednesday's voodoo doll, in the chair. ("You know what this means? We're on the right track"; Shaggy, stuck by one of the needles: "Correction, the right tack!")
They use Scooby to sniff its scent, and at first he gets a mustache from it ("Detective, or defective?"), and then sneezes, blowing it apart. Inside, they find another note from the Vulture. Scooby sniffs again, and then follows the scent to a pot he eats out of ("I can't believe I ate the WHOLE thing"!), which is not soup, but rather the iguana's bathwater.

He runs to vomit, and falls down an open shaft, and the others see him appearing to float back up, fearing it's his ghost. It's actually a cage elevator he's riding on top of. ("It's round"; "Yeah, how square!") They ride it up ("We've got to keep looking for Wednesday"; Shaggy: "Yeah; we'll probably find her Friday —the 13th!"), to a terrace in with a door with a huge padlock, which Velma opens with her hair pin.
Inside, is Wednesday (using her pet spider as a yoyo, counting up into the 32,400's), whose chair was levitated up there from the dinner table when the lights went off. She mentions the Vulture, who they now all see. It begins dive bombing, and leaving an egg, with a final warning.

Shaggy and Scooby run all the way down to the front door ("This house ought to be rated hex!"), but upon opening it encounter the live alligator bag of the returning couple. They run into the next room, and end up imprisoned inside the live skeleton of "Brontoslau", the dinosaur ("This will be the first thing he's had in his stomach in 3 million years!"). They faint.
The gang tells them of the Vulture wanting them to leave (Gomez: "The world is full of strange people!") Shaggy and Scooby refuse to search for clues. ("Not chickening out; vulturing out!"). Fred and the girls search the "dank, dismal, creepy" basement. Cousin Itt takes offence, as its interior decorator; "Or in this case, the "eerier decorator!")

Shaggy ("This place is right out of a fairy tale; a grim fairy tale!") and Scooby find the magic carpet and take a nap on it. While sleeping, it rises, taking them outside to the top of the house. They awaken (by tree branches and then slamming into the side of the house), looking down at the void, "and if you think that's bad, now look up", seeing the vulture, which begins drawing them with a force, which flies them all around the grounds. (They now wish they had stayed with the others).
The others have found a door saying "Danger Keep Out". It's Uncle Fester's laboratory. Fred lights a candle, but it's really a Roman candle, whose sparks are landing on the other boxes of fireworks in the room. They flee, and now the entire area around the house is teeming with fireworks ("Is it the Fourth of July already?"), with one rocket going right through the carpet Shaggy and Scooby are still riding on. They land in the pool ("Somebody up there likes me"), but see the octopus ("Somebody down here, too!") Another rocket hits the vulture, causing it to crash.

It's really a helicopter, being flown by the old couple they met in the beginning, who weren't really housekeepers, but really neighbors who only pretended to be housekeepers, to plant the remote control devices in the house that they controlled from the helicopter, such as on Wednesday's chair and the mummy. They wanted to frighten away the Addams' Family, because of all the scary things in the house, and the bad effect they feared it would have on the neighborhood children.
They are ready to surrender to having the authorities called, but the gang has a better solution: to create a neighborhood amusement park with all the scary features in the house, such as the octopus and Bromtoslau, as rides. The children, not even frightened, are enjoying it, as are the Addams' members, such as Thing lending a hand for jump rope. The old couple realize "They make splendid neighbors!"

The gang is saying farewell. (Morticia's French arouses Gomez; "Triste now; tryst later"!) Lurch lifts them out of the mud (and has to be instructed to put them down, when they see they aren't moving). They're still lost, and ask Shaggy to read the map. Being dark, he lights one of "Uncle Fester's candles", which he brought along. We leave with the whole screen filled with fireworks, and a spiral effect out.

A "double-spook" plot, where the Addams' house is naturally "haunted" in its own right, yet is further "haunted" by others trying to scare them away; "haunting the haunts". Why they think such a spooky family would be scared away by spookiness is never answered

Another instance, like "Foul Play in Funland", where the culprits turn out to not be guilty of a crime

Title screen uses a clip of regular background score (the slower version of the original instrumental theme)

The "digging through the earth from the US is the short cut to China" very familiar classic cartoon gag is used in the story. Gomez points out it's an old wives' tale, and he's actually right! They've all forgotten that the earth is round in BOTH the east-west and north-south directions, so digging through from here would bring you up in the Indian Ocean, off the western coast of Australia! No one has EVER caught this error.

A scene with a mummy was cut, but still referenced, twice

Reused Magilla Gorilla era stock score begins to be used, periodically. It will continue off and on through both seasons, along with occasional Jonny Quest or Birdman era "super-adventure" style cues, along with the 1968 score, such as the scenes with the Vulture. A Flintstones era piece is used when Gomez paces up and down the wall.

The episode has not been released on DVD or BluRay due to an appearance right conflict with the show's creators.


Driving along, the gang meets Jonathan Winters at a gas station, acting as an attendant. He was on his way to Frickert Farm, but his motor went dead (he imitates it), and he was waiting for it to be fixed. Maude Frickert, who he did impersonations of on TV, was opening a fried chicken stand (to the delight of Shaggy and Scooby). So the gang drives him there, and offers to help on the farm. The gang thinks it will be a break from all the haunted houses they'd been to lately, and that there are "no spooky characters here", but little do they know a scarecrow is moving about.

Upon arrival at the farm, a huge farmhand is seen chasing 2 men on motorcycles off the farm, causing Shaggy and Scooby to take cover. The farmhand, Vernon, next confronts the gang, suspecting them of looking for some secret formula. (Shaggy: "This is your idea of getting away from spooky characters?") Jonathan distracts him with one of his voice imitations of Ma Frickert, which he throws into a barn. He then takes the gang to the house, where they meet the real Mrs. Frickert, confusing Vernon, who thought she was in the barn ("keep talking like that, you'll go from Frickert's farm to the funny farm"). She tells them about the formula, which would make chickens grow larger. Grandpa Frickert had hid the formula before he passed away. "Ever see a 6 foot chicken?" (Scooby points at Shaggy)

Scooby is scared by two men creeping around outside the window, and then a knock on the door sends him under the couch. It is Simon Shakey, the bank president. He and Maude sit on the couch to discuss business, crushing poor Scooby. Everybody tries to pronounce "Grandma Frickert's Fried Fricasees", and when only Velma gets it right, they don't believe her. When Shakey declines to give Maude a loan to help her open her chicken stand, she puts him out (promising to withdraw her $27). She then plans to get the business started herself.

Vernon takes the gang out to where they will be sleeping. He sees the snoopers, and everyone chases them. Everyone splits up. (Mrs. Frickert takes along Freddy, who looks like her idol, Glen Campbell, "Greatest man who ever lived"). The scarecrow is shown lurking around. Vernon pounces on Shaggy, Scooby and Jonathan. The four decide who goes whacking through the bushes, or down to the old mill. (Jonathan: "we're not very good bushwhackers"). He, Shaggy and Scooby go down to the mill. Freddy and the girls, in the wheatfield, notice that the scarecrow has moved, and begin chasing him. We cut back to the mill, where Shaggy and Scooby try to enter via paddlewheel, and are repeatedly dunked in the creek. (Jonathan thinks it's fun. "I'd try it if it weren't for my sprained pinky") One of the snoopers, inside the mill sees Vernon coming, and ducks. He gets covered with flour, looking like a ghost, and runs to the farm. Meanwhile, the others are still chasing the scarecrow. The floured man runs into the barn, and the other man plows into a haywagon. Shaggy, Scooby and Jonathan open a tool shed and see the floured man, and hide under the Mystery Machine. They see Vernon's legs, and thinking it might be the perpetrator, Jonathan lures him away with horse noises, which he throws into the barn. Vernon then tries to ask the horse about the floured man, but then remembers that "he's just a dumb animal". Hearing him, the girls run to find the others. They see the floured man and run. The other man comes out of the haywagon, and bumps into the floured man. One jumps into a barrel of rainwater, the other into a well, and are both caught. Ma Frickert questions them. They did not know anything about the formula, but were from the music industry, and only wanted to rent the farm for a Woodstock type rock festival. After promising to see if they could get Glen Campbell, Ma takes them in for the night. Everyone now wonders if the missing Vernon is the scarecrow, and if his "dumb act" is just an act.

The scarecrow is now digging in the farmyard as the others search the corn and wheat fields. Shaggy and Scooby wonder why the corn is "wrapped up" in "green stuff" (the ears). They are frightened by Freddy's whippoorwhill call, and run, seeing the scarecrow in the ditch he was digging. They enter the stable and encounter Jonathan, who makes various vocal and sound effects to make scarecrow think the police and military are staking him out. The scarecrow, in the next stall, soon gets wise to the trick, sending the three running. (Jonathan: "What's that word? z z ZOINKS!")

Everyone is now running madly through the yard. Ma Frickert, looking from her upstairs window, sees a figure dash into the grain elevator. The others go to check it out, while Shaggy and Scooby hide, first in a motorcycle, then in a chicken coop "with the rest of the chickens". Maude, going back to get a lantern so they can see at the top of the grain elevator better, closes the chicken coop trapping Scooby and Shaggy inside. Hungry, they look for food. They wake the chickens (hoping they would lay eggs for them) but they only make loud noise. They start to dig their way out, when they find a metal box in the ground. ("I thought these were made in factories; I didn't know they grew underground"). It contains what look like crackers. But before they can eat it, a rooster gobbles up the whole box, and starts to grow big, bursting out of the coop! It was the formula, and now the giant rooster chases Shaggy and Scooby.
Meanwhile, the others have cornered the scarecrow at the top of the grain elevator. He trips into the grain, which begins pouring out, on top of Shaggy, Scooby and the giant chicken, outside. When Shaggy emerges from the pile first and tells them about the chicken, Jonathan thinks "the grain sprained his brain". Scooby and the scarecrow are riding the chicken who now emerges, and everyone chases them in their vehicles (Maude at first "chicken skis" by holding on to its tail feathers). The chicken is now growing smaller, and they head him off at a railroad crossing. He is now regular size. The scarecrow is unmasked. It was Shakey, the bank president, who was trying to prevent Maude from opening her chicken stand so he could open his own. Vernon arrives with the sheriff, who takes Shakey away. ("He'll have his own rock festival on a rock pile!") It is now dawn, and Scooby crows at the rising sun. Jonathan comments: "Very funny dog; just keep him out of show business".


The gang is driving in a stormy night along rocky terrain heading to Pinecrest Lodge. Lost, they can't decide which direction they are heading. (Velma "comforts" them with the fact that they are not in danger of a "typhoon", but only a "flash flood"). They decide to ask questions at Moody Manor which they are passing by. When Velma pushes the gate, it falls flat.

In a long, tree-lined driveway that resembles a tunnel, they arrive at a fallen tree, and then have to walk the rest of the way. Suddenly, Scooby sees the tree stand up, and imitates it to the gang, who of course don't believe him. A man is seen following them. He sneezes, and his disguise comes off revealing Don Knotts. He continues, then sneezes again, and Scooby sees him, and tells the others (imitating, once again), who again don't believe him. (Velma: "This place is getting to him!")

They arrive at the Manor (Velma: "Just a big old house" Daphne: "Sure! Full of big old green icky crawly things!") The door opens by itself, and they enter (Freddy: "maybe it's electric"; Shaggy: "maybe we'll get a big shock on the other side!") It closes and locks them in. Don, also inside, in a dressing room, now changes disguise to the butler. The gang sees a picture of the owner, a sea captain. The butler appears and introduces himself, and begins talking about Captain Moody. He then goes to get the Captain's friend, a pirate.

Meanwhile, the gang tries to leave, but all the doors are locked, and bars on the window. The stairs flatten, dropping them back to the first floor. Scooby sees an eye in the picture move. They begin looking for a secret passage, but can't seem to find one anywhere. Scooby lands in the fireplace, looking up at the chimney, and this basically has to serve as the secret passage. They have Scooby climb up. He (and a large vulture with a nest) falls, and lands on the logs. He accidentally pushes the side of the log-holder, which opens the real secret passage, behind the bookcase. Inside, Scooby is scared by a huge spider in a web. Noticing this late, himself, Shaggy says "Nothing could be that scary...unless it's that scary!"
Next, when Freddy knocks on a wall, someone knocks back, and they all run. Reaching a dead end, they fall through a trap door, down a slide to right back to where they started, in front of the fireplace. Don, as the pirate enters from another secret passage, and introduces himself. He thinks each member of the gang is a relative of Captain Moody, addressing them by other names.
He invites them to the "mess hall", and while Shaggy and Scooby deal out the food, the others are afraid it is poisoned.

He then goes to get "the maid" (yet another disguise), to show them to their rooms. Freddy suggests both the maid and butler resembled the pirate. The upstairs windows are also barred, and the lights go out, leaving them to have to use candles. Shaggy is scared by a "cuckoo" clock that uses a lighthouse with horn. The girls hear footsteps (the pirate walking on his wooden leg). Freddy is reading "Spooky Tales of Terror" ("it takes your mind off things"), and then the boys hear the footsteps, plus a moan.

Shaggy and Scooby are so hungry, they're not even afraid of being "likely to run into something horrible out there" as Fred warns. Says Shaggy "what's more horrible than starving to death?" They figure the three characters they met in the house must have food to eat, so it can't all be poisoned; and head downstairs. Meanwhile, the girls are also hungry, and leave their room as well. (Velma first places an order for Daphne to bring back, until she says "sure, if you're still here when I get back!"
The two pairs approach each other in the hall, (both saying they would much rather face a ghost than starve to death!) When Velma steps on a loose floor board, she scares herself and Shaggy and Scooby, who hide behind a curtain. The girls hear their chattering teeth, and think it's "bones" (as in a skeleton). They too run behind the curtain, and when four pairs of eyes are seen, the girls run out, and Shaggy and Scooby think it was a reflection in a mirror. They hear a moan, which Shaggy thinks is Scooby's stomach. A suit of armor blows out the candle, and then lights it again with its finger (Shaggy thinks it's the wind blowing it out and back on). The armor then pats Scooby on the head, and enjoying at first, then runs. (Shaggy, not believing it "I think that empty spot in your stomach has moved up to your head!") They head down the stairs, and a glowing ghost appears behind them.

In the kitchen, they construct two highrise "towers" for sandwiches. As they are about to "demolish" them, the ghost appears (they take off without even eating the suspended sandwiches, as they usually do). They run back into bed, next to Freddy. ("Most people have nightmares after eating too much. You even get 'em before eating too much!") The ghost appears from a secret passage behind the dresser, and Fred tells them to stand up to him, until the ghost comes towards him. He then literally runs over Scooby and Shaggy escaping himself.

Having run to the girls' room, they all hide in the closet, but the ghost is now in there. They recognize him as the ghost of Captain Moody and run through various doors. They try to barricade a door, yet he enters through another secret passage through a revolving bookcase, which Freddy falls behind. Freddy rotates it again, knocking the ghost's wig off, causing him to flee. They now suspect that not only is the ghost phony, but that he looks like all of the other characters they have met. Freddy decides to ring for the maid, but scrambling to change costumes, the butler appears instead. When they tell him they asked for the maid, he then comes out with the costumes mixed up.

The charade now obviously over, he then identifies himself as a detective, "Pipsqueak", looking for Captain Moody. He suspects one of his nieces or nephews showed up and kidnapped him to gain all of the inheritance, that was supposed to be shared equally among the four descendants. The suit of armor waves its arm causing them all to fall through a trap door. Searching with his magnifying glass, in Sherlock Holmes getup, he accepts the gang's help on the case.
He sends the boys to the mine and mill, and the girls to the private cemetary, and uses Scooby as his bloodhound. He gives him one of the Captain's socks, and after first passing out ("That's what separates the men from the boys!"), he leads him to the Captain's drawer ("You don't follow the smell of the sock; you follow the scent of the man who wore them!"), and then on the trail.

The girls hear noises and run. (As they become more definitely ghostly: "Just the wind"; "Just an owl"; "Just follow me!"). Freddy sends Shaggy to the mill, while he searches the mine. Shaggy encouters what he thinks is Pipsqueak "making like that ghost again", until he encounters Pipsqueak walking with Scooby heading towards them. They run, and encounter Freddy with yet another ghost. They all run pass the girls who join them. Pipsqueak, in the suit of armor, uses its arm to trap them in the trap door, as had earlier been done to them. They realize the ghosts were leading them away from the mine, while Scooby was following the trail to the mine.
There, Shaggy grudgingly follows Scooby in reluctantly volunteering to trap the ghosts (when no one else would), and the others see the captain bound and gagged. Shaggy and Scooby lure the ghosts into the mine car, where they are dumped in the pit where the captain was, and slide down the chute, and are bagged. It was the two nephews, pretty much as they figured, and now the gang fills in their place in the feast the captain was planning.

Afterwards, is still the problem of finding the lodge. Neither Moody, nor Pipsqueak has ever heard of it. After all that, they're still lost! But Pipsqueak assures them that "they'll never be lost", with the "smartest, most natural born sleuth he ever ran across", in "the tradition of all the great bloodhounds".
"Scooby Dooby Doo!"

Scooby is abruptly shown climbing the chimney, but there were several scenes of the gang looking for a secret passage that were cut.


Phyllis Diller is portrayed as a batty old dame (Shaggy: "nice lady, but driving with three wheels") who brags on her beauty (despite her age) and frequently talks to the ghosts of her five rich husbands, whose pictures and possessions fill her house.

The gang finds her poodle wandering in the alley after leaving the movies, and brings him to the address on his diamond studded collar. (Shaggy, reacting to the darkness of the night, states "I'm not scared of anything, except that which I'm scared of!") The address is a big spooky looking castle-like mansion ("Such a big house for such a little dog"), with a ghostly voiced gargoyle welcoming them at the gate.
Her butler Lucas opens the door, and Ms. Diller comes out and welcomes them and offers a reward. (Shaggy: "We used our noodle, and returned your poodle!" For being a "naughty little dog and running away", she tells Lucas to give him his dinner, but "no banana cream pie", of course exciting Shaggy and Scooby, whom Velma has to restrain).

She begins showing them around the house, starting with a hallway haunted by the banshee of Gloccamorra. They all hear the wail; Shaggy and Scooby jump into a huge kettle, though the others think it's probably just the wind. She also begins mentioning her husbands, to whom she was an "antique", or a "trophy" they collected, she points out as they pass the respective items. (In some of which, Shaggy observes moving eyes, but the others don't see. A whole elephant even disappears). They narrowly avoid two pits, which also have eyes watching. Phyllis shows them her living room, with the pictures of her late husbands ("I don't know why I call it that; because none of the people who hang around in here are living; they're all ghosts!". "They were all tycoons; except my third, he looked more like a raccoon!")

The lights go out. When Phyllis lights a candle, Fred and the girls arise under furniture covers scaring Shaggy and Scooby. Phyllis thinks it was done by the ghost of her 2nd husband, who was "such a cheapskate". She orders him to turn them back on. (Shaggy: "Boy, if I was a ghost; I sure wouldn't haunt her house!")
Lucas calls her to the library, which has been ransacked ("It looks like my kitchen—on a good day!") Phyllis believes it's likely someone after her priceless jewel collection, which she keeps in a "secret hiding place" A bag marked "M M" has been left by the window. Freddy doesn't believe it's a clue ("No thief would leave a bag with his initials on it"), until a hand reaches in and grabs it. Now convinced, he leads the girls to go after him. The footprints end in a graveyard filled with statues. One of them now begins following them. It chases them into a basement filled with Egyptian artifacts. They find a huge mummy case (with "Three mummies! — But no poppies") and then try to hide in it ("no one home; gone to Mummyapolis!") and then trap the creature in it and run back to the others.

Back with Phyllis, she explains that it's the ghost of her 4th husband, "Rudolph, the red nosed rain-maker" (He was in the sprinkler business), who was always after her money.

There's a knock on the front door. It's The Great Mysto the magician, from the Magic Mansion, who brings a message from Madam Zokar, who talks to all the spirits, and has been in touch with the spirit of Phyllis' first husband, Wilbur, who gave her all of her diamonds ("I used to call him 'Rocky'"), and now wishes her to come to the Magic Mansion for a seance. (He literally drools at her jewels). She invites the gang (Shaggy: "I just remembered; I got an important date with somebody in Pango Pango!"). Lucas drives her in her limo, while the gang follows in the Mystery Machine. Velma suddenly realizes the initials of "Magic Mansion" match what was on the burglar's bag.

They arrive at the Mansion, which has bats flying around. Shaggy and Scooby try to squeeze their way back into the Mystery Machine at the same time, but encounter a giant spider at the steering wheel. They run and land on a tombstone marked "underground parking". The valet causes the Mystery Machine to disappear in a puff of smoke. The front door has several haunted voices around it. Shaggy and Scooby refuse to go in, until they smell food. (When the door closes behind them, the skull peephole laughs!)

Ms. Diller introduces herself to Alberto the receptionist as "Mrs. Slagheap of 1953". He tells them Madam Zokar is located in "Dreary Dungeon, which is just below Terror Terrace", and "the most awful room in the place". They are told to "follow the ghost", which looks real (Shaggy and Scooby's sweat freezes! When told by Freddy that it's not real; "I know it, but does that know it?")

In the room, Madam Zokar arrives (who seems to be a bit scatterbrained, and not sure where she is). She takes out her crystal ball, but then falls asleep. When awaken, she begins calling the third husband, which is the wrong one. The formless ghost actually floats in, and she has to send it back. Then she calls Wilbur, who appears and begins talking to Phyllis. He says he's worried about his jewels and asks where she keeps them. She tells him their in the wall safe behind his picture, and can only be opened at the stroke of midnight (as all the Magic Mansion personnel and Lucas are shown listening with evil grins). Velma realizes that everyone in the room now knows where her jewels are, and that this was all just a plot, especially since it's already after 11. (Diller: "Me and my big mouth!")

They try to leave (Shaggy: "This door's marked 'exit'. That means 'out'"; Phyllis: "This boy's a genius!"), but all the doors are ordered locked by someone, making it clear someone is trying to keep Ms. Diller from getting to her jewels. They decide to disguise as furniture movers with Shaggy and Scooby hidden inside a box. However, they don't realize they are actually on stage, and the curtain now opens, for the "saw a man in half" act, which the box is for.
Mysto begins sawing, and Shaggy and Scooby know to each take one end of the box. When it's now two boxes, Mysto is confused when one end has a man's body part, and the other has a dog's. The audience thinks it's part of the act. Shaggy and Scooby both run off in their repective halves of the boxes. Now, the others wheel the two boxes out on carts, fooling a guard (Phyllis: "It's part ot the magic act. And I am the magic!")

They now race off in their vehicles, with only 15 minutes before midnight. The gang soon falls behind, but a pair of masked men saw down a tree, blocking the road. (Shaggy: "Maybe it grew there"). A detour sign is placed out. They follow it, (even as Fred realizes it could be a trap), but end up lost. They decide to use moss, which "always grows on the north side of a tree" to get a sense of direction, but one of the men moves it to another side of the tree. They end up on a river raft. One of the men cuts the rope, and they are set adrift. They are approaching a drawbridge that's too low. They call and wake the operator, who fumbles the controls, and it blows out, luckily, with half of the bridge landing on the surface of the water, making a ramp for them to drive up. It's the main road, and they continue (and have Shaggy imagine he's eating a hamburger. "They forgot the ketchup").

They arrive at Diller's house, and the limo is there, but no one is answering. They sneak in through an open window, and the neighbors call the police. They begin searching inside (Shaggy: "This place is creepier than that Magic Mansion"). They enter a dark room, and count six pairs of eyes. When Fred lights a match, the extra person is revealed as Mysto, who's "making a curtain call" and magically disappears ("Well, we know he's in the house").

Now enter the the two masked men, who split up to chase both "the kid with the two dolls" and Shaggy and Scooby, who try to hide in different places, including a bell tower, whose bell their pursuer rings. They slide down a laundry chute and land in a row of baskets, which Fred and the girls are already hiding in. They hear one man asking the other where he put Diller, and so the gang follows wrapped in sheets. Scooby is scared by his own reflection in a mirror they pass. The men hear them, and the entire gang takes to an instrument, playing like a band, which fools them ("Hey look, the Diller dame's fake ghosts play instruments!" "Well, that's awful!") They've lost the men, but encounter a grandafather clock that's moving ("Would you believe, a haunted clock!"). It's Ms. Diller, bound and gagged inside. (Upon telling of her capture; "I swooned as a lady should. Then I woke up, and the close struck the quarter hour — on my head!")
It's now one minute until midnight (Diller: "Midnight! The witching hour. For lovely me, the BE-witching hour!") Someone begins working the safe, but then a light is shined on them by the arriving police. It's Alberto and another man. (Diller, rather than being thankful for the observant neighbor, instead thinks "That old witch is always spying on me. Bitterly jealous")

Diller wants to give them a reward, but Fred and the girls refuse. Shaggy has her point them to the kitchen, as Scooby is "expiring", and there's "no time for the vet". Fed a sandwich, "we got him in time; we'll be able to save him".


We open on the front entrance gate to the Mammoth Studios, which is being condemned in favor of a "super duper market to be built here soon!"
The gang arrives to see Sandy Duncan film her latest movie "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". (The guard directs them past "Notre Dame", "Taj Mahal", "Mississippi", and "Tokyo", to get to "London" ("Around the world in 90 seconds"). Not seeing Tokyo, they arrive at Philadelphia, but then see a ghostly figure on a bridge. Fred swerves, and ends up dangling over the edge of the bridge as the figure runs away.

They now hear Sandy crying help, and think it's another scene being shot. Sandy runs toward them as the man hides behind a tree. Scooby jumps into Sandy's arms, and "thinks he's in love". She explains she had been rehearsing when the ghostly figure lunged at her. Her stand-in, Shirley Denison, who looks identical to Daphne (even down to the red hair and head band), Mr. Thayer, head of the studio, Mr. Van Hinstone the director, co-star Duke Jason and Slats [?] his stand-in are introduced by her.
She continues explaining how "anything and everything", including numerous accidents, electrical power going out, etc. have been happening. (As she speaks, she puts on the red haired wig, and then both women are shown standing next to Daphne, to show how nearly identical they are. "Except Daphne's hair is her own. Who knows whose hair Shirley and mine is or was!") They were so behind schedule, the whole lot was supposed to have been torn down a week earlier.

The cynical Shirley points out possible motivations of different people for keeping the picture from being finished. Everyone's suspicious of everyone else (sarcastically, "We're really a marvy group").
They begin rehearsing a scene. Scooby sees the ghostly man hiding behind a hedge rigging a gaslight with a rope to fall on Sandy. Scooby runs and stops her from running past it right as it falls. Shirley walks out. They then decide to use Daphne as the new stand-in. She now is fitted with the green dress the actresses wore.

The gang now sets out to look for clues. The first thing they see is that the Mystery Machine has been gotten un-stuck, placed squarely on the bridge, and "headed in a very certain direction: out", further indicating someone wants them to leave. (Shaggy: "If they went through all that trouble, maybe we should". Fred "No; It's all the more reason we shouldn't. We stay!" Shaggy: "That'll give you two more mysteries to solve: finding me and Scooby!")
As Scooby reenacts everything, the man is now standing behind a bigger hedge unseen by everyone, and pulls a lever causing Shaggy and Scooby to fall through a trap door under the first hedge. They can't open it, and are instructed to follow the dark tunnel they are in, as the others try to follow above (Shaggy: "How about, I go first, after you"; Scooby catches on rather late after they've started walking). They bump into the end of the tunnel and come up through a manhole into the desert, at the feet of a "freaky sheik" who chases them. They take off in a dune buggy, and see a pyramid Shaggy thinks is a "refreshment stand". A few blocks move creating an opening and they go inside. They think Egyptian heiroglyphics is a menu and that mummy cases are vending machines. Shaggy inserts a coin, and it opens up, revealing a mummy ("the waiter just got back from the hospital") who chases them. The mummy opens a door for them, and they run through. They see a doorway with a pair of eyes. It is a lion who pounces after them, but crashes, and is only a movie prop controlled by the mummy. They fimd the exit and take off in the dune buggy.

Fred and Daphne are in Shanghai. They see a pirate whom they think is a prop man, but when they try to talk to him, he tries to throw a net on them and chases them. They escape by tossing a cannon ball which sinks the ship. ("Remind me to report that guy for over-acting"). They next encounter a "real live imitation movie dragon" (Fred: "I'd sure hate to meet this guy in a dark alley". Daphne: "Well don't look now, but that's exactly where we are!") He begins breathing fire and chases them. ("We ought to report him to Smokey the Bear"). They find firecrackers and throw them on him ("Fight fire with firecrackers"). The pirate man controlling him from inside falls out, and the dragon falls into off the pier into the water. Fred releases a stack of barrels, chasing the pirate off the pier.
Velma is in Philadelphia, and the pirate is now following her. She runs past Fred and Daphne off the pier. They take a boat to go and fish her out, and the pirate cuts the rope and pushes them adrift. They cross the water to a snowy scene like Alaska and see a shadow of someone ahead, and plan instead of going back to Shanghai, to "to shanghai him!"

Shaggy is running blind with Scooby's paws over his face, trying to direct him. They crash through the background, and end up dangling from a tree branch above the others. Velma gets them down. Scenes have been cut at this point, as Daphne mentions a "wolfman", and Shaggy mentions "King Kong", who "sure cut the Empire State Building down to size". They are now approached by a huge bear ("Uh Oh, and it's not Yogi Bear!") Scooby now has to "mush" and pull the others on a dogsled.
They end up in a desert ghost town. Now, they have to add to all the creepy figures they've encontered, an Indian with a tomahawk, running after them. Shaggy and Scooby run into the sheriff's office and lock themselves in the cell, while Fred the the girls run into a bank, and are locked in. Both groups begin talking to each other on the other side of the wall, not realizing this at first.

They sleep in their prisons overnight, and wake up in the morning. Fred gets the idea to push the weak set walls, and then the one between them, which revolves, flattening the whole set. Sandy and the others see them, having been looking for them. They now think the other studio personnel look like the characters that had been chasing them all night.

They are now beginning to film another scene, of Hyde trapping Sandy on a balcony. The gang watches the others closely. (Slats threatens Shaggy). Daphne now takes Sandy's place for the struggle scenes, but goes to have a button on the dress fixed, and someone dressed as Mr. Hyde chases her thinking she was Sandy. The director thinks the actors are messing up their acts.
They're now gone and a ransom note is left: "Stop sale of studio if you ever want to see Sandy Duncan again". Sandy goes to help the kids look for clues, since she feels responsible. Scooby sniffs the ground and bumps into a pole, opening a trap door. They now walk through a tunnel. When Scooby pulls on a light string, Sandy is pulled through a secret passage, and Scooby follows her, unbeknownst to the others, who find Mr. Hyde's cape. Sandy and Scooby are in a prop room, and see the ransom note had been made there. They go back through the tunnel, and hear the others calling them. They all crash into each other, and now hear Daphne yelling. They run outside to an alpine scene and see she is at the top of a castle, being gagged by Hyde. Sandy suggests using the ski lift to reach them, but Hyde sees them ("Mere children, with a stupid dog!") He now takes Daphne away on a golf cart and the others pursue on a toboggan. They crash "exactly where I expected we were gong to end up"; a graveyard (another set of course). Hyde carries Daphne into the mausoleum.

Sandy decides to fool him by projecting her own voice, even though who he thinks is Sandy is still gagged. He then opens the door allowing the others to rush in.
It's Xavier Z. Fairchild, one of the biggest stars of silent pictures, who had disappeared years ago. Sandy realizes he had been living there all those years just wanting to stay in the only world he's ever known, and tells the officer that nobody was really hurt, and the publicity was good. the figure that anyone who could turn into all those figures has talent. (He tells Thayer, "We can discuss money, later", as everyone laughs).

We finish on them wrapping up a scene (the gang now included in the movie). Scooby now wants to leave the gang and stay with her. She offers to have him star in her next movie, "on location in darkest Africa, with all those real live lions and tigers and boa constrictors; to say nothing of all those alligators, wild elephants man eating plants, rhinoceroces". Scooby now decides he'd rather chase ghosts than rhinoceroces. "Rhinoceroces; yick!"

This bad guy was truly evil, and in fact one of the most maleficent in Scooby's entire career, trying to physically harm Sandy and then kidnap her, yet, he's not only not arrested, but instead rewarded with a new career under the studio's owner!

The gag of the two groups on the other side of the wall will be reused in "The Ghost of the Red Baron", with the Three Stooges.


Sonny and Cher are a bantering couple, as portrayed on their comedy show from the previous year.

Scooby and the gang run into them (Shaggy: "Everybody knows them; that's whatshisname and whatshername") driving on a stormy day ("What a day not to go surfing!" Fred wants to just put chains on the surfboards like trucks do [!] and comforts Scooby, "I wouldn't send a dog out into that"). The couple is stalled (on their way to a resort for their second honeymoon), with Sonny trying to pull up the top of the convertible, and Cher snarking at him every step of the way. When the tires blow out, it turns out, he's left the "little ol' spare tire", to make way for the "little ol' water skis". ("Sometimes, I feel like a little ol' woman").

The gang gives them a lift to the Hideaway Hotel. They have to pass over a narrow wooden plank bridge with gaps for a "shark crossing" (Shaggy and Scooby, sent out to read the sign, get their bottoms nipped by the passing fins; Cher: "When that hotel brochure says 'deep sea dinner', does it say who's eating who?"). Suddenly, they are nearly run off the bridge by a speeding Rapid Trash Removal truck ("Why would anybody want their trash removed so fast?"). The hotel, up ahead on a huge rock island, looks like an old derelict, and the extended gang suspects "something mysterious" about it. A growling figure with a two-way radio is seen looking at them through a telescope.

The big joke, outside, and when they arrive inside and begin talking to the manager at the front desk, is Sonny's antiquated brochure (Cher: that "speaks with a forked tongue"), which shows it as a beautiful resort full of activities in excellent condition, in contrast to the weed-filled rockslide area it is now. (A good chunk of the grounds having fallen into the ocean years before. Even as they speak, the bridal suite gets "a better ocean view", since the porch has just dropped off, leaving the building supported on bare foundation studs over the cliff). The "watch birds" are now vultures, who are watching them! ("Those birds will 'eat off your hand', alright!") Honking for the bellhop causes bats to fly off, and the front porch to partially collapse! (Cher refuses to allow Sonny to carry her up the rickety front steps). The manager, Milo Meekly wears a hearing aid, and still can't hear, or see well either. (He fails to recognize the singing stars, but thinks Scooby is the Hound of the Baskervilles. This is what leads him to admit everyone as his "guests").
The only staff left is the hulking Matilda (pretty much Helga the Housemaid from "Nowhere to Hyde", but with gray hair instead of blonde), who's "sizing them up" as they speak.

As Meekly takes them to their rooms, he tells them all of the other guests have fled, and they're the only ones to brave "the curse", of Pescado Diabolico (which Velma translates as "fish of the Devil"), a sea monster known as "the evil god of sharks" in a local Indian legend. The story goes, when the sea winds moan, the shark god will walk on land, and his man-eaters will leave the briny deep and drive mankind back into the sea. (Cher thinks that "mankind" excludes her, as being "womankind"). The gang then hears a moan ("G sharp", and "like someone who is buried and wants a shovel"), but Meekly "doesn't hear a thing" (said with a devious look on his face), but instead attributes it to them assumedly hearing the old wives' tale of the shark god blowing on conch shells to summon the monsters. (As he speaks, the shark figure is looking right at Shaggy and Scooby through a window, unbeknownst to them). He continues to insist it's "only your youthful imaginations".

In bed for the night, Shaggy and Scooby decide to go down to get a midnight snack. Meanwhile, the girls witness the shark god coming up from the surf. Sony and Cher argue about how good or horrible the place is ("Well in your case, 'ESP' stands for 'extra stupid person'!") He tries to call room service, and gets "the jolly green giantess" (Matilda).
Shaggy and Scooby are down in the wine cellar looking for cheeses (Scooby thinks "muenster" is "monster", of course). Slamming a door causes a shark trophy to land on Scooby's head, scaring Shaggy, and himself, in a mirror. Fred, now joining the girls at their window, hear the moan.

The next morning, they all find they are marooned in the "haunted Hilton" with no water activities (because of the sharks), and the road to the mainland "under 2 fathoms of ocean" (Shaggy: "Someone must have left the water running last night"), so they can't even leave! (Sonny: "We could always swim back". Cher: "You're forgetting one of the hotel's most popular water sports: shark feeding", as a couple pass right by them). They can only get back to the mainline at mean low tide, which is next Tuesday! ("That is mean!")
They all sit on the porch bored, and Fred suggests exploring. ("I still think there's a lot more here than meets the eye". Shaggy, to "let's comb the island", jokes "so how do you want to comb it; with a part in the middle or on one side?" as the others, including even Scooby, give him annoyed looks).

At the beach, the girls see the shark god's fin prints. Fred, Sonny and Cher find that the moaning was really the wind blowing across empty rum bottles. (Sonny: "One thing I don't do is mess around with a spirit drinking spirits"). They are very old, showing the seal of an ancient Spanish king. Being collectors items, they wonder why they would be left lying around on a beach.
Shaggy and Scooby (who makes a silly pun about "a lot of sand, which is..."; get it?) find a paddle boat ("Mr. Meekly was off his gourd" for saying there weren't any boats or water sports) and take off into the ocean. It has a glass bottom picture window, and Scooby sees a catfish (which hisses at him), and then an old wreck with the shark god swimming out of it. They pretend they didn't see it, but now, the creature's finny arms are rocking their boat. They paddle backwards to shore, with the shark following. They crash at the top of a dune near the others ("Talk about crazy mixed up egg beaters").

They all now see a kelp dredger, which they hope might be their escape off the island, but it disappears when they climb to get closer. They go to ask Meekly about it, but he's gone. Scooby finds slimy footprints where he was.
They all split up again. Now, we actually get some mild adult humor! Sonny: "Nothing will happen to you while I'm around". Cher. "I know! Seems like a terrible waste of a second honeymoon. I wonder if the shark god puts his fins around a girl..."). When he "knocks wood" (a desk), it swings ("It's the only thing around here that does"), revealing a stairway down to the cellar with finny footprints.

Shaggy and Scooby are in the kitchen (of course), and find no food, but instead, a hot stove pipe, even though the stove is cold. They decide to take the dumbwaiter they had ridden the night before (that scene was cut) to the cellar. Sonny and Cher hear the noises of Scooby trying not to sneeze ("Whatever they are, they sure aren't made by anything human"!) The two groups bump into each other, and the shark god, who's entered through a wine cask! He chases them throughout the cellar and they escape through the cask.

Fred and the girls have taken a rope ladder and rickety wooden stairway that leads straight into the shark infested waters. It gives way, and they end up in the water surrounded by a circling school of sharks. They find they are really fake fins on floats, tied together by chain and leading into a cave in the cove. They grab onto floats and enter the cave, and see the kelp dredger unloading buckets of its cargo, which isn't kelp, but rather gold coins. The crane operator sees them, and now directs a bucket to scoop them up. They dodge it under the water. The others enter and see the foundry the buckets of gold are being conveyed through. The shark god enters and continues the chase. ("He runs pretty fast for a fish out of water"). Shaggy kicks a trash can at him, and wonders why he would stop to place the lid back on. ("Guess he's just a neat sea monster"). They decide to ride the conveyor in the buckets of gold, but then see they're heading for the blast furnace. ("Well, it ain't the end of the rainbow"). They tip over the bucket, landing themselves and the gold on top of the shark god (who was "waiting for his tip").
Now the crane operator swings his bucket over to the pile of gold and begins scooping it up, partially uncovering Scooby and the others. Fred decides to use a pair of trash can lids as cymbals, to distract the operator, but finds they are covered with black paint. The operator turns out to be Mr. Meekly ("Well I'll be!"; —"You'll be shark bait when I finish with you!"), who is immobilized by the clang of the lids.

Matilda enters, speaking in a male voice (in actuality, investigative agent Matt Hildago) and using Meekly's hearing aid, orders all of the shark men out of the water.
Back in the hotel, Hidalgo explains they were only scuba divers, with the shark costumes hiding the scuba gear. What they were after was ancient gold dubloons, real ones from the sunken Spanish galleon. (He caught on to Meekly's scheme, "when one of his shark men tried to spend a few dubloons in town"; Meekly giving the shamed henchman a very evil look). To avoid Uncle Sam talking more than half of the treasure (which was otherwise legal to keep), they melted them down into the trash can lids, painted to disguise them.

The hotel was empty because it was actually condemned for being on a landslide area. (As they leave with their luggage, Shaggy braggingly "figures" the hot stove pipe let him know it was an underground smelting operation). When he and Sonny ponder getting seafood, Cher "puts her foot down" on the steps, causing the whole hotel to fall into the ocean! Sonny: "That's my little Indian Sphinx. When she 'brings down the house', she really brings down the house!" Says Cher: "Scooby Dooby Doo!"


The gang is driving through miles of a hot barren desert. Greedy Shaggy and Scooby carelessly chomp away the last of the watermelon. Scooby even bites Shaggy's nose. ("Chow hound!"). They enter the town of Juneberry hoping to find food and lodging, but instead they encounter a thick fog (when Shaggy says it's like "pea soup" Velma asks "Can't you stop thinking about food?!). They also hear a horn and other noises including a spooky moan, causing Shaggy and Scooby to shiver thinking it's a monster. (Shaggy gets "un-hungry"!) They pass through the town and the fog and noises stop, but now they hear a police siren. A motorcycle officer pulls them over telling them to admit they're wrong and throw themselves on the mercy of the court. He has clocked them at 90 mph in a 25 mph zone. The gang recognizes him as Don Knotts. He still says "a crime's a crime", but Fred shows he was reading his RPM gauge, which someone has switched with the speedometer. He suggests they stay at Juneberry in a fancy hotel with fancy food, and promises to protect them, as the next town is 1000 miles down the road (give or take a few hundred). So he gives them a "police escort" back to town. Upon arrival, families are leaving by the carload. Don introduces Sheriff Dan Dandy. Rancher Gene Haltrey drives up complaining about cattle rustling. The fancy hotel is the jailhouse (they sleep in the cells), and the fancy food is a banana custard pie with chocolate sauce. The ingredients, still in cans and peels, he had confiscated from Oswald Fingerhut, in payment for his parking fine.

As everyone sleeps, a shadow passes through the office. Don and Scooby wake and are terrified, not being able to speak. A horseshoe with a not attached is thrown onto the bars of the cell. It reads "Get out of town before it's too late!" To wake up Don, Shaggy splashes water on him. Don runs to window and shouts "You better not fool around with the Law!" A spooky laugh is heard, and Don faints. He is awaken again with water ("Now cut that out!") Fred suggests gathering a posse, but that's old fashioned police work, as they use helicopters now. But the helicopter is still on order! Scooby licks Don as he falls back to sleep. The gang suspects the sheriff, and try to make him laugh by telling corny jokes, a Laurel & Hardy act, the laughing game, and finally Scooby's "Scooby Doodles". It is all to no avail, until Scooby slips on a banana peel and winds up hanging from the cell bars. The sheriff gives out a creaky laugh that does not match what they earlier heard.

A ghostly moan is now heard and it suddenly gets dark, sending Shaggy, Scooby and Don under a table. Fred and Velma go out to investigate while Daphne and the sheriff wait at the window, and Shaggy, Scooby and Don remain under the table. Fred and Velma find tire tracks, and return for the rest of the gang. They follow the tracks until the road becomes crushed rocks. It leads to Boot Hill Cemetery. They decide to go back at night (scaring Shaggy who at first was relieved they weren't going right now). Shaggy wishes he was on a passing train, and Don is scared by an owl. They think they see the ghosts of the Boot Hill Gang, but it is only a shooting star, and the swaying nooses they were hung from a tree on. They split up. Daphne has to give Scooby three Scooby snacks to get him to budge. Shaggy and Don hear a coyote. (Don: "they're not supposed to hurt people" Shaggy: "Then why are you shivering?" Don: "Maybe they don't know we're people!") Shaggy stands on Don's foot causing him to think something's got him. They argue whether a dark patch on the ground is s pit or a shadow. Shaggy falls down it, and pulls Don in too. Scooby sees a shadow from behind a gravestone, but it is only a rabbit. Both run from each other. Shaggy and Don cower on the ground imagining they are seeing a giant prehistoric creature.

The gang is reunited, and Scooby digs, and is slung by a spring, landing on a gravestone with a wreath. A skeleton is walking toward them. Don and Scooby run backwards; Scooby falling on a tombstone, which sinks, opening a cave in the mountain. The skeleton runs away, and Fred goes after him but trips. He and the girls next follow him into the cave. Meanwhile, Shaggy, Scooby and Don run, finding ghosts blocking three directions, and escape the fourth. They enter the cave too, joining the rest of the gang, and the drawbridge goes up trapping them all inside. They go deeper into the tunnel. One of the ghosts Shag, Scoob & Don earlier saw in the cemetery touches them on the shoulder. They run past the others and are sealed off by a dropping section of wall.
Fred and the girls see stalactites and stalagmites that resemble teeth, and soon find that it is in fact a giant brontosaurus coming towards them. (Velma: "but they've been extinct for millions of years". Daphne: "Well tell that to him!") Suddenly, it is gone. They figure it's an illusion done with projectors and sound recordings, and that someone is just trying to scare them. Shaggy and the others realize this too when they encounter a headless horseman ghost and another driving a horse-drawn carriage past them that also disappear. But then a giant boulder turns out to be real. They duck from it just in time, and it makes a giant hole in the ground which Shaggy and Scooby fall into. They see a ledge and a rope ladder drops out, but when Scooby runs to climb it, it is pulled away, followed by a ghostly laugh ("some sense of humor!"). They next decide to pile up a rock pyramid to the ledge, but someone pulls out a rock causing Scooby, at the top to come crashing back down. They find tracks and a coal car, which takes them on a brief ride --back to where they started. Scooby comes out of it with a chain, which they now lasso onto a rock with, to swing to the ledge. Shaggy makes it, but when he catches Scooby, both fall back down. They now find Don, and the others come up through a trap door.

They find a wooden door under dust on the wall, which has written on it "Dead Man's Cave" (Shaggy: "not much of an invitation!"). Shaggy worries about being bitten by a tarantula they pass, and they soon see the skeleton operating the machinery that makes the spooky effects. Don sneezes, causing the skeleton to run. Then there's an earthquake, causing the ground to open up. Everyone has to jump over the chasms, and Scooby almost falls in. The skeleton opens a water valve flooding the cave. Everyone must now swim "upstream" (Daphne: "Now I know how a salmon feels!") Don is getting carried away until he grabs onto Scooby. They reach dry land, at the bottom of a dead volcano. They see the skeleton climbing up out of it, but he cuts the rope. Scooby now has to climb up its small ledges holding the rope in his mouth. (He is promised 30 Scooby Snacks!) The others follow on the rope, and Don is pulled out with it tied around him. Outside, they see the skeleton rustling cattle onto a truck and realize all the scary stuff was to scare everyone away. Scooby creates a stampede when he barks at a frog. The skeleton hides under the truck, where he surrenders. It was Gene Haltrey, himself. Scooby licks Don as he does his "official police business" of arresting Haltrey. They are thanked by the sheriff. Gang promises to come back and visit.

Driving again through the desert ("that was quite an adventure!"), they hear the siren and are pulled over by Don again. They wonder what they had done this time: they had left behind Scooby, who didn't want to say goodbye to his hero, who he licks again.

• Unusual split-up, where Fred takes Velma, leaving Daphne behind with Shaggy and Scooby (and Don and the Sheriff). All of the dialogue between Daphne and the sheriff at the window, and Shag, Scoob and Don under the table were cut by Cartoon Network (and this remains omitted on the DVD version). In the current prints, Fred and Velma are seen leaving together and finding the tire tracks, but then the rest of the gang is suddenly there, making it seem they had all left together one time.
Scooby also goes with Daphne in the cemetery.

•Scooby is promised 30 Scooby snacks. This is probably the highest number he has ever been offered.


We open on a scene of Laurel and Hardy driving their jalopy through snow covered countryside, on their way to Mackinaw Lodge for jobs as a "Luggage expediter and his assistant", which Laurel reveals are really "bell hops". Laurel has left the map in the trunk, and only remembers that you "follow the blue road to the red one". He is cold, but didn't wear his long underwear, so if he were in an accident, he would look his best. We now cut to Bigfoot atop a hill. He pushes a large snowball in their path causing them to wind up on a tree stump.

Scooby and the gang are also driving to the lodge; for a skiing vacation, and are likewise freezing. They stop to help the crash victims and meet Laurel and Hardy. They drive to the lodge together in the Mystery Machine. The lodge looks deserted. They are welcomed by the proprietor/owner, Mr. Burgess who tells them everyone was scared away by the ghost of Big foot (seen looking in the window). Some just "disappeared". The legend is that Bigfoot was an old mountain man who froze in a big snowstorm a century ago. The area is having "bigfoot weather" right now.

One last guest, Jonathan Crabtree, is brought in a wheelchair by his chauffeur. The gang decides to stay. Stan & Ollie discuss employment with Burgess. Once again, Stan translates Ollie's euphemistic terminology They are hired anyway, since bigfoot was scaring all the help away, too. Their first assignment is to help the gang with their luggage. Stan drops it all on Ollie.

Shaggy, Scooby and Fred share a room. Shag & Scoob go to the kitchen to get sandwiches. They hear bigfoot, and then see him in the window, and then run; gulping the sandwiches. Stan next sees him in (behind) the medicine cabinet, and runs to Ollie foaming at the mouth with toothpaste. Ollie looks, and he is gone, but reappears behind his back. Stan tells him "Good night Mr. Bigfoot". Ollie then reads The Three Bears to Stan. Bigfoot appears in the girls' window, they scream, and the boys come running. They then all see him running away (Stan: "that was the same fellow in our medicine cabinet"). Soon, he is back inside, and takes Stan's place in bed next to Ollie, who runs to the other boys. Scooby, following his trail runs into him, and the boys chase him from room to room. He escapes out the window.

The next day, they try to go out skiing, but the vehicles are now buried under snow. (Burgess to L&H: "All you can do is lock the door to keep the rest of the customers from leaving"). They manage to take the gang up to the ski area in a station wagon. Stan almost falls out of the ski lift trying to figure out what the belt buckle is for. The gang soon sees Bigfoot's footprints, and stop at the ski shed where they meet Hans the ski instructor who offers Shaggy and Scooby lessons. Stanley finds a toboggan, hops on with Ollie, and Scooby bumps them and they take off down the hill. Running to tell Shaggy, he pushes him, on his skis, down the slope as well; Scooby riding on Shaggy's head. Both groups, cross each others paths, and bump on rocks switching riders in midair, and finally land in snow. The rest of the gang applauds.

Back in the hotel, they discuss leaving, but all the roads are blocked. Stan & Ollie are sent up to Mr. Crabtree's room with dinner, but there is no answer. Stan rips Ollie's skeleton key off his pants, and look around the room. Looks like Bigfoot struck again. Since they're stranded the gang suspects Crabtree is still in the lodge somewhere. They split up, and both groups discover secret passages with big footprints. Scooby also finds a small secret panel, which opens. Inside is a room with sheeted furniture which Scooby thinks are ghosts. Bigfoot enters the room and hides under a sheet, and then the rest of the gang enters, and pounces on Stan and Shag, who had also been hiding under sheets. Stan plays a piano, and misunderstanding Ollie's request, plays "another time". Bigfoot pops out of the piano and runs into a passageway which closes. They do find a note with a list of license plate numbers, which Fred confirms with a call to the police, are from stolen cars.
They are driving in the Mystery Machine, which had finally been dug out of the snow. On the road, they are passed by Bigfoot driving a full car carrier in a hurry. They follow him into an auto junkyard, but the truck has vanished, and none of the cars, which are all late models, have license plates. They see a snowmobile, and the engine is warm. Inside the yard's office they find a movie projector pointing out the window, which projects images of bigfoot. Stan climbs a ladder placed on the snowmobile to see who's upstairs, and finds bigfoot, who runs. Continuing the earlier antics, Ollie drives the snowmobile with Stan, and also now Shaggy and Scooby still on the ladder, teeter-tottering. They crash in snow. The gang then jumps across blocks of ice in a pond to reach a sawmill. The men check it out, finding footprints and a secret passage. Scooby sniffs sawdust, and sneezes,. uncovering Bigfoot. Chasing him, the gang finds a stolen automobile factory where cars are being painted so police cannot identify them. Bigfoot dumps Shaggy, Scooby , Stan and Ollie into a vat of paint. Freddy activates a mechanical claw which picks them out and puts them on the conveyor belt to be washed. Bigfoot slips and is caught. He is Crabtree, who was trying to scare everyone away to run his stolen auto factory. He is taken in custody of Hans, who is really an undercover officer.

The gang now needs reservations to stay at the lodge since people have been coming from all around since Bigfoot was gone. But the gang is welcome since they are friends of Scooby, the hero. Laurel and Hardy now have their permanent positions as-- "bellhops"!


The gang is driving along through barren countrysides (another one of Shaggy's shortcuts). There had been fields of corn there before, but now it is all gone. But there are still fields of corn growing in neighboring areas. Suddenly, the Red Baron swoops down in his WW 1 German fighter plane, forcing down a crop dusting plane, and then comes after the gang. Both the cropdusting plane and the Mystery Machine run over cornfields and stop at a farm. The pilot, from that farm, quits for fear of the Red Baron.
Then, the Three Stooges pull up in an old jalopy and take the job, with Curly Joe as pilot. His guide book is Flip Falcon's Secrets of Flying comic book. He and Scooby take off in a plane, do somersaults, and mow down some more corn. (Farmer: "I should be in the corn meal business!") Somebody drops another bag of fertilizer in the hangar. A mechanic appears and advises the gang to leave. The gang tells him about "Captain Curly", and he leaves in a haste. Someone starts up a plane in the hangar and it chases Freddy and thegirls. It then crashes spilling fertilizer which causes a plant to wither. Then the airport manager, Siegfried appears also warning them to leave. Says Velma: "There isn't a ghost alive that can scare off the new pilot!" (Scooby: "A live ghost?")

The Three Stooges are sleeping in the hangar when the Red Baron attacks and throws down a note: "The Red Baron strikes again; leave at once or face the inevitable". He then dives into a field behind some bushes, but when everybody goes to look, he has vanished, without even the sound of a crash. They wonder if they were imagining the whole thing, except the note, which had hit Shaggy on the head in a nutshell, was not imagined. The stooges and Shaggy and Scooby want to leave, but Freddy and Velma encourage them to stay.

To be safe now, everybody sleeps in the hangar with the door padlocked, but the Baron clips the lock and sics a little toy sized plane--the "Son of the Red Baron" after them. Scooby turns brave and chases it and rides on it, but then is thrown into a wall. The Red Baron floats after Shaggy and Scooby, and then begins hopping away, and everyone wonders how he does it. The Stooges chicken out again and quit. Velma notices a withered plant even though there are tons of fertilizer.

Shaggy and Scooby are trying to fix the Mystery Machine so they can leave, when the Red Baron appears, and they jump into barrels of oil to hide. Velma hides in a plane and the Baron starts it flying, doing better somersaults than Curly. Shaggy informs the Stooges. The Baron climbs a windmill and activates the little plane which chases Shaggy and Scooby. The Stooges take off in another plane to rescue Velma, who's calling "Mayday", alerting Freddy and Daphne ("May Day? Today's June 5th!") of the situation. Shaggy and Scooby climb the windmill to find the Red Baron already there. Curly has forgotten his comic book and does not know how to operate the plane without it, so he asks Fred over the radio to dictate to him. (He then faints when Moe mentions the danger of crashing). At first, Fred reads the wrong page, and then as he reads the instructions, Curly pulls out the radio and throttle knobs by accident, and oil is spilled in Moe's face. Meanwhile, Velma's radio has gone dead and Shaggy has learned how to operate the little Baron. The stooges' plane crashes into the hangar. On the windmill, Shaggy and Scooby jump; Shaggy catches onto the windmill blades and is spun around, and Scooby lands in Velma's plane. They crash land in water and Shaggy grabs onto a pole and slides down. The gang is reunited.

Velma notices that weeds grow tall, and seeing weed killer, suspects that someone switched the weed killer and the fertilizer. They see a garage with plane skid marks, and suspecting that the Red Baron's plane is inside, they look for a way in. But Shaggy and Scooby, who are scared, go instead to check out a gristmill down the stream (which turns out to be spooky). Freddy and the girls watch as the Red Baron drives a jeep into the hangar. They follow him and are then locked inside. Shaggy and Scooby, picking apples on the way to the mill, fall off a cliff, landing in the stream, and climb into the mill. They fall through the floor and Scooby sees a "square ghost" (a box covered with a sheet). The box is marked "Do not open--Danger!" (Scooby thinks a ghost is inside). But Shaggy opens it anyway, and dozens of springs pop out. Some wind up onto Scooby's feet ("Scooby, has a case of 'spring fever'!") and he crashes into a wall, uncovering a door. On the other side are the rest of the gang, who begin talking with Shaggy and Scooby, at first not even realizing who they are talking to (as in "Sandy Duncan's Jeckyll and Hydes"). Shaggy saws through, and the gang is reunited but still trapped. So Moe devises a plan to escape by tying a saw to the propeller of a plane, and driving it through the outside wall.

Outside, the gang sees the Red Baron taking off in a plane loaded with weed killer and realize that he is going off to ruin the crops. Shaggy and Scooby want to prevent this, so they activate the little plane which chases the Red Baron. The Stooges and Freddy&the girls fly into action and Scooby rides the little plane to give them instructions. They succeed in downing the Red Baron's plane, but he then tries to escape in the jeep. They drop weed killer on him, causing him to crash, and Scooby lands on him with the little plane. It turns out to be Siegfried, who was trying to scare away the pilots because the county was planning to expand the airport into a jet field and Siegfried wanted to destroy all the crops so he could buy the land cheap and sell it back to the county for a profit.

Scooby and Shaggy want to eat a 4 foot salami, so "Captain Curly" steps in and slices it with the propeller of a plane. The slices slip onto Shaggy's sandwich and then into Scooby's mouth. In explaining the mystery, the gang figures that the Red Baron used a rope with hook to float and the springs to hop. Scooby demonstrates, and crashes into walls doing so. Then he continues showing off hopping.


The gang is driving through a foggy swamp, and Velma determines they are hopelessly lost. Scooby and Shaggy see a tree that looks like a swamp monster. Looking out the back, they see a pair of headlights and think the swamp monster is following them. They take off, but then crash into the muddy bank of a lake, and also see a ghost pirate ship. What was following them, was not a swamp monster, but rather "a weird bus", which now crashes right beside them. It's the Harlem Globetrotters, who were also lost ("this shortcut turned out to be the longest cut in history") and following the gang ("Columbus" Meadowlark: "Why should anybody be dumb enough to get themselves lost in a place like this?")

After a harrowing encounter with an alligator, they see an old inn and head toward it, witnessing the ghost pirate ship. (When Meadowlark points out ghosts aren't real and pirate ships are a thing of the past, Curly, looking right at it, covers his eyes and says "And even though I saw the ghost pirate ship, I still don't believe it!"; and then it's gone).

Meadowlark worries about his "lucky basketball" being lost if the bus sinks, and Shaggy and Scooby "volunteer" to go with him to get it, when they then hear a spooky voice saying "leave this place". Velma insists "there's nobody here but us", but behind their backs, the "swamp rat" whose voice was heard adds "And me!"

As Meadowlark gets the ball, Shaggy and Scooby, frightened by a big bird, hide in a log. For some reason being scared by the silhouette of Meadowlark announcing he's found the ball, they begin trying to "run" with their hands, from inside the log, and end up frightening Meadowlark, and seeing him run, think something must be after them too. (This is a scene that had been cut on the Cartoon Network copies, but is present on the copy on "watchcartoonsonline"). The swamp rat appears to the others, warning them of Redbeard the Pirate, and they see Meadowlark "looking like he's seen a ghost", followed by Shaggy and Scooby, by now rolling out of control, and eventually knocking everyone over and crashing.

At the inn, they have Gip knock down the door (he crashes out the other side, creating the "back door" they think they should have used instead). They hear a laugh, which Velma thinks was just a "scary noise". (Shaggy: "well, scary noises scare me!") They then hear footsteps (Curly: "Did you ever hear your imagination walking?" Meadowlark, who had just told him it was his imagination: "No, and I don't want to see it either!" The swamp rat, watching from a balcony is the one making the noises!) Shaggy, hiding behind a curtain, is frightened by Scooby's chattering teeth, which people thought was a skeleton.

The Globetrotters decide to drown out the scary noises with a game against the gang. (When practicing, Scooby uses his foot to roll the ball into the makeshift basket, and declares the kind of basketball he's playing to be "football").
The gang worries about playing the pros, feeling just like "a basketball when the Globetrotters make a basket: sunk!" and the team decides "no tricky stuff", since "they are only kids". Yet the gang "has tricks of their own", and after having spotted the gang 8 points, they end up tied.

The tactic has worked, and they're not hearing scary noises anymore. However, the team worries about their game in Miami in the morning if they don't get their sleep. They decide to sleep there, and Meadowlark tricks Curly into volunteering to stand the first watch by saying "me" when asked. (Later, while patrolling: "Sometimes I wish Meawdowlark would learn to keep my mouth shut!")

The ghost pirate ship now passes the inn, as the swamp rat observes, and one of the crew members reports that there are people in the inn. Redbeard says "Our unwelcome guests are going to get the scare of their lives!"
While Gip is sleepwalking though his watch, the swamp rat opens the door and announces Redbeard's ghost is coming. Everyone now up, they hear someone in the water beneath the floor, and hide. Redbeard enters with his two crewmembers. Shaggy and Scooby blow their cover when they hear the footsteps getting closer, and Shaggy backs up into Scooby and thinks it's the ghost, and they both pop up, screaming.
Redbeard tells his crew to round everyone up, but they are able to easily outsmart them through pure slapstick. Redbeard then takes out his skull light to summon his whole crew of ghosts which fill the room. ("Wall to wall ghosts!")

The gang surrenders, and Redbeard wants to make them walk the plank (Daphne: "Corny; I mean it just isn't done in this day"; Redbeard: "My day was 300 years ago!"). Velma points out that it's now dawn, and that an "ectoplasmic apparition" should have vanished at this time. What they seem to be more concerned with is the sound of a helicopter flying by. Redbeard uses his smoke trick to vanish. Unnoticed by the others, Shaggy and Scooby fall through a trap door and land on Redbeard's boat, unbeknownst to him. The others, waiting for them, soon find the trap door, and look out and see the "Help" sign Scooby is holding, from under cover on the boat as it takes off.

Shaggy uses Scooby Snacks to create a trail for the others to follow ("Sorry, but our necks are more important than your tummy"), but the catfish begin eating it. The others follow in another boat (taking most of the group along, skiing on the part of the wharf it was still tied to) and see the trail and the catfish (one of which is almost eaten by an alligator). Shaggy has run out of snacks, and has to drop in the bag.
The swamp rat watches as Redbeard's boat passes through a curtain of swamp weed. On the dock, he hears Scooby sneeze (Shaggy: "You'll give us away!" Redbeard, uncovering them: "I'll give you away — to the sharks!") Scooby sneezes him back, and they run and end up hanging from the ship's docking rope, trapped between ghosts on either end. They bounce their way out and land aboard the deck, leading to more slapstick with the clumsy crewmembers. Jumping through a porthole, they end up right back where they started on the rope. They swing back up to the deck, and think the ship's mast controls are "belaying pins", causing the whole mast to rise, with them trapped on top of it.

The others continue to ride in, and see the Scooby Snack bag and the rather satiated looking alligator nearby, and hope his lunch "wasn't who I think it might be", and upon the wish, "If only it could talk", then are shocked when they hear Shaggy's voice! They soon realize it's coming from behind the curtain. They also see the swamp rat rafting that way too and think he's radioing the ghost ("Maybe they're on a 'ghost-to-ghost' hookup").
They sail through and hit the wharf and confront Redbeard who sends his crew after them, leading yet again to the slapstick bits. The swamp rat, Swampy Pete watches and continues radioing, and then whispers to the gang, now trapped by the ghosts. Shaggy and Scooby, who of course think he's after them also, grab onto a hose that sprays oil everywhere. The gang now gets trapped on the barge, as Redbeard threatens to unleash his spirits again. He wants to lock them up down the hatch, but Swampy Pete tells them to follow him over the side. Shaggy and Scooby accidentally activate the controls again, causing the mast to collapse, trapping the ghosts.

Taking the gang on his raft, Swampy Pete congratulates them for capturing Redbeard, demonstrates Redbeard's "spirit projector" trick and points out the police helicopter he's had circling the area. He reveals himself to really be Lt. Pete Duggan of the harbor patrol, and that Redbeard was really a crooked oil man who used the pirate legend to scare people away, while he tapped offshore oil wells.

The helicopter also becomes their "taxi" to get them to Miami for the game against the Miami Marauders, whom the Globetrotters of course easily outwit with their stunts.
Shaggy orders a burger, which Scooby chomps right out of the food vendor's hand, and chases him out onto the court. ("The gulping gourmets are at it again!") The Globetrotters, in a huddle, toss Scooby, and he lands in the basket where he swallows the burger.

This is basically a reuse of the ghosts from the first season "Go Away Ghost Ship", now stripped of color to be a ghostly white

The ghosts are never unmasked. After they are trapped, they are not seen again, and the lieutenant simply explains who Redbeard was

Series regulars Granny the manager and Dribbles the dog do not appear in any of the three stories with the Globetrotters (the most for any guest), but Granny is mentioned toward the beginning of this one, and Dribbles appears in this show's opening sequence.

A for a long time cut scene (showing how Shaggy and Scooby got into the log) has been restored. Previously, it only picked up where they were already rolling after Meadowlark


The gang is driving to the Hagglethorn Hall, an actual 14th century Scottish castle transported brick by brick, but said to be haunted. (This causes the "chicken" Scooby to jump into the picnic basket, and when he comes out with the baked chicken --their entire lunch, balanced on his nose, the others say "You wouldn't!"; "You couldn't!"; "You shouldn't!", but he would, could and did, swallow the whole thing in one gulp!) They then stop at a farm to ask directions. (Shaggy is very allergic to all the hay, sneezing violently). The farmer, Cyrus Wheatley, advises them not to go, because of the haunted horseman. Unlike most stories where they go and encounter the ghost after they arrive at the haunted place, in this one, they actually see the haunted horseman riding toward them as they speak. After he is gone, the gang still insists on going to the castle, and Wheatley tells them it's at "the end of the line; I mean, the end of the lane".

Outside the castle, Scooby sees a giant frog in the moat, and tries to describe him to the others. Inside, they are greeted first by creepy doorman Creech, then by a knight, who turns out to be not the haunted horseman, but rather the "klutzy cavalier", as he trips and falls down the stairs. It turns out to be Davey Jones, who was there to help the earl. Shaggy and Scooby try to run away, but Davey raises the drawbridge they are running over, and sliding back, they learn that splinters run deeper than fear.
The Earl of Windsor is in the process of signing away the castle to the Duke of Strathmore as the gang enters. All the tourists have been scared away by the horseman, and he can no longer manage it. They promise to help him to save the castle and rid it of the ghost.

Shaggy and Scooby fall through a trap door and land in the moat. They are doing the back stroke and dog paddle as the others watch, but then encounter the giant frog Scooby earlier saw— the moat monster. They run in the water, and it "skis" on the seaweed attached to Shaggy and Scooby. It snaps and they escape.
The gang splits up. Freddy, Shaggy and Scooby are chased for a long while by the horseman, who can pass through solid walls. Scooby even rides, unknowingly, on the horse with him for a bit, (and when he hears "food", asks the horseman!) Eventually, Creech saves them by pulling them into a dark room. But Freddy says they must stop running and capture the horseman. They actually begin looking for him.

Meanwhile, Davey and the girls have fallen through a trap door into an underground cave, where they are chased by the moat monster. After awhile, the girls suggest that Davey sings to it, since "music calms the savage beast". Davey points out that he's never sang for frogs, only monkeys (get it?), but nevertheless sings "I can make you happy" (from Mystery Mask Mixup) as they run.
Back upstairs, the horseman finally activates a trap door that lands the others in the cave as well, and they all escape from the moat monster by jumping across a gorge. The monster rips a stalactite from the ceiling and places it across the gorge as a bridge. Scooby howls (which "he only does during full moons and moat monster attacks"), and this causes another stalactite to fall, destroying the moat monster costume. The man, in a diving suit, runs away, trapping the gang with a stalactite gate. Shaggy makes a scary face that frightens Scooby into digging under the gate, allowing everyone to escape. ("He wasn't named Petrified Pet of the Year for nothing!").

They cannot figure out which footprints to follow, since the floor is covered with footprints from all the chasing they did before. But Velma brilliantly points out that when he wore the frog suit, he hopped like a frog, with his feet side by side; and when it was destroyed, he ran with one foot in front of the other like a human being. They follow the correct footprints, and Shaggy begins sneezing, like he had in the farm with the straw. He thinks there is no straw for miles, but Velma picks up some, and it is raining from the ceiling. They soon find themselves on a lift, which brings them into a barn. They find phosphorus paint, and now realize "how they did it" with the horseman, and Velma points out "Yes, but the question is who 'they' are!" Shaggy sneezes, uncovering the frogman. The horseman begins riding towards them, and gets caught on a rope.

It was the Duke of Strathmore, who was trying to scare everyone away so he could take control of the castle; and Cyrus Wheatley the farmer (the frogman), was to gain some profit from it too. The Earl can't have them arrested because of the scandal it would bring, so as punishment they are actually to return to their haunting as the haunted horseman and moat monster-- as new attractions for castle tours! Only now, as business is plentiful, they get sick of doing it.


Jerry Reed has invited the gang to his opening at the Grand Old Country Music Hall. They stop at his hotel, but he is not there, but has left a note saying that he's rehearsing for the next day's show, and to meet him at the Hall. They arrive, and it's dark and spooky looking, having been closed for a year, with Jerry as the big attraction to mark its reopening. There's no sign of Jerry, and the doors are all locked. Scooby finds a note addressed to Jerry: "IF YOU TRY TO REHEARSE TONIGHT YOU'LL NEVER SEE TOMORROW", signed "the Phantom".
They decide an upper window is the only way to get in, using "the old catapult trick", which Shaggy likes, until he's selected to do it. They bend a tree, which slings him up through the window and down via a noisy descent inside. (Opening the door, he tells Velma "Your angle of approach was alright, but that tension quotient has a lot to learn about windows").

They enter, and hear the loud voice of Bertha the wash lady asking "Who let you in?" They explain, and she lets them take a quick peak inside. On a stage, they see the eyes behind a prop move, and then the whole prop falls over just as they run off. They now begin to hear Jerry singing "Pretty Mary Sunlight", and then encounter the hulking Ben Bing, Jerry's arranger, who claims he is not there, and the singing is a recording. He suggests checking out the pizza shop for him. As he goes back inside, Shaggy notices his license plate reads "FEBAG".
Velma realizes what they heard was no recording, and that they must get back inside. As Ben and Bertha watch, they drive away pretending to leave and then come back. The two decide to "do the job right now". At the pizza drive-in, the gang hears on the radio the news report that the Second National Bank was robbed of $2 million, and that it's not known how the burglars got into the vault and escaped. (Shaggy has Velma calculate for him how many pizzas that would buy. At $1.50 each, it would be 1,333,033. He rationalizes food is brain power).

They drive back, and though Velma had taken the precaution of unlatching the stage door before they left, Shaggy finds it nevertheless locked. (Ben Bing is still watching from upstairs). So now, Shaggy has to do "the old catapult trick" again, but Bertha closes the shutters on him. He ends up hanging from the top of a tree. Velma is able to open the door, because Shaggy had turned the knob the wrong way!
Inside, they now begin hearing Jerry singing through different vents. They split up (in contrast to Shaggy's wish), and two prop figures are seen to start moving. Both groups follow the singing from room to room, thinking they've finally found him, but only find more vents. They finally make direct contact with Jerry (who's locked in a room) through a vent and continue looking. Shaggy finds a xylophone, which he begins playing. Someone turns off the light and they run. Fred and the girls finally find Jerry, by breaking open the door he's really behind, this time. He explains what happened to him. Shaggy and Scooby enter and tell them the Phantom tried to get them, but the others don't believe them.

The lights go out again. In the dark, someone takes Jerry's guitar from out of his hand. Bertha enters, trying to get them to leave so she can clean. It's now clear to everyone that somebody doesn't want him to open the next day. Shaggy suggests it's Ben Bing, but Jerry says he has no arranger!
Saying he "can't play without an instrument", Shaggy and Scooby at first take that as the cue to leave, and then upon splitting up, decide the xylophone would do, being an "instrument". Fred and Daphne meanwhile fall through a trap door. Velma and Jerry hear their Morse code tapping through the floor (and Bertha is seen in possession of the guitar. Jerry can't respond to the message, because he "only learned to receive, not to send"!) Velma activates the trap door freeing them.
Shaggy and Scooby then arrive with the xylophone, which of course, is of no use to Jerry. (He points out it's a kid's instrument, with the scales spelled out on it). Shaggy plays it, and the props begin moving again. The lights go out, and now even the xylophone is taken. They hear footsteps in the balcony, and shining a stage light, see the reflection off of the jewels of the guitar, which is then gone.

They then decide who to send up there to lure the crooks down, and Fred and then Jerry volunteer, but Velma rules them out as having to help with the trap, leaving Shaggy and Scooby (Shaggy: "Give Daphne a chance!" Everyone thanks them for "volunteering", as if they had no agency).
They see the props missing, and eventually find both the xylophone and guitar. One of the props, a viking comes after them, and they ride the xylophone with the viking and the other one, Davy Crockett, in pursuit, chasing throughout the hall. Shaggy and Scooby finally land on stage and fall through a trap door, and the crooks are caught in the snares set for them. Hanging upside down, the costumes fall off, revealing the viking is Ben Bing, and Davy Crockett is Bertha, which is actually another disguise, for "the Phantom" (a normal male human). A paper with "FEBAG" printed on it falls out, and Jerry realizes it's not a name, but rather notes for the xylophone. When played, a compartment under the stage, where Shaggy and Scooby are, opens, revealing sacks of money.

They discuss with the detective the whole plot. Jerry's opening date was a week before the Phantom expected. The crooks spent almost a year digging the tunnel under the bank.
The next day, Jerry performs "Little Mary Sunlight", but Shaggy and Scooby, in their own world, are singing Jerry's real-life hit "When You're Hot, You're Hot".

The main culprit is never identified by name, but remained called "the Phantom"

"Pretty Mary Sunlight" was reused from "Don't Fool With A Phantom"

Great episode as far as the setting, with the Music Hall's numerous secret passages and network of vents, which they have to follow Jerry's voice through.
But they essentially ruin it with an omen of the future, regarding Shaggy's and Scooby's role in the group dynamic. They themselves are particularly immature, focused on their own interests and food more than the mystery or Jerry's needs, and at the end, show a total lack of interest in his rehearsal and even the performance! Scooby's supposed to be the star of the show, but the special guest only accompanies Fred and the girls.

Shaggy and Scooby are clearly just "comedy relief" now, and even disrespected and seen by the others as only good for being sent off apart from the group to do the dirty work others are above, on top of everyone being annoyed by their behavior (which they in this case, did basically deserve).
This is pretty much what they would become in the next stage of the series; the "Scooby Doo Show" era following the "Comedy Movies", particularly the third season of that incarnation. I always say this was the forerunner of that 1978 season (Cat Creature, etc.), and Velma here even comes off more like the later Pat Stevens version from that show, who is much more bossy and critical and less charming. It would have improved the classic feel of the show to at least have Velma accompany Shaggy and Scooby in the first splitup, when they were following Jerry's singing.


The gang is on a camping trip. Shaggy and Scooby are sent out for more fire wood. (Scooby mistakenly grabs a moose's antlers). They soon see Joker and Penguin walking with a professor. A helicopter flies overhead, and they run, but are trapped in a cage. It is Batman and Robin (Shaggy: "It's nice to be captured by good guys for a change!"). Back at the campsite, the heroes tell the gang to be on the lookout for the crooks, holding Professor Flakey captive. The Caped Crusaders take off, and Shaggy suggests to the gang that a cave they passed on the road might be their hideout. They begin driving to it, but a log has been placed in the road, and then a dryad appears in the trees and jumps down to the road. Scooby hides in the log, and when the gang pushes it out of the way, Scooby rolls down a ravine. Fred & the girls continue after the forest spirit while Shaggy looks for Scooby. The dryad disappears. With both this strange sighting and Shag & Scoob now missing, Fred & the girls signal Batman & Robin to land with the headlights. They suspect the "typical tactics of the terrible twosome".

The excellent "Dynamic Scooby Doo Affair" had the gang fooled by a revolving house. Not to be outdone, this follow-up features a revolving bridge, (a classic gag beginning with Tex Avery's 1942 Bugs Bunny Cartoon "All This and Rabbit Stew", using a log) turned by Joker and Penguin in the dryad and troll costumes. First, the Mystery Machine drives through, only to wind up back at the camp. (Joker: "you only 'turned' them about, and 'turnabout's fair play', not foul play!") Then, Shaggy and Scooby approach, but are reluctant to pass through, thinking it might be a toll bridge or have strange creatures in it. But Penguin aims to show them that "it's not a toll bridge, but a troll bridge", and that the strange creature is outside of it. So Shag & Scoob run through, only to be similarly fooled, finding the creature on both sides. Meanwhile, the others tell Batman & Robin what has happened. They make the drive again, with the heroes flying overhead ("We'll get to the bottom if it, by staying on top of it!") They now see what is going on, and the crooks take off, but leaving the bridge only halfway turned. Scooby and Shaggy fall into the void, landing on the island in which the crank to the bridge is located, and soon see that the Mystery Machine is heading for the void. Shaggy thinks the bridge controls the wheel, so Scooby is the one who shows otherwise by cranking it the rest of the way. They catch up to the others, and drive to the cave. Batman & Robin follow the crooks, until they look back to make sure the gang is OK. But even with nowhere to hide, the "forest spirits" are gone.

The gang thinks the cave is so small that "no one in his right mind would use the cave as a hideout" (Shaggy: "I would". Fred: "like I said...!"), but soon Shaggy trips on a rock and falls through a section of wall. Scooby demonstrates this to the others, and they all realize, tripping and falling through, that the rock opens the phony wall. Inside, they find Shaggy, and a hidden cavern with an underground lake. Joker and Penguin, elsewhere in the cave are trying to make the professor reveal information about his invention, the "sighing flute" (flying suit) that allows you to "air through the fly", "flair through the eye", "coming through the rye", etc. (This speech impediment is called "apraxia"). The crooks realize how useful it could be for their crimes, and after failing to convince him through "finesse" (he realizes their scheme) they force him to tell them where it's at-- the Hillside Aircraft Company. (Even though "it hasn't been tested", the crooks want to "test" it).

Batman finds a covered hole in ground leading to the cavern (explaining "ancient volcanic eruptions often left a complex maze of caverns underground"). The crooks overhear Velma hoping the Caped Crusaders have caught them, and sic a giant mechanical bat after them to "cure them of their fondness of bats". (“Now, they’re hoping; soon, they’ll be hopping!”) Joker then activates a ghost, to scare the "bubble-headed bridge-crossers" into taking a boat in the lake (Shaggy: "It's so dark, how can the fish see the worms?"), which leads them into the "fearsome phantom fountain". They jump out, and the fountain begins coming after them. They make it back to land, but when Professor Flakey appears and touches Shaggy's shoulder, he faints. (The professor and Scooby "leg a grab" to pull him out of the water).

Batman and Robin use Bat-arangs to down the mechanical bat, and they and the others go to look for "that courageous boy and his brave dog". The Joker and Penguin see their shadow with the kids, and run, escaping in an elevator. Shaggy, Scooby and the professor show up, wading through the lake ("you guys are a sore for sight eyes; I felt like Crossington washing the Delaware"). He tells them that the Joker and Penguin are going to the Hillside Aircraft Co. after the suit, but it's really at the "Gutham Robber factory, er, Gotham Rubber factory". The elevator finally returns, and on the surface, they see that the crooks have taken off with the Bat-copter.

The gang and professor arrive at the rubber factory, while the Dynamic Duo go get the Batmobile. (Outside are "Gotham-giving Thanks-City Day Parade" balloons of Fred Flintstone, Yogi Bear, Santa Claus and Batman and Robin.) Realizing that the crooks would eventually show up when they find that the suit is not at the other place, they place Shaggy and Scooby on guard outside while Fred and the girls go upstairs to the lab with the professor. He shows them the flying suit, while Shaggy and Scooby try to eat small kiddie car tires they thought were donuts.
They see the Bat-copter, and what follows is one of the funniest dialogue gags in the series. Shaggy tells Scooby "We've go to do two things; we've got to warn Fred, and we've got to hide. Now you warn Fred, I'll hide" Scooby: "rokay.... Uh rait!" Shaggy: "Oh you want it the other way around? OK, I'll hide, you warn Fred!" Scooby: "rokay"; [begins walking] "Aw Shucks"!
Not knowing how to alert the others, he tosses the tires at the window. The gang inside hear the helicopter, as Joker and Penguin land. Freddy and the girls look out the window and get tires on their heads. The professor hopes that the "Bilemobat" gets here soon with the "Dunamic Dyo".

Inside the factory, Fred & the girls see the Joker and Penguin and trip them up by rolling Fred inside a tire with a broom. He lands in a vat of fresh sticky rubber, and the girls distracting by slinging beach balls with an inner tube. So they go after the "beach ball bombardiers" instead. Batman and Robin finally arrive, and when Shaggy and Scooby tell them what's going on, they then take the Bat-copter to the roof. The professor hears this, and their footsteps, and thinking that it's the "Jenkuin and Poger", throws the flying suit out the window. It lands right on Scooby, who begins pressing its buttons, and flying all over the place. Shaggy climbs the Batman balloon to try to rescue him. Batman and Robin are trying to catch him also. The crooks try to down him by puncturing the suit with Penguin's umbrella, but it punctures the Batman balloon instead. It too begins flying around, with Shaggy still on it. It deflates, landing on the fleeing villains. Now captured, Joker and Penguin begin insulting each other, and Penguin accidentally starts the suit when pointing at Scooby with his umbrella. But Scooby now has the hang of it and shows off with somersaults.

The Loch Ness Mess

The gang is driving along in the country side, after spending a day around Boston, and are on their way to Shaggy's Uncle Nathaniel's house. Shaggy, who is giving directions, follows the smell of food, thinking that will lead them to Uncle Nat's house, but instead, they run into a picnic of the G1obetrotters, who were out there resting after a bunch of games in Boston. After the picnic, Shaggy invites them to stay at his uncle's house which has "like, 75 rooms, man..." As they leave, a serpent rises it's head from a nearby lake.

Shaggy then drives the Mystery Machine, with Velma, Scooby, Meadowlark and Curly, and the others follow in the Globetrotters' bus. Shaggy is lost and Velma reads Shaggy's map, which is marked with the locations of all the hot dog and hamburger stands (Velma: "You two are the limit, the absolute limit"). Shaggy, still lost claims he's taking the "scenic route" Suddenly, a ghost carrying a lantern is spotted, blocking the road, telling everyone to "go away", and then vanishes. Terrified, Shaggy speeds away. He then sees another ghost, and turning recklessly, drives through brush and back onto the road ("a neat shortcut"). Shaggy is driving so fast he misses a "bridge out" sign, and the others can't catch up to him to warn him. Unable to slow down, he crashes through the barricade, and comes out on the other side OK. The gang wonders why the bridge was closed, and inspects finding nothing wrong with it. Uncle Nat appears, meets the gang, takes them all to his house, and explains about the bridge. He had built it himself months ago, but did not put up the sign. They also talk about the ghosts they saw, which have been appearing around the area often.

To ease the fears, the Globetrotters show off their various basketball stunts. Uncle Nat finally realizes that these are "the Globetrotters". The ball hits a spinning wheel, and Scooby gets covered in wool.

Shaggy and Scooby walk around the house looking at pictures of Shaggy's relatives ("noses run in our family"). Scooby sees the eyes of a picture of an aunt wink, and tells Shaggy, who says it's only his nerves. Shaggy finds an old family album with baby pictures of both him and Scooby. Scooby is frightened by the figure of a dressmaker's dummy, and showing him how it is used, Shaggy dresses him like an old madam. Scooby sees an eye in another picture wink, and when Shaggy looks, the ears wiggle ("Your nerves are getting on my nerves").

Shaggy and Scooby unknowingly drink Uncle Nat's soap formula of sheep tallow and hog fat, and then everybody turns in for the night. The ghost of Paul Revere rides outside on a horse warning "The British are coming! Danger, leave at once!" Everybody is awaken, and Shaggy, Scooby and uncle Nat are hiding under a bed, discovered only by the sound of their chattering teeth. When they return to bed, Scooby, losing a draw is placed on guard duty. He is scared by the shadow of a tree branch and wakes up Shaggy, pulling him out of bed with a string attached to his toe. Shaggy takes over guard duty, and sends Scooby down to get a snack. A ghost appears in the window, and comes after him, following him upstairs. Shaggy sees and wakes everybody up, yelling "WE'VE GOT TROUBLE-- WITH A CAPITAL G-H-O-S-T!" They run into a closet (and Shaggy tries to go back out after the sandwiches, but is pulled back in). But then the eyes and mouth of the ghost appear in the dark of the closet with them. The gang scatters. Shaggy, Scooby, Meadowlark and Curly wander into a library (Shaggy: "Why not a kitchen?") and find a secret passage behind a bookcase. The ghost appears in there too. Meadowlark tries to stop the ghost with a large iron kettle, but it rolls right through the ghost, not even slowing him down. (Shaggy: "But that sure speeds me up"!) They finally escape down a laundry chute, but then Meadowlark and Curly rise out of the laundry bin covered with sheets, (looking like ghosts), frightening Shaggy and Scooby.

They then rejoin the others at breakfast. Uncle Nat tells them about a nearby cove with scuba diving and water skiing, but also warns them about the rumors of the sea serpent in the cove. Scooby faints. They take off for the cove, and arrive at the boat rental office but the attendants, Winslow and Selby, refuse to let them rent the boats. The gang threatens to get the sheriff, constable, or city council and the attendants comply. Freddy takes Shaggy, Scooby, Meadowlark and Curly out on a boat to go scuba diving, while the others go water skiing. Winslow and Selby's boss Morgan, watching from the dock, chews them out for letting out the boats, saying their scuba gear "can foul up things a lot worse than that landlubber sheriff!". The divers plunge into the water with Scooby in the lead. He sees a sunken ship, and then the sea serpent suddenly comes out of it! Scooby zips past the other divers, who then see the monster and dash back up and out of the water. Terrified, they tell Freddy to get them out of there fast. Back at Uncle Nat's, they tell the others what has happened. This time Shaggy and Scooby aren't accused of making it up, as they have "eyewitnesses"-- Curly and Meadowlark.

Uncle Nat points out that until now, the serpent has only been seen at night --just like the ghosts. Uncle Nat's "Yankee spirit" kept him from leaving long ago, but he did mention the offer given to him from Winslow and Selby. Freddy suspects a connection between the ghosts and "our Loch Ness Monster", and suggests going back down to the cove at night.

Back down at the dock that night, the gang decides who goes out on a boat to look for the serpent. Shaggy pretends to be blind, but then reaches for a banana held out by Meadowlark ("But you've got a terrific sense of smell!"). But Fred determines whoever saw the serpent before must be the ones to go back, meaning that Meadowlark and Curly have to go along with Shaggy and Scooby. (The others tease "We miss but on all the fun"; "Maybe you'll run into Moby Dick too!") Meanwhile, the Globetrotters remaining on land entertain the girls with more basketball tricks. But then two ghosts appear and chase them. (Looks like they get to share in the others' fun after all!) They run into a cabin and hide in various places. One of the Globetrotters hides under a bearskin rug and jumps up, scaring the ghosts for a moment and they all get out.

Out on the cove, Scooby is first frightened by his own reflection in the water, and then the real serpent finally does appear, breathing fire at the gang. They frantically turn to avoid the serpent's tail, but then Scooby is thrown off the boat, landing on the serpent. His foot knocks off an air valve, and the serpent takes off into the air, deflating, ("a sea-sick sea-serpent!"; "nothing but hot air"!), then lands, knocking two of the ghosts into the water. They turn out to be Winslow and Selby. The ghost with the lantern tries to escape, but is clobbered by a basketball thrown by Curly. It is Morgan, who invented the serpent, and remote controlled it with a device in his lantern, and made Winslow&Selby go around in the ghost costumes. He was after a sunken treasure in the ship, but Uncle Nat explains the treasure was "a fake; a dummy; just like your sea serpent". It was a leftover set from a movie filmed in the lake years before.

Scooby plays a trick by disguising as a ghost with a basketball head, scaring Shaggy and Uncle Nat. But then he trips, and the ball falls off and rolls back at him, scaring him. He lands in Shaggy and Uncle Nat's arms as everyone laughs.

•The best episode in the series in terms of settings and ghosts, where Dynamic Scooby Doo Affair was the best plot. This one is the most classic essence of a Scooby mystery, with the spooky countryside, glowing ghosts, the flute and piano score used when the one with the lantern appears on the roadside and then vanishes (to me, the most classic scene of Scooby's career), and of course, the huge mansion full of secret passages and laundry chute, and the ghostly lantern glow coming after them down the hallways and up the stairs. Also throw in a double plot with two apparently unrelated "haunts". The title to me was silly, as "Loch Ness" is only a passing reference in the story. May also make one think of the later inferior stories where Scooby actually visits Scotland's Loch Ness.
A better title? How about "Run if by Land; Shoo if By Sea". This perfectly captures the double mystery setting of it.

•The plot is potentially spoiled in that it is quickly obvious that Winslow, Selby and Morgan are the culprits. The giveaway is "let's get them out of [the cove]", and then the serpent appears.

•Selby is voiced by John Stephenson with a deep voice in his first appearance at the dock, and then at the end, is voiced by Ted Knight with a higher pitched voice. He also changes appearance from a large hulking figure with a mean looking face, to a smaller pose with a timid looking face.

•The only episode of the three that does not include a Globetrotters game, other than the performances they do for the gang.

•“Seasick sea serpent” is taken from Bob Clampett’s puppet show and TV cartoon “Beany and Cecil”


Mystery of Haunted Island

The gang is driving to an excursion on the Picnic Island Queen. They stop at a shack to look for a phone after running out of gas and hear "somethin' thumpin'" (which Velma turns into a tongue twister). The Globetrotters are downstairs practicing for a big game with the Scorpions. Geese crashes through the ceiling, discovering people have entered the shack. They meet, and the Globetrotters agree to go with the gang for a retreat on Picnic Island. (As they leave, eyes are seen in a wall: "That's what they think!")

The boat has left before they arrived, and someone switches the sign to a boat they find, is a "rusty old tub". They board, and discover too late, that it is really the Haunted Island Queen, as the gangplank goes up and the crewless boat drifts off. "Christopher Columbus Meadowlark" acts as captain. (When told he's never been a captain before, he responds "Columbus never played basketball!") With the others as the crewmembers, they try the anchor and the wheel and lose both. (Meadowlark: "If Columbus had this crew, the world would still be flat!") They soon discover the engines are running, and another wheel with two hands steering it. (Daphne: "All hands on deck; except you two!") In the galley, Shaggy flips a pizza, which someone replaces with a heavy metal lid which knocks him out. Curly suspects they're being seajacked. (Bobby Joe is asked to give their position, and reports where everyone is on the boat). They finally arrive at the island, and see a big mansion and decide to sleep there. (BJ takes a picture of Scooby and Shaggy. Too scared to say 'cheese', Scooby slaps himself and utters "Roquefort".) Some bats scare them into entering unannounced (other than them shouting "announcing the Globetrotters!" Meadowlark asks if anyone is in the house, and Gip says "yeah, there's you, me, the kids...", etc.)
Inside, some ghostly statues grab onto Shaggy and Scooby (Gip: "Yeah, they grab us too, cool aren't they.") They all take bedrooms. Shaggy and Scooby say their prayers. The Globetrotters begin wishing each other goodnight one by one, then they notice an extra pair of feet --metal ones, in the bed with them, and they run and hide behind a curtain. Curly, determined not to be tricked into volunteering this time, is nevertheless lured into raising his hand when Meadowlark says he's growing hair. In the bed, a knight appears from under the cover and pulls Curly under. The others pounce, only to discover Curly now wearing the armor. Wondering how the knight got away, they soon find out when the bed drops them through the floor.

Shaggy and Scooby are frightened by a clock that has a laughing vulture in place of a cuckoo. They seek to join the Globetrotters, and see a ghost in the window. Scooby leans on the head of a statue which activates a revolving section of wall, which leaves both him and Shaggy outside the house, falling into the void. Trying to get back inside, Shaggy has Scooby lift him to a window, but Scooby is frightened away by a little ghost that now carries Shaggy into the air. When he realizes what is going on, he grabs a tree and slides down, bumping into Scooby who was climbing up. Meanwhile, the Globetrotters have landed in a library, with no windows or exits. Some glowing books float off a shelf, and they all begin throwing the rest of the books off of the shelves looking for a secret exit.
Behind the last row of books they remove, they find glowing handprints leading to a clock. Geese sets the clock to the right time, and its door opens, revealing the secret passage, and more handprints leading to the outside. Meanwhile, Fred &the girls, still upstairs, wake to find everyone gone, and begin following glowing footprints.

Shaggy and Scooby next try to pole vault into the house, but a smiling black tree grabs it from them, sending them crashing into the passageway the Globetrotters were exiting from. They all follow the handprints outside, while Freddy & the girls follow the footprints outside as well, and they bump into each other in some hedges. They all see three pairs of glowing hands and feet walking to a house, but when the door is opened, they become recognizable in the light as three hooded people. Scooby, climbing on the branch of a tree, falls off and lands in the chimney, smoking them out, and tinging his fur. It was the owner, trainer, and head coach of the Scorpions, who had rigged all of the gadgets such as the knight and the boat with wire and remote control. Many of these items are seen in this house. The rival team leaders did all this just to make the Globetrotters too tired to play. And it has worked, as the team is now out cold.

The next day, at the game, they are losing 42-0 by the half. The crooked rival team leaders watch and laugh. Back in the locker room, they just want to be left alone to sleep, but when Freddy tells them they must come back in the 2nd half and "put this game on ice", Shaggy and Scooby get the brilliant idea to douse them with ice to wake them. Back on the court, they are still sleepy, but as Shaggy and Scooby repeatedly throw more ice on them, they are able through sheer stupidity to tie the game as the Scorpions slip and slide. Curly is now sleeping under the net, but is able to pull through the winning basket with a large snore. Everyone now orders hot dogs, but Scooby has taken them from the vendor and sits at the scoreboard counting each one he has eaten. The total is 15!

Another episode where the bad guys are not arrested

Similar in setting to "Loch Ness Mess", this one is also on the top of the list with all the secret passages in a mansion, and other classic Scooby getups.

A running gag is the frequent baldness jokes Meadowlark makes towards Curly


The first, and most similar Scooby cartoon knockoff was Josie and the Pussycats, following a season later, but actually predating Scooby as an Archie Comics series (picked up for animation by Hanna-Barbera while the rest of the Archie universe had been picked up by rival studio Filmation), with direct counterparts to Fred (complete with blonde hair and ascot, and actually looking nearly identical to a prototype of the character who became Fred), Shaggy (even down to the similar voice by Casey Kasem), a black Velma, and Daphne essentially split into two (a similar redhead, and a completely ditzy blonde), with an additional female who's the only one with no clear Scooby counterpart (except, perhaps having some of Velma's wit and chiding the Shaggy-like person's cowardice); and a cat as the animal sidekick. (The success of the Archie Show with the teen comedy and music premise, was of course what became the biggest inspiration for the soon to follow Scooby format).
So now, with Josie and friends having somehow returned to Earth after being lost in outer space the previous season, we get to see these two similar gangs paired together.

We open on the Scooby gang driving through "Mark Twain country" going to the Tom Sawyer Festival, lost because of Shaggy's shortcuts. The map he's reading is "Greek to me!" They hear a spooky noise, and then get stuck on a pier near an old showboat they thought was vacant and now want to explore. Onboard, they continue hearing noises, and then see people running, and suddenly find themselves collided with Josie's gang, who then introduce themselves (Shaggy: "Your group really floors me!" Josie: "So I notice!")
Their booking agent, Alexander, booked them for a gig on a famous showboat, the Dixie Queen, which he didn't realize was "a junkyard reject", and also haunted.

Captain Canaby, the skipper of the craft (with his first mate, Johnny Briggs) is on the balcony, and says the Dixie Queen is not haunted. He says without their entertaining, the Dixie Queen will never make its triumphant return on the Mississippi. The gang (being expert ghost-chasing mystery solvers) suggests staying to fix up the old barge (which would also be a good refuge if the storm hits).
The skipper shows them to their rooms. Josie explains why they think the boat is haunted, such as objects moving around. (Sebastian scares Scooby by moving under a bucket, which Alexandra then kicks, exposing him. Melody suggests he might be a ghost, "because somebody kicked his bucket").

They now hear a chain rattling, and the skipper says it's the ghost of Injun Joe (but then catches himself and says it's probably a loose chain or something), and goes to track the noise down. Velma points out that Injun Joe was the villain in Mark Twain's story about Tom Sawyer, and wore a dragging chain. Sebastian scares Scooby, but then the ghost of Injun Joe appears and scares him away.
The ghost of Captain Scavenger also appears ("The meanest river pirate that ever ravaged the Mississippi") and tells them to abandon the vessel. ("Galloping ghoulies! Two ghosts for the fright of one!") Shaggy, Scooby and Sebastian jump overboard, and the ghost vanishes. Injun Joe is still there and warns them. Alexander now joins the three others over the side. They've landed on the pier, tangled up in rope. (Alexander: "I'm beginning to think being followed by ghosts is safer than following you two!")

They decide to turn in for the night, and Velma tricks Shaggy and Scooby into guard duty by calling for "volunteers" for "food tasting". (Shaggy thinks a mop and broom for weapons is "the funniest looking knife and fork I've ever seen").
The ghosts knock them out with a vial of sleeping gas. Daphne is awaken by their snoring (which she and the others at first think is a monster). Alexandra thinks this trick proves they can't be ghosts, but then Canaby bursts in saying the boat IS haunted after all, as the ghost struck again, opening the safe and stealing their life savings (dooming the Dixie Queen), and Johnny has been taken, as per a note. (Melody: "How about that? A ghost writer!") The captain urges them to leave (the ghosts are seen looking through openings).

Now they hear the voice of Lance Goodwin, "the worst scallawag on the Mississippi", who drives up, offering to buy the Dixie Queen for scrap iron, but the skipper believes, really "for a floating gambling casino", and refuses. He "suggests you discuss my offer with your partner Johnny. —If he's ever seen again!" and drives off laughing. (Velma: "How did he know Johnny was missing?" making it sound like he's connected with the ghost. Shaggy: "Is this the Mississippi, or the Eerie Canal?").

The extended gang decides to fix up the Dixie Queen. Velma tries to calm Alexander's fear by pointing out that ghosts only haunt at night, but the ghost of Capt. Scavenger is looking right at them saying "That's what you think!" (Sebastian pretends to be a ghost under a cover, to scare Scooby, Shaggy and Alexander, who then hide in a room with the actual ghost behind their backs, as Alexander then pretends to be brave).
We next get the typical Josie show competition bit between her and Alexandra over being close to Alan, as they begin painting the boat. The ghost hands Sebastian the wrong rope, causing Alexandra instead of Josie to fall off of the scaffold, into mud.

Fred, Daphne and Valerie are trying to fix the engine. Injun Joe throws his chain into the gears, causing it to fail. Not believing it was the ghost, they remove the chain and aim to start the automatic oiler, but the ghost swaps signs with the sprinkler on the controls. "Nothing is doing what it's supposed to", which now finally convinces them that the boat is haunted. (Valerie: "That's the spirit!")

Shaggy and Scooby try to use a hose for water to swab the deck. Scavenger is standing around a corner and pushes the lever to full force, causing Shaggy to lose control of the hose. When water splashes through a porthole onto Alexander (who had asked for "Air! Not water!" after Melody's sweeping filled the room with dust), and floods the room, he thinks the boat is sinking. He ends up on the fan ("Giving an autograph to that fan?"), which the ghost turns on, and Scooby and Shaggy end up on the paddle wheel, as Fred and Valerie figure their situation out, and get the engine running again ("I can hardly wait to see Shaggy and Scooby's faces when they find out"!) They end up in the water.

The boat is finished, and Goodwin arrives, saying he just bought the Dixie Queen's mortgage papers (which he has in his hands) from the bank. In three days, the boat will be his. Josie then tells him about their big benefit show to raise money to prevent this. Shaggy thinks Goodwin looks like the ghost, and Velma ponders this, and that Johnny might be in on it rather than missing.
Fred then plans to rig the whole boat with ghost traps. ("Now you'll see professional ghost-chasers in action!") They instead catch Capt. Canaby. He's happy about their efforts (including "staying on, to help and old salt like me") until they suggest the idea that Johnny is in on the haunting scheme, and then he gets angry and suggests they leave, and goes to look for the sheriff.

(We now get the usual Shaggy and Scooby food gag, but with Shaggy at first thinking Melody was swiping it, but then realizing "there's only one way that food can disappear that fast". What Scooby "has to say for himself" is to moan from indigestion!)
Scavenger is heard ("Guess what's coming to dinner". Shaggy: "What dinner?") coming for them, but when they try to gang up on him, he vanishes. ("And that takes care of any ideas he might be a fake ghost!") Velma wonders what a humming sound was.

They huddle for a plan. First, to act scared (Shaggy: "I won't have to act") and pretend to leave the ship, and then hide and spy on the ghosts. So they announce they are leaving, but then duck down the hatch. This fools the ghosts momentarily, until they hear the gang talking through the speaker tube. (Alexandra: "I'd like to see those ghosts' faces if they knew...!" Velma: "Maybe you'll get a chance...!" Fred: "Anybody or anything on this ship might have heard us!")
Shaggy, Scooby and Alexander try to jump through a porthole ("Women and children first, after chickens") but don't fit. Melody finds stacks of money. ("Something tells me Melody is sitting on a million dollar clue!")

Scavenger arrives and nets everyone except Shaggy and Scooby, who had hidden in a barrel, and takes them on his boat ("The ghost netted himself a cargo of ghost catchers!") Josie uses the money to create a trail in the water ("I'm betting a million dollars someone finds us"). Shaggy and Scooby find themselves alone, and climbing out of the hatch, see Goodwin who confronts them, and escape by jumping into the lifeboat. They follow the trail of money ("Well, we may not find them, but we'll sure get rich trying"). Just as Josie runs out of money, the side of a cliff opens, and they sail inside to a cavern (Melody: "They didn't even say 'open Sesame Street'!")
Injun Joe lifts them out with a crane and drops them into a pit and stands guard over it. Even Velma believes he must be an "ectoplasmic spirit", because of his transparency.

Shaggy and Scooby follow the trail to the cliffside, and pull on a bill that's stuck on a wire ("Now they're wiring us money!"), which opens the cliff. ("Now you went and did it; you broke the mountain!") They bump and land in a mine car, which cuts the wires of a projector, causing Injun Joe to disappear. ("He must have seen the movie before, and left").
They see the printing press for the money and begin hearing the others calling them, in ghostly reverberating voices (Shaggy responds: "If you're ghosts, we can't hear you!" Alexandra: "You'll really hear from me if you don't get us out of this pit!" Shaggy, finding them: "I see you really got to the bottom of this mystery!")

They fish the others out with the crane as the ghosts return. They give chase leading to several slapstick bits. The gang escapes on a raft and follow the ghosts back into the Dixie Queen where the chase continues. Shaggy and Scooby land in a barrel of flour, making Scavenger think he's seen "a real ghost" and then running, causing both himself and Injun Joe to fall overboard into the water. (Upon Shaggy and Scooby sneezing the flour off, Melody: "Looks like you've lost your flour power!")

On the pier with the captured villains, Goodwin points out that "no one here is who they pretend to be". He himself is a US Treasury agent. Scavenger is Captain Canaby, who in fact is (via a double disguise) Jack Cannon, a notorious counterfeiter ("That's what I really call, 'two-faced'"), and Injun Joe (not unmasked) was his partner.
Johnny, who now returns, was his partner, but not in crime. When he inherited the Dixie Queen, he made him his partner, not to restore, but to hide his secret activity. The ghost gimmick was to scare him away too, along with everyone else. When he got wise, he threw him in the brig, where Josie and the others found him (this was not seen). They used the cave in Tom Sawyer's cavern, to print the fake money, and the Dixie Queen was their distribution point.

So the Dixie Queen now sails again, and as Josie and the Pussycats finish a performance (of a nonspecific tune), Alexandra launches another plot against Josie for Alan that backfires. The phoney money is used for fuel for the steam engine ("And there goes a phony fortune up in smoke!", which is actually dollar sign shaped).
Goodwin rewards Shaggy by having him order anything he wants from Scooby, serving at the grill. He orders a triple decker burger which Scooby flips, but then takes off with himself. Shaggy chases him back out onto the paddle wheel where he eats it. Shaggy: "Dog-gone!" Scooby: "No, burger gone!"

When Shaggy and Scooby appear to the others as ghosts, Alexandra is the one who says, in Alexander's voice "I don't believe them", and then switches to her own voice, with "Knock it off, you two; this isn't Halloween!")

There are large portions of the episode where Sebastian is totally absent, particularly in standing shots of everyone, including when everyone but Shaggy and Scooby have been netted and taken away, and then everyone is riding the raft, etc. After a brief view at the dining room scene near the middle of the story, for the entire remaining half, he's only seen in chase scene animations, and then the final gag with Alexandra.

Some members of Josie's gang were reportedly considered for the Laffalympics (on the "Scoobies" team, of course), but the rights to them could not be attained, so they were replaced by Captain Caveman's "Teen Angels" gang.
Laffalympics ended up being strictly Hanna-Barbera owned characters, and our next guest, Jeannie (below) had been considered as well, but also dropped, while her sidekick Babu was a regular in the team. Even Dastardly and Muttley had to be changed into "Dread Baron and Mumbly"; the latter (nearly identical to Muttley) actually being created as a crime-solving good guy, but then retconned as the captain of the bad guy team


The gang is driving along in the countryside. Shaggy notices how deserted the road is, and is hungry. They see Cory and Henry driving along in their motorcycle. Soon, Jeannie is following along, flying overhead in a sitting position. Scooby imitates her magical ponytail with his tail. The Mystery Machine crashes and the rest of the gang finally recognizes Jeannie and friends. Scooby and Shaggy, in an amorous daze, call for Jeannie, blaming Freddy for the accident, and calling the Mystery Machine an "old truck". She magically removes it from the mud. Shaggy asks her to "zap up some food", and she instantly creates a picnic. Sandwiches disappear from Shaggy and Scooby's hands and Babu appears standing in the coleslaw.

Freddy asks Jeannie's gang to join them, and they leave off driving. Jeannie causes Scooby to float along with her, but when Babu tries to do the same with Shaggy, he makes the whole Mystery Machine ascend to the sky. Jeannie puts it back on the ground. (Babu: "Maybe I used too much 'yapple'; or too much 'dapple"'). They stop, at a fork in the road. Babu receives a message from the Great Hajji for Jeannie to come to Persia to help a Prince Abin, a friend of his. The next scene they are in ancient Persia, and unbeknownst to them, a man and an evil genie are plotting against the Great Hajji and his help, Jeannie.

The gang arrives in front of an old palace. A gate opens by itself, Shaggy and Scooby start .running and Jeannie magically brings them back. Inside, they check several doors but don't find anybody, so they decide to sleep over in some of the rooms. In his room, Scooby sees a veiled ghost in a closet, who comes after him, and then after Babu and Shaggy. Babu tries to make him disappear, but only makes the bed they're hiding under disappear. He then calls for Jeannie who makes the ghost disappear. Shaggy thinks it was a joke, but Jeannie says it was a "dangerous game" being played by someone.
Henry is grooming himself in a mirror and then his reflection begins acting funny, moving differently than he is. He tries to explain to Cory who doesn't understand. He then tries to demonstrate in the mirror for Cory and Jeannie, but now nothing strange happens, and they think he was only imagining.

A vulture flies around the palace and then everybody suddenly disappears from their beds, all landing in a room full of doors, save Jeannie and Babu (who sleep floating midair). Jeannie senses her master (Cory's) presence in a nearby pyramid. Landing in the room, Shaggy thinks it's all a dream. Henry blames "the me in the mirror" (to the confusion of everyone else). They then try some doors, finding only a strong wind and a monstrous hand. Jeannie magically opens a door from the outside and Shaggy and Scooby, who had just been convinced to try another door, fall out. Everyone is now reunited and are then welcomed to Zendat by Abin's uncle Abdullah (the man earlier seen with the genie), who appears above the pyramid.

In Prince Abin's palace, Abin explains his problem. Strange things have been happening; ghostly voices in the night. Yet, if Abin doesn't stay in the palace for one year he cannot become Sultan. Legend has it that an evil jinn who was imprisoned by Abin's ancestor was making the noise, indicating that someone has released him. Shaggy, Scooby, Henry and Babu hear the voices and take off running around the palace and scare each other from around a corner. Jadal, the evil jinn appears scaring Scooby. They run and Babu 'splits' literally. Uncle Abdullah encourages Abin to leave.
Jadal chases the four around the palace. Every trick Babu tries to perform is a blunder. They hear Jadal and Babu disappears. Shaggy, Scooby and Henry escape by disguising themselves. They smell food and run to a kitchen and begin eating out of a kettle. A woman shows up and shows them that it is laundry. The rest of the gang enters. Jadal appears out of the fire, freezes everyone and imprisons Jeannie in a bottle (as he had been imprisoned for 10,000 years), and then disappears with her. (Abin just now realizes that she is a real genie).

Abin offers to leave the palace, and give up the sultanate. Everybody searches the palace. Shaggy, Scooby and Babu find "Watch this spot" painted on the floor, and that section of the floor carries them down to a cellar. The others see the spot, and are carried up to a room Abin never even knew about. Henry sees a window with a camel walking in the desert outside, and thinks it's a "realistic picture". He leans too far and falls out. Then suddenly the whole room tilts, and they all fall out, landing in Jadal's cave. Velma finds a "thousand year old" bottle, and Abin gives it to her. Meanwhile, Babu, Shaggy and Scooby hear Jeannie, and think it's her ghost. Then they see her imprisoned in the bottle in a hole in a wall, but it is protected by an invisible shield. Scooby howls, breaking the bottle and Jeannie is now able to free herself. Soon she, sensing her master, finds him and the others from on the other side of a solid rock wall. She recognizes Velma's bottle as being 10,000 years old.

Jadal appears and duels magically with Jeannie. Jeannie, knowing all his tricks, defeats him, forcing him back into the bottle. Freddy and Jeannie point out that whoever released him was his master, and therefore the cause of all the trouble. Jeannie makes him appear, and it is Uncle Abdullah. He felt the power and wealth of the sultanate was rightly his because Abin's father ruled with love and not by force "as a sultan should". Jeannie cannot judge mortals, so she imprisons him in the bottle with Jadal for the Great Hajji to take care of.

Shaggy and Scooby and eat out of the kettle again, but this time instead of laundry, it is soap. Scooby hiccups bubbles.


The gang arrives in Velma's home town. The fog is "thick as pea soup", and Shaggy tries to scoop some with his spoon, but gets mud splashed from the road instead (which he then feeds to Scooby). They're going back to her old high school for the All Sports Day benefit show ("...and I doubt mud-slinging is one of the sports"). Suddenly a driverless bulldozer cuts across the road near the school. There's also a sign "Danger, no trespassing", and a ghostly voice saying "GO BACK!" No danger is seen, until a driverless steam shovel comes and takes a chomp at them.

They arrive at the sports stadium, which is deserted despite the tryouts supposed to be going on. Jess Finster the school custodian watches them, and then introduces himself. The custodian Velma remembers had "disappeared". The sports show has been postponed, due to "haunting". They hear the laugh of the spirit of Fireball McFain ("Does that sound like I'm kidding?") and Finster says they must leave. Velma refuses, since they came to help raise funds for her old alma mater, "and no spirit's gonna spook us!" Fred remembers Fireball McFain as a super athlete about 30 years prior who suddenly disappeared. As he speaks, he suddenly reappears, being seen out on the field running. The exit gate slams ("looks like we're his captive audience!", and he stops by them, and they "make like eggs and scramble". They crash into a track horse, and he disappears. ("He's gone!" Shaggy: "So's my pulse!")

Enter the klutzy coach, Tim Conway, walking with blinders on and a pail on his foot. ("Well, if that's your school's coach, no wonder it has problems"). After being recognized by the gang, he continues walking like that and crashes into boxes of light bulbs. (He "kicks the bucket", off of his foot, that is. Meanwhile, a silhouette is watching from the booth, saying "So, my spirit didn't scare them away, eh?"). He soon explains after being turned down for a movie about famous coach Newt Rockney, (from being typecast as a "slapstick comic". —which he unwittingly demonstrates with his clumsiness), his agent said he might get that part if he lived as a coach. So here he is.
His three problems, being finding a team, no one will come to the benefit show, and the stadium's haunted; spoken right as Fireball reaches out of a locker and swipes the football he's holding. Only Scooby sees this at first, but then reopens the locker exposing him, who then says nobody will ever play at the stadium again, and pops the football with his bare hand. (Conway: "Hey: that's school equipment!") He closes the locker, and his laugh is heard coming from all around. He also appears, watching at every turn.

They go to Principal Griffith's office and Conway starts to resign, but Velma reintroduces herself to him, and he begins explaining that the school is closing down because it can't last without financial aid. Millionaire sportsman J. Teller had given it aid before, on the condition that he create a championship sports team, but with all the mysterious things happening, the program was doomed, and every coach was frightened away. The Sports Show was the last hope (as Coach Conway is still trying to get a word in edgewise, to resign). Teller now enters the room, discontinuing his grants since Griffith had failed in both conditions. So the school will be closed and the land sold. (A shadowy figures opens a door, laughing).

Out on the field, they try to convince Teller they can get rid of the ghost and that Conway was a better coach than Rockney. (He gets to "prove what a great actor he is", by playing the part. To "did you hear me blow the whistle?" Teller responds "I'd like to see you blow right out of town!" He "calls the plays": "Here, plays; here plays!" Teller continues "If you're another Newt Rockney; I'm the king of Siam!" Conway then does his basketball "chin dribbles", with his literal chin. "I've been doing it since I was a baby") He flops at everything he tries.
Fireball scares Shaggy and Scooby into volunteering for a football huddle with the coach ("You two have the spirit!"; "No, the spirit nearly had us!") Conway starts the play, forgetting the ball, and then runs knocking Teller over, who says "That clown couldn't coach a little league marbles team, that is, if he had a team!" Velma now names Shaggy and Scooby, the "world greatest athletes" as his team. Teller laughs, but agrees to watch them to see. (Daphne: "There's not a ghost of a chance of him seeing that!" Fireball, watching from a window: "But there's a very good chance of their seeing a ghost!")

Conway now tries to give them a "pep talk": ("Pep, pep, pep, pep...") The ghost scares them into running on the track, doing several laps in seconds, breaking the outdoor record. The ghost continues to appear, now angry they've broken his record, yet causing them to continue to break them on the field. They pole vault into the sky (Conway: "No fair; pole vaulting is measured in feet, not miles!") They've landed on the high wire, but the ghost appears up there as well. They land, and then the gang tells Teller and Griffith of the 129ft pole vault, which is ten times as good as Fireball McFain.

The two executives leave, and the lights go out and everyone runs terrified (Conway ends up fighting the tackling dummy). Finster turns them back on and gives them another warning of how McFain's spirit is everywhere, and probably watching them right now. (The figure in the booth is shown).
All of this is for revenge, as before Griffith was principal, he was an Olympic judge, who disqualified McFain for cheating (as Griffith himself had just mentioned). So now, his ghost is out to ruin the school. As they talk, Shaggy and Scooby see his image in the popcorn machine.

They decide to split up and look for clues, and Shaggy and Scooby head straight for the trash can ("where it's safe"), followed by Conway. ("Great; the world's greatest athletes are joined by the world's biggest chicken!")
Fred and the girls move on anyway, and Fireball is now outside the trash can. ("I'm the real McFain!", to Conway's attempt to distract by offering him a place in pictures, because "you're the real McCoy"). He pulls Conway out of the can, and then pursues Shaggy and Scooby who've dug their way out, underground, and back onto the field, where they fool him with dummies.
Fred and the girls check the locker the ghost was in, and find a secret passage ("Not anymore it isn't!") It leads to the basement where they see a mockup of the school and stadium, which now has a race horse on it. Fireball appears on a TV, saying "Three down, three to go", and they fall through a trap door. It's an underground cavern, containing their "welcoming committee" (the construction machinery).

On the field, the chase continues (Conway: "He'd catch us a lot faster if he'd only get those legs up!" Shaggy: "I wish you'd quit being a coach, and start being a life guard!") They try to threaten him with a shotput, but spinning like a helicopter, only drill themselves into the ground, landing down where the others are. ("We were just taking a spin, and thought we'd drop in"). The figure in the booth counts "Six down, and none to go! Now the school is doomed!"
The gang is wondering how to get out, with a heavy locked door, except for Shaggy and Scooby, who are playing with the toy race horses. Velma comes over and discovers the model is a clue. (Tells Shaggy, "You're on to something!" Shaggy: "Yeah; the wire!") Conway finds a remote control, which operates not the TV, but rather the bulldozer. They realize they can use this to break down the door.

They then drive it to the school and call it a night, and the next day, Shaggy and Scooby are falling asleep standing up. They don't have the right equipment for training: "toothpicks to keep our eyes open". They now mess up everything they try (Conway: "Scoob; I think you've broken something". Scooby: "The record?" "No, my back!")
Teller arrives, and Velma tells him they know his company owned the machines (the part where this was revealed was apparently cut), and that if the school was closed, he'd take back the land he donated (sarcastically: "You're that close to solving the mystery, huh? ...I'm going to see that you're stopped, one way or the other!")
After he's gone, multiple images of Fireball surround them. They split up into two groups (Fred and the girls, and Shaggy, Scooby and Tim), and lead the ghosts on various slapstick chase bits. Fred and the girls capture their copy of the ghost in a violin case, and then enter a room with someone moaning (who they free, but remains offscreen and identified only as "So it's you!"), and other clues such as the Fireball mask. The others activate the automatic baseball pitcher (and count up to "strike 45" when the balls run out), and trap the ghost in a garbage can ("You might say, you got canned!")

Both groups are together with their catch, and the police car arrives with Teller, who everyone thought was the ghost. He only wanted to get rid of them "for their own good", before the ghost harmed them. Now, the two ghosts are unmasked, one being Finster, and the other, at first, the principal, but Velma and then Griffith himself points out it's really his crooked twin brother. He and his partner, a shady gambler, made him prisoner (this was who Fred and the girls found tied up in the room) and took over the school. The ghost getup was so that their backers could buy the school cheap, and bulldoze it for the race track, even hiring Teller's company's bulldozers, to make everyone think he was behind their scheme! The ghost images were from projectors set up everywhere, controlled from the booth, making it look like "the spirit of Fireball McFain was everywhere".
So the school is saved, and Teller is doubling his yearly grant.

Before the start of the sports show, Teller worries "I don't know who's worse, they or their coach". Conway's instruction for exercise is "First you raise you right leg. Then you aise your left leg. Then you jog to the nearest hospital", as he falls flat on his bottom.
The proper inspiration for the "star attraction of the show, the world's two greatest atheletes" (who don't even know what to start doing) is Fred wearing the Fireball costume, which scares them into breezing through every activity on the field. Conway brags that the athetes "are only as good as their coach. When you're hot, you're hot. And right now, I feel red hot", as he's actually leaning on the grill and catching fire. He runs and quickly overtakes Shaggy and Scooby, jumping over entire obstacle courses and the pole vault (witout a pole) in one bound. He lands in a pail supplied by Shaggy and Scooby, and Griffith and Teller want to give him a 20 year contract plus a $1000 bonus, but Conway decides to go back to acting. "I guess I'm sort of stuck with it" (as he hobbles around in the pail, sort of finishing off where he started at the beginning of the story).

Partial giveaway, as it was kind of obvious Finster was a culprit, as it was clearly him in the booth (with his Messick "Zorak" voice) orchestrating the whole thing. The twin brother conclusion was totally unexpected, however.


The gang is driving through Hollywood, admiring all the movie stars' mansions, such as "Gregory Grant" and "Steve McKing". "And to think some of those stars were discovered working in a gas station". Scooby jumps out and is now washing windows at the nearest station! He does a song and dance to prove he has "talent", but only to have the car's smoke shot at him as it drives off. ("Peasant!") He's now sulky as he continues on with the gang (Shaggy: "Let's face it, we'll never get to see the inside of one of those mansions". Scooby: "Hmph, who cares!").

They see someone in trouble; the Adams Exterminator Co. truck. Fred stops and offers help, and they recognize it as Don Adams. He's now the head of this exterminator company that services the stars. He offers his card, but it's full of moth holes. He sprays inside his jacket ("He'll never terrorize another business card again!"). The running gag throughout the story is his numerous battles with different bugs. His motor is infested with termites (?!) He explains he ran a termite out of town, and his brothers swore to get even. The whole motor now drops out of the front, and the termites are seen. (When Scooby hears movie stars have bugs, he gleefully scratches, thinking he might have one of Lassie's fleas).
So the gang decides to take him to his next client, carrying all of his equipment. Scooby sees a platoon of "soldier ants", and now pretends to be in the Army ("because he heard soldiers are called 'dog-faces'") He charges at them in a bush, but is thrown out. (Velma: "Next time pick on somebody weaker. Like soldier uncles!")

Now continuing to drive on, the gang introduces themselves. Don picks a flea off of Scooby for free ("The flea is on me") and throws it onto Shaggy ("Now, the flea is on me!" Upon getting sprayed in the face, "I think I was better off with the flea!")
When the gang voices their wish to see the inside of a movie star's home, Don decides to make them his assistants; as his three regular assistants had quit on him. When they see the house, they know why they quit; it's "Horror Hill", home of the old horror film star Loren Chumley. Shaggy and Scooby now try to quit, despite not having heard the "silly rumor" Don now tells them, that 14 exterminators entered the house and no one has heard a word from them since. Walking toward the house, Velma actually annoys Daphne and Shaggy by describing one of his old movies. ("If the movie was silent, why can't you be?")

The creepy butler (Otto) calls the "calling card tray" (apparently held by "an invisible man"). Shaggy and Scooby jump into a nearby tree, but are scared down by a carnivorous bird. Otto says Mr. Chumley does not wish exterminators on his property. (Shaggy: "That's Ok with us...") But the house must be exterminated, as the bank is selling it. Otto lets them in, and Shaggy is afraid, because in horror movies it was always "the butler" who "did it", and "whatever they did do might be done to us". (Not allowing him to "run away", like his "imagination" is, Fred orders Shaggy into the house!)

Inside, Shaggy and Scooby run off to find another way out after a door slams shut. Otto warns of "unspeakable" dangers, but Velma points out, "we're unspookable". (Daphne: "Spook for yourself; I mean speak for yourself!")
Shaggy and Scooby begin encountering these spooks, such as one life size picture tapping Shaggy on the shoulder, and another (of a werewolf) actually grabbing Scooby. They are found, and Otto shows the gang the numerous pictures of the "most frightening roles" of his employer, "master of 1000 frightening disguises" and "the man with a million faces" (Don: "and also a million termites". When mentioned that the roles won many Oscars, Daphne says "they give me the Willies!") They all split up. Shaggy checks a suit of armor for moths. ("You've heard of the iron butterfly? Maybe they have iron moths!") The armor bites Shaggy's finger and won't let go until sprayed, and then runs off (without his head, which is still on Shaggy's finger). An organ full of wormholes begins playing itself ("I think we'll let it spray itself!") As they watch Don, one picture holds Scooby by the mouth, and another takes the spray tank out of Shaggy's arms. (Scooby at one point tries to pronounce the word "spooky" right, but only makes it sound worse, to Shaggy). Don has fallen through a panel in the wall, and his tanks through a panel in the floor.

Otto is seen talking with one of the pictures, saying all is going according to plan to scare the intruders out and then proceed with their "master plan".
Fred and the girls enter the room (Velma: "In which architectural location shall we commence with out antilepidoctrine [sp?] activity?"; translation: "Where do you think we ought to start debugging?". Otto activates a revolving section of wall that hides both him and the picture). They then put on protective suits. As they spray, a fourth exterminator is with them, who they think might be Shaggy or Don, but moans more like Scooby. (But doesn't respond to a Scooby Snack). He goes behind a curtain, but is gone. While their backs are turned, a grandfather clock moves in and swipes their tanks. ("Whoever you are, this room is yours at 10˘ a bug!")

Shaggy and Scooby try to trick each other to go first down a corridor. They play odd/even, but a third arm (the werewolf) sticking out of the wall joins in, and they both run. They find Don, and enter an indoor swimming pool, which he thinks is the "the headquarters of the enemies' amphibious operation"; (i.e "water bugs"). A sea monster in a locker hands him a magnifying glass instead of Scooby, who sees it and runs onto the ceiling (Shaggy: "you're not a cat!") and then falls into the pool.
Don gets squirted by a "squirt bug" he views in his magnifying glass and sprays it. ("1500 hours 32 minutes; sighted bug, sank same"). He asks Shaggy for a towel, but is handed one by the monster, who Shaggy now sees and follows Scooby into the pool. Don tosses an inflatable horse which Shaggy and Scooby fight over until the monster (entering the pool from a secret compartment) pops it, sending Shaggy slung out of the room. Don: "Shh! The walls have ears"; Shaggy: "And the lockers have monsters!" He checks a locker and sees a hulking figure in an exterminator suit, which he calls a "terrifying monster" rather than a "frightening monster". All three run out of the room, and the figure turns out to be Fred, followed by the girls, coming through the secret passage in the lockers. ("You never know what'll frighten Shaggy and Scooby!")

Don, Shaggy and Scooby next find Chumley's movie screening room, and Don uses the projection light to do hand shadow illustrations of various bugs. Suddenly, a hulking figure Don is not doing appears. Again, it's Fred and the girls. They tell them about the other exterminator and the missing tanks. Next ensues a vigorous debate as to whether the house is haunted, between Shaggy, Scooby and Daphne saying it is, and Fred, Velma and Don saying it isn't. They decide by voting with hands, which is 3-3, until the werewolf hand joins in, breaking the tie in favor of the house being haunted. (It then does its own hand shadows). Scooby bumps into the popcorn machine setting it off and filling the air in the room. Running into a hallway, they are attacked by bats. (Don tries to hand one his card, which it rips. "Just wait till I find my tank! I remember a face!") They end up in an elevator. (When it makes a hard stop, Shaggy says his heart stopped, but Scooby listens to his chest and repeats the heartbeats. Meanwhile, Otto, and the sea monster, on screen, are watching and counting on being rid of the intruders soon!)

They end up in Chumley's theatrical store room, which has a whole bunch of costumes, as well as the exterminating equipment. Shaggy and Scooby want to stay in the elevator, but the operator is now an invisible man in uniform: ("Going up?" Shaggy: "Going out!") They run and see an invisible lady and gentleman couple. Don sees that the tanks have been emptied. He vows to exterminate the house, and begins doing karate on a clothes rack, and is pulled through it and into a trunk, which then floats off. It was actually being carried by bats. Velma opens the trunk with a hairpin, and Don rises in a werewolf mask. Shaggy had backed up into another trunk, which Scooby now rides down a chute into a room where Otto is directing Chumley (in some sort of huge beast costume) in a rehearsal, to make his comeback. He must complete the movie before the bank sells the home. Otto turns on the wind machine, and Shaggy rises up out of the trunk, wearing a cat mask, and he and Scooby are blown into Otto and Chumley. (It's now literally "raining cats and dogs").

Don arrives with the others and turns off the hurricane. He begins unmasking Chumley, pulling off several disguises (the first one being William Hanna), and then tries to pull off his real head. ("Wow; he really is the man with a million faces!" "And a million debts!") All of the haunts were to prevent the house from being exterminated which it had to be before it could be sold.
He decides to take on the gang to help him finish the movie, while Don finishes exterminating. Don sees a termite hiding in Chumley's wig, which gets away, and he asks "Where did it go?". When Scooby says "search me", Don does, tickling him.

Another one with no real crime committed

Adams' frequent uttering of the name "Chumley" is reminiscent of his role on the popular 60's cartoon "Tennessee Tuxedo", where his penguin character's sidekick was the walrus "Chumley". In this episode, "Loren Chumley" is a parody of horror film star "Lon Chaney", of course
Adams being in a mystery story evokes his popular crime drama comedy "Get Smart".

William Hanna has a cameo as one of Chumley's masks at the end. There's also an Italian looking guy who could possibly represent a [slightly younger?] Joe Barbera


So following the first Scooby knockoff, Josie, we now get another one, this time Speed Buggy (and another future fellow team-mate on the Laffalympics), also with a similar gang consisting of its "Fred" (Mark), "Daphne/Velma" combo (Debbie), "Shaggy" (Tinker), companion of anthropomorphized non-human star Speed Buggy. (A talking car, which even Scooby found odd, until Debbie reminded him he was a talking dog!)
The gang is heading to the Oceanside Auto Rally, to "see that little car in action", and the two vehicles almost collide with each other in the deserted town of Winona, after Scooby & co. spent a night there and encountered its crazy winds. ("They should call it 'Jeckyll and Hyde Village', as it's nice during the day time, but a real monster at night!" Shaggy had brought along a sack of food in case of a "world-wide food shortage", to which Velma replies if there is one, "I'll know who caused it").

Both gangs introduce themselves to each other (and the Speed Buggy gang likewise already knew who the Scooby gang were!) Tinker demonstrates Speed Buggy's remote control with Scooby riding. They decide to all head to the car rally together.
The Mystery Machine and Speed Buggy get caught in a three car fender bender with a pickup truck that backed out onto the road. The Mystery Machine getting the worst of it, they realize they are now stuck in the town, and the truck driver, Mr. Duncan points out that the last mechanic had left the town two weeks prior. ("Smart mechanic!") Debbie volunteers Tinker to be the mechanic, and Duncan offers his barn to fix the Mystery Machine, and for the boys to sleep, while the girls can stay in his house. (Tinker worries about the race. Says Debbie: "What's more important; a race, or the human race?"). Duncan begins describing the winds, that had been going on for two months. (Someone looking from behind brush is giving an evil laugh).

As the boys work, the girls ride Speedy to get food to calm Shaggy's nerves, and they have a picnic. They decide if they have to spend another night there, they should try to find out where the winds are coming from (since they won't be able to sleep anyway. Scooby uses Shaggy's losing his appetite as the go ahead to swipe his burger).
At midnight, they have all gathered together, and the winds begin. They're strong enough to lift the manhole cover Scooby is sitting on, and Shaggy falls in, but is then lifted out. (He then wants to "hidebernate!")
Debbie convinces Speedy to take them through a cemetery to the church, to see who's ringing the bell, and find it ringing by itself (We would think it was simply the wind blowing it, as Daphne suggested, but they think it's too heavy!) A shadowy figure activates the organ, which then blows its music sheets at them, and they run.

Back in town, they finally see the shadowy figure in a vacant store, and go in after him. He's revealed as a hooded man, and now hiding behind mannequins. Shaggy backs up into a mannequin, and has Scooby count his arms, not realizing what's grabbing him from behind. He runs with the mannequin still attached. They all crash into each other and realize "It's a dummy" (Shaggy: "Just like me!")
Back in the barn, Tinker, Shaggy and Scooby have gotten up early, so that Tinker can try to get the Mystery Machine fixed as soon as possible. Duncan serves them all pancakes for breakfast. (Speedy has to stick to "no fat oil").

Debbie again has Speedy take the girls into the village as the boys work, and this time taking Shaggy and Scooby along. The bank is still open, but the president, Mr. Peabody can't help them, being as baffled as everyone else. Air is heard in the vault, and when he opens it, the money has been cleaned out ("Ghost bank robbers!"). He points out it's never happened in the daytime before, and suggests they get out of Winona. Says Shaggy: "No clues is good clues!"
They next reach the Winona Hall of Records (Shaggy: "Can you dig it? Let's go in and listen to a few albums!") Inside, they look for clues among the city records. The hooded man closes and locks a secret passage behind a bookcase, sealing Shaggy and Scooby in a room. The girls still haven't found any clues, and now can't find Shaggy and Scooby. Debbie rides Speedy to get the boys, who have now finished the Mystery Machine, which now is also driven back to the Hall of Records. (Mark at first asks "Did you check the nearest hamburger stand?" and when the idea of looking for "secret panels" reminds Tinker of "a haunted house", Velma remarks "One Shaggy in this outfit is enough!")

Shaggy is able to break a stave off of a barrel, which he bangs on the door with, allowing the others to know they are there. They have Speedy dissolve the padlock with a blast of exhaust, freeing them. Scooby comes out wrapped in a map of the whole area. They see there's a network of caves under the mountain, and wonder if the winds might be coming from the caves.
They take a vote as to whether to check them out or not. Out of the nine characters, only Shaggy, Tinker, and Speed Buggy say no, and Scooby tries to make it look like there are several more votes for that side, but the "ayes" nevertheless have it. Speedy tows the Mystery Machine up the mountain, but they then speed out of control down the other side. They enter a cave, and there is no wind. The hooded man is inside, watching. Shaggy and Scooby are frightened by their own shadows, which is shown to them by the others. Relieved, they then begin making their own hand shadows, and in a repeat of our last entry, "The Exterminator", the bad guy unawares to them begins adding his own (an alligator-like figure chomping at them), and being slow catching on, run when they realize. They are then scared by Speedy from around a corner.

Now, there are two hooded men, who "let 'em have it", by starting the winds with a lever. This creates "an underground hurricane" that carries everyone helplessly. ("I always wanted to take up skydiving! But under a mountain?") They are all forced through a door which one of the hooded men closes and latches. Speedy is able to bore though the wall with his wheels. They see the wind machine (a wheeled contraption resembling a wingless propeller plane) which Shaggy wants to use to drive out. (Just like in the Haunted Horseman of Hagglethorn Hall, we now know how "they" did it, but Velma points out, "we still don't know who 'they' are"!)
Scooby sniffs the way out, but just before the exit, they pass a little cavern where now, four hooded men are playing cards. The chase ensues, back deeper into the cave, with the gang repeatedly outwitting them. (Two of the men at one point try to ride Speedy, but are bucked off). Shaggy drives a mine tractor, which bumps into the wind machine starting it up. They all begin trapping the hooded men one by one, but still have to deal with the wind machine. As everyone ducks around a corner, Mark decides to ride it as it bores through the cave wall, and out through the town (now the sheriff notes it's the first time it's ever happened in the daytime), and heads it over a cliff into the ocean.

Speedy tows the hooded men out on a rope, and Shaggy and Scooby follow hiding in a desk. On this desk is a map of the town with a hotel built in the middle of Duncan's farm. The sheriff realizes someone was trying to scare everyone out of town, to get the property cheap, "and turn Winona, into that!" On the back of the map is printed "Peabody Development Company", owned by the bank president. He's now there as a fifth hooded man, already unmasked; and not being tied up, makes a break for it. Speedy quickly catches him by biting him on the bottom like a dog. ("Let go, you mechanical monster!")

As Duncan thanks the kids for solving the mystery, Scooby is now teaching Speedy dog tricks. "Who says you can't teach a new car old tricks?"

The four henchmen are never unmasked or identified

Rare splitup of Shaggy and Scooby going with the girls


"Mama" Cass Elliot, of the Mamas and Papas (in what would turn out to be her last year of life) is cast as the owner of (of all things) the Sugar Plum Candy Company, in a story filled with jokes about her weight and poor attempts at a grapefruit diet (usually cracked by her, but sometimes Shaggy, like when he tries to catch her and is crushed; she says "Butterfingers!" and he replies "Butter never spread like this!" But she in return gets to make frequent snaps on his and Scooby's gluttony!)

The factory is being haunted by a pair of "green globs", who have locked her in an upper room in the building. The gang, lost driving through a "rundown neighborhood" one night, already smelling the sweets (Shaggy: "if you're planning on having a flat tire, this is the place to do it!"), finds a Cass Elliot Golden Caramel Bar (Shag & Scoob's "all time favorite", but trying to chomp it is painful) with a key and note she's tossed out the barred window, and then see her up in her prison, until she is snatched away.
They enter the factory, (with the padlock doing a whole bouncy death dance, "probably a broken spring", and something telling them "this place isn't as sweet as it smells") and Shaggy "takes the fifth amendment", refusing to enter "on the grounds that it might intimidate me", but is scared inside by the still bouncing lock. Once inside, they find themselves locked in. The green globs are in plain sight working the machinery, but not noticed by the gang, who are nevertheless creeped out by the place. (Shaggy: "This candy factory is making my sweet tooth chatter!") They find their way to the window where Cass was standing, but she is gone. ("'Thin Air'? Cass Elliot?")

Now, the globs float after them warning them to "depart now while there is still time!" They grab the fleeing Shaggy with a ceiling conveyor hook and drop him into a vat of batter, and he comes out as a "giant gingerbread man", unrecognized by the others. ("I've heard of an 'all day sucker', but an 'all day gingerbread man'?" "All day my foot; that's an all month gingerbread man!" "Even Shaggy couldn't eat that in a month!"). Scooby begins chomping on it, eventually freeing Shaggy.
Meanwhile, Fred and the girls have fallen through a trap door activated by one of the globs, into the room where Cass is, who had also fallen through such a floor panel ("I knew I was heavy, but not that heavy!") They introduce themselves and she says the minute she bought the place, weird things began happening, like the green globs and this ongoing grinding noise they all have noted.

Once Scooby has "licked the plate clean", he and Shaggy begin hearing the others calling through a vent. Scooby activates the trap door control, only causing Shaggy to be "sandwiched between two slices of door". (When Scooby hears this and runs to him, Shaggy says "You've chomped on me enough for one night!") He then finds a licorice machine to use to create a "rope", which Scooby, unbeknownst to him, redirects from the vent to his mouth. It takes a while for Shaggy to get wise ("You must be ten floors below"; and once he does and takes it from Scooby, it quickly reaches Fred, who thinks he must have "just started feeding it", but, "Wrong! I just stopped 'feeding' it!") They pull Fred and the girls out, but of course have a real struggle pulling Cass ("If I ever get out of here, it will be strictly grapefruit; breakfast, lunch and dinner, and inbetween snacks!"). The licorice breaks, and then they use the conveyor hook (shorting out the contraption, which "wasn't designed for such a load") causing her to splat Shaggy.

They start to follow the grinding noise and hear someone's cries for help, and it's Mr. Crink the foreman, locked in a storage closet by the globs. He quits and leaves. ("This isn't a candy factory; it's a creep factory!")
They now see the green globs ("Maybe they want to check out our yellow glob"; Shaggy and Scooby clinging to each other). Someone shines a flashlight on them, and it's Mr. Franklin the watchman, who also has been trying to trace the noise. A glob grabs him and disappears. They hear a machine and enter a room where they see the globs making Cass Elliot candy bars ("Why would two green globs haunt a candy factory just to make candy bars?") They notice all the crates are being sent to an address in Rio De Janeiro (Cass: "I think we've stumbled on something bigger than all of us. Well, bigger than you kids anyway").

They split up, and Cass watches Shaggy and Scooby dive in to a pile of candy, then peanuts ("I've heard of a bottomless stomach; but a bottomless person? I'll sure know who to call if my garbage disposal breaks!") A green glob is hiding in the peanuts, and then issues a warning over the speaker and activates a shower of snowball candy. They slip and fall through a trap door leading to a pit filled with marshmallows ("Darn, why wouldn't we have landed in a mountain of grapefruit?") They then see the green glob dragging Mr. Franklin off. Scooby chews some bubble gum, and blows a huge bubble that encases him and Shaggy. They float to the ceiling and get stuck above the globs ("You've really gummed things up this time!"), but fall and are caught by Cass, who runs off with them. They crash in a pile of chocolate bunnies, and uncover Mr. Franklin, who now gets angry and runs after the globs, but ends up carried away by the ceiling conveyor. (Cass is pooped from running, and Shaggy suggests eating more as food gives you energy. "I wish that was all it gave me!")
Fred and the girls are walking through a corridor of candy canes. A bunch are pushed together to hide a secret passage leading to the mysterious tower room. They see a door with a huge padlock they pry off with a crowbar. Inside, they find a metal grinder (which Daphne at first thought was an instant candy machine, and once it's clear it's a metal grinder, suggests "maybe it's for stale walnuts"). It's in fact the source of the grinding noise, and Fred tests it by grinding a key which is reduced to powder. He also finds an empty money bag labeled "city bank".

Shaggy and Scooby find more food, but "for the first time in a lifetime of overeating", get tummy aches, and wonder "what could we have eaten that would cause a revolution in our stainless steel stomachs?" A glob chases them and Cass into a room and closes the heavy steel door, and then activates the popcorn machine, which begins filling the room, to Shaggy and Scooby's delight ("Beautiful! I need Superman, and I end up with a canine garbage can!") Up to their waists in popcorn ("I've heard of corns on your toes. But on your knees?"), they eat all of it, and are stuffed, lying on the floor, until Cass shows them jawbreakers. However, these jawbreakers are to be used as "doorbreakers", which frees them, but after filling the room with jawbreaker fragments which carries them out of the room.
Shaggy bumps into the cotton candy machine which covers him, making him look like a green glob. Scooby and Cass see him and run, and then one of the real globs thinks he's his partner and brings him to a truck loading area to load boxes of candy bars. Scooby follows his scent back to him, and now begins licking the candy off of him in front of the other glob. His face uncovered, he and Scooby run, and Cass, separated from them, joins Fred and the girls, but the globs then encase them in "purple gunk" (taffy). Shaggy and Scooby play bullfighting with the globs using bubble gum, and then see the others in the taffy ("first green globs, and now, purple goops!"), and continue running from the globs. Shaggy eventually runs into the "goop", getting stuck with the others. They try a five way split, and that doesn't work. The next scene, Scooby is caught in the goop too, as the globs load their cargo for Brazil. The gang lands on a forklift which sends them into a vat of what they think is water that washes off the taffy, but is really rock candy, which now hardens, immobilizing them. Falling over breaks it off.

The globs chase everyone all over the factory. They're trapped until Cass drives through with the forklift, and chases the globs, who land on the conveyor belt, where she makes them into chocolate and marshmallow covered candy apple sundaes (which Shaggy and Scooby want to "get a lick in edgewise").
When the detective has arrived, Fred hoses them off. It's Mr. Crink, and Mr. Franklin. Velma doesn't believe the latter one, and pulls off a rubber mask ("Of all the two faced guys!") The detective identifies him as Sterling Smith, the international gold swindler. He had robbed the city bank of 2 million dollars in gold bricks. Asked where he hid it, Velma shows that the gold was smuggled out inside the Cass Elliot candy bars. She breaks one open, and you see the bits of gold, that had been pulverized in the metal grinding machine and added to the candy mix. (Cass: "How about that; my golden caramel bars really were golden!" Though not mentioned, this would also explain Shaggy and Scooby's tummy aches, and why the one they tried to eat at the beginning was so hard). Cass answers his rhetorical question of "How else could I smuggle 2 million dollars worth of candy bars out of the country" by saying "You could always give them to Shaggy to eat, and then fly him to Brazil!"

They now have a dinner to thank the kids and celebrate finding the real Mr. Franklin safe at home. (Shaggy ridiculously surmises that this could be another fake disguise, and tries to pull his face off by the nose, only to be yelled at by him. "He's the real Mr. Franklin alright!").
As they all eat, she vows to have nothing but grapefruit. A whole tray of them she ordered is brought in, but covered with whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate syrup. "If you don't tell me, I won't tell my stomach!"

It's not shown how Scooby got into the purple goop, and I believe this might have been the cut scene for this entry, but not sure of remembering such.
The animators obviously changed at that point, as the taffy was originally realistic looking, being smooth and stretchy, but when Scooby was in it, it had a more fluffy, all encompassing texture.
And also, only the humans were shown frozen in and escaping from the rock candy used to dissolve the taffy, not Scooby who appeared free when reading to the others what the new substance they were trapped in was, so it's possible he wasn't supposed to have ever been in the taffy, and that scene was a mistake

More grossly antisocial behavior from Shaggy and Scooby; Scooby callously eating the rope needed to save the others, and Shaggy assaulting Mr Franklin's face, even though the case was obviously over, and there was absolutely no reason to believe he was another bad guy in disguise. (What's New Scooby Doo, however, would play upon this, and a case would appear to be over, and they would suddenly realize they forgot certain clues, and an innocent person was arrested, and the real culprit still on the loose).


The gang is driving and encounter a carnival (Velma: "Studies show artificial stimuli provided by carnivals relieve tensions of everyday exigencies"; translation: it will help us forget about some of the haunted houses we've been to. Shaggy: "Studies show I'm for that!") Scooby doesn't want the rides, but only the food, and then gets out and pushes the Mystery Machine faster and then stops it "on a dime" at the carnival with his bare feet. ("I hope so, because with his appetite, we'll need every dime we can get!")
However, they find it's completely deserted. The ticket counter is closed, but someone is snoring inside (Shaggy: "I've had enough fun at the carnival; let's go relax at some nice haunted house!") When they turn around and start to leave, then the ticket seller wakes up and begins the "Hurry, hurry hurry...!" pitch, pretending there's crowds. They recognize him as Dick Van Dyke. He owns the carnival, "Dick Van Dyke's Barrel of Fun". He offers them to buy the carnival, then gives them free tickets to all the rides, with him donning multiple disguises to run and man all the gates and attractions. ("See the ticket taker who looks like Dick Van Dyke!") He manages to fool them at the strong man show until the strong man costume (with balloons as muscles) comes apart on stage. He confesses his carnival is a "bigger bust than the balloons". Customers won't come, and workers all quit, because the carnival is "spooked". Fred and the girls want to stay and help him "un-haunt" it. (Shaggy: "We're carnival folk too. Step right up and see the amazing Shaggy: part man, and part chicken!" "And Scooby Doo, all chicken!"; both clucking).

Suddenly, a ghostly arm from the side of the stage offers money to buy a ticket. The hand then beckons them to follow it. Fred and the girls figure it might lead them to learn why the carnival is haunted. Dick warns it could be leading them into trouble, and that despite the rule of "ladies first", a man should lead the way. So he volunteers Fred, who gallantly obliges! Shaggy and Scooby refuse to go and stay right there.
The arm is now at the baseball throwing concession (Dick is happy to finally have a customer). The hand begins throwing the balls wildly, knocking the prizes off the shelf, and then takes off with them.

We next get Shaggy's funny dialogue "Boy, can you imagine anybody going after a ghost hand, like on purpose? I mean, a whole ghost is bad enough, but just a hand?" (Scooby tells him to knock it off, which he does, as he's starting to scare himself).
They see a hot dog and hamburger stand, which they then aim to serve themselves in. They fill the grill with food, but as their backs are turned, the cooking surface becomes a tilting panel that slides the food down out of sight. Now, when Shaggy sees the food is gone, he naturally blames Scooby ("Oh boy, Scoob; I thought we were friends. I mean pals, real pals, like all for one, and one for all. ... Then why did you do it? ... You know what you did; will you look at the grill!") Scooby then tries to blame him, and Shaggy admits he might swipe all of that stuff —but he didn't. As to decide whether they are more scared or hungry, Scooby says "sc, sc, sc, sc...hungry!" and they try again with more food, and watch around them. The whole grill now lowers through a panel in the floor with their backs turned toward it, and spooked by this gaslighting, they run. Scooby is too afraid to look behind them, even though Shaggy already is and no one is following them. They consider being safer with the others, but not if they found a ghost.

They now see the funhouse. They play at the funhouse mirrors, but a ghostly strongman appears in a mirror, but only Scooby sees it at first, until it appears the second time. They run and barricade one door, but the ghost rips the bolt off the other door. Scooby wants to use a dumbbell (which Shaggy actually thinks is referring to himself: "Oh, that dumbbell!" Scooby, muttering to himself, "Dumbbell!") Shaggy can't lift it, but the ghost then comes and "helps" him lift it, so that he's dangling above the floor ("If there's one thing worse than a ghost, it's a ghost with muscles!")

Fred and the girls have lost the ghost. Dick explains how he had to teach himself how to do all the acts when everyone left. He juggles ice cream to demonstrate (getting it on his head), and then does the magic act ("For my first trick, I'll try to get these curtains open"). The rabbit in the hat and pigeons in his sleeve and other tricks don't obey him. He takes Velma as a volunteer for the disappearing woman illusion ("I'd love to probe the scientific intricacies of this feat of legerdemain!") and he doesn't even know how he did it (Velma: "It's a trade secret")

They wonder about Shaggy and Scooby, who've jumped into the caterpillar ride, which then starts running. Soon, a ghost is sitting between them, holding their hands. The others hear them scream and see the ride moving. When they tell them about the ghost, Dick asks if he has a ticket (Shaggy forwards all his questions to the ghost!), and Dick says no one rides free if they're over 6 years old. Since the ghost is over 600 years old, that qualifies as a senior citizen (half fare), but the ghost still doesn't have a senior citizens ticket (and should be asked to get off. Shaggy: "You tell him!") The ghost pulls a lever stopping the ride, and Shaggy and Scooby are propelled into the balloons. (Offered a ride for free due to the spoiled fun, the only ride they want is "a ride home!")
The ghost now inflates a huge balloon which carries the whole balloon stand Shaggy and Scooby are in into the sky. (Dick: "If you float over the city, advertise my carnival!" Or, "Tell people to watch me on television!") The ghost now reflects sunlight to pop the balloons. (Scooby at first combs his hair, thinking he's holding it up so that he can admire himself). As they fall, Dick brings over the ice cream cart for them to land in ("Try to land in the tutti fruiti!" When they land, ice cream is splattered onto everyone. Dick has a double scoop, Shaggy has a triple scoop, and Scooby has the biggest one of all; a "Scooby scoop!") Scooby is now too fat to be easily pulled out of the cart, which completely breaks open. Shaggy threatens to put him on a diet ("No more Scooby Snacks!"), and he immediately starts exercising.

They begin to plan a way to catch the ghost (Shaggy demonstrates the difference between the way he shivers from ice cream, and the way he shivers from ghosts. Dick: "Your shivers give me the shivers!") They split up (planning to meet "midway, on the midway"). Dick tries to show Shaggy and Scooby how strong he is at the strongman game, and can barely lift the mallet, and falls onto the lever. The ghost now pounds it, hitting the bell with Dick's head ("I told you I could hit that bell!") The ghost swings again, causing the whole bell to break off. They run, but the ghost grabs Dick, momentarily, and he catches up with the others.
He points out, "A Van Dyke never runs from Danger!" Asked what he's thinking of doing, "I'm thinking of changing my name". Shaggy suggests several other "Van-" names, and Dick sits down so Shaggy can teach him the meaning of the word "coward".

Fred and the girls pass by a photo booth, and Daphne insists on taking a photo. ("Mr. Van Dyke might want a picture to remember this day". Velma: "Women! [gasp] What am I saying; I'm one of them!" Fred: "Sometimes I think Daphne is daffy; this is a ghost hunt, not a beauty contest!") When he opens the curtain, instead of Daphne, a ghost with just a head and no body is glancing at his photos ("Do you think the camera captured me?" Fred: "No, but I'm gonna capture you!") A tussle is seen under the curtain, and Fred didn't get him, but only got some neat pictures of himself trying.
Dick is still wavering between bravery and cowardice. Deciding to go look for the ghost together, they ask the gypsy machine (who knows he put in a penny instead of a nickel), which says they are going on a boat trip. Not believing it, they fall through a trap door to a boat in the tunnel of love. (Shaggy: "It's a tunnel alright; but I sure don't love it!")

Fred and Velma look for Daphne, and find her under the boardwalk on the "Dodgem" cars. (She says she landed there from a trap door in the photo both). Another body-less ghost (seen only by his racer's safety apparel) is driving another car. (Daphne: "Look, no hands!"; Fred: "Look behind you; no body!") It begins aggressively bumping her ("I've heard of 'things that go bump in the night'; but do you have to bump so hard?") She crashes, and the ghost goes through a turnstile which Fred finds stuck, until the ghost spins it, sending them back.

Dick tells Shaggy and Scooby that the spook-filled tunnel is supposed to be romantic so couples can hold hands and come out engaged. Shaggy tells Scooby, clinging on to him, "Will you let go; we're just good friends!" Dick stands and feels the ceiling for a light switch, but instead finds a trap door. Fred and the girls see his hand opening the door, and then yank him out (he faints, and then "reboots" with his "Hurry hurry wanna buy [the carnival]? It's a lot cheaper now!") Shaggy and Scooby climb out.
They're in a secret passageway Dick was never told about when he bought the carnival. ("Come to think of it, they didn't tell me about a lot of things!")

They hear grunting, which is coming from the carousel motor room. Inside, they see glowing ghost costumes, which are just luminous cloth, worked by wires and springs. Behind the motors, they see the flesh and blood strongman (lifting weights), who had supposedly left the carnival. They also see his ghost arm, which Dick can hardly lift. "He sure has strong arms!" Strongman: "And I also have strong ears!" He explains it was all part of a plot to make Dick think the carnival was haunted, so he'd sell it to him cheap. "But you kids started snooping around and ruined it for me! Well, you'll pay for that!", and ties the dumbbell almost into a knot! Now, Shaggy says "I'm no dumbbell" ("I'm not going to stand around and let him do that to me!") and runs, with Scooby. The strongman swings on a rope, and kicks them up a flight of stairs, onto the carousel, which he then stops with a lever, causing Shaggy and Scooby's horses to fly off, bumping him into the ice cream cart ("Hey; get out of my tutti fruitti!" "And my Scooby scoop!" "Well; that puts him on ice — ice cream, that is!")

As a reward for saving his carnival, Dick makes the gang part owners, to help him run it. The gang now has their "very own carnival"!
It's now ready to open, and Shaggy is in charge of food concessions (Velma: "That figures!"), Fred is in charge of the rides, and Daphne is in charge of the tunnel of love. (Velma: "Oh, maybe somebody will take me for a ride on it!" —This is the last line we will hear from Nicole Jaffe for 30 years!) Dick himself sells tickets, but has forgotten about the barker. Scooby steps in, "that's me", and shows off his skills at [literal] "barking"!

This marks the end of the classic period of Scooby's career. We will now enter the "Scooby Doo Show" era, which appears to return to original form with half hour episodes of only the original gang (with a Scooby cousin or two thrown in on a few episodes), but has a totally different feel to it, as certain subtle elements have changed, such as the group dynamic, background score, and Velma's voice (next). Ideas are repeated (like the shark demon, native witch doctors, sweets factories, several seagoing adventures, etc), and while the Comedy Movies often paralleled "Scooby Doo Where Are You?" plots, the hourlong format and special guests added more depth to them, and the ideas were still fairly new, but now, this depth will be gone, the repeatedly recycled ideas become old, and stories will seem like cheap copies of these previous four seasons, or on the other extreme, shallow new ideas (such as "The Steamin' Demon", etc). This will eventually lead to the necessity of creating the much hated Scrappy era, which will be the final period of the classic animation before the franchise is totally rebooted close to the 20 year mark and beyond.

Final appearance of Nicole Jaffe as Velma. She would appear 30 years later on two "Direct to video" movies ("Legend of Vampire Rock" and "Monster of Mexico", 2003), but otherwise, has seemingly never looked back, and Velma would never be quite the same again. Pat Stevens will now take over the voice, which has a similar "twang" to it (called "forced inflection"), but is deeper and less "girlish", and thus changes the personality of the character.

The only other voice that would really capture Jaffe's sound would be Kellie Martin, who ironically would be playing Daphne on that 19-20 year franchise reboot, "A Pup Named Scooby Doo", where the younger version of the character is portrayed as the witty one always saying "There's no such things as ghosts!" Christina Lange, who played the nearly silent (only uttering "jinkies") Velma in that series also sounded fairly good as far as the higher pitch.

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