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A Pup Named Scooby Doo

Now, the franchise is basically rebooted from scratch, as the latest "classic cartoon" fad at this time was younger versions of the stars. This was greatly inspired by the successful 1984 series "Muppet Babies", and was followed by "Tiny Toons" (younger Looney Tunes), "Tom & Jerry Kids", "Flintstone Kids", "Yo, Yo Yogi", "Little Rosie" [Barr] and the "New Archies". The previous fad had been younger sidekicks, which of course brought us Scrappy, along with others such as on Plasticman and Fangface.
Because the original 1960's era gang is younger, that would place the timeline in the late 50's, or early 60's, which some of the cultural aspects reflect, most notably, the music, and other elements, like we shall see in the first episode, Shaggy's 1959 model bicycle. However, it also reflects the contemporary late 80's culture, such as mini computers. This is an interesting mix, as culture often becomes nostalgic about a given decade, two decades afterward, when the kids of that generation are grown up.

The original gang is back, and since Scrappy wasn't born yet, he's gone for good (and by the time the whole gang would be grown up again, the tide of popular opinion turned against him via internet-borne sentiments, and he would only be included in negative references). His mother and Scooby's sister Ruby (shown in "Scrappy's Birthday") will be shown here in her young form.

However, this show is more of a parody of the original format, than a serious revival of it! (It in many ways has the feel of a modern cartoon with the wackiness and cynical interplay of characters. It's hard to believe this is 30 years old already!). The most notable difference (aside from the ages) is the change in character personality, most notably Fred, who's now, rather than a mature leader, an almost idiotic conspiracy theorist. (This is likely supposed to be an exaggeration of his figuring out the mysteries. Particularly, his obsession with blaming the neighborhood bully, significantly enough, named "Red Herring"). The next notable change is Daphne, who's now a sassy smart-aleck, who is very vain in her richness (the wealthy background the only thing that carries over from the old Daphne). Voiced by Kellie Martin, she actually sounds a lot like the original Velma of Nicole Jaffe; being the witty, logical one, and especially always being the one to tell the others "There's no such things as ghosts!" Now, Velma, is the next anomaly, still being intelligent, but hardly speaking at all; often saying little more than her trademark "jinkies!" In fact, this is made a running gag in the show; "Velma spoke!", which lets them know she's found or figured out something. (When she speaks the most is in the solution of cases). Only Shaggy and Scooby are their same old selves.
What's worse is how this change to Freddy would never totally wear off, as in many of the 2000's series, he is portrayed as very flawed (extremely jealous about Daphne, vain in his abilities and obsessed with setting traps, in at least one case, overly attached to the Mystery Machine), and sometimes a bit air headed. Particularly "Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated", in an episode like "Revenge of the Man Crab", which goes as far as to have him actually try to play an eight track tape cartridge on a record turntable! Velma and Daphne do return pretty much to their old selves, however.

In this series, both Scooby and Shaggy receive official full first names; "Scoobert" and "Norville", respectively. These names are used by their parents.

A Bicycle Built for Boo! - September 10, 1988

"Like this is the city! Coolsville, USA" narrates Shaggy. The Daily Babbler newspaper delivery man Mr. Conrad tosses today's papers to the house of paperboy Shaggy, who "always wakes up early", yet is snoring away ("Well, almost always"); awaken by his personal alarm clock, "A pup named Scooby Doo" (who pounces on and licks him)! Scooby begins loading the papers onto Shaggy's bike, and one of them is handed to him by a slimy green monster (referred to as a "ghost", and whose tongue is a miniature version of his head) who says "I WANT THIS BIKE", and takes off with it.

They call an emergency meeting of the "Scooby Doo Detective Agency" at the gang's clubhouse. (Fred notes how much "like a man" Shaggy is taking it, and he's having a total tantrum over his "cherry 1959 Starfire Special"). Fred for the first time suggests "that no good neighborhood bully and thief", Red Herring.
He's shown walking through the neighborhood laughing evilly and kicking over garbage cans. The gang follows him to his secret hideout, in "Weirdo Woods". Daphne thinks there's nothing to be afraid of, until she gets mud on her new GoGo boots ("Get if off; get it off!"; this is a running gag with her). A swamp monster momentarily grabs Shaggy and Scooby and approaches the gang, but unmasks as Red Herring. Fred accuses him of stealing Shaggy's bike, and Velma, using her metal detector, finds a bike hidden in a bush. However, it's blue, not red. Freddy then accuses him of painting it "to throw us off". He wants to prove it, and Velma brings him a sander ("You're cruising for a bruising, Jones!") He sands it down, only to confess, all nervously, "Well, whaddayouknow, it's not Shaggy's bike after all! Oops!" Red "oopses" him, running over him, leaving a tire track right down the middle of his body.

Velma says "A-ha!", which indicates she has an idea. She types a formula into the computer that springs from her briefcase (this, way before the days of laptops, and it was a full size PC-like terminal), and finds the tire track from Shaggy's bike. Scooby tracks the bike to the Daily Babbler printing room, where Mr. Conrad denies seeing the bike. (In addition to a musical chase scene with an actual song, as we shall see a bit later, there is also a musical "general running" tune, which is the same in every episode, with background singers scatting "do, do, Scooby; DO, do, Scooby", which plays in the gag-filled trip there). Scooby sniffs around, and then sniffs the printer ink, and begins sneezing violently, going out the window (we get Avery-like double takes with the eyes, and defying gravity), and then landing in the press, coming out as a paper himself; ("Well Scoob; I guess you made front page news!")

Now we get a recurring gag, that started in the Scooby Doo Show episode "Hang in There Scooby Doo", gradually picked up through the Scrappy era, and will really take off in this show: Scooby laughs at the joke, then confesses "I don't get it!"). Conrad throws the kids out. Scooby continues to follow the trail outside, and it leads to "the most haunted, haunted house in town", The Ferguson estate. (Scooby has to be lured in with a Scooby Snack, which turns him into a rocket that floats back down. "Give him two Scooby snacks, and he like orbits the earth"). Fred says "We're sure to find Shaggy's bike if we all stay together. So let's split up, gang!"

Scooby, Shaggy and Velma find the ghost in the storm cellar door, which shouts "GET OUT!". They trap it back in the storm celler and run to the others. Daphne reiterates "Oh pulleze...there are no such things as ghosts!" "Oh, but there are!", says world famous medium Shirley McCloon (Shaggy: You look more like an extra large to me! She explains a medium is someone who can see into the future). Her psychic powers led her to the house, where there are evil spirits. She receives a message from "the beyond"; to "Get out!" (said just like the ghost). She leaves and drops a camera. Fred now thinks she's really an alien agent from Mars, who's come here to earth to steal bicycles in her plot to take over the world! (Shaggy: "Earth to Freddy: Please beam your brain back to the vapor trail of my bike!")

Scooby has found the trail, and the bike fender, in front of the house. They now go inside the house, and a section of floor gives way (Scooby sticks his head back up, and mimicks early Tweety bird: "We fall down, and go BOOM!"), dropping them into piles and piles of money (Freddy: "That Martian spy lady must have vaporized Fort Knox and stashed the cash here!") Velma sees on her computer that they all have the same serial numbers. Shaggy opens a door, and it's the ghost, who backs them up to a fireplace, Velma pushes a red button, and it rotates them into a secret passage, containing a "Standard cartoon chute gag" (as a sign reads!) They land in what looks like a dungeon, but contains a printing press! ("The Martian spies are printing up vacation brochures to lure humans to their evil red planet, where they're going to cook us for dinner!") Scooby tumbles down a flight of stairs to onto Shaggy's bike! Now Velma says "Jinkies!" ("It must be important"). The chain is missing. We now cut to the chain on the printing press.

The ghost enters (and now its tongue's tongue's tongue says "BOO!") and chases them (to the tune of "Here comes the Green Ghost", and in these chases, the gang is seen dancing inbetween chase gags. Velma also at one point loses her glasses, and Scooby snatches her up right before she crawls into fire). Velma finds more dry ink beside the machine. The ghost has Fred, Daphne and Shaggy cornered. Scooby sneezes, bouncing all around, and then knocks the ghost into the press.

In these stories, the gang at this point breaks the fourth wall, asking us, "Do YOU know who it is?" (keeping true with the line from the intro; "You can help us solve the crime"). Then, to answer the question, Freddy will usually elaborate his whole conspiracy theory; in this case, involving Shirley MacLoon as an enemy agent from Mars (but she's now revealed as having been locked up in a room down where they are, and is really neither a medium, nor a Martian, but rather an undercover agent with the Treasury Department, on the trail of a counterfeiter, which is shown by what Velma found with the common serial number). When the alien conspiracies are disproven, Fred always ends, falling back on "Red Herring". Daphne points out, "Not Red, Freddy, color this mystery green, like the green ghost, green money", and the green dry ink that makes Scooby sneeze —as he did in the newspaper office where he first followed the trail to. The thief went there with the bike to pick up more green ink, and came to the house as his hideout, and tried to scare them off with the ghost costume, so he could print the bogus money.

Unmasked, it's Mr. Conrad. (Shaggy, Scooby: "-gasp- BOSS!") He robbed the bike because he needed the chain, as the press uses a special kind of chain, and Shaggy' fit perfectly. MacLoon arrests him, and Shaggy says "One last thing before you split for Sing Sing: one last thing about my paper route, I QUIT!", Scooby: "Ree too!" (And we can hear what is clearly stock audio from the old show of Shaggy and Scooby yelling, now used for them laughing).

So Shaggy got his bike back as good as new; they got their pictures in the paper, and Shaggy's looking for a part time job. Fred and Daphne points out he'll need the money to pay the fee for finding his bike, 10¢ a day, plus the price of all the goodies they can eat (they are at Fatty's Malts, Fries, Burgers). Velma calculates the total on the large tab: $25. Shaggy asks "Who's been pigging out?" Laughing while eating a huge sundae, we see "Scooby dooby Doo!"

Shirley MacLoon is voiced by Isabel Sanford, from "The Jeffersons" TV show. The character is a parody of real life mystic Shirley MacLaine

Shaggy is apart of the gang (the Scooby Doo Detective Agency), but they charge him for their services!

Shaggy's house is adorned with Christmas decorations

The Sludge Monster from the Earth's Core - September 17, 1988

"It was like night time in Coolsville, and at my house, it was time to share a little late night snack, with a pup named Scooby Doo!" Scooby sucked an entire big bucket of popcorn like a vacuum. "Like, you missed one, Scoob!", which he then sucks up; "No I didn't!"). The news anchor is ready to sign off, but tells Shaggy: "Wait; don't touch that dial; we have a special news bulletin!", which is that moments ago, the last national bank of Coolsville was robbed. Mr. Williams, the janitor witnessed an "ugly, slimy creature" he called, "the Sludge Monster from the Earth's Core", Scooby does a dramatic reaction, and he and Shaggy land in the popcorn bucket. the anchor continues signing off, "and now it's time for you kids, and dogs to go to bed. AND, we hope you don't run into that MONSTER!" Shaggy points out the last national bank is in downtown, so they should have nothing to worry about, but when Scooby enters his doghouse, the Sludge monster emerges from inside. Scooby goes and tells Shaggy, and they realize this is a job for the Scooby-Doo Detective Agency.

Scooby morphs into the monster to show the skeptical gang. Freddy suspects Red Herring and stands on the gang's shoulders so he can bang on his window. He asks why he would be up at 1 in the morning, which is "because you woke me up, ya doofus!". He closes the window on him, and the gang falls into a bush. For three Scooby Snacks, he goes back into his doghouse (And Daphne is the one who is worried about "fleas, furballs, or worse, dust". Now in our age of cartoon wackiness, the entire gang fits into the doghouse, which is like a grand mansion inside, so that even Daphne thinks it's "awesome", and "almost" as nice as hers; "I said almost!")

When they split up, Shaggy and Scooby eat, (Scooby opens his safe of food "treasure", hiding the combination from us with a curtain). On top of his big fountain is the monster who chases them ("He's Got His Eye on You". In one take, a cuckoo bird pops out of Scooby's opened head). With the others, Velma finds footprints (Daphne: "Scooby needs a maid!"), and then Shaggy and Scooby hiding in a suit of armor. Velma finds that it's sewer mud, Shaggy grabs the nearby phone to call the police, but finds it covered in sludge. ("I've been sludged!") He begins dialing the police, and they answer, but from already being outside.

Shaggy's father is actually one of the officers ("Norville, like what are you doing up? Your mother will have a cow!"), and he tells him Scooby's doghouse is haunted, but his father (and the captain) point out they're looking for a bank robber who was seen in the neighborhood. Scooby shapes himself as the monster again ("I think Scooby needs to see a doctor!") Then the Bank President, Mr. Buckston arrives and asked if they had found the janitor. The police said that they've been searching for him since they received the President's call, but they can't find him. Buckston blames the robbery on the janitor, since he had the key to the vault, but Velma is observing something about him with her magnifying glass.

Back inside the doghouse, a shadowed figure approaches the gang, but it's really the janitor, who says that the monster robbed the bank, not him, but then runs off upon hearing police sirens, and left to hide from them. The gang puts together the clues, and it looks like Williams robbed the bank, hid in the doghouse, and blamed the monster, (whom he was mistaken for by Scooby).

Daphne notices that the sink faucet is not working, and they go check the basement for the problem. There, they find bags of gold ("Why didn't you tell me; we could buy ourselves a lifetime supply of candy and comic books!"), but it's not his. There's also a big hole in the floor next to the furnace, and a growl is heard coming from it. (Velma checks her computer, which shows via a map, that the basement is 132.7 feet deep). It leads to the sewer (they ride through in an inflatable raft), and a ladder leads to the bank's vault. So they figure this is how the janitor robbed the bank, and hid the money in Scooby's basement.

The monster then comes in through the front entrance of the bank ("Hey, wait a minute; how come the monster has a key to the bank?" Fred then blames Red Herring as the robber's partner). Shaggy and Scooby disguise as tellers, and give him gifts for a new account. The monster resumes chasing them (to the aforementioned song of the day) back through the sewers, and into Scooby's basement. Velma comes with a plan, to lay a trail of gold coins, and back outside, Shaggy and Scooby fire a hose at the monster, which doesn't stop him. The chase continues into Shaggy's house, (they all tiptoe, including the monster, to not wake up Shaggy's mother and sister) until they squeeze through Scooby's puppy door, in which the monster gets stuck.

The next morning, the police (including Shaggy's father) and janitor have arrived. Freddy blames the janitor (even though he's right there), and Red Herring ("He didn't take baths for weeks, until he looked like a sludge monster"). Velma unmasks him as the Bank President, Mr. Buckston. She had noticed that his clothes were sloppy, so he must have changed in a hurry after he made the phone call in Scooby's house. He would also be the only other person with the key to the bank's vault beside the janitor. He haunted Scooby's doghouse to scare him away so he could use it as a hiding place for all the gold he stole. Mr. Williams apologizes for scaring the gang, saying he too was following the trail of the monster. He would have taken the blame if it wasn't for these pesky kids, "and a pup named Scooby dooby Dooo!"

Shaggy is given a real first name, "Norville", for the first time, which will be used by his parents, usually to his embarrassment.

The Schnook Who Took My Comic Book - September 24, 1988

"Like it was the biggest night of the year! Opening night of the annual Coolsville Comic Book convention. Like I've waited forever for this!". Shaggy and Scooby are carrying their gigantic piggy bank to the convention (with a wheelbarow of $25 in coins inside) to buy a first edition of their favorite heroes, Commander Cool and Mellow Mutt vs. Dr. Croaker ("only three left in the whole world") from Selma's booth. As they express their happiness that they won't have to deal with ghosts or monsters for two days, Dr. Croaker shows up behind them, (saying "We hate Cool!") and they run.

Freddy and the girls are also at the convention, and Freddy's getting a kick of comic book stories such as the Loch Ness Monster marrying Bigfoot. (Daphne: "This whole comic book convention is full of people who won't grow up!" She likes fashion magazines, though). Shaggy and Scooby jump on them, telling them about Dr. Croaker, but Freddie and Daphne are doubtful since Shaggy thought he'd seen "lettuce man" or "spaghetti face" in his closet or locker. An eyeball monster shows up and scares them, which is just Red Herring. He goes to scare little kids and make them cry, but they only laugh, and he's dragged away by security. ("That's not very funny!")

They ask Selma about the monster and see a man named Mr. Cashmore cheating a kid out of change. He's only in the business for the money. Shaggy's been buying comics from Selma since he was little and has a flashback of when he first came to her store (him and Scooby in diapers). Shaggy and Scooby prepare for lunch when Dr. Croaker attacks them (and with his sticky frog-like tongue, pulls the clothes off of Freddy who was telling "Red" to take off the disguise), steals Selma's copy of her first edition and goes after Shaggy's copy, and gulps Scooby with his tongue. (He jacks up his lips to escape). They escape hy hiding in a chandelier. Velma examines Commander Cool comics and sees a clue.

Shaggy and Scooby, (in disguise with "the Bogart look") wait in line to get an autograph from Wendell McWendell, the cartoonist who created Commander Cool. (Shaggy brings the comic book in a safe within a safe, which is guarded by Leo the lion. When Wendell reveals he already knows Shaggy bought a Commander Cool first edition, we cut to Velma, typing on her computer, and a "CLUE CLUE CLUE CLUE" alert appears on our screen). When he mentions having his own copy, the only other one left, a lot of people offer a lot of money to buy Wendell's copy, but he wouldn't dream of selling it. Shaggy and Scooby open a door to leave, to find Dr. Croaker, who eats their comic. Angered, they go into a closet and come out as Commander Cool and Mellow Mutt (Scooby wearing a mop on his head) and challenge him. Shaggy tickles the monster who laughs the comic back up, and Scooby gets it back and the monster chases them around the movie theater ("Doctor, Doctor Croaker, Croaker"), and gets the comic from them again.

Shaggy and Scooby take charge of the case and line up all the suspects including Red Herring, Selma, Cashmore, a girl he addresses as "sister" ("Where'd you get that great lollipop?") and numerous other attendees, and decide to "grill 'em!" (Red tries to turn the question back on Shaggy). They catch Cashmore trying to sneak out ("I'm not answering any questions from a nerdy kid and a pesky pup in super suits!" They take off the suits and ask him again: "Oh, dry up, you little runt!" Red repeats his reverse accusation, and even Fred now asks Shaggy "How do we know you didn't do it, huh?" Velma whispers something to Scooby, and now Fred thinks it's her!) They are right behind Cashmore looking over his shoulder as he sneakily reads a comic, and then he heads downstairs as Velma types on her computer. Shaggy keys open an instant phone book he keeps on him, for them to change back to the heroes (but come out as ballerinas first), and then see Cashmore entering his car in the parking garage. They use their Commander Cool rocket skates, but unable to control them, speed past him. He slips the comic into a stack in his car and goes back up in the elevator. The others look into the car and find the comics hidden inside.

Wendell finally gives in to the crowds demanding to buy his comic (the offers are up to $9000) and asks the gang to watch it while he goes to get the display case key he left in his hotel room. (Shaggy and Scooby change in the phone booth again, and are being watched by other people, and pull down a shade; "Like excuse us!"). Dr. Croaker takes the comic, but Scooby takes it back and the monster flees. Velma spills orange juice on the floor so he'll leave tracks for the gang to follow. The tracks lead to a dumpster containing stilts with monster's feet. Velma devises a plan.

Fred and Daphne tell Wendell that there was another first edition comic Shaggy bought when he was in kindergarten and forgot all about it until now. Shaggy offers it to the crowd and they tell Wendell he doesn't have to sell his copy. Everyone's now offering Shaggy the money. Dr. Croaker swings through and takes the comic which Scooby uses a TNT detonator to blow up, trapping him in bubblegum. (He screams "How could you blow up a first edition Commander Cool comic?!") But this one was a fake with a "bubblegum bomb" inside. Velma goes over the clues; #1: if Dr. Croaker hated Commander Cool so much, how come he only went after the first editions. #2: how McWendell knew Shaggy bought the first edition? #3: why would the crook need stilts? (we now cut back to Scooby, still in the dumpster after finding them, answering "I don't know!") Velma unmasks Wendell McWendell. He used the stilts because he's so short. He stried to steal his own creation to make his copy the only one, which he would get more of a fortune for.

The one thing left unexplained was why Cashmore was hiding comics in his car, and he admits he loves comics and was ashamed. Red Herring runs by, swiping the comic, but it turned out to be another bubblegum bomb, which Velma made, "just in case". ("That's not very funny!") "Troublemakers don't stand a chance, with a pup named Scooby Doo!"

The girl with the lollipop is addressed by Shaggy as “sister”, and does resemble a bit his sister “Shugie” who will appear in a few episodes, except for being older and blonde, where Shugie will be a baby and redheaded. It's not certain whether this was an early conception of her that was rethought, or just a coincidence, and him just using stereotypical “tough detective” language.

Wanted Cheddar Alive - October 1, 1988

"Like it was just another night at the Scooby Snack Factory". Here, we see they come in numerous flavors, such as chocolate. "Meanwhile on the other side of the factory in the cheese lab, something evil was cooking". Two workers hear an explosion and find cheese strewn everywhere. A huge cheese monster arises out of a vat. They and all the workers evacuate the factory as the monster growls "No more Scooby Snacks!"

At Shaggy's house, he goes into the pantry, full of boxes of Scooby snacks in all sorts of flavors, such as bacon and eggs, tomato, creamy garlic, etc. to shop for the flavor he wants. However, they are all empty! Scooby pulls Shaggy on his leash, out of the house, to the supermarket, Shaggy holding onto Scooby's leash for dear life. (They pass free samples of something, and Shaggy takes the whole plate). But the supermarket is out too! Scooby crumbles into pieces, and an ambulance beings him back home, where Velma acts as his doctor. (Freddy suggests "Maybe the Scooby Snack delivery truck was captured by hungry aliens").

The cartoon on TV is interrupted by a "distressing news flash", of a report from the President of the Scooby Snack Factory, Constance McSnack, that due to the cheese monster "there will be no more Scooby Snacks" until they get to the bottom of it. The story adds "There is hope!", as ("in these trying times") Larry P. Acme of Acme Dog Biscuits will supply supermarkets with his own brand of dog biscuits until the Scooby Snack Factory can get back on it's feet. (Scooby: "Racme? Yuck!"). This looks like a job for the Scooby-Doo Detective Agency!

At the Scooby Snack Factory, a policeman informs Mrs. McSnack that they can't find any clues or "cheesy monster". Mr. Acme offers her a job at his factory and points out how adding her flavour formulas while make Acme a better biscuit. But all of her secret formulas are locked inside the factory. Asked by the Scooby Doo Detective Agency if there's anybody who might want to do this to her, she mentions Boris Roquefort, an employee whom she fired for "making some mistakes". They probe her for any other suspects, and she says if the police can't solve it, kids can't, and she and Mr. Acme leave in a car together, covering the kids in a smoke cloud. They hear something in the bushes, and Scooby turns momentarily brave, with boxing gloves, but then chickens out (Freddy brags of being brave, but then pushes Daphne toward the bush. But she won't go because it may have "cooties"). Velma uses her yo-yo to pull out Red Herring, who wants "to find that monster and shake his hand; anyone who makes Scooby's life miserable's a friend of mine!" He cruelly teases Scooby (including "Madeja look!"), but then gets covered with chocolate from a factory pipe. ("That's not very funny!")

Fred forgets and offers him a Scooby Snack to go inside, making him cry! ("Nice going, Freddy!") Shaggy gets him to go in at the prospect of more Scooby Snacks left inside. They go in, and Scooby sees a Scooby Snack lying near a mouse hole, but the mouse grabs it first. They find splotches of cheese everywhere, and someone's broken open the file cabinet, and the top secret formula for the Scooby Snacks is there.

We now get a regular feature, used once in the 13 Ghosts, but will become a running gag in this show. The "special announcement", by the same news anchor that was on TV earlier, interrupting the story itself (i.e. the show "A Pup Named Scooby Doo", as if coming from the real world channel), rather than a TV show in the story. In this case, "You've just seen an important clue! Thank you".
Freddy checks another door only to find the cheese monster! It chases the gang out onto a catwalk, trapping them. Velma use her yo-yo to pull down a lever on a control panel, activating mechanical arms, which picks each of them up and dunks them into different flavoured vats. Scooby cleans them off by licking them all down. He forgot Velma who was covered in cajun sauce, sending him to the water cooler which he bottoms out. Velma finds a brand new blue suit in the trash, covered in cheese. They split up; Freddy and Daphne go back to the lab while the others search where they are.

Without a Scooby Snack, Scooby isn't brave enough to sniff out the monster, so Shaggy has to be walked (by Velma) on a leash sniffing, instead! He finds a trail of glops of cheese, leading to the monster! The three disguise as job interviewers to distract him, and flee the room. Meanwhile, in the lab, Daphne & Freddy find a used chemistry set (Freddy fears that the monster wants to turn us all into "cheese people"). The others enter, and they hear a noise, and see Roquefort running. They give chase, but Shaggy & Scooby run into a wheeled chair, and bump into Roquefort. Velma uses chewing gum to stop the chair, and Shaggy and Scooby are tossed, but Roquefort lands in it.

Grilled by Freddy, he says he made the only unsuccessful snack flavor (zucchini squid), and is now working on another top secret flavor. They ask him if he owns a blue suit, which he does. They also find some cheese on his shoe, but he shows it's also on Freddy's shoe ("Maybe I did it! You know, once I read about some sleep walking bank robbers!") as well as Daphne ("Eek! My brand new boots!" He adds something about, "brown shoes", which has nothing to do with anything, "but it's be a clue, isn't it?)
Mr. Roquefort runs, and the gang starts to follow, but the cheese monster comes from around a corner and scares the kids into X-Ray images, and the chase scene follows ("Here Comes the Cheese Monster". At one point, Scooby, covered in chocolate scares the kids and the monster together).

The monster ties up the kids; and don't think we're done with "tata ta tada!" this season; Scooby blows the horn and shouts "charge!" (would have been funny if they gave the battle cry "puppy power!" to him in such moments. It would be accurate!) It seems like Scooby can be brave even without a Scooby snack, but he chickens out again when the monster towers over him, and is chased in circles ("We gotta get out of here!" "Yeah, like I'm getting dizzy!") Daphne's had enough and wants to leave because her skirt has been wrinkled, so she cuts through the rope with a nail file. Meanwhile, the monster chases Scooby into a room, with the door locking behind them. Scooby is now trapped by the monster and the gang hears slurping noises and fears the worst. When the door opens, a man runs out in his underwear, with the costume being reduced to just the head piece, and Scooby is fat from eating it. Velma uses her yo-yo to trip the bad guy. ("I don't get it" gag: Shaggy says they should call the police so they can "grill" this Cheese Monster).

Mrs. McSnack is thankful to be back in business, and the bad guy in now custody, and the gang review the clues: A document containing a secret missing formula and a blue suit (Velma points out to Freddy that it's never Red Herring) but it's the one person who'd want to run the Scooby Snack Factory out of business, Larry P. Acme. With the Scooby Snacks gone, Acme Dog Biscuits would take over the market and could use the formula on his own dog biscuits. ("I would have done it too, if it hadn't been for those pesky kids and that puppy! HE ATE MY COSTUME!" "Ree-ricious!") As for Roquefort, Mrs. McSnack hired him back, and he's working on a big reward for Scooby-Doo: a lifetime supply of Mr. Roquefort's brand new new flavor of bubblegum Scooby Snacks. But that's just enough to last a whole day for a pup named Scooby-Doo!

Ms. McSnack is voiced by veteran voice actor June Foray (who in the Scooby series, was the gypsy on "A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts"

The cartoon Scooby watches has a dog that looks similar to Huckleberry Hound, and is based on the episode "Spud Dud", with Huck running from a giant potato monster.

For Letter or Worse - October 8, 1988

At the station HBTV, the gang is at the Show "For Letter or Worse". Shaggy and Scooby are eating ("this is a game show, not an eating contest"), and are insulted by a pair of snooty kids, Bobby and Betsy Brainy ("Is your pet a dog, or a pig?" "Neither; he's a puppy!") Scooby's hot dog slips out of the bun, and is handed back to him by the ghost, "Al Cabone" (who wears a gangster suit and speaks in an Edward G. Robinson accent). He runs to tell the others, but Daphne just dismisses it, as the TV station has all kinds of people in costumes there. The game show is hosted by Davey the Letterguy, who is very self-promoting and gloats about Prestina the magician's show being cancelled so that his show could be longer. (Which she seems to take quite well).

The show begins, and both Shaggy and Scooby and the Brainy Bunch are picked as contestants. They fish letters out of a pool (instead of spinning a wheel, as on "Wheel of Fortune"), and the Brainy's guess that the long mystery word is "antidisestablishmentarianism". After some time, the score is 25,321 to 0 (and then Scooby fishes Davey's pants). The lights go out and the ghost appears (Betsy identifies it, Velma style, as "a free floating, spectral apparition", then they do the take along with everyone else). He says "This is my turf, see, and I'm taking it back, see!" Shaggy: "Well you can have it, see!") Everyone flees except Daphne, so Scooby has to take her with a fork lift.

They then see that the owner is selling the station. A former stage hand at the TV station, sitting on a bench nearby, Pop O'Connor, tells them about the ghost. In the days of the gangsters, Al Cabone was the meanest. (We see him stomping on flowers). He had a secret vault where ke kept all his loot, and the cops came for him before he could empty it. He swore he would come back and get his money. He spent the rest of his life in jail, and then his ghost returned (Shaggy and Scooby at this point hide under the lawn)

Fred gives a speech, "From the mountains. To the prairies. To the malls. The kids and puppies of America need us! It's up to us to...". He's disrupted by howling, and it's the Great Mel, a magician and accordion musician whose singing is so bad as to shatter car windows, Velma's glasses, and even Scooby. (His magic is no better, as instead of a rabbit, he pulls out a snake, a skateboard, and Scooby, who then reappears with the others afterward!) The studio executive Mel is pitching himself to tells Mel that he doesn't have a place for him since the ghost started attacking the studio, and Mel responds says that maybe the ghost would leave if he's hired. Executive: "And so will our viewers!" (As the executive leaves, Mel says he'll be sorry). Freddy then grills him, that if he gets hired and the ghost goes away, then "Are you a close friend of the ghost?" but he says "the great Mel answers to no one!"

Scooby requires a truckload of Scooby Snacks to go on the case, and the fattened Scooby also flattens the others. At the station, they end up in the set for "Count Shockula's Friday Night Horror Hangout" and are scared by the Velma coming out of the show's coffin. (Now, the still large Scooby does flatten Shaggy). Scooby looks in a mirror, pretending to be scary, but Al Cabone removes the glass and scares him for real (his head opens up, creating a rocket blast that propels him around the room. Velma cuts an opening in what looks like a brick wall, but was really paper. Fred and Daphne follow a trail of peanut shells, which suddenly stop at a wall. (Freddy thinks it's the Martians' plot to try to cut off our supply of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches).

The others zoom into them, and they all go around a rotating section of wall, which the ghost pounds on but can't get through. They find Pop O'Connor's diary, which says Pop used to be a famous radio star, and that his career was ruined when the radio station became the TV station ("He must have been awfully mad at the station for that!") They follow a tunnel (which Velma lights up with a huge flood light), and it leads to a trap door to the set. The ghost floats in, explaining why he would want to come here; "To get rid of you kids, see!" He chases them, getting a moose head on him that allows them to escape.

The gang then tries to figure out who it is. Shaggy suggests the Great Mel, who is mad at the station, and the ghost would go away if he's hired. Daphne suggests Pop O' Connor, who the trail of peanuts led to his diary, and he's mad about the station ruining his radio career. Fred suggests Red Herring, who as Daphne points out is not even in this episode. Velma, saying they're all right, except for Freddy, comes up with a plan.

Scooby calls for the ghost, and he enters the stage for "For Letter or Worse", with Shaggy as "Letter Guy". It's Scooby from Coolsville, versus Al Cobone from "beyond the grave". Scooby guesses several letters (like at the end of Wheel of Fortune"), and fills in "PRES___A_ IS THE GHOST" The ghost has to wait his turn, and Scooby finally guesses "Prestina". Since the ghost loses, he, or should we say she, now speaking ina female voice, is then dunked in the pool, and unmasked by Velma. It was also the Great Mel and Pop O' Connor! All of these characters wore her ring, and were made up by her when she heard her show would be cancelled. She pretended to not be upset, but was actually furious. She would have gotten away with it too, if...; kids: "We know! If it weren't for us pesky kids and a pup named Scooby Doo!"

Now it's the bonus word, of Shaggy and Scooby vs the Brainy Kids. The latter fish up a "Z", and there are two Z's, together in the word. They can't figure it out, but to Shaggy and Scooby, it's one of their favorite words in the world; "pizza". The bonus word is worth 30,003, making them win (a year's supply of ice cream, comic books and Scooby snacks), and the Brainy Kids "have an aquatic encounter".

This episode has no chase song

The Babysitter from Beyond - October 15, 1988

“Like it was a dark and stormy night. Any horrible thing could happen. Including the worst: poor TV reception. But even that is no problem for a pup named Scooby Doo” (Who's on top of the set acting as the antenna, and has to move his legs or tail until the picture is right!) It's an ad for the movie they're going to see with the gang: “Boogedy Bones Rises From the Grave”. Just the image on the screen scares both him and Shaggy; then they think a shadow of their parents carrying Shaggy's sister Shugie is Boogedy Bones. As they are going to the policeman's ball, Shaggy is left to take Shugie to the babysitter. Fred and the girls are at the box office buying their tickets. Shaggy and Scooby pass by with Shugie in the carriage (and think a dummy of Boogedy Bones is the real thing). Shaggy asks if they want to come with them, and Velma counts 22.8 minutes before the show. Behind their backs, the dummy is shown to be alive, and starts walking their direction.

At the babysitter's house, (which Shaggy thinks is spooky) they hear her saying “come in”, and she sounds like a nice lady. (Among the stuff Shaggy is leaving for her is a whole refrigerator of baby food carried in the baby bag). Shaggy and Scooby make a funny face to make her happy before they leave, and then the babysitter enters, who resembles a monster (Shaggy calls her “the Bride of Boogedy Bones”) and they scare each other. Shaggy runs with Shugie and the gang, and the babysitter chases saying “Bring that baby back here!”

Shugie begins crying because they left her teddy bear behind. They go back to get it, and Shaggy and Scooby hide in the basement (with just the wind from their stride pulling Shugie along). As Shaggy says they can't have the baby there, and will have to miss the movie, Boogedy Bones actually does "rise" from a hole in the floor!
They run back upstairs and tell the others (Scooby mimics his three heads). Daphne aims to show them there's no such things as zombies, and she enters the basement door, and screams, over a missing button! Velma finds broken glass.

Fred blames Red Herring, and now we begin the regular pattern, of Red actually making an active appearance whenever Fred accuses him. This time, on the phone, and then he's shown, captioned “Suspect #1", and saying “I'm just calling you jerks to tell you I'm not even in the country this week, so don't go blaming anything on me!", and then the caption crumbles. Shugie then crawls onto the hole, but doesn't fall, as she's on top of Boogedy, who then rises again. Scooby runs without taking her, and Daphne then yells at him “Don't even think about it, you big bully! You've got a lot of nerve picking on a helpless baby!” and takes her. He displays remorse for a moment, but then comes to his senses and gives chase. They run upstairs and barricade the door with a boulder.

Fred asks Shaggy when this started happening. The news anchor interrupts Shaggy (by name) with a "Coolsville News Bulletin", reporting that Manny the Mauler (convicted of bank robbery, burglary and backwards driving; and the photo of him grabs the anchor by the collar and says "And don't forget puppy napping, pipsqueak!", and corrects Scooby's "Ruppy rapping?") has escaped from county prison, and that he is expecting to meet up with his accomplice Molly the Moll, who was never captured. Velma connects her computer to the TV and morphs the image on the picture of Molly to the babysitter. The news reporter adds to Scooby's reaction; "You think that's scary; all of their stolen loot was never found, and they used to live in THIS [the babysitter's] house!".

So it looks like the babysitter is really Molly waiting for Manny. (The news anchor concludes "And I don't want to be around when he shows up!", and reaches out and turns off the TV). Shaggy decides that his dad (and the police) should handle the case. Velma tries to call them, but someone cuts the line. Shaggy says they'll just wait for their parents, however, Manny appears in one window, and the babysitter appears in an opposite window. Boogedy Bones is still trapped in the basement, so they can't escape that way (the three shouting "I want my loot!", "I want that baby!", and "I want out!" respectively. Shaggy adds "I want my mommy!") and lightning knocks the power out.

Velma provides a flashlight (Scooby wears it on his head, and is "light headed"; today's "I don't get it" joke). Velma goes on the computer and prints out a plan and borrows Daphne's berette. Fred and Daphne build Velma's trap (tied to the front door), and Velma builds a device to call the police. Fred answers a "pizza delivery", but it's Manny, and the trap is sprung, raqueting him through the sky to land on the tropical beach where Red is vacationing. He takes a boat all the way back to the house, and the gang slams the door on him. He sees the open dormer window, and Shugie has crawled upstairs. Scooby and the others follow, and when they look out the window, the babysitter is running off with her. But before they can go and rescue her, they have to deal with Manny, coming to from the door slam.
They escape on the drain pipe and begin the musical chase ("You Just Can't Escape Those Bad Guys", which includes footage of the policeman's ball). Boogedy rolls on a basketball Shugie was playing with, and falls on top of the other two pursuers in one of the holes dug in the floor. What Velma has created is an SOS signal.

Boogedy and Manny show up and chase them back into the house, where the gang is holed up in the attic. Velma continues firing the SOS light out of a window, and it's projected on a cloud seen by Shaggy's parents while still dancing. (When "Like help! Pop!¡!, followed by "Reah, Relp" are added, his dad knows its Shaggy and Scooby). All that's left in Shugie's bag that can be uses is a ball of string, that the two bad guys get rolled up in, and tumble downstairs. But the babysitter pops up and takes Shugie. As she opens the front door, Shaggy's father and his partner have arrived. He confirms Manny the Mauler, but demands an explanation for everything else.

The babysitter is for real, and confirmed by their mother that she is the best. Manny is there for the stolen money that he hid in the house. Boogedy Bones is Molly the Moll (surprising Manny. Freddy: "So it wasn't the zombies after all; it was the 'Moll people'!"). She had heard Manny had escaped, and so tried to steal the money before he could get there. The Boogedy Bones costume from the theater was the perfect disguise to scare people from the house. (Shaggy and Scooby utter the "It would have worked if not for us pesky kids, and that puppy", and she asks "Hey! How'd you know I was going to say that?") Manny won't tell where the money is hidden, so Scooby is used to sniff it out, and digs it out (of an apparently tile floor).

The kids have time to get to the movie. Scooby bring Scooby Snacks in the baby bag because it's holds so much. Shaggy's money is missing (Fred: "Another mystery! I told you it was the zombies!") But Scooby has taken it, to buy a ticket for "Picnic in Candy Land with the Bunny Bunch", being it is not a scary movie.

In "Wedding Bell Boos", the name of Shaggy's sister was "Aggie", who was getting married. In either season, he only seems to have one sister, so perhaps "Shugie" is a nickname, as was "Shaggy".

The crime plot is identical to "Ozark Witch Switch" (1977)

Snow Place Like Home - October 22, 1988

The gang arrives by tour van to the Snowy Mountain Lodge, with their skis. Expecting everything to go wrong, since Freddy planned the vacation, they see they are right when they find the place is a spooky derelict. Behind their backs, we see an ice demon, who fires shots of ice freezing the trees as they pass by. (Shaggy and Scooby need five Scooby Snacks a piece to go in, and both then do the "Snuffles"-like reaction). When the ring the bell, the "Creeplys"-like owners, the Morgansons, asnwer, wanting to "have you for dinner". Shaggy and Scooby zip off down the spiral mountain road and onto the lake with a boat, but zip back when the hosts mention pizza. (Velma looks around with her magnifying glass, and a spider says "jinkes!"). They are served a huge table of dinner. The bell rings, and it is Mr. Peterson, who has been harrassing them about selling to him. He wants to turn the place into "Megaton Mall" (showing a miniature model in his briefcase. Daphne: "When does it open?"). He leaves, mentioning the ice demon. The hosts explain it is a story to make them sell.

At night, they all say "good night" to each other, but then Scooby adds "good night, monster". It's in bed with him and Shaggy. This leads to the musical chase ("Here Comes the Ice Man!") They run into the others' room, and the demon is scared by Daphne with an angry look in her rollers and mud pack. Shaggy and Scooby dress up as the front desk clerks to distract them. Daphne (with the others) yell at him, and he fires ice at them, which Velma deflects with a fan, landing him on a service cart and down the laundry chute.
They tell the hosts, and now they admit they were afraid they'd leave if they knew about it. They didn't have any customers since it showed up, which was around the time their new snowmaking equipment disappeared. The next morning the forester arrives, asking if they were going to sell, which promps him to ask if they still thought there was gold in the mine, which studies they did made clear was now empty. He hands Velma a map to the mine (from which a piece is torn), and she says "jinkies". (Now, the TV announcer interrupts the show to tell us we know what that means!)

They now go to the mine (dragging a huge picnic basket for lunch). The demon is on a ledge, and fires a ray that causes an avalanche. They ride the picnic basket like a toboggan, and are slung off of a tree landing in a snow bank ("Like that's what I call 'fast food'"). They enter the mine (Fred and Scooby: "Ladies first"; Daphne: "You're all such gentlemen!") and Daphne provides light with her glow in the dark nail polish. Scooby bumps a mine car, which crashes through a secret door. Velma finds the missing piece of the map. The Ice Demon appears from around a corner, but it's really Scooby wearing the mask ("The next time you find a clue; don't scare us half to death with it!"). It was in a box with the rest of the costume.

When Daphne takes this as confirmation there are no such things as monsters, he appears from around the same corner behind Scooby. He fires an ice ray blocking the exit with a wall of ice, and then freezes them half way up in a block of ice. Scooby uses getaway plan #62, coiling his tail to hop into the monster and shatter the ice. His feet are still frozen, though, and the monster passes by him and continues the musical chase of the others. Scooby slides along and joins the chase. They land in a mine car, which dumps them outside. They see Peterson, with surveying and digging equipment; anticipating it becoming his land the next day, as the Morgansons are in debt, and the bank is foreclosing their land.

Fred tells the gang and the Morgansons he has the case figured out. He blames Red Herring, and receives a telegram from him. Velma instead comes up with a plan. They are at the entrance to the mine pretending to have a bag of diamonds. He comes from behind a rock and chases Scooby into the mine. They pretend to run a tanning salon and melt him a bit and chase him out with a phony train headlight, to the ranger station, and the forester says "quick, he went that way", but the costume is still on his feet. He tries to run, but Scooby uses the costume's ice ray to freeze him. ("I don't get it" gag around forester's "cold feet"). He had used the missing snowmaking machine to create his ice rays. The map showed the mine was deeper than thought, and perfect for the formation of diamonds. The Morganson's can now pay off the bank, and rebuff Peterson one last time, who thinks there's not enough snow, but Velma has predicted it, and which falls as soon as he steps out the door. Scooby sleds into an ice bank. "Winter time is the favorite time of year for — a pup named Scooby Doo!"

Here' the young gang is traveling, like their adult counterparts did

Now Museum, Now You Don't - October 29, 1988

The gang is on a class field trip to the Coolsonian Museum. Shaggy and Scooby pretend to be the "Samurai sushi masters". The guide Ms. Takai shows the tour group a photo and two golden swords of the warlord Asakari. Red Herring is about to touch the swords, and she points out they are cursed, and anyone who touches them will be cursed by ghost of the warlord. As the group leaves, the samurai ghost is right behind them. He grabs the sword and leaves, and when the others return, Red blames Shaggy and Scooby (and now they wear the caption "Suspects #1+2", to which they respond "We can't be crooks; we're the stars of the show!", and then the caption pops out of existence). The museum guard accuses them too, and then searches Shaggy's bag (pulling out a ham, TV, grill, refrigerator, etc. and strips him down to his underwear). The curator Mr. Dayton enters and yells at the guard, Olmsby, asking if he's found the swords. He thinks Shaggy and Scooby did it as well, as does the Daily Babbler!

In the gang's treehouse, Shaggy and Scooby imagine being aging in jail (after Fred says "Hey, I know two people who could go to jail for life"). Velma has an idea, to go back to the museum and search for clues. They ride on on a skateboard, and Red watches, "I wonder what the Scooby boobies are up to now" and follows on his motor scooter. (Outside the museum, Scooby runs and brings back Daphne's whole dresser when she says she left the Scooby Snacks in it).

Shaggy and Scooby disguise as a mother and baby so the guard won't recognize them. Red follows aiming to expose them and get them thrown into jail. He then grabs a woman who looks just like Shaggy's disguise and she chses him away, hitting him with rolled up paper, (and returning to tell the gang "that's not very funny!"). They hear the curator and guard (and Ms. Takai) approaching, arguing, and the whole gang jumps into the baby carriage. They guard says "It's not my fault your million dollar security system failed!" Ms Takai suggests it was one of them, and the security system was useless because it was someone who works there. They in turn imply it would have been her, since they're insured, and if they don't find them, she sould make a lot of money.

They split up, call each other on walkie talkie, and regroup by simply crossing the line separating the two locations in the conversation. ("Wow; like that was fast") An insurance policy note lands on Scooby saying Ms Takai will get a million dollars if the swords are stolen. She now becomes "Suspect #3" The samurai ghost is towering above Scooby again. They run inside the plane exhibit. Shaggy and Scooby use a battering ram they brought to get through a door. They now disguise as the crew of Scooby Doo Airlines Flight #47 and buckle him in in the "No scaring section", and he bursts out. They enter the Egyptian room, and Scooby hides in a mummy case, then gets the ghost wound up in the bandages and closed back in the case himself, which they chain up. They go to bring back Thornsby, Dayton and Takai, but then the case is empty.

Scooby and Velma have found a secret passageway. (Daphne tells Shaggy and Scooby, who don't want to go down there, that there's nothing but cobwebs and dust, and now she doesn't want to go either). They find the mummy case the ghost was in, all smashed up. "Double jinkies!", Velma has found the swords! Shaggy reminds Freddy of the curse, and sure enough, when he touches them, the ghost is towering above. ("it's time for the chase; start the music, Scoob". He deposits the coin in the jukebox for "Running' Like You've Seen a Ghost" which includes him chasing them into a picture and not being able to follow, and then they run out of another one, whose drawbridge hits him on the head). Velma lets the ghost take the swords and says something in Japanese to him, but she has the real ones, and had said to him "those swords are fake", leaving the gang wondering why a Japanese ghost wouldn't understand Japanese. Fred says "Clues don't walk up to you and say 'hi'" and a delivery man walks up and says "Hi", with a one way plane ticket for Mr. Dayton.

Velma now has a plan. The swords are left out in the open, and the ghost grabs them. The girls announce the curse, and Shaggy and Scooby enter in a dragon costume and chase the ghost, but then lose the costume. He touches the swords against Velma's warning, and she flings him between two pillows (Having a black belt in martial arts and croquet!) and trap him in a dinosaur skeleton. Thornsby apologizes and Fred blames Red, who passes by to deny again, and is still being chased by the lady. The first clue is when Shaggy left his kimono behind and Mr Dayton recognized it. The second clue was the ghost not understanding Japanese, and the third clue was the one way ticket. The ghost is Mr Dayton (on stilts in the costume). Thornsby takes him to jail. The museum gives Scooby a brontosaurs bone for helping to catch the thief. "Like the perfect gift for apup named Scooby Doo!"

Red Herring has a regular character role in the story, and not just passing gags.

Mr. Dayton looks like Mr Peebles from Magilla Gorilla, with a fluffier hair. Mr. Peebles would actually turn out to be the culprit in the 2019 revival series "Scooby Doo and Guess Who". His voice, by Hamilton Camp resembles Jim Backus characters such as Mr. Mgoo

Scooby Dude - November 5, 1988

How does the old Legend of Sleepy Hollow we covered many seasons ago translate to the 80's era of a totally "rad" California beach culture? A "Headless skateboarder"!
"Like Velma got a call one day, and the next thing, the Scooby Doo Detective Agency was on its way to the beach. Her Aunt Thelma was head of the Marine Institute, and it seemd their dolphins were disappearing. (Freddy wants to split up before the mystery has even started!). Shaggy and Scooby just want to hit one wave, but find it occupied by a seaweed monster (Scooby's tongue spells "rikes!") that's only Red Herring (recogizable from his exposed leg). He finds out that a lobster is on his back and exits in pain. Velma's aunt enters, who is "pleased to extend hospitality to the cohorts of my relations", which Velma translates. She thinks a monster may be scaring the dolphins away. Scooby is tossed by one, Skipper, in a pool.

Suddenly, they hear a ghostly "Dude! Get off my beach", and then coming down a beach path is the "headless skateboarder" (who holds his talking pumpkin head in his hand). He chases everyone inside the aquarium room. Scooby and Shaggy disguise as mermaids inside a tank, while the others hide in a trunk. They hear Skipper and think he must be in trouble. Running back to the dophin pool, he's gone. Scooby follows a trail to a hot dog stand, and Velma finds a jellybean, which is apart of a trail of food. What looks like the headless skateboarder comes out of a dressing room (but this time, the pumpkin head attached), and scares the gang into a trash can, but it is again, Red ("I guess I did my part to keep the beach clean!") The beach patrol warns him about going around in a monster costume, and he asks "well, when are you going to take yours off?", and she chases him away.

The gang finds the jeep full of a fish tank and scuba gear. Fred asks her what she's doing with the stuff, and we get the next new series running gag; she begins to answer calmly, then suddenly screams "I WORK AT THE BEACH!") Skateboarder Gnarly Charlie enters saying he's glad the monster showed up, because the beach used to be "righteous and gnarly" and he had it all to himself, but now everyone comes to see the Marine Institute, so it's full of people. ("You can't even bag a three foot wave without hitting someone"), so he hopes the monster scares them all away. (This, plus talking like the monster makes him look suspicious, but to Daphne, he looks "cute").
Al's Skateboard-O-rama looks like a place where a skateboarding monster would hide. They offer Al their service, and ask about all his business being scared away (as no one is there. He calls it "Pit city!"). They are about to check a shed and the skateboarder comes after them, and Velma takes a whole slide out of her case, which propels him into the distance, but Velma correctly predicts he'll be back in 1.8 seconds ("Now I'm realy mad, dudes!"). Shaggy checks off all their safety gear before they skate off.

They go back to the shed at night to find out why the monster was keeping them away. (Fred comes up with an elaborate plan to get in, and Daphne shows him the open door. Then, she cleans up the "grody" place spic and span so she can enter). There are a bunch of trophies all saying "Fast Track Al", and they determine it's the same Al. On Velma's computer printout, it says he used to be an international skateboard champ, but then he got involved with [pause] drugs. (Scooby: "Drugs, yuck; ptooie!" Velma: "That's sure not very smart. Drugs can mess you up, even kill you!") Fred, now mad, bangs on his door and questions him about the printout, and he confesses getting involved with the wrong people (which Fred thinks is the "tuna people") and it ruined his career, and almost his life. He took the money he had left and opened up the park, but then the monster showed up.

After they leave him, there's someone in a bush, and it's Red. The beach patrol lady won't leave him alone, and he wants to hire the gang to "clear my good name" (Gang: "GOOD NAME?" "Ok, so I haven't got a good name"). Freddy refuses, but then agrees when Red changes the offer to half price! ("Gee, Freddy, you're a real businessman!" "I know!") The only place left to look for clues is underwater. (Daphne's out of nacho flavered Scooby snacks, but a beach vendor passes by selling them along with peanuts and popcorn).

Underwater, they find Red hiding in a huge clamshell, and he accuses the gang of messing around instead of helping him. He gets caught on a fishing line and reeled up, and now breaks the fourth wall and tells us "That's not very funny!" They find a cave, and the headless skateboarder comes out of it, beginning a rather brief musical chase sequence ("Skateboard Dude") An octopus chases him off, and the gang finds Skipper and the other missing dolphins in a cage in the cave. Freddy finds controls for the dolphins, and strapped to them are pouches filles with drugs (Scooby again: "Yuck; patooie!") They see a stairway up, and Velma has a plan.

Back by Al's shed, the monster is lured out, and they plan to drop the harness on him so they can control him. Shaggy and Scooby, being chased, bump into the judge booth the others are in, and the harness lands around Scooby's neck, and he is bounced around, landing on the skateboarder, with his pumpkin head rolling before the kids. Inside of it (still talking) is [Shaggy: "the brains?"] a speaker. Suspect #1 is Sandy Sneakers, the beach patrol lady. Tire tracks from her jeep were in all the places the monster showed up. Next suspect is Gnarly Charlie, who thought the Marine Institute made the beach too crowded. Suspect #3 has got to be Red Herring (Fred shows a crude child's drawing of him. Arising out of a manhole: "Hang on, wethead; I'm paying you to prove I'm innocent!" "Oh, yeah; sorry Red").

One more suspect; Velma removing the costume, it's Al, who was part of a drug smuggling gang, using the dolphin to smuggle —Velma says it loud to cue Scooby's repeated reaction— drugs. He wanted to scare people away so no one would see the dolphins, and lied about not being able to skateboard to keep people from suspecting him. Sandy Sneakers is ready to take him away, and Velma comments, "I don't think that's a good idea; do you?", and Gnarly Charlie is the one who grabs "both these bogus dudes and jam back to FBI headquarters!" Sandy was working with Al, and Charlie is an undercover FBI agent!

Aunt Thelma tells Velma "Your logical deduction were most astute", and she blushes. Red refuses to pay, since they were working on another case, and he trips on Scooby's tail and falls in the dolphin pool, and is tossed up by Skipper and now agrees to pay. "Collecting dues is easy for Skipper and a pup named Scooby Doo!"

Nice "updated" counterpart to the Headless Horseman

They really lay it on with the anti-drug preaching; Scooby several times emphasizing "Yuck, patooie!" every time the word is mentioned. (Ironic since the 2000's revival of the franchise, such as the live action movie, and various parodies such as on "Adult Swim", would portray Shaggy and Scooby as basically "stoners").

Al gives the typical "I learned my lesson about doing drugs and hanging with the wrong people" testimony (and so we really would think couldn't be the culprit when we learned the crime involved drugs), but was now smuggling them, himself being "the wrong crowd", and helping ruin others' lives!

Nice twist at the end, where Sandy is seemingly cleared as a suspect, but thrown back in at the very conclusion, right as she's about to take into custody the main culprit. There are no further clues given connecting her as his accomplice, so the tire tracks were probably decisive enough

Ghost Who's Coming to Dinner - November 12, 1988

“Like Halloween is the busiest day of the year for me, and a pup named Scooby Doo! All that free candy, and only one day to get it!” They stay at the door longer than the others to get more candy, then suddenly reappear in other disguises to get even more, but are snatched away by the others! (“Come on, you two; we've already visited this house ten times!” This has how they have gotten a huge pile of candy they haul along in their wagon). One house they haven't gone to yet is dark and creepy, and supposedly was lived in by the pirate Boobeard, when he wasn't at sea sinking ships. Fred believes this too, but the girls don't, and so go inside, and the boys only follow only for the girls' sake. As they enter, Daphne reiterating there's no such things as ghosts, the ghost pirate is shown in an upper window saying “Arr, matey! That be what she thinks!”

They ring the bell, and a couple dressed like pirates, the Johnsons, opens (scaring Shaggy and Scooby), and they actually confirm there's a ghost living in the attic, but say he's friendly. As they speak, they hear a noise, and the pirate ghost is seen again, and it's clear he's not friendly, giving the couple until tomorrow to leave “his” house. The couple says the ghost was always friendly until then. Velma finds a stick of gum (“Like maybe the ghost had bad breath!”) A man emerges from the cellar storm door, screaming but it's Jack the handyman, who stays in their guest house out back. He says he never believed in ghosts until then, when the ghost just came out when he was fixing the furnace, and went through the wall. The gang offers their detective services, but Mr. Johnson declines and says if the house is torn down by a buyer, that's the way to get rid of a bad ghost.

The gang sees a mist they think is a ghost and runs up to their treehouse. There's a knock at the door, and thinking they lost the ghost, say "come in", for a different, little ghost (with the same personality and voice Messick would use for Droopy Dog in the upcoming "Tom & Jerry Kids" show) to walk through the door, and when he hears the others shout "ghost" and run and hide; he himself runs and hides in the pail Shaggy and Scooby are hiding in and says he's afraid of ghosts too.
When Daphne reiterates, yet again, there's no such things as ghosts, Fred tries to "unmask" him as Red Herring, and stretches the ghost, pulling his head off! ("Is that really necessary?") Velma is now convinced, and identifies him, "Jinkes! A visible free floating full torso ectoplasmic manifestation!" ("Gee! And all this time I thought I was a ghost!") Daphne asks him to prove it, but he doesn't know how (as he passes right through Scooby). But he assures us he's friendly, and his name is Bartholomew Byford Boo. He wants to hire the gang (which is now 25¢ a day). His problem is everyone thinks he's bad, so they're going to tear down his house. (It's clear now this was really the Johnson's "nice ghost". He's not a pirate, but was a fisherman on the weekends). When they tear down a ghost's house? "Poof! No more Mr. Boo!" (He corrects Scooby's "Roof!")

Scooby doesn't want to go back into the house and use his "super sniffer", so he takes it off and hands it to Daphne ("Eww! gross me out!") He won't go in for an "extra large", or "super extra large" (he measures it and thinks about it) Scooby Snack, but only for an "Super deluxe extra large oh my gosh it's coming toward me jumbo size" Scooby Snack (that has to be brought in with a crane). In the attic, Scooby sneezes, blowing off Mr Boo's ghost suit, leaving only eyes, and he goes into his closet of suits and gets it back (like a PacMan cartoon "ghostmonster").
Scooby now stumbles on "Clue #2", a spent can of spray paint, and then clue # 3, spray painted chains ("A real ghost wouldn't need to spray his chains white"). Then, clue #4, the ghost himself, who enters (Velma puts the sign on him and takes his picture like the other clues, blinding him for a moment). They are trapped, but Velma finds a pulley and wire to escape with, and he does so too, but falls off, through the celler door. The Johnsons and Jack show up, the former saying they didn't want them snooping arund, but Velma shows them the photos of the clue, and the Johnsons realize the ghost may not be real.

A limo pulls up, and a lady (wearing a huge diamond), Ms Spelling ("owner of the finest restaurants in Coolsville"), offers money for the house. Introduce another future regular, O'Greazy, who pulls up in an even bigger limo and hands everyone his "Bucket-O-chili" (Everything he sells is in buckets; Shaggy: "Oh, boy; even Scoob and I won't eat that!") and also offers money for the house, to build the next "O'Greazy Bucket O' Fun" restaurant. Daphne shoos both of them off. (Velma makes his bubble gum "clue #6", and Fred points out it's the same gum the ghost chews). Scooby's super sniffer follows a trail into a shed with a Bucket O' Fries and a secret trap door. Boobeard enters, and they run through the tunnel (to the song "Boobeard Was His Name"). Velma finds the plans for a huge office building (rather than a restaurant, and Velma calculates it would be worth 3.6 million). Boobeard is standing right behind them all this time, and the chase continue, and goes back outside and into the house, and out again with the Johnsons. Scooby ends up pushing the ghost down the street in a wagon.

The Johnsons want to call the restaurateurs to see right now, but the gang stops them. Jack is there too, and laments the trees in the playground being cut down, and the Johnsons ask if he could buy the house and land. He says he only has enough for the house, and they offer to give him the land with it. (Gang: "Huh?") He says he would tear down the house, get rid of the ghost, and take care of the land. Johnson grants him the deal. (Boo: "You know what that means: "Poof!")
Velma comes up with a plan. The gang tells Jack the "good news" that the Johnson's don't have to sell after all, by hiring "No Ghost", the expert ghost exterminators (Shaggy and Scooby in a tall man disguise). He pulls out a magnet (which ghosts supposedly "hate"), and pulls out Mr. Boo. They put Jack out the front door, and then Boobeard enters through a window ("Arr; I ain't afraid of no magnet, ya landlubbers!") Shaggy and Scooby run out of the disguise and out the door with the magnet, which then is pulled by the ghost's chain, and traps him in the wall.

Outside, and with the police waiting, Fred begins listing suspects: #1: O'Greazy, #2, Ms Spelling; iris out and in, #89, "my 3rd grade English teacher" (Velma holds up the photo like she did with the others). Velma points out the clues that the ghost wasn't real, like not needing wire to fly (Boo: "I can vouch for that!"), the office tower blueprints. The gum and bucket was placed there to make them think it was O'Greazy. It's really Jack. He was waiting for the "old geezers" to move out, so he tried to scare them out, knowing the land was worth a lot of money, and that the Johnsons would never sell to someone who would tear down the park and trees. ("Aw, who cares about the stupid trees! I was gonna make millions!" Scooby razzes him when he forgets to include "that puppy" with "you pesky kids"; he apologizes and adds it on). He's then taken away.

Daphne still doesn't believe there's such things as ghosts, but is sure glad Mr. Boo is safe, and kisses him. (He makes a big grin). As they sign off, Scooby licks him, and both of them, along with a jack-o-lantern sitting next to them, display the big grin.

Mr. O'Greazy is introduced.

Red Herring is strangely absent in the shown portion of Fred's list of suspects, and the only mention of him is when he thought Mr Boo was him in disguise

Mr. Boo sounds just like Messick's forthcoming rendition of Droopy Dog

The Story Stick - November 19, 1988

"Like I couldn't believe it. The gang and I were going camping on a real Indian Reservation! And I was ready to enjoy the trip with: 'He Big Pup Named Scooby Doo'!" (Yogi Bear is seen in the foreground). Daphne points out Indians are just like everyone else. Shaggy introduces himself to Warren, the guide, who is Indian: "Me Shaggy, him Scooby!" Daphne: "And me, embarrassed". Warren greets, Shaggy, Scooby and "Embarrassed". Shaggy asks where's his tribe (Daphne: "Are they as cute as you?") and he points out his tribe lives in town, a place just like Coolsville. Shaggy and Scooby go look for fire wood, and encounter a living totem pole who says "Get off my land!" (Shaggy and Scooby's brains wave surrender flags).
They run and tell the others. (Scooby imitates the totem monster. Fred thinks there are no totem pole monsters because they teamed up with the Martians and left earth about five years ago!) Warren's grandfather J. Littlefield (who used to be the leader of their tribe) believes them, though, and had been waiting for the totem spirit to arrive. He gives the legend that totem spirits will appear if this sacred land is threatened, as when his house will be torn down for a big hotel. (He lived there for 50 years and refuses to move, and the hotel will ruin the town).

The gang goes on the case, and looks for clues. Velma finds a clue (and has to "Ahem" and yell "I SAID 'JINKIES'!" to get everyone's attention from searching around). It's a bead from an Indian necklace. ("I don't get it" joke: What kind of clue is that? Shaggy: "Beads me!") Velma, from the computer, determines it's from Mr. Littlefield's necklace (Now the others all say "Jinkies!") A man named Ryan pulls up asking for Littlefield, and he's building the Indian Inn on that spot, which will have more people come and visit the reservation. Velma observes the stuff in the back of his truck, and he drives off. Daphne has forgotten to bring the Scooby Snacks, but she did bring a recipe for home made Scooby Snacks, which he then proceeds to mix and bake in the kitchen oven Shaggy brought in his backpack. (We also hear Daphne has a game room and hot tub, albeit not working, in her tent).

Warren gives the gang a story stick, which is passed around the campfire taking turns telling a story. The winner is the one telling the best story. Freddy tells the first story, of him being a great reporter known by everyone. The Martians and totem people arrive in a UFO, and their leader is Red Herring, who comes out and begins arguing with him. It's now Velma's turn. The alien leader wasn't Red Herring; it was the very brillant and beautiful Princess Velma of the Totem people, bearing gifts for their race (an "interplanetary pizza"). Daphne's turn, and she berates the Totem people's outfits, and brings them new ones ("I like my monsters well dressed. Even if I don't believe in them!").

The real totem monster now has grabbed Fred and the girls. ("Hey! You're not in my story!") Shaggy and Scooby first roll themselves up like scrolls, then Scooby digs a hole for the story stick, burying the monster, but he shakes the dirt off. Shaggy and Scooby then trick him into a game of hide and seek he complies with ("No peeking!") allowing them to escape. He counts 98-100 fast, and then continues the chase, but they hide in a log. They go to Mr. Littlefield, and Fred questions him in an interrogatory fashion about the totem monster he said would appear, but his question is if he's seen any Martians. Velma's typing away on the computer which explodes, and she says we need more clues.

They split up, and Fred and Daphne see Warren digging a totem segment out of the ground. Fred confronts him about why he's walking quietly through town in the middle of the night, and the whole town wakes up and shouts "Because he doesn't want to wake anyone up!" He says he's been collecting tribal art since he was a boy. Velma sees the totem monster's footprints around a hole. He then comes up in the ground where Scooby is sitting ("Get off my head!") This leads to the chase, to "He's a Totally Totem Pole Guy". He's eventually frightened off by a gruesome Yogi.

The gang finds wood from the totem monster, and the hole filled with ancient Indian artwork. Velma has a plan. Shaggy and Scooby pull the monster to the campfire for his turn in story stick time. He takes it and starts talking unintelligbly, so Shaggy gives the stick to Scooby, who's no better, so Shaggy tells the story. Once upon a time, there was a mean and nasty monster. Commander Cool and Mellow Mutt come to the rescue. They use the whipped cream cannon, which covers him. The monster is demanding his turn, and tugging at the stick with Shaggy and Scooby. Velma proceeds with her plan, and receives a package from the mail, which was a mail order termite ("Ooh! Dinner!"). It eats away at the totem monster, who runs and falls into the pit. Ranger Smith (yes, THAT Ranger Smith) arrives.

They review the clues. The first one was the wood and paint from Mr. Ryan's truck, then the holes full of Indian art. The most impoortant clue was the chip of wood: scientific analysis determined its composition was of modern origin. Unmasked, it's Mr. Ryan. He realized the artwork was worth a lot more money than a hotel, and he wanted to scare everyone away so he could keep it. (Add the termite to the pesky kids and that puppy! "Burp! That's right, bub!"). Littiefield won't have to leave the house; they decided to build a permanent exhibit for the artifacts instead of a hotel. Shaggy and Scooby have learned what Indians are really like. Scoob feeds the story stick to the termite. "Sharing story sticks comes easy, for a pup named Scooby Doo!"

Yogi Bear and Ranger Smith make appearances in the story. Smith even has a speaking line, and an altered version of Yogi appears the second time, who acts like a real bear. Yogi had new episodes added this same season, to his original show which was re-syndicated

Great message about stereotyping other people

The second story in a row about trying to tear down someone's home

Robopup - November 26, 1988

"Like the gang and I were on our way to our friend Daphne's house, with a pup named Scooby Doo. Daphne belongs to the Decor of the Month club, and couldn't wait to show us her new bedroom". The gang arrives at the huge estate in a limo, and the red carpet rolls out Scooby. To the side, we see the local burglars trying to break in, but they never make it past the securty system headed up by Mr. Gordon, which mechanically kicks them into the waiting police van. (It seems they are all waiting in line for their turn to try).

She shows them her room, but it's been emptied! She faints. (Meanwhile, a chef ghost enters behind their backs, saying he will take everything). Her parents enter (she wakes up when told she will wrinkle her dress), and Mr. Gordon is hiding in a closet, but he's just investigating. (He has the house surrounded by the Army, complete with tanks). They say it's a job for Robopup, "the absolute latest in puppy technology". (That gains a "double jinkies"). Scooby is jealous, but he can do anything better than Scooby, such as fetching a whole newspaper truck, rather than just a paper. He can even do "wet puppy kisses", via an onboard hose.
Mr. Gordon suggests the gang using him to help solve the crime. Scooby's nose alerts him, but only to the kitchen. Robopup's radar picks up a "clue alert", and the gang splits up. Shaggy and Scooby are only interested in looking for food, in the huge voice-guided supermarket-like pantry. They encounter the ghost ("Sacre BOO!") Shaggy and Scooby jump, swapping clothes/fur, and he chases them around the kitchen.

The others are with Robopup, who finds muddy footprints (which makes Freddy think it's the "Mud men"). Velma picks out a lower from the mud (Now, Robopup tells us "Velma said 'jinkies'; it must be a clue!") He begins following the footprints outside to a bush, and uses his crane, which lifts out Shaggy and Scooby. (Now Freddy thinks Shaggy and Scooby are the thieves). They tell them about the ghost chef. ("Why would a ghost steal furniture?" "Maybe he's opening a restaurant?") Mr. Conroy the gardner yells at them for stepping on his petunias, and Daphne introduces him to them. Robopup points to the mud on his shoe as a clue, and now Fred accuses him. ("I ain't stole nothing since I got out of the joint!" which is "where I loined to love flowers!")

Fred now puts together the gardener, Shaggy and Scooby and the mud men, and the announcer interrupts "If Freddy's ideas don't make sense to you, don't worry [then goes mad and tears up the paper] THEY DON"T MAKE ANY SENSE TO US EITHER!") He's left to continue his conspiracy theories by himself, while Daphne asks Shaggy and Scooby about the ghost. She asks her parents, who say there's no such things as ghosts ("I've been telling them that for years!")
They mention a Chef Pierre Goulash, who Daphne's great grandfather hired many years ago, (and who looking at picures, Shaggy notes looks like the ghost, only younger). He was fired, and swore he would come back and take everything from the place. He is standing in a doorway, and adds "that's right!" (Daphne and her parents shout "There are no such things as Ghosts!" Shaggy: "Like don't tell me; tell HIM!") They now all run, and he has the gang, and even Ropopup, cornered. Scooby pulls down a curtain by accident, covering him and allowing them to get away. Shaggy and Scooby disguise as waitresses, with the others (including Robopup) as customers demanding food. While he cooks, they all escape.

Robopup finds another clue, inside a room. It's someone stuffing something inside a suitcase. Fred thinks it's Red Herring, and tries to take off his "mask", but it's her butler, Higgins. Fred asks "If he's the butler, where's Red Herring", and Robopup brings him in taking a bath, making Fred think he's "returning to the scene of the crime to steal the bath tub", but it's really his own. (Walking out in the tub; "What's this country coming to. It's gettin' to where a guy can't take a bath in his own house!") Higgins is packing to quit, to start cooking classes, since he's always dreamed of being a French chef, and then puts them out of his room.

Robopup scans for clues. Scooby, to compete, turns his head into a radar dish, only to spin himself into a suit of armor, and Robopup laughs. He walks in the suit and falls down stairs. They're in the east wing, which hasn't been used in years. Robopup detects no clues. Scooby screams, from sitting on one of Daphne's stolen diamond barrettes. Out an exit door is a subway station (asked "You have a subway station in your house?"; "Don't you?") This is where the thief stashed all the loot. (Scooby can now gloat, before Robopup). The ghost comes up behind him. Robopup's record player plays the chase music, "Ghoulie Goulash". Daphne has her hair done like a vampiress, scaring him. He eventually falls into a pool. The gang runs into a tool shed (the gardener's shack). They find the boots he wore.

The ghost is loading the loot on a train, and Scooby, in a dresser, leads him to a canopy bed, which they trap him in. Daphne tells Fred upfront it's not Red Herring or the mud men. ("Darn!") She thinks it's the gardener, and Shaggy asks if the butler did it, but Velma points out there was only one person with feet small enough to make those footprints: Mr. Gordon. He was only trying to make them think it was the gardener. Saying "what makes you think I STILL won't get away with it?" he then orders Robopup (who to the gang's shock, works for him) to lasso them, and goes to net Scooby, who jumps out of it, but then falls apart into little cubes. He pieces himself back together, and dons a "Scooby-Fu" outfit. Robopup swells up and blows him back. He sits on a TV remote, which zaps Robopup into various positions (including dancing a twirl), and finally spins himself apart.

In police custody, he affirms that's why he was so eager to loan them Robopup, to lead them on the wrong trail. Scooby has made Robopup into a lamp. "We should have known that no machine could ever replace a pup named Scooby Doo!"

Daphne's butler at this points is Higgins. Jenkins will become the regular butler in the next season

Lights...Camera...Monster - December 3, 1988

"Like this is the Coolsville Mall!" Says Daphne: "The Mall has all!" With his camera he got for his birthday, Freddy wants to make his first movie: "I Was a Teenage Mall Monster". The camera is "Going to Freddy's head" as he acts like a director. Shaggy and Daphne act out a script, but then Daphne changes it because "who ever heard of a mall monster anyway?" Freddy holds up the National Exaggerator, which says mall monsters are getting to be a big problem.

Scooby is supposed to be the mall monster, but what Fred thinks is a "boffo costume", is "Stinkweed" (a plant-like creature that came from behind the plants). The gang escapes in the glass elevator, and the creature runs into a jewelry store and grabs handfulls of jewelry (Fred thinks this is the big chance for him to become a famous reporter and films him). The mall cop tries to arrest him, but gets a whiff of his odor and takes off and takes the cash register .
He next goes into the pet store (the skunk falls in love with him). In the plant store, Scooby is gulped by a "man eating plant", and changes the sign to "puppy eating plant". (They're being watched by a lady). Freddy decides they could make a video about how they solve cases. The announcer interrupts the show for the special announcement: "Freddy had a good idea! It's a MIRACLE! thank you!" Sitting near the theater, they see on a poster that "Stinkweed 10: The Smell Continues" is a movie opening tomorrow where you can meet the actor who plays him, Vincent Thorne.

"So the next day, we returned to the scene of the crime". They see Thorne, and Daphne interrogating him (Fred asks her to do it again as he forgot to take off his lens cap). Being they are a detective agency, he asks to hire them, as everyone (including the police) thinks he's the thief robbing the stores, because of his movie role. (He'll pay them $25 instead of 25¢!)
A group of people leave the movie (including the lady watching the gang, earlier, who now snaps at Scooby whose sniffing led to her). Fellow actor Grady Lawrence also alights, trashing the movie (in a French accent). He thinks he should have been Stinkweed, and is trying to make him look bad, to take over the role. He hands Thornes a Babbler, and says he's working in a commercial for O'Greazy's Bucket O'Fun, as the "Bucket O'Nachos". They follow him and watch O'Greazy himself directing him, and then firing him, and preferring Thorne.

The gang follows a trail of nachos to a trailer. (Freddy wants to split up, but in a trailer, "split up, where?") It's Grady Lawrence's dressing room. Scooby follows the trail to under the bed, where a ring is heard. Fred thinks "it's the attack of the bell people from the planet ding dong", but it's realy the "cash register people from the planet pet store" (i.e the stolen item). The lady they've seen before is now tiptoeing in a "Bucket O'Meat Balls". Thorne calls saying he found a big clue at the movie theater. (When they say they'll be right over, Scooby's already in his side of the line dividing the conversation).

Back in the mall, they see Sinkweed grab him, and then he begins chasing them (chickens spring from Shaggy and Scooby's heads). The gang tricks him into being a shoe store salesman. Shaggy and Scooby have him inflate balloons that carry him off landing into plants, out of which emerges the lady who they kept seeing every time the monster showed up. The reason she's been sneaking around is (as she begins yelling), "I'M WITH THE FBI!" She's Special Agent Jane Thursday, to whom the kids are getting in the way.
She's trying to prove Vincent Thorne committed the crimes. The gang mentions Grady Lawrence as suspect because of the cash register and him wanting to get revenge on Thorne. She now thinks they may be on to something, and goes to tell her supervisors. (Shaggy and Scooby inbetween go to a 99 flavors Scooby snack stand).

They now see Stinkweed with Grady's shoes, planting footprints. Cattails cause Scooby to sneeze, and Stinkweed comes after them. Scooby grabs a boom box out of the music store to play the music ("Hey Stinkweed") Daphne stops the chase for a moment to buy a stack of items from a store. Velma types on the computer (a plan). Stinkweed is looking for the kids, who shine spotlights on him, and then Fred pretends to be directing Stinkweed's latest movie "Return to Stinkweed Island", which is all to lure him into a trap, but the cage intended for him misses, and he confronts Fred and the girls. "Scoob of the Jungle" swings and knocks him into quicksand.

They now play the clues on the tape screener. Suspect #1 is Grady Lawrence. (Scooby inbetween begins watching Yogi and Boo Boo). Suspect #2 is Jane Thursday, who says she's with the FBI, but "we don't know for sure". Fred's suspect #3 (and the REAL culprit) is of course Red Herring (shown sleeping with his teddy bear. He responds "What are you doing in my house? Get that camera out of my face, you weenie!"). The first two show up, showing it wasn't them.
Velma unmasks Vincent Thorne, who she suspected when he made the footprints with Grady's shoes and not covering them up. He hated doing Stinkweed, and wanted to make the character look so bad, the studio would stop making his movies, and he have all the money from the robberies. Jane takes him away saying "Your next role is going to last 10 to 20 years!"

Freddy is now filming his next movie, "Attack of the Mall Moles". Grady is now starring in O'Greazy's new commercial for "O'Greazy's new Bucket O'Scooby Snacks". Scooby jumps into the bucket costume he's wearing. "Looks like this commercial will be a big hit with — a pup named Scooby Doo!"

Now, O'Greazy and his buckets start to become a running gag in the series

Season two: 1989

Curse of the Collar - September 9, 1989

“It was a dark and stormy night. And the gang and I were at the Knittington Puppy Farm. It was the night before the big Doo reunion, and we could not find my pet, a pup named -- Scooby Doo, where are you?” He's in the dinner dish eating the food (“Right here, Raggy!”) It's not often the Doo pups get together: Scooby, Skippy, Ruby and Howdy. Being the oldest son, Scooby's inherited the family dog collar. He hates it, and for the first time, we get to hear his his full first name, called out by his mother: “Scoobert”! Scooby answers the door, and it's a huge present for the Doo pups. Popping out of it is a ghostly dog catcher who says “That collar is MINE!”. (Three nestled smaller heads pop out of Shaggy and Scooby's heads!) They run inside, under the table, joined by Scooby's parents when they say it's a ghost. Scooby then comes out and morphs himself into a likeness of the ghost.

Mrs. Knittington recognizes this as the ghost of Buster McMuttmauler, a dog catcher gone bad, back when the Doo parents were dating. He cornered helpless puppies, and was then accused by the “dogcatcher general” of stealing expensive collars and taken to the police. He vowed to the Doo's (who had rescued a puppy from him) he would get them and Dada Doo's collar. Fred then suggests the collar is cursed, causing Scooby and parents to faint (“Great going, Freddy!”) Knittingham calls Dr. Needlemeyer (who arrives instantly) to report a “Doo family faint”, but the mention of it being almost dinnertime quicky revives them. (Velma has to give Daphne earmuffs to block the sound of Needlemeyer's “mushy” baby talk to the “puppy wuppies”).

Scooby gives Mrs. Knittingham the collar. Buster reaches in through a window with a net trying to get it, but takes Mrs Knittingham instead. They go looking for her. They ask the trainer, Mr. Trixenstuff, but he denies to have seen her, though he leaves to bake some treats as he complements Scooby's collar. Scooby now says “let's split up” (Freddy: “I was gonna say that!”) This is so he and Scooby can look for in the kitchen “where it's safe”. The lights go out, which is the excuse to open the refrigerator, where they suck up all the food: (“no clues in there"). The ghost closes the refrigerator door, and puts his hand on Shaggy's shoulder, then they disguise as females taking a bath (“Eek; it's a peeping ghost!”) and escape out the window.

Outside, another dog catcher puts his land on Shaggy's shoulder (“It's the dog catcher ghost's brother!”, and Fred jumps in ready to confront), but it's really Mr. Goodwin, who drastically affirms his never harming dogs (The gang “gets the idea”, and he too likes the collar). Velma prints out a stack of computer paper, and it's time for a “Doo family sniffout”. (It's like a race, and their noses go out ahead). Scooby finds a “clue” (signed as such), which is confirmed by a “Jinkies!” It's Buster McMuttmauler's net, with white paint on it. He pops up from behind a bush, and they run, except Scooby, who he grabs by the neck. He melts to the ground and follows the others. Shaggy closes multiple doors, but the ghost rips them all out of the wall and nets Scooby's parents, fleeing with them. Scooby turns white and shatters on the floor.

(In passing, Freddy thinks the other Doo siblings are dognapped even though they haven't gotten there yet!) Scooby wears a hole in the floor pacing, and then when they reexamine the location of the last clue: the doctor's office, he doesn't need a Scooby snack, since it is for his parents, and acts brave and valiant. The ghost enters, and Shaggy shushes him because “we don't want you to find us!” The others run, but Scooby begins counting like an angry parent (“Uh oh, he means business!”), but when the ghost really screams, he reaches 3 as he shrinks and then runs. They disguise as hospital staff, under “Dr. Doo” who wraps him up in bandages, and then they flee as he breaks out of it. Scooby uses a baton to start the chase music ("Dog Catcher Guy"). When it's done, Scooby has more of the white paint on him. It seems to mean what they think it means, and Velma now has a plan.

Again, Scooby is not afraid of the danger, for the sake of his parents. Shaggy and Scooby pretend to throw away the collar, and the ghost reaches for it, but Scooby pulls it on a fishing line. He's able to grab it (Fred: "Hey; he wasn't supposed to do that!") and now he pulls Shaggy and Scooby to the "X" where the doghouse trap is dropped, now on Shaggy. (Fred: Wow! I didn't know Shaggy did it!") The ghost springs Scooby by his tail, so that he passes airline pilots who report a "UFP": "unidentified flying puppy". The ghost now nets the kids, but Scooby lands on him, and then lands on a bird bath which opens a panel on the side of the house, revealing Scooby's parents and Mrs. Knittingham looking like ghosts, but it's white paint. (Shaggy says "Thanks to Scooby, this dog catcher will wind up in the dog house!" Now, all three Doo's laugh, and then confess "We don't get it!")

Daphne thinks the ghost is Mrs. Needlemeyer because of the net outside her office. Shaggy thinks it's Mr. Goodman, who he thinks just pretended to like dogs. Fred says it's Red Herring, and we get a "special announcement" of Red himself saying "when's that doofus Freddy gonna learn, I DIDN'T DO IT". Velma unmasks a hand! (which everyone says in unison).
Pulling off more of the costume, it's really Mr. Trixenstuff (who's making a silly grin for fooling them, but then yells "You stupid kids ruined everything!" He switches back and forth between good natured and angry speech). Velma knew when she realized the white splotches were flour, not paint. So the flour he had wasn't for baking, but to make him look like a ghost (and is why Scooby couldn't sniff out the missing people). He wanted the collar for the jewels. Scooby says "Well, he can have it!", and hands it to him, until his mother yells his name. Mr. Goodman enters and shames him "giving us real dog catchers a bad name!" (Scooby's parents give him dirty looks until he adds "and this lovable, but pesky puppy" to "these nice, but troublesome kids".

At the reunion, Skippy is shown to be a computer nerd like Velma, and Howdy a National Exaggerator reader like Fred, and Ruby a fashion hound like Daphne. Since it's his birthday, Scooby's mother says he doesn't have to wear the collar.

Each of the four Doo siblings parallels the four kids of the gang.

Recall, there was a mixed message in the "Scooby Doo Show" era, as to whether Scooby Dum was Scooby's cousin or brother. As he is not present here, it stands he is cousin (and he's called cousin more anyway, so "brother" was a mistake), and we could say on the opposite side of the family (the "Scooby's", rather than the "Doo's"). Howdy, however, does sound a bit like Dum.

Second appearance of sister Ruby Doo. Her grownup form was shown in "Scrappy's Birthday" as Scrappy's mother.

Scooby acts and even looks a bit like Scrappy when he turns brave and challenges the ghost.

Buster McMuttmauler will become a living, current day dog catcher who tries to catch Scooby, at the end of the series, in the slapstick short "Catcher on the Sly".

Episode titles begin appearing after the premise of the story is established.

The Return of Commander Cool - September 16, 1989

"Like it was a spooky and scary night outside the gates of the Colossal Toy building, but inside, kids from all over were checking out Colossal's cool cave, along with a pup, named Scooby Doo". Looking at a statue of Commander Cool, Daphne asks "How can anybody like a superhero who doesn't wear natural fibers? Eww, polyester!" Shaggy shows where CC locked up Zeke the alien from the 7th dimension. A monster comes out of this opening (Shaggy and Scooby's fear displays Avery-like stripes and other patterns), but, as Daphne points out "It's not Zeke, fiend from the 7th dimension; it's Red Herring, the geek from down the street!" He plays with CC's transporter device, and ends up at the South Pole (with Coolsville as 15,718 miles away. A penguin laughs, and he's the one he yells "that's not very funny!" to).

They pass by CC's enemies, including Dr. Croaker, and a "scary alien". Shaggy (he and Scooby wearing the CC and MM costumes) brags "It's a good thing they're not real, because they wouldn't stand a chance against Commander Cool and Mellow Mutt", but then the "scary alien" is alive, and grabs Shaggy and Scooby with his tentacle-like tongues, saying "I must destroy Commander Cool". They run and their costumes follow, and they use their CC turbo rocket roller skis, but crash into a stand. Shaggy now doesn't remember who he is, but looks on his costume, and sees "Commander Cool", and actually thinks he's the hero (and Scooby, actually Mellow Mutt)! Velma sends him to her Uncle Elmo, who has him strapped down in a hospital bed, and confirms he's lost his memory and will be back to normal soon, but says they'd better play along until then. (As a hero, CC/Shaggy won't let Scooby have a snack between meals which can spoil one's appetite).

Carol Colossal, owner of Colossal Toys enters (with Barbara Simone the "super efficient" secretary), saying she has to put a stop to the alien trying to steal her CC toys. She thinks Stu Pendous, owner of Stupendous Toys until the CC toys drove him out of business, might have something to do with this. She says he hates her and is always trying to spy on her, and he calls on the phone yelling "I never spy on you!" She opens a curtain, and a huge telescope is there, coming from the Stupendous building.

When Shaggy asks if ther's any other suspects, Barbara hands them lists of suspects with their addresses, phone numbers and shoe sizes. But Fred says the list is not complete because Red Herring's name is not on it. He now transports in (still wearing the costume), to deny it, and continues transporting ("How do you shut this thing off?") Shaggy sees a man named Quentin Creeply at the top of the list and Barbara and Simone explain that he was an employee they had to fire cause his toys were too "spooky, scary, GRUESOME!" and nobody bought them. The gang takes the case, but Shaggy insists that he, as "Commander Cool", with "Mellow Mutt" lead them.

The "Cool Computer" prints out what to do next. Scooby says "lunch", and makes a whole cart of food, but slips on something Fred thinks is an "alien disintegrating gun", but is really a tube of lipstick (Daphne: "the tackiest shade of red I've ever seen!") There's a hole in the ceiling, and CC/Shaggy ("Stop callng me "Raggy"!) pulls out his ladder ("Like upward ho!") A sign in the dark room reads "spooky isn't it?" The alien is seen doing something with paper. Shaggy handcuffs him, but he breaks out of them easily and grabs him, but Scooby frees and carries him off with his tail. They look at the paper he was looking at, which is blueprints. A flying saucer is seen approaching, outside a window. It lands near at Quentin Creeply's workshop, (and Barbara gives them a map to get there. When there, Daphne finds it's full of dust, and she now calls her butler "Jenkins" to dust the area).

Inside, Freddy thinks he sees a horrible costume, but it's really Creeply himself. Shaggy sits him down on a stool and shines a bright light at him to question him. He's "just a toymaker", who opened the toy shop after Ms. Colossal "FIRED ME!" He answers a call, and the gang finds themselves locked in, and the alien enters through a window. CC/Shaggy is shivering in fear like everyone else, but when Scooby digs a hole through the floor, Shaggy remains behind saying "I'm not done with him yet!" The others say "YES, YOU ARE!" and pull him into the hole. They see the saucer again (Daphne: "There are no such things as alien saucers! Even if I did see it myself!") According to Velma's calculations, it landed at Stupendous Toys. Barbara again hands therm a map.("She sure is efficient! Even if she does wear tacky lipstick").

There (when it's closed), Jenkins again dusts the way for Daphne, and suddenly, Stu springs up from behind a desk blaming the two costumed "heroes" for running him out of business, when he was about to create "Table Man" (an actual table with eyes). Now, in a total reverse, he say she spied on him, and she calls denying it. As for trying to destroy CC, "I coulda done that! I shoulda done that! I WISH I'D DONE THAT! But I didn't", and then throws them out. Shaggy says "Mellow Mutt and I must head back to the Cool Cave, and catch the alien, kids!" (Daphne can't wait until he's back to normal). Daphne offers a Scooby Snack to enter a spooky room, but Shaggy asks "Why would he want one of those? He's Mellow Mutt!" So Daphne instead gives him a "Mellow Mutt Munchie" (which has the same effect).

The alien is in an elevator, and Shaggy says "This is the chase! It's time for some super hero type music" They turn on their stereo system to "Monster Mania". (Shaggy, Scooby and the alien play themselves as a video game. Velma fools the alien with another alien costume, and they play a bit of ping pong and pogo stick hopping). A note pad is left on Scooby's head, with what look like math formulas written on it, which Velma understands, and announces a plan. Trying to activate the Cool Computer only yields the alien bursting out of it. Scooby restrains him for a moment with the Commander Cool Can of Rope. Shaggy ends up rolling on a cylinder, and crashing, turning himself back to normal. (With little CC's flying around his head in the daze). He doesn't even remember the alien, and Scooby tries several means of stopping him, to no avail. Finally, he leans against a stack of crates, spilling oranges, which the alien slips on.

Daphne thinks it's Mr. Creeply, the alien seen in his workshop. (and "anyone who lives in that much dust, can't be human!") Fred says Stu Pendous, who'd do anything to ruin Commander Cool. When Velma says "neither of them", Fred says "of course now", and blames Red Herring, who transports in again, and Scoob scares him off with the transporter. Velma unmasks Barbara Simone ("That's right! And my plan was quite efficient!") She was stealing blueprints for Carol Colossal's toys, and planned to sell them and get rich. She ask where her "carefully thought out plan fail?" First, the lipstick, then the blueprints on the table, and then the pad, which enabled Velma to put the clues together. It's really secretary shorthand, which says the blueprints are for a toy alien space base. They flying saucer was a projector movie.

Colossal gives the gang the first Commander Cool Alien Space Base off the assembly line. Shaggy and Scooby float back into a mattress. "You know, being a super hero is a breeze. As long as you have a little help from a pup named Scooby dooby Doo!

Jenkins is now Daphne's butler, who she calls onto the scene to clean things. Previously, the butler was Higgins, who was in her house

The premise is similar to "Super Teen Shaggy" from the Scooby/Scrappy/Shaggy era.

The Spirit of Rock'n Roll - September 23, 1989

"Like, we were all at the Coolsville amphitheater for a performance by Buddy the Budman Chillner, who Daphne has a big crush on. And I was ready to rock and roll with my cool pal, a pup named Scooby doo!". To get the best seats, Daphne bought all the tickets, which according to Velma's calculator cost $27,345.89 ("a whole week's allowance!") The show begins (she calls Jenkins to faint for her). Right before Buddy could begin his song, a "rock & roll ghost" shows up from the darkness ("Boo, boo, boo! I'll get you!") and grabs Buddy. They want to run, but "we're not going anywhere without MY BUDDY!" and she takes him (leaving his jacket in the ghost's hands) and carries him off. The box office lady sees him and screams "It's the ghost of Purvis Parker!" He takes the money from the box office and splits.

Buddy explains who Purvis was (and some of who's songs he's sung). Shaggy also knows that his plane disappeared, and Buddy says his ghost has been showing up at all his concerts. (This gives him the idea for a song he goes into). Buddy hires the gang (Daphne "makes an exception" for not believing in ghosts, for "My Buddy"). Velma says "jinkies", which Jenkins showing up, has mistaken for his name! They see an old man running out of the Amphitheater. Buddy says he's a fan who comes to all his concerts. (When he tells Fred "Get serious" after he suggested it was Purvis "disguising himself as another ghost so we wouldn't recognize him", Daphne says we even think alike!")
The gang goes to ask the man some questions, but he's driving off in a car. Scooby takes a picture of a pizza parlor that the car was passing, but with Velma's magnifying glass, the car's bumper sticker reads, "When in Coolsville visit Parker Place Home of the Dude of Rock & Roll". Buddy says that's where Purvis lived, so the gang decides to head there.

They meet the caretaker, Mr. Dilton, who explains that after Buddy became famous, everyone stopped coming to Parker Place. He charges the kids $2 a piece, which Daphne pays for with a $100 bill (her smallest bill). Scooby will only go inside for two Scooby Snacks and a song (which Buddy does again). They see someone rehearsing in the recording studio, and Fredy thinks it's Purvis, but it's Lenny Lipner, a Purvis impersonator. He blames Buddy for making people forget all about Purvis, and claims he probably dreamed up the ghost as a publicity stunt ("CAREFUL! You're talking about MY BUDDY!") Scooby morphs himself into the ghost, and he rudely forces them to leave.

Scooby's super sniffer finds Purvis Parker's secret vault, and inside, they find fake gold records. The ghost shows up and grabs Buddy again. Scooby hides in the chandelier, which causes the ceiling to give way, burying the ghost. Everyone climbs the debris to the next floor, and disguises as groupies (including the boys dressing as girls) and hands him a pile of large stuff to autograph. They lose him, and find tanks of compressed air, and the ghost appears and grabs Buddy again from the window and gets away with him ("OH! Purvis has gone too far this time!")
Outside, they see the old man again, and fall into the pool knocking Mr. Dilton in as well. (He's sneaking because "I WORK HERE!") Angered, he decides to close down Parker Place the next day. Upon pumping the water out of Scooby, he coughs up Buddy's guitar pick. The ghost emerges from the pool and Scooby starts the chase music, by playing the rock guitar himself. ("Spirit of Rock & Roll") They chase him off by Velma tapping him on the shoulder with a branch, and he turns around to see the statue of Purvis. Velma now knows who he is and has a plan.

The gang carries the stacks of the gold records, luring him out. Daphne hopes Scooby remembers what to do when they say "now", which cues him at the wrong time, and he cuts the rope trapping the gang ("Not now!") Scooby is now faced with the ghost, and trapped near an amp and a guitar, he tries to run, strumming the guitar with his feet, producing discordant sounds that give Scooby the idea to turn the volume up to "Oww, turn that down", and blasts him into a drum and frees the gang. Fred starts giving a speech about how the Martians came down from Venus to kidnap Bigfoot. We are interrupted by a "special announcement"; "Whenever Freddy starts to talk too much; do what I do, and catch up on your reading". (He holds up "How to Beat Boredom").

Shaggy and Scooby think it's Lenny Lipner, but "the only thing he's guilty of is doing a bad impersonation". Daphne says it's "the man we've seen around all night". Velma unmasks Mr. Dilton. She first suspected him when he made change for Daphne's large bill, even though he said business was bad. She knew he must have dropped Buddy's guitar pick. So he was stealing the concert money and all of Purvis' gold records. He made the ghost fly using the compressed air, hidden in his jacket. Buddy comes up on a stage lift with the old man, who turns out to be Purvis Parker himself! He unmasks himself, and says he didn't disappear, but just wanted some peace and quiet.

"So everyone in Coolsville was there when Buddy and Purvis appeared together in concert". The new song they are performing is the "Pup Named Scooby Doo" theme! Scooby joins in with some "great licks" (both on the guitar and on Shaggy's face!)

Chickenstein Lives - September 30, 1989

This time, Freddy narrates: "It was the biggest day of my life. My uncle Eddie just bought the National Exaggerator! And we were there to get my first reporting job, along with that news hound, a pup named Scooby Doo!" (Daphne says there's no big foot, but there's one walking around, and his cousin "Big Hands" as well). Uncle Eddie comes in (and asks Freddy if he's seen any mole men). He makes him a reporter, and the editor will give him his first assignment ("We're official reporters for the National Exaggerator!") At the editor's desk, they find Chickenstein, who says "I must destroy the Exaggerator!" They flee the room, and tell Uncle Eddie, who says all his employees quit; "you'd think they never saw a 7 foot tall chicken monster". They hear a noise, and Chickenstein has gone right out through the wall. Velma finds a clue ("Eddie: "You told me you found all the clues!" Freddy: "OK, so I've never found a clue in my whole life!") It's dirt from the Coolsville Cemetery (a "major heebie jeebie zone").

In the cemetery, a shadow figure arises from an open grave, but it's Scoop Byline, "the greatest reporter the National Exaggerator has ever had", and had broke the Chickenstein story. He says that's old news to him; now he's doing the story of the [pointing at the house] Granny Sweetwater "just your average fortune teller psychic who lives in a cemetery", saying there's something fishy going on there. He then leaves to go dig through her garbage, while the gang does the same.
Someone's sneaking aroumd, and the gang springs up from behind a post and stops her, "A-HA!" It's Bad News Bitterman, who used to be the Exaggerator's number one reporter until Scoop came along, and thanks to his reporting, she's been demoted to janitor. She shows his "second rate stories", such as Red Herring as "world's meanest bully". When Fred takes this to imply he's working with Chickenstein, Red pops out of the paper to call him a featherbrain. (Fred balls the paper up and tosses it over his shoulder into the garbage ("That's not very funny!") She then leaves to help Chickenstein ruin Scoop's career. "If you ask me, that lady has a problem!". Daphne: "I'll say; her dress is g-ross!"

They split up, and Shaggy and Scooby are scared by an owl into the mausoleum. Chickenstein bursts in and they turn into literal chickens themselves and then pose as a fountain, and then run. Fred and the girls knock on Granny Sweetwater's door, and when she invites them in, Shaggy and Scooby zip by, grabbing the others in as well. (They tell them they saw "Hard boiled horror") Velma points a sign, "CLUE" into her closet (where Scooby is hiding). She says she's the reason why Chickenstein's returned from "the beyond", because she called upon the spirit from "the other side", then tapped into a fowl force beyond her control, and acts like a chicken. The lights go out, and when they come on, She's gone, and Chickenstein is towering above them. Scooby tries to run, creating a wave in the carpet that carries Chickenstein away. They next disguise as gypsy fortune tellers to distract him and escape.

Back at the National Exaggerator, Eddie says it's a great story. "Chickenstein Lives". Scoop returns from the garbage, and Hank Laughenstock laughs at the idea of the Exaggerator going out of business, because Scoop did a story making everyone think he was Chickenstein. Asked to explain the eggs and feathers found at his house, he turns red and screams "that's because I own a chicken farm!" tossing Scooby, Freddy and Scoob against the wall. Scooby does not want to be a "news hound", and hides in a file cabinet, wearing several disguises Daphne pulls off one after the other. The others have to drag him and Shaggy, clinging onto a desk, back to the cemetery. Scooby acts like a chicken so well, he actually lays an egg! They see Chickenstein going inside the mausoeum. Scooby will only go inside when offered a gourmet Scooby Snack that's been sauteéd in cheese. Daphne has Jenkins deliver it to him, which he eats at a table with a candelabra.

Freddy thinks "this really is the nest of Chickenstein". Scooby sniffs his way up to the ceiling, and only falls when Shaggy tells him he can't do that (and he lands on a pile of pillows). They wonder what Chickenstein would need with feather pillows and glue. He pops up saying "To make you kids extinct!") Velma sets up the reel to reel tape machine to play the chase music ("Chicken, Oh Chickenstein") Shaggy, Scooby and Velma scare him with their X-rays. They land in the basement (young Fred from sister show "Flintstone Kids" is on TV), and see new furniture. Velma's computer is displaying "winner", which means she's solved the mystery and has a plan.

Shaggy is on an outdoor stage hosting the grand reopening of the National Exaggerator, "the paper Chickenstein couldn't stop". He's taken the bait, but the girls end up on the "X" and caught in their own trap. Scooby and the boys are cornered, and Scooby accidentally hits a lever that causes a mechanic arm to pick up Chickenstein and runs him through the baler ("Thanks to Scoob, this chicken will be cooped up for a long time"; Scooby ROFL's, but still, "I don't get it"). Eddie is happy to finally meet Chickenstein.

Daphne thinks it's Bad News Bitterman, since she hates Byline, "Besides, anyone who dresses that tacky wouldn't think twice about climbing into a chicken costume". Shaggy thinks Hank Laughenstock, who was really mad at Scoop and the Exaggerator. Fred of course says Red Herring, and Eddie agrees, and the magazine picture of him says "Why don't you Jones jerks bother someone else for a change? What a pair of major and monor twits!"
Velma unmaskes Caspar Codwaller ("Huh?" "Like Who's he?") When a wig is placed on him, he's recognizable as Granny Sweetwater. Her closet was full of men's suits. Velma's computer determined that everything in her basement was stolen. He pretended to be her so noone would guess that he was selling stolen merchandise. He became Chickenstein to scare away Scoop who started watching the house, and to close down the Exaggerator. Scoop congratulates Freddy, and says he'll stick his name on Freddy's story, which is a big hit, "And I owe it all to my favorite newshound, a pup named Scooby Doo!"

For the first time ever, we see a relative of Freddy! He's voiced by the original grownup Freddy voice, Frank Welker

This episode is narrated by Freddy instead of Shaggy

Night of the Living Burger - October 7, 1989

Daphne narrates this one. "It all started when Velma and I went to Shaggy's house Friday night. It was a chance to show off my NEW designer robe, and to watch Count Shockula with the boys, and a pup named Scooby Doo". Shaggy and Scooby are not speaking; sitting with their backs to each other. "Not watching the same TV as him", Shaggy gets a little TV, and Scooby takes the big one for himself. They also have to speak through others to get a message to each other. On TV, Count Shockula presents an O'Greazy commercial, for a "Bucket O'Cheese", and having a big contest for a "Bucket O'Cash".
Someone takes the bucket out of his hand, and it's a monster who looks like a giant burger. ("I hate O'Greazy!") Fred says "that monster wouldn't want to mess with the Scooby Doo Detective Agency", and he sticks his head right out of the screen, saying "Oh, yeah?" (Fred reads from the National Exaggerator that the Hamburger people and the Mustard men are invading the earth!)

There's a knock on the door, and after reading that and thinking it's the mustard men ("they make house calls"), Scooby and Shaggy jump and hide, but "not hiding with him!" growl at each other, and separate. Worse than the mustard men, it's Mr. O'Greazy (who hands them a "Bucket O' Slimy things", which looks like worms and has a swarm of flies around it!) He's got an emergency case, someone stealing his buckets. The announcer (not the usual one, but is the same voice) interrupts Count Shockula to report that if O'Greazy can't be the sponsor, the show will have to be cancelled. Freddy takes the case (but charges 50¢ a night because it's past their bedtime). He gives them the "Bucket O'contracts" to sign at his office.

"So we went straight to O'Greazy's icky bucket shaped office..." (in the "Bucket O'Bldg") and he tells them to "pull up O'chair". (Daphne: "Ew; I don't sit in buckets!" and has Jenkins bring her an easy chair. Shaggy and Scooby fight over a seat, which breaks, landing them on the floor in their turned back positions). Count Shockula enters (when he's about to give both Shaggy and Scooby his autograph, they, looking at each other say "Never mind", and turn their backs again!", to his befuddlement). He tells O'Greazy to stop his publicity stunt. (Fred interrupts and asks why he doesn't sound like Count Shockula on TV, and he says it's the fake vampire teeth. Scooby wears them to scare Shaggy, who lands in the chandelier, with his back turned). O'Greazy says the burger monster's not a stunt, and Shockula mentions him buying all the commercials on his show, but if he went out of business, he could get a better sponsor. He then leaves.

Fred wants to return to O'Greazy's headquarters, and Shaggy and Scooby don't want to go, but then if one isn't going, then the other will go. (So they both go after all, and the others hope they make up, soon). Inside, Daphne finds the place "scary" because of all the tacky "Bucket" photos on the wall, including stuff like "Bucket O'Soda". The monster confronts them ("Stay off this case!") Scooby sprinkles pepper on him, causing him to sneeze and land in a chair, propelled backwards. Velma has found stage makeup. ("Then it's not really a burger monster! It's a mustard man in disguise"). It's vampire fake blood. (Which makes Scooby think of "Rount Rockula").

They go back to the restaurant (Scooby is goaded in by Shaggy calling him a "Scaredy dog"). Red Herring is there, who thinks O'Greazy has "the best grub in own". (He teases Scooby with a hot dog, and then walks into the trash. The gang laughs, and as he walks out wearing the can, "That's not very funny!") They ask worker Skippy Johnson, whose worked there for 38 years, and implicated Shockula as having something to hide. Velma orders one "Bucket O'Clues". Back at the headquarters, they look through it and find "Barney's Bag O'Burgers". The monster bursts in, and they pretend to be fancy restauranteurs, and cover him in food. Shaggy and Scooby end up on a fountain, and Scooby having a bucket on his head.

They ask a sidewalk vendor where they can find Barney, and it is Arnie Barney himself. When they mention O'Greazy, he explains why he has something against him. He was once king of Coolsville's fast food with his "Bag O'Beets" and "Bag O'Soup", but then O'Greazy went "high tech" on him with his buckets. He never recovered and lost all his restaurants and has only the cart left. As Velma types on the computer, O'Greazy drives up, and teases Barney by offering him a "Bucket O'Customers". Barney says he has a "monster of a plan" to put him out of business. ("Bag it, Barney!"; Scooby laughs and doesn't get it).

Shaggy and Scooby walk separate ways again, and Scooby stumbles on a clue; some buckets. ("Tell that puppy he's just lucky!") There's a whole trail of O'Greazy's buckets. (As they follow, Shaggy and Scooby walk with their backs to each other). It leads to Count Shockula's house. Instead of Shockula, the door is answered by the monster. (The "special announcement", now by the regular anchor, is "The frightful reaction you are about to see is performed by professionals. Do NOT try this at home!", and they do several Avery-style takes).
The musical chase begins ("Haunted Hamburger"). They take the bus, but the monster is driving (complete with "Ralph Kramden" cap). They then run into the zoo, and hide amidst the animals. He ends up rolling away on an ice cream cart. Scooby sits on something sharp, lands in Shaggy's arms, and when he says "Will you please tell this puppy to get out of my arms", then moves to Freddy's arms. It's a bucket shaped pin that says "#1". ("Tell that puppy it means that Velma has a plan". She affirms, "Indubitably!")

Fred advertizes that "O'Greazy's back by popular demand, and no monster's gonna stop us!" The monster interrupts ("That's what you think!") and chases him and the girls past Shaggy and Scooby, who are supposed to push a bucket of ketchup on the monster, but are still doing the back-turned "I'm not gonna push if he's gonna" stand. They finally agree to push, but it's too heavy for them, but not the monster, who pushes it on Fred and the girls. He grabs Shaggy, who calls out for Scooby. He stops at the counter and orders a Bucket O'Onions, and Bucket O'Glue, which he hands to the monster, who now can't get rid of the smelly food. ("Get it off; get it off!") and gets stuck in mud. Shaggy tries to pass a "thanks" to Scooby, but having gone on long enough, Daphne tells him "tell him yourself", and they make up.

Daphne thinks it's Count Shockula, who wanted a new sponsor because he didn't like O'Greazy. The stage makeup and bucket led right to him. Shaggy thinks it's Arnie Barney, who hates O'Greazy for ruining his business. (O'Greasy: "Yeah, What O'crybaby"). Fred says Red Herring, but he shows up and says "Why would I want to close down my favorite restaurant?" (O'Greazy: "Yeah, he's one O'my best customers!" Velma calculates he was wrong for the 6457th time this month; a new record!)
She reviews the clues. She realized the bucket Scooby found was part of an O'Greazy uniform, as well as the pin, so the monster is Skippy Johnson. He tried to make it look like Count Shockula was the monster. This was because in 38 years, O'Greazy never gave him a raise. (Daphne: Why didn't you just quit and find a better job?" "Gee, I never thought of that!"

The reward O'Greazy gives them: the next week's special, a "Bucket O'Stewed tomatoes". On TV, Shockula thanks to the gang. Fred asks what Shaggy and Scooby what they were fighting about, and they almost fight about who tells them, but really don't even remember.

The most wacky, and at the same time, most hideous looking monster getup ever!

The Computer Walks Among Us - October 14, 1989

We zoom in on the Coolsville Junior High auditorium. “Like we were all at the Brain Club Science Show. That's where all the smart kids in school show their latest inventions. And along with her parents, we were waiting to see Velma's entries. It was the perfect place to show my latest invention, the super triple deluxe sandwich to my pal, a pup named Scooby Doo”. (Daphne “I swear! If this were an eating show, you two would be sure to win first prize!” Velma's father: “We concur with Daphne's assessment”. Mother: “Scooby and Shaggy are both true champions at consuming edible substances!” As a new spin on the “I don't get it!” gag, Shaggy and Scooby thank them, but then confess to not understanding what they said!)

Velma, the final entry (and last year's winner) is called up, and introduces the “Velma 2000” computer, which can perform any task you ask, and she requests “Task 54-K”, which cleans the stage using several arms. (Fred, reading the National Exaggerator, thinks it looks just like the “Metal Men from Mercury”). It also bakes a cake (which Scooby swipes). Red Herring insults it, and upon calling it “all wet”, it hoses him up to the catwalk (“You know, that's not very funny!”) Velma wins first prize (third year in a row), and “a celebration at the local ice cream establishment is in order”.
When everyone leaves, and the stage light is turned off for the night, the computer comes to life (sprouting teeth like the Exaggerator aliens) and pulls out its own plug and continues moving, saying “DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!”

The next day, at the school, Shaggy and Scooby are doing math on the blackboard that turns into a game of tic tac toe. Another kid, Bruce Wormsley, whose fountain pen spatula won second prize, praises her as her biggest fan. (Scooby ahems, and he changes it to second biggest fan). Daphne is heard screaming, and her, Fred and Shaggy find that their lockers have been cleaned out (Daphne's purple notebook; the only one matching her dress, Fred's National Exaggerators and Shaggy's food). Velma uses the robot to find it, and all the stuff spills out of one locker that turns out to be hers! This includes an item belonging to Bruce, and worse yet, the answers to the upcoming math final. Fred now repeatedly thinks she did it, and rubs it in. (“So YOU did it; huh! That's pretty sneaky of you, pretending to be our friend all these years!” "She might steal, but she would never cheat!") Red gloats about it as well, and Daphne calls Jenkins to remove the delinquent. Velma is sent to the principal's office, and afterward, in the gang's treehouse, reveals she's been suspended, and that her life in “essentially ruined”!

Scooby morphs himself into the computer, to suggest how to solve the case, and they decide they must go to the school to look for clues, but the problem is how to get Velma back in. So they have to disguise her as another girl, and if him thinking she did it wasn't bad enough, Fred continuously forgets this is her, and refers to her as “the new kid”, including that “she says 'jinkies' just like Velma” (and evenually, Daphne gives up in reminding him). To get in past Gus the janitor, Daphne says they forgot their books, and that the unfamiliar kid he questions is her cousin (Fred: “I didn't know Daphne had a cousin!”)
They find Velma's magnifying glass (Now even Shaggy and Daphne wonder “You don't think she's really the one who...? NAH!”) and another item. Red is hiding in a locker (“A ha! Caught ya, Dinkley; I knew you'd return to the scene of the crime!” and Scooby closes him back in). They also find the robot's tire tracks near their lockers (Scooby's nose turns into a trumpet to announce that one), and when asking what it means, the robot suddenly comes down the hall saying “It means, I MUST DELETE!” (Shaggy: “I'm too young to be deleted!” Afterwards, the robot runs around repeating “I MUST DELETE!” as it chases the gang).

It rips a locker out of the wall and grabs Velma. Scooby now sounds the battle horn (tadadada dada!) and goes to box him; “Put 'em up!”, just like Scrappy! It commands itself “Removing unwanted interference!” and kicks him back. Scooby next tickles it with a feather and rescues her. They next pretend to be car wash attendants and send “Mr. Delete” to the shower. (“Don't forget to wash behind your data bank!”) Enjoying this, it takes a moment for him to get wise. Ditching him, Velma is now out of disguise, and Daphne has to explain to Fred (“Velma; you're back!”) the “new kid” had to leave. (Red is still popping out of the locker accusing them of “sneaking around the school”, but why does no one ask what he's doing there?)

They now search the janitor's office. The janitor shows up (and we get the sudden yelling gag when he explains to Fred that he's the janitor and works there). Daphne asks why he has so many strange things in there, and he says he's a “tinkerer” and demonstrates his “mopping kayak” (He simply rows it with a pair of mops; shouting “steroke, steroke...”; and “There's one idea where you can clean up” is Scooby's “I don't get it”).
The robot enters and supplies the speakers for the chase song (“Micro Monster”). In the chase, they have to tiptoe through the library. After getting rid of him for a moment by scraping Scooby's paws, they find Velma's briefcase and a red ribbon. The robot comes back and actually swallows Shaggy, Freddy and Daphne, and now comes to “delete" Velma! When Scooby says “don't ask me" (what to do), Velma gets the idea to give the robot commands such as sweeping the floor, which it does. Both she and Scoob give so many commands it overloads the circuits and crashes, allowing the others to escape.

With the monster caught and teacher and principal present, Fred still wants to “split up”! We then get another “special announcement”; “Warning! You are about to hear one of Freddy's goofy ideas!” of Velma and the “new kid” disguising as lockers to steal the stuff, and were secretly in radio contact with the metal men from Mercury. (Of course, he throws in Red, who's still hiding in the locker). Shaggy thinks it's Gus who was “weird and spooky, and liked to build things”. and Daphne asks “It wasn't you, -- was it, Velma?” Everyone says “Nah!”
Velma shows the person controlling the computer (from inside) was Bruce. His pen case had been found with Velma's magnifying glass, and the red ribbon was his. He did it because he was tired of Velma always being better than him, and with her out of the way, he would be #1. The principal pulls him into his office.

Velma is now cleared and affirmed by the teacher and her parents, and she's given the robot to Gus to row his mopping kayak (who passes by with it, cleaning the floor). Say's Velma, “I'd still be in trouble, if not for my friend, a pup named Scooby Doo”.

Fred is at his most incredibly idiotic in this one. This character truly bears no resemblance to the original grownup Fred

Scooby again acts just like Scrappy, this time even adding "put 'em up!"

Dog Gone Scooby - October 21, 1989

“Like it was a gray and rainy day. But a little rain never stops the fun for a pup named Scoiby Doo”! Up in the treehouse, Scooby annoys everyone. He shakes mud on Daphne's dress (a “fashion emergency” she calls Lacy's Dept. store, who brings a rack of identical dresses she picks from) tears a hole in Fred's “mole men” magazine article, distracts Velma from her experiment to turn vanilla ice cream to chocolate, and licks up the last of Shaggy's peanut butter and watermelon pizza mix batch “for a rainy day“. Upset that no one has time for him, he leaves. Outside, he's being watched by a female mad scientist who wants his head.

Later, Shaggy is looking for him, and he's not to be found. At his doghouse, they find a note, “Rear Raggy, RI'm rout of rere. No one needs re! Your ex-puppy, Scooby”. Shaggy literally falls apart, then pulls himself together. He tells his father to “put out an APB; All Puppy Bulletin", but he's not been missing for 24 hours. He and Shugie flood the room with tears, and then Freddy suggests “Using Scooby's super sniffer” to find him (Freddy repeatedy makes Shaggy cry with these gaffes, including “let's split up; you and Scooby go that way”, or “Shouldn't we change our name?”), and Velma's computer is out of commission.

Shaggy recalls “their first case”, with them as babies in the sand box, digging for "buwied treasure”, “or maybe buwied pizza”. Baby “Wed Hewwing“ scares them with a mask, and is tossed by the seesaw (“That's not vewwy funny!”) “That was the only time Red was ever the monster!” “And Freddy's never forgot it!”
Scooby meanwhile is at the butcher shop, getting a suitcase full of bones. He's willing to take an offer from Red (“Well if it isn't Scooby Doofus!”) to be his friend, but he's only kidding him. He then bumps into the lady, who scares him away.

Freddy imagines Scooby being lost and the molemen get him, and he's rescued by a strange lady who turns out to be Dracula who takes him to his two headed mummy werewolf. He then decides to question Red, taking a bath, who tells him he saw him by the butcher shop. They go there, and then find a trail of Scooby's stuff.
Scooby himself is asking “Where am I?” and a big bulldog takes his case of bones. He dons the karate garb, and the dog and his friends suddenly run off. He thinks “it worked", but they were really running from the lady. Scooby’s ghost flees his body, and then comes back [and has to be told] to snatch him away! He now wants to go home, but doesn't know where's home. (The special announcement is: "If you feel bad for Scooby, you're not the only one! Wah hah, hah; it's breaking me up too!")

Shaggy is now using his own [elastic] sniffer. He doesn't believe Scooby would come to a spooky neighborhood like this without a Scooby Snack. This reminds Daphne of the time he tasted his first Scooby Snack. (To get him to go into an old house, Shaggy first offers him a beet and a bowl of linguine, then Daphne has Jenkins bake him a Scooby Snack, leading him to rocket into a sky full of fireworks). Shaggy sniffs out Scooby's suitcase, and they find red handprints (which Fred interprets as "a bloody handprint"). The bulldog and his friends attack (Fred forgets again and tells Scooby to "do something"). Daphne calls Jenkins, but Dawson shows up, because Jenkins is doing her shopping ("Oh, that is much more important than this"). So Dawson outgrowls the dogs, chasing them away.

The lady finds Scooby again, and he tries to escape on a bike, but then she's riding it too. She gets snagged on a clothesline, and he loses her, but crashes in trash. He drops his dog tag. The gang, on the motorized skateboard, has been past the area ten times, and Fred is rather slow in mentioning seeing the dog tag, but is praised for finding a clue, but doesn't even know what the clue is! Without the computer, Velma figures on a dryboard with math which way he went.

Scooby, on a foggy pier, cuts a window in the fog, and the lady cuts another window next to him. The kids are now using a large searchlight. They see a horrible looking sea monster coming toward them (which Fred thinks is "king of the eel people"), and think this is the end (and Shaggy would never have a chance to apologize to Scooby), but it's only Scooby in a covered box with ropes hanging out of it. Reunited, they are confronted by the lady, who says she could maybe use parts of his friends' heads too. She chases them to "Look Out When She's Coming" and they scare her off with a scuba ghost diver costume.

Freddy now says "Jinkies!", but can't utter a plan, so Velma comes up with one as usual. Shaggy and Scooby disguise as a ship's crew, taking her on a cruise, but she gets wise to it. Velma finds something with her magnifying glass, and says now she gets it. Freddy at first claims she's queen of the eel people, and then Red Herring (who pulls up in a rowboat saying "Ahoy Jones; why don't ya take a long walk on a short pier! What a chowderhead!") Velma identifies her as Paula P. Casso, the famous artist. A paintbrush had fallen out of her pocket and she realized the handprints on Scooby's suitcase were paint, not blood. She just wanted Scooby's head in one of her pictures!

He agrees to pose for her, and in the treehouse, they have a "welcome home" celebration and say they won't ever be too busy to play with him. (Though Freddy is a bit sorry they won't be able to call it the "Freddy Jones Detective Agency"). Scooby unveils the painting, which is in a bizarre Picasso style. "Well, paintings are nice, but there's no substitute for a pup named Scooby Doo!"

Once again, some variety in the plots, this story uses neither the regular crook, nor phony ghost disguise routine

Shaggy's sister Shugie makes her second appearance

We continue from the previous episode with Fred's heightened idiocy

Terror, Thy Name is Zombo - October 28, 1989

"Like the gang and I had gone to Jipner's Joyland, Coolsville's coolest amusement park. I was gonna be the first kid on their brand new rollercoaster, along with a pup named Scooby Doo" (Shaggy stopped Daphne from talking so he could complete the narration). They ate 450 boxes of cereal just to get box tops to win the first ride on Monster Mountain. Arriving at the front gate, they see the park is closed! They hear crying, and it's Jollie Jipner the official, now unemployed turnip mascot. They closed down when Zombo the clown ghost showed up. Daphne says there's no such thing as clown ghosts, and the tiny clown car pulls up, from which he emerges. (Their fear reaction is to turn into clowns!) He grabs Shaggy and floats off with him. Scooby becomes a cowboy and lassoes Shaggy back. The clown tells them to stay away from Jipner's Joyland or else, and continues floating off. Daphne keeps Shaggy and Scooby from running off by telling them no one will ever be able to ride Monster Mountain.

They walk and look up at Monster Mountain. Jolly shows up with his brother Joey, not to congratulate them, but to charge them admission. Shaggy and Scooby present their wheelbarrow full of box tops, showing they won the contest ("How'd you manage to eat all that cereal?" "Like we were hungry!") They offer their services as the Scooby Doo Detective Agency and ask why Zombo is haunting them. They say he used to own the park, but he was a real "clown" when it came to business. Their Dad Johnny Jipner bought the park from him, and Zombo thought he tried to cheat him. So his ghost has returned to chase away customers and steal their money.

Their sister Jenny has had it and hands over her share of the park, and demands $200 ("I said you could have it; I didn't say it was free!"), then runs away laughing maniacally. Joey offers the gang life-time passes to Jipner's Joyland if they stop Zombo. (Fred looks forward to the "Museum of the Hard to Believe" with it's "See condos on Mars" and "Smell Big Foot's shoes". Velma looks forward to riding the rocket to the moon more often. Daphne wants to practically live in Fashion Land). When asked if anyone would want to ruin their business, they mention a strange brother, Bart, who owns Sloppo Land, a crummy amusement park next door. (Daphne notes how the name doesn't fit with the others). Bart always was a rebel who hates Joey and would be better off if they went out of business, but they don't think he would so something like this.

They confront someone doing something to a ferris wheel, and it's Jarret Jipner, who fixes rides. When he asks Fred what he's doing there, Fred is now the one who screams "I'm on the case" (then apologizes; "But I don't get to do that very often"). Zombo springs up like a Jack-in-the-box (Shaggy and Scooby's gazes turn into merry-go-rounds). Shaggy and Scooby take off in a taxi, and Daphne reminds them of Monster Mountain ("Like why does she have to be right all the time?") Scoob's sniffer jumps off and holds up a sign "Rollow Re!" but it's only a snack bar. The hot dogs fall out on them (Scooby calls it an "avalunch", and now Shaggy is the one who laughs and says "I don't get it!" This is the second role reversal). A roll of paper is lying on the food. It's a set of blueprints.

They split up and Shaggy and Scooby are at the funhouse (which "doesn't look like much fun to me"). Velma finds free passes to Sloppo Land. Scooby lands on a mirror, and it's a secret entrance to a garage. Scooby finds Zombo's car, and now Zombo's found them (all three swap hairdo's, including Scooby's ears). Scooby pulls them out on a rickshaw. They disguise as ticket sellers in the booth and wrap him up in tickets, spinning him away. Fred and Daphne are Sloppo Land, "home of the world famous lettuce on a stick". The others land in a bin of lettuce, and Scooby scares Shaggy by wearing a clown mask (from a makeup kit; and Shaggy thinks it's "Zombos' evil clown puppy Fido"). Zombo comes up from behind them. Scooby runs into a tire ride, which catches the clown, tossing him.

Bart enters, and they ask him why Zombo is there. He mentions with Jipner's Joyland gone, he could afford to put in a second ride (in addition to the tire ride, which is really little more than a roating clothes line with hanging tires). He then throws them out for the night. They go back to tell Joey, and see what looks like a "Jipner family reunion", with a long line of relatives quitting (Jaimie says his mother needs an operation, and it takes a moment for Joey to realize "Your mom is my mom, and she's never been sick a day in her life". He snatches the money and runs; "what a sucker!")

They go back to the funhouse, and Daphne is out of "new and imprved, extra tasty Scooby Snacks", so she has to reorder from the Speedy Scooby Snack delivery service a box of peanut butter Scooby Snacks. Shaggy and Scooby think they see "the haunted eye of Zombo", but it was only Velma, behind a magnifying screen. They see Zombo's shoes are powered by the same jet stream blasters used in a funhouse. Zombo enters and Daphne calls Jenkins to "be scared" for her, as to not ruin her hair she just had done. He chases them on rides to "He's a Clown Ghost". They escape, hiding in a trailer. Scooby is in a chest filled with clown props.

In Velma's plan, Scooby becomes new clown in town; "Slapstickin' Scooby", who's challenging hm to a "clown-off". Scooby matches Zombo's water flower with a hose attached to his. ("The fastest flower in the west!") Next is pie throwing and Scooby gets his food table and simply gulps it. Then, balloon animals, and Scooby makes the Statue of Liberty. He chases Scooby and Shaggy into Monster Mountain (which they are now finally getting to ride on). In a tunnel, Zombo moves to the car right behind them. At the end of the ride, all three confess it's "boss", and then pass out.

Daphne thinks Zombo is Bart Jipner, who had everything to gain if Jipner's Joyland closed down, plus the clown makeup. Fred says it can only be one person, but can't figure out who it is. Red himself now asks "Aren't you going to accuse me of doing it?" and when he does, he sticks a clown hose on him and says "Wrong again, you clown; honk honk, what a dweeb!" It's really Joey Jipner. the blueprints were actually plans to imprve Jipner's Joyland. He also had a safe filled with money even though he said business was bad, plus the clown props in his trailer. He became Zombo to scare the other Jipners away and used the money he stole from the park to buy out his brothers and sisters and own the park alone, and get all the money.

Bart has now been welcomed back into the family and as the oldest brother, he gets to take over Jipner's Joyland. For helping them out, the kids can ride Monster Mountain anytime, for free. Scooby's on the tire ride. "I guess this ride's thrills enough, for a pup named Scooby Doo" (Scooby: "Don't I get to say that?")

Season three: 1990-1991

Night of the Boogey Biker

"Like it was a nice night just to hang around the clubhouse. So everyone was relaxing. Everyone but Freddy, that is". He's obsessed with blaming Red Herring for something; anything (armed with his crude drawing of him). Anytime someone has misplaced something, Fred jumps in saying it was Red ("I think you've got Red Herring on the brain!") Whenever there's a missing pizza, it's obviously Scooby, but Fred tells him "Red did it; I know he did it; you just think you ate it!" Daphne points out this is getting out of hand, and Freddy says he can't help it. Red calls him on the phone to add to the descriptions of him he's listing. Daphne suggests him not accusing Red of anything for 24 hours will break the habit. Just a few seconds in, and he's uneasy and asking how much time left.

Someone tosses a pebble, a rock and a boulder. It's Red Herring's aunt, Hedda Herring, who wants to hire the gang, because somone stole her bike (a rundown motorcycle), and the "weenies" are the closest detective agency to her house. (She asks Fred, "Aren't you the doodoo brain who's always accusing my nephew?") It was stolen from her garage. Fred refrains from blaming Red, and she mentions as a suspect, the "Boogey Biker", her rival in a cross country race long ago. When the Boogey Biker took a shortcut through Devil's Canyon, he disappeared, so she won the first prize, which was her chopper, which he wanted to steal. (Upon leaving them, says "Red's right. They're all a bunch of weenies!").

Scooby's nose turns into a magnet, which draws him to Red's jacket. He takes it and says he's heard somebody stole his aunt's bike, and asks Fred who he thinks did it. He turns red in the face and says "nobody". When they tell him Fred's not trying to accuse him of anything, he now tries to goad him into blaming him ("You found my jacket here; didn't ya? Didn't ya?") Fred passes out. Scooby's sniffer (which pulls Scooby on a leash) leads him to tire tracks that lead into spooky looking bushes. The Boogey Biker pops out and chases them.They disguise, and Velma and Scooby, on the rocket skateboard, pretend to race him, and he takes off, dropping a wrench. When Velma notes it, Fred asks "Hey! How come she gets to say 'jinkies', and I can't say, —you know what?" ("It's not the same thing, Freddy!")

Hedda's neighbor, Winnie Bagel hopes they don't find the bike since she hates its noise. She says she would steal it herself, except it's so dangerous. Shaggy and Scooby are tied to a chair in forcing them to go into the bushes. They follow the tracks to a shed, in which there's a motorcycle that looks like hers, but has a sidecar, and is clean. The Boogey Biker comes up from behind it. They run, and Scooby ends up on the bike, which he accidentally starts, and rides to the ceiling, and crashes into the Boogey Biker.

Daphne thinks it's Winnie Bagel, and when asked, Freddy yells "Who do you think I think it is? I'm not gonna say it! No sir. Not me!" (drying his sweat with a stack of towels). Velma calculates the Boogey Biker is —"Jinkies, it couldn't be!" It's actually Red Herring! (Fred has a tantrum; "I knew it! I knew it! IknewitIknew it...!") His aunt asks why he stole it, but he didn't steal it, just wanted to spruce it up so she could carry her groceries as a birthday present. (He tried to scare them off so as to not ruin his reputation). Fred gives the others a bunch of "I told you so's". Now, Daphne's watch is missing, and so Fred goes on his Red rant. Shaggy and Scooby wear ear muffs. "Putting up with Freddy is a lot easier with the help of my pal, a pup named Scooby Doo!"

Now we're back to a few short episodes

Dawn of the Spooky Shuttle Scare - September 8, 1990

"Like it was a great day. The gang and I had gone to the Coolsville Space Center, along with my pal, a pup named Scooby Doo". Scooby's wearing a spacesuit, pretending to be "Space Puppy". Velma's experiment was chosen to go into space on the space shuttle! Her experiment is to see if microwaved Scooby Snacks will cook in outer space. She recalls starting this experiment when she was just a child. (We see a younger Velma finding Scooby in a large pile of Scooby Snacks). Mr. Sinclair is taking them on a tour of the shuttle. When Fred scares Shaggy and Scooby with the idea of Martians hiding on the space shuttle, Daphne has to use a Scooby Snack and a "Shaggy Snack" to get them to change their mind (they have the same effect).

Right as they are about to enter the shuttle, an astronaut ghost pops out of it, and says the mission is grounded. Shaggy and Scooby argue through pantomine over who's more scared, as the ghost waits. Both of their skeletons pop out of their heads, and pull them along. They disguise as shuttle maintainers and tell him he's not allowed, and he walks away sorry, but then gets wise. Scooby has shoe polish on his backside (which Fred thought was "contaminated alien juice". Mr. Sinclair cancels the launch. Conditions won't be right again for Velma's experient until 2047!

Scooby's vacuum hose sniffer picks up a boot, which a guy dressed up like a cowboy claims. It's Billy Bob Joe Harris ("You don't have to call me Mr. Harris; you can call me Billy Bob, or you can call me Joe Bob, or you can call me Billy Joe...", etc. Daphne: "Uh, we get the idea!") He yells at Fred "I DO own the place!". He says everything was fine until "they" came and built the space center. The liftoffs spook his cows (he presents one who looks dazed). He goes back to his new job, selling shuttle souvenirs to the tourists.
They also meet Simon Simonton, whose antigravity boots lost to Velma's project. He's not mad, as nothing could be more important than her Scooby Snack experiment, and he only has to wait ten years for another flight. (Fred keeps rubbing in how bad Velma must feel; "i.e. "an empty shell of a human being"). He's going to polish his boots for the launch; in ten years. ("But time really flies when you're polishing").

They search around, and find a paper with a scientific formula, and see the ghost, who comes out of the computer screen and chases them. Scooby ends up riding his back as he flies around. He corners the others ("You're not Red Herring by any chance, are you?") Scooby has gotten one of his boots, which he presses a button on, now zipping around like him. He finally crashes him into a barrel. Mr. Sinclair arrives with a cop, thanking them. Daphne and Shaggy think it's Billy Bob, who talks western like the ghost and thinks the space center bothers his cows (Scooby now brings the cow out i.e. the running gag. Fred only thinks the ghost is probably not even an astronaut. They don't accept ghosts into the space program!" Daphne: "Oh, you figured that out all by yourself? Keep up the good work, Freddy!")

The ghost is Simon Simonton (The special announcment says "Simon Simonton? I can't believe it!") The shoe polish on Scooby was the same Simon used on his antigravity boots. The paper they found was Simon's antigravity formula. He really was mad about her experiment preventing his from going into orbit, so tried to make sure hers didn't either ("So there! Nyah, nyah, nyah!") Velma's experiment is going up after all, "and I owe it all to a pup named — Scooby Dooby Doo!"

This plot is similar to "The Computer Walks Among Us"

A "Shaggy snack" is once again shown

Horror of the Haunted Hairpiece - October 6, 1990

"Like it was a tough job. Me and the gang had been hired to work at the video arcade. Including that all time video champ of Coolsville, a pup named Scooby Doo". Scooby beat the odds of winning three games at the same time, which Velma calculates as 1,763,222 to 1. Daphne has been placed in charge ("the new boss") by her father. Gus (the school janitor from "the Computer Walks Among us") brings in a new video game he has just assembled; Hairdo Wars, with a monster called Bigwig. (Shaggy wonders what could be scary about that, but now Daphne says "What could be scarier than a bad hairdo!")
Scooby makes 50,000 points in seconds, but then Bigwig bursts out of the machine (a minature Shaggy and Scooby pop out of their heads, and close them back up). Bigwig nets Daphne, and Scooby blows him away with a big fan. Daphne is falling, and Scooby calls Jenkins to save her, but the green helicopter he's using clashes with her dress, so he gets a pink one ("That's better. You may save me now!" Scooby who's also in the helicopter actually uses his tail).

Freddy calls Daphne's father saying she needs help ("I wish you hadn't done that!") Both of her parents arrive in seconds. Freddy tells them their customers "probably left because your arcade is haunted." All three say "there's no such things as monsters" (They are "Stubborn as hairspray"). Restauranteur Crusty Baker enters, saying the noise from the arcade is hurting his business. (He hands Shaggy and Scooby "bread sticks" made of sticks, instead of out of bread). Next to enter is Derwood O. McDigitson. He's trying to see the game "Fill in the Hole". Daphne pushes him out. Her father offers to help, but she insists on handling it herself. They leave to do their Tuesday ritual of counting money, which takes until Saturday). Freddy offers take the case for her, for $4 a day (the others say "Freddy!" Friends are supposed to be for free, but recall, they charged Shaggy in the first episode!)

They go sniff out some clues, and a girl named Chrissy recognized Scooby's sniffer. She claim she stopped coming there because Scooby was cheating. To show she's been practicing, she beats a game in seconds. Scooby beats one casually sitting down drinking lemonade. Scooby is then frightened by a hologram from the Gilo machine. They split up, and Shaggy and Scooby are in an alley way (Scooby's nose turns into Sherlock). They see Bigwig trying to break into Crusty's back door, and he's soon standing above them, They swap heads and run and disguise as hairstylists and put him under a hairdryer and escape.
They run back into the arcade, and into the back of the game Velma is playing, and form digital vector images of themselves on the screen. Velma finds a trail of hair, and they follow it to Derwood O' McDigitson's house. He's mad at Daphne for not playing any of his video games. Bigwig nets them all, and Velma takes out of her case hair remover, which causes him to drop them and run. They hear Derwood in his garage saying "this could wipe them out!" Freddy confronts him ("IT'S MY GARAGE!"), and he shows them his new game "Tomato Toss". Scooby tries it and gets tomato in his face. Derwood likes Bigwig for potentially ruining Daphne for not buying his game.

Shaggy and Scooby go to Crusty's for dinner; a "pile of spaghetti", but it's not cooked. Bigwig appears again, and the special announcement says "If the groovy rock and roll music you are about to hear really turns you on, feel free to get down and boogie; YEE HA!" (The song is simply "Bigwig") Scooby is wearing a hairpiece that looks like Elvis, and gives Velma an idea of how to catch Bigwig, with Gus' help. They stand on a stage advertizing free games. Bigwig shows up, and "Scoobnan the Barbrarian" comes out of a game, but is quickly deflated and runs. Daphne plans to use styling mousse on Bigwig as he runs by. Scooby is scared by the hologram and bumps Bigwig out of place and gets moussed instead. He manages to pounce Bigwig.

Shaggy thinks Bigwig is Chrissy, because she hated losing to Velma and wanted the gameroom closed. Daphne thinks it's Derwood O. McDigitson, who's made because "I wouldn't buy his dumb video games". Fred has to repeat, and then go find Red Herring, reading a paper, to get the denial from him. It's Crusty Baker, who they at first don't recognize without the hairpiece. Velma began to suspect him when the monster was trying to break in Crusty's back door. The monster had dropped sticks when he netted them, that were actually Crusty's bread sticks. And then, the toupee.

Gus is now running Crusty's, and his automatic pizza maker is a big hit. Daphne tells her parents she doesn't want to run a business right now. Thanks to Shaggy's secret recipe, Gus has the best pretzel and whipped cream pizza in town. (The Blakes, in unison "Eww gross!") Who would want to eat that? His two best customers "Like no one knows more about great pizza than my pal, a pup named Scooby Doby Doo!"

One time possible suspect Gus returns, going from school janitor to all-around handyman

Wrestle Maniacs - November 3, 1990

“The gang and I were at the grand reopening of the CWF; or, Coolsville Wrestling Federation. I came as Commander Cool, along with my pal, a pup named Scooby Doo, or uh, pardon me, make that, my parner, Mellow Mutt”. (Daphne: “You two look like major geekoids in those goofy costumes!”) They claim to be “The guardian mascots of the CWF”. Even Velma is into it, rooting for a body slam. (Freddy is meanwhile looking the other direction, rooting for guys fighting by the snack bar).
They are greeted by Carol Colossal, owner of the toy factory in “The Return of Commander Cool” who in a “shrewd business move” has bought the CWF, and has her old secretary Barbara Simone (the culprit from that story) working for her under a prison release work permit (“It's so hard to find a good secretary these days!” She's still wearing a striped prison suit and accompanied by an officer. Shaggy and Scooby had asked when the official CC kitty litter was coming out).

They watch a match between Baron Scuzzball and the Coolsville Comet, when a small explosion blasts a hole in the floor of the ring and the Comet falls through and runs away. A cow ghost in a wrestling uniform appears and grabs Shaggy and Scooby and announces that the ghost of the Hooded Heifer shall destroy them, and that the CWF is “Mmmmine!”. Mellow Mutt (Scooby) uses his “Commander Cool cow repellant” and the ghost runs off. (Daphne notes it smells like barbecue sauce. “Is there any better way to repel a cow?”)

The Coolsville Comet emerges from the hole and tells them the story of the Hooded Heifer (Shaggy: “Why does there always have to be a scary story?”). He was the meanest wrestler in the CWF (like running over an opponent with a steam roller), and even turned on the audience, so he was kicked out and vowed revenge. The Comet leaves for a vacation, dropping a remote control, which he comes back and picks up. Shaggy and Scooby refused to help (“we have a thing about ghosts”), and even change in the phone booth from CC and MM to their normal selves when Daphne goads “I thought you were supposed to be super heroes”. Then, Carol says that if the CWF goes out of business, it'll be the end of Commander Cool toys, which of course makes them change back. (“That's scarier than any ghost!”).

There being a lot to sniff around, Scooby's sniffer branches into three, which all bark when a clue is found. It's a cancelled check made out to Herbert Blum. They hear a door and see a shadow, and Fred confronts a man dressed as Little Bo Peep (“Little Bo Peter”), who say he's the world's biggest wrestling fan because of all his souvenirs. (Shaggy asks him for his CWF barbecue sauce, and he shows an aversion). He says he wanted to be a wrestler but Carol Colossal laughed at his costume, and he'll “show her” by joining the Swindelson Brothers Wrestling Federation (who also hate Colossal). He leaves with his “partners”, the sheep. The gang wants to check out the SBWF, and now a Scooby Snack substitutes for a Mellow Mutt Munchie when the latter is out. When there, Freddy tells Shaggy and Scooby “let's split up” after they're already split up! (He “forgot”). They stop at the snack bar, and the Hooded Heifer hands Shaggy the mustard. They take off with the official Commander Cool rocket powered hat. They distract him momentarily by disguising as souvenir salesmen.

They run in to the others at the desk of the identical Morty and Marty, the Swindelson brothers who claim Carol drew away all their wrestlers with her “promises” to pay them real money. They too have an aversion to the barbecue sauce they smell on Scooby's breath. They call in their remaining wrestler and accoutant, the petit Neville, and after Shaggy and Scooby refuse wrestling with their star, throws the gang out. The Hooded Heifer appears, and Shaggy and Scooby use their CC/MM bullfighting kit. They tango him away, and he's dropped a letter for Baron Scuzzball, the biggest cheater in the CWF.

They go back to the ring and see him wrestling a dummy. He says he hates Carol because she wouldn't let him cheat. He too hates barbecue sauce. The letter was an apology to his mother for beating her (Granny Gator, the meanest toughest old lady wrestler in the CWF) in their last match. She shows up and grabs him by the dreaded earlock and takes him home. They go and ask Carol about him, and she looks for her file on him, and Barbara zips in bringing it (she's basically her “Jenkins”). It's all covered in slime. They go back to his dressing room (Shaggy and Scooby have been telling the others “leave this up to professionals“) and think they see him, but it's the Hooded Heifer. Shaggy and Scooby melt, and then call for the CC music band, who plays “Hooded Haunted Guy”. They are able to scare him off with their “C” branding iron.

Velma calls for a plan, and Shaggy and Scooby insist on using the CC Handbook, but it says “always listen to Velma's plan”. They lure the ghost to the ring, to wrestle Mellow Mutt. He uses the “Commander Cool impenetrable brick wall”, but the second time, the ghost smashes it. (“They sure don't make impenetrable brick walls the way they used to!”) The Commander Cool cattle traps corrals Scooby instead, and the kids are now confronted by the ghost. Scooby uses the “Commander Cool reverse, backwards upside down cobweb” to trap the cow in the ropes. Daphne: “I guess you two proved you weren't COWards after all!" (laugh; “We don't get it!”)

Daphne thinks it's Little Bo Peter, who would have done anything to become a wrestler; “besides, no one in their right minds would dress like that!” (She has Jenkins do his Little Bo Peter impersonation to remind Carol how bad it was). Carol thinks it's the Swindelson Bros. who've always been her rivals. Shaggy and Scooby think it's Baron Scuzzball, who “hated everyone”. Red enters and tells Freddy if he beats him at wrestling, he'll say he did it! We next see a jacked up Freddy say “I guess he didn't do it”.
It's actually Herbert Blum, the previously unseen person who was better known as the Coolsville Comet (which was also a disguise). The remote control was what set off the explosion. The signature on the check matched the writing on the envelope. The lightsticks Scooby found belonged to the Comet. Herbert was upset because Carol bought the CWF before he could and used the legend of the Hooded Heifer to scare everyone away so he could buy the place cheap (Shaggy and Scooby's pants drop).

To repay, they have the gang get front seats to watch the official CC victory dance. “Like saving the CWF's easy, if you have a super partner like my pal, a pup named Scooby Doo!”

An actual previous crime victim and villain return

Season four: 1991

The Were-Doo of Doo Manor - August 3, 1991

“Like it was my favorite way to spend the weekend. A sleepover at the home of my pal, a pup named Scooby Doo” They've had 300 pizzas and are still hungry (“Next time, we'll order extra large”). His place is really “boss”, with an indoor swimming pool and a jungle room. Everything on TV is about monsters. Suddenly, a werewolf dog appears from under their pile of pizza boxes (they ask if it was their stomachs). They immediately call for a “mandatory snack break” the werewolf joins in, before the chase. Using the rubber duckie for the werewolf to land in, Scooby opens the air valve, sending the werewolf rocketing out the window.

Scooby's parents enter, and they at first think “he's back, and brought his girlfriend with him”. They tell them they're being haunted by a “weredoo”, and they have to spell it out, as hearing the word will cause the “Doo family faint” (as we saw in “Curse of the Collar”). And of course, Fred is going to repeatedy cause this reaction as the running gag. When Shaggy and Scooby now go and get the gang to help, Shaggy does this first after Velma revives them with a pizza, and then he has to explain to the others why they're fainting.

Next stop: Weredoo Manor! A man jackhammers through the ceiling, making the observation that “When one digs from the second floor, one falls down to the first floor”. This is Professor Digmi (not only does his name sound a little like Velma's family; he looks like one of them!), who's researching the history of the Doo family. Their great, great, great, great grandfather Nasty Doo upset a sorcerer who turned him into a weredoo (Freddy stops the professor from saying it, and then when he substitutes the word "monster", Freddy "corrects" him!)
What's worse, is the curse will be passed on to the first son of every seventh generation, once he sets foot in the house during a full moon. Velma calculates that this is Scooby, and there's a full moon outside, right then. But the Professor says that the curse will end if Scooby and every other Doo abandons Doo Manor and never returns. (He's learned his lesson about digging on the second floor, so is now heading to the third floor).

They split up, and Shaggy, Scooby and Velma go to Uncle Horton Doo's lab and think they see him, but it's Nasty Doo. Velma provides a door they and Nasty bounce on, until he bounces out of the door, which they then brick up. They open a mummy case, and think it's Nasty again, but this time, it is Uncle Horton (who likes scary things, like bats, skeletons, and monsters which he has in his pockets). Shaggy and Scooby now think he is the weredoo. Scooby's sniffer takes on arms and legs and runs, leading them to a bookcase secret entrance, from behind which comes Nasty. They run into the next room and throw him a birthday party to distract and trick him back behind the bookcase. Velma observes his footptints. Digmi now has learned what happens when you dig from the third floor, (and also drops a birthday hat before Velma), and heads for the roof to test a "theory".

A lady bursts in having something against the Doo family. She pulls them to another room and says the Doos are responsible for all her troubles, because she was living here when they inherited the family home and didn't want to be kicked out by them, and so is protesting the family (complete with a picket sign). She then takes his picture; to create another slash sign and kick him out of her room. Scooby sees the full moon (and tries to shave his hair, which he thinks is growing), but the weredoo is behind their backs. Scooby and his family now form the band playing the music ("He's a WereDoo Wolf").
Scooby falls down a hole and comes up with a weredoo mask, and a bone Velma observes closely. In Velma's plan, the gang digs, and when Nasty arrives, they say they're hot afraid of him anymore, but rather the "wereScoob", who now has a growling match with the weredoo, and then watermelon eating. Scooby's mask comes off, and he puts it on backwards, and then walks blind into the pit. Nasty confronts the others, and Scooby digs a trap around him ("dig [i.e. the slang] that trap" is the "I don't get it", and Nasty adds "me neither").

Shaggy thinks he's Horton because he's weird and spooky. Daphne thinks it's the lady, Gilda Squatter, because she hates the Doos. Fred blames Red for the 10,000th time, as he enters and tells him. (He hands him the "Golden Weiner" plaque, which will look good next to his "Doofus of the Year" award). It's really Professor Digmi. The dirt Nasty tracked was the same Digmi had been digging. Then, the monster's birthday hat. Then the costume where he was digging. He was after a missing leg bone for a skeleton. He says he would have gotten away with it if not for that tunneling puppy, who then digs around him again (but this time the cop arresting him catches him). The curse had been made up, so Scooby doesn't have to worry about turning into a weredoo. He and his parents only have to worry about the family faint when Freddy utters the word yet again. "Like you know, no one can handle taking care of family curses better tham my pal, a pup named Scooby Doo!"

Another Doo relative, Horton.

When you've seen enough of these, and get the pattern, then Digmi dropping the birthday hat, right after the birthday scene was he was not present, but the monster was, was a clear giveaway

Catcher on the Sly

Shaggy is aiming to give Scooby a bath, but through a sudden switch gets dunked himself and gives up. Buster McMuttmauler eyes Scooby and lies in wait. He tries dropping several heavy objects on him, but Scooby pirouettes around them as they hit the ground. Buster next disguises as a mailman, but is attacked by all the other dogs in the neighborhood. Scooby opens the door and takes his mail out of his hand. He next rides a bike offering "free peeza", and shoots disintegrating rays at Scooby, which are reflected off the mirror Scooby is looking in, turning the catcher to ashes. He then tries to catch him with a fishing rod, but catches a lawnmower instead. Scooby says "I shouldn't, but I will", and starts it, dragging Buster. He is pulled into a clothesline and slung into orbit. Scooby pulls up in the space shuttle and licks him.

Buster McMuttmauler was originally a typical fake ghost of someone from Scooby's parents' day in second season opener "Curse of the Collar", but now made a real, living contemporary of Scooby

10 years after the Scary Scooby Funnies, Scooby makes this brief return to a non-mystery slapstick format.

The Ghost of Mrs. Shusham

"Like it was the best way I know of, to spend a rainy day. Lots of comic books and snacks, along with my pal, a pup named Scooby Doo". Shaggy and Scooby have eaten all the food inthe clubhouse, and think a knock on the door is pizza delivery, but it's really the ghost of Mrs. Shushman, the librarian of the old Coolsville Library, who's demanding a book Shaggy never returned. Scooby disguises as Mrs. Dooberry from the new Coolsville Library Book Patrol. She shows where she tore a page in her book, and will take away her library card. She leaves, but says "return my book to my library by midnight, OR ELSE!"

Shaggy tells the story of when he was younger and visiting the library the book he borrowed (the "classic", "Pizza Parrot meets the Butter Bean Bunnies") falls out of his backpack and onto a pile of bones Scooby buries, and then they closed down the old library, so he never could return it. Scooby sniffs into the air, drawing the book Mrs. Shushman had, which is from Bernice Binder's Used Books.
The gang goes there to ask questions. Bernice screams when they arrive, thinking they were the ghost of Mrs. Shushman. She had bought a bunch of books when the old library closed down, and the ghost wanted one she didn't have (i.e. Shaggy's book). She had disappeared when the library closed down, until the ghost showed up ("Did you hear that, Scoob? She came back just to get us!") She says she won't hurt them, "Just follow you, curse you, and haunt you, till the day you die!" They dig all around the yard looking for the book. Scooby found "it", but this is his favorite bone, —and the book too!

They next check out the old library. They are confronted by Rona Lichton, president of the Coolsville stamp collecting club, who blamed Shaggy for ruining her stamp collection. When people like him didn't pay their fine, they closed the library and her stamp club had to hold its meetings outside. When the rainy season came, she was forced to wear her collection (all stuck to her, under her coat. She also has a story in the National Exaggerator).
Inside the library, Scooby's sniffer finds the library's final list of overdue books, with Shaggy's name circled. Shaggy finds a book with a bookmark and thinks he's solved the mystery. The ghost springs up from behind the desk. (The gang's heads all form a book with eyes calling out her name). She chases Shaggy and they stop to laugh along with Scooby at the book he's reading. They give it to her, and run. When she has Fred and the girls cornered, Shaggy and Scooby tell her they're looking at a book, "101 Easy Ways to Catch a Ghost Librarian". They do what it says, shaking a shelf of books, which falls on her.

Daphne thinks it's Rona Lichton, for blaming Shaggy and Scooby for the library closing. When Fred blames Red, he calls on the phone saying he can't make it because his bike has a flat. Daphne has Jenkins bring him in to give his insult, which makes Fred feel "like a new man". Shaggy unmasks her as Bernice Binder. She fanned Scooby with his dinner napkin from the clubhouse. Then he found Binder's bookmark in the rare price guide. Shaggy's book was rare, and that's why Binder wanted it so badly, so she could sell it in her shop and make a lot of money. When she utters "I would have gotten away with it...", the book "Crime and Punishment" falls on her head. Shaggy has now learned to read something other than comic books. With the library cookbooks from the new library, he and Scooby can make lots of different flavored pizzas. "You know, there's no better way to check out a recipe, than with my pal, a pup named Scooy Dooby Doo!".

The title reads "Shusham", but what's clearly pronounced is "Shushman", which sounds like a play on a stereotypical teacher or librarian's name ending in "-man".

The Wrath of Waitro - August 10, 1991

Shaggy and Scooby eat lunch at a restaurant. They really pig out ("We haven't had this much since breakfast!"), but find they have absolutely no money to pay! Confronted by the waiter, they begin dreaming of being Commander Cool and Mellow Mutt going after a fiend named Waitro, who is trying to hypnotize all of Coolsville with his food (which includes chocolate covered squid he offers to Daphne, as "Mayor Blake", and some smelly socks dish; "EWWW!"). The heroes pursue in their car which they have to push because they forgot the fuel. They arrive to find Waitro making Velma wash dishes. Waitro fires dishes at them with a "dishzooka". The heroes catch them all balancing them on pencils. Mellow Mutt traps him in the wrong sized cage, and therefore has to release him. They grab their utility belts, but their pants fall down. Waitro hypnotizes them and aims to make chocolate covered superheroes of them in a large vat. They simply eat their way out of the chocolate sauce, and throw a "food magnet" on him, causing him to be buried in food, and defeated. Shaggy and Scooby wake back up, and are now washing dishes themselves. The waiter rewards them with money for doing more than their share. They buy a whole table full of more food.

Actually billed to "The Adventures of Commander Cool and Mellow Mutt" as a subheading of "A Pup Named Scooby Doo"

Not the regular mystery format

The girls are present, but not Fred

Mayhem of the Moving Mollusk - August 17, 1991

"Like it was a quiet day in the clubhouse, and I was making a pizza with my pal, a pup named Scooby Doo". Scooby, on the chandelier catches the dough when Shaggy tosses it. (It's the 32nd pizza he's eaten today; "I'm a growing puppy"). He's now afraid to come down, but Velma uses her transporter ray. Fred gets a letter from New York's premier monster catchers, Critter Getters, who had read about him in the National Exaggerator; "Really Dumb Guy Believes in Ghosts". They have a mystery they want the gang to solve. They use Velma's transporter ray to get to New York City. (All Daphne thinks about is shopping).

A snail monster (with a hockey stick) comes up from a manhole and tries to hit them. Shaggy and Scooby disguise as referrees, and point out he's skating the wrong way on a one way street and place him in the penalty box, so they can escape. Velma shows her other new invention, which will tell them if they're involved in a mystery. Scooby bites his tail thinking it's a hot dog, and jumps landing between the antennas of the device, which then turns Scooby's nose into a mystery detector, which blinks red. (He did this naturally once, when competing against "Robopup"). It stops in 3.72 seconds, and won't blink again until the mystery is solved.

They go to Critter Getters and see a lady they can call Julie (who's had very complicated multiple part names before). She says they have the most sophisticated monster catching devices in the world. The reason why there aren't any other Critter Getters is because they advertised themselves as being able to catch any monster, but when some finally did show up, they couldn't catch them, and so the business was ruined before it got started. (She shows them a poster of the Criter Getters, who look like the Ghostbusters). To make things worse, one of their ex-members started Ghoul Gone, and caught the critters they couldn't. They couldn't get a job after that and broke up.

A bell rings, and another former Critter Getter, Ivan Orton enters, whom she owes money from Julie (and comes for it every hour). She suggests if the gang catches the snail monster, it would save their reputation. Shaggy and Scooby refuse, saying it's in their contract not to deal with "slimy, gucky, YUCK, snail monsters", and start to leave, but find the monster outside the door. Shaggy and Scooby bike onto a ship, and fly a plane, then parachute onto a mountain peak, but are sitting on the monster under the snow. They take the same means of transportation backwards and rejoin the gang, and then Scooby disguises as a female skater and drops the snail back in the manhole.

They go to the office of ex Critter Getter Lester Leonard who's the one who started Ghoul Gone. (All the stuff he owns is "Offical Ghoul Gone" branded). He shows a film of ghoul he caught (in almost 15 minutes). Scooby jumps inside a file cabinet and is covered in Ghoul Gone tape, which Shaggy calls a "sticky situation". The special announcement interrupts, and the announcer is the one who laughs at the pun, and says "I don't get it!" Both the graphics of "Special announcement", as well as the face of the announcer have changed). Lester says he's looking for the moving mollusk himself, and they leave and go to catch an arriving subway train, but the monster is on board. Daphne gives Scooby a Scooby Snack, and the monster a Monster Snack, both having the same reaction. They both get twirled around in the turnstile and a hockey puck lands near Velma. The monster is tossed back onto the train, which leaves.

They next see Englebert Newton (the "rejected Critter Getter"), who's doing a hand puppet show on the street. (He can't afford actual puppets). He had tried out for Critter Getters, and is angry for not getting in. He doesn't know a thing about the snail monster he describes perfectly. Scooby does a puppet performance for some customers, and Englebert tosses the gang into a dumpster. (Daphne calls Jenkins to bring a wash basin and drying machine, and divider for her to change behind). Julie pulls up with some important information. The monster is right behind Shaggy and Scooby.

To start the music (this time, a funky soul number called "Monstrous Mollusk"), Scooby runs to the concert hall and starts to conduct, but the monster chases him off stage, and him and the others into Central Park. Scooby hides by reading the National Exaggerator, but as soon as the monster passes by chasing the others, he's exposed right there next to Scooby, reading "The Daily Blab" the whole time. He calls a taxi for the girls, and plays a game of basketball with Shaggy and Scooby.
Scooby finally scares him off with salt at the base of the Statue of Liberty. They hear the monster, and Leonard (in his Ghoul Gone suit) has caught him. Shaggy and Freddy now feel like the gang are failures for blowing their chance to catch a "real monster". Scooby's nose hasn't blinked, meaning the mystery is not solved. Velma uses a crane to lift a movie projector out of a storm drain. She only has a plan after she figures something on her calculator.

Freddy advertises for Critter Getters, and Daphne claims the snail monster escaped into her kitchen. The monster now comes out on stage and destroys the fake monster "Oh, no, not another snail monster". Scooby and Shaggy enter as the "professional" Critter Getters (in the ghostbusting outfits), but only end up getting tossed around, and Scooby finally catches him with a spring.

Shaggy thinks it's Ivan Orton, who was mad and wanted the money he was owed. Daphne thinks it's Englebert Newton. Fred blames Red, and Velma transports him in for the insult. It's really Lester Leonard. The electrical tape was the same used on his hockey stick, and the Ghoul Gone logo was on the hockey puck, and the movie projector found at the Statue of Liberty was the same one he had in his office. He faked capturing the monster to keep Ghoul Gone a success, and thus the more merchandise he could sell. Scooby, "that stupid puppy" licks him, and his nose finally blinks. Critter Getters is back in business, and Shaggy and Scooby can be the first to try their new pizza (which has a ghostly face on it). "Like you know, there's some kind of critters I don't mind sharing with my pal, a pup named Scooby Dooby Doo!"

• The final episode of the 22 year initial part of Scooby's TV career.


Shaggy and Scooby are charged 14 Denar for a magic carpet ride, and don't even realize the ride is over. They've going on an interview for a job as royal food tasters at an Arabian palace. (As they enter, the guard with the huge sword says "suckers", to which they add, "suckers for desert"). They get hired, but are not familiar with the foreign food, but nevertheless enjoy it anyway. They finish the whole table and wonder what the Caliph is going to have for dinner.
The dishwasher passes by and says the last food taster never made it to dinner. They now realize they're not tasting to see if the food tastes good, but rather to see if it's poisoned! Just the thought of the food their bellies are stuffed with possibly being poisoned makes them pass out. When they come to, Shaggy wonders if they're in Heaven, but if it was, the table they've emptied would still be piled high, so it must be "the other place".

According to the royal chef, the food wasn't poisoned "this time", but they're still "dead", for eating all of the Caliph's food. Having no food to send, Shaggy and Scooby themselves end up brought by him on the dish as "lunch" to the Caliph. The chef calls them the "ex food tasters", and they say they're great food tasters since they ate everything. (This causes the Caliph to fall, breaking his glasses, and he sees a kaleidoscope image of Shaggy and Scooby). The royal chef cuts out, leaving Shaggy and Scooby to the ruler. He says there's a heavy penalty for scarfing up the royal lunch, which is their necks. ("Like isn't that kind of excessive; hows about we go to bed without dinner or TV?")

They run and are chased by two big guards, and run into the harem (sign: "No admittance. This means you, fellah!") The Caliph orders the guards to leave (despite the intruders being around), as he's the only male allowed in there. He goes to choose his wife, and picks one girl, who is really Shaggy in disguise. (This is made easy by the fact that Arabian women wear face veils). He tries to distract by telling a story, to put him to sleep, as he explains to Scooby, who's hiding under a chair. We now go to "Alyah-din and the Magic Lamp", with Yogi Bear and BooBoo.

The plan worked, and Shaggy and Scooby begin sneaking away, but he wakes up, and says "wedding time!" Shaggy says he doesn't want to get married "in this old thing", so the Caliph calls the royal dress maker, who picks out a beautiful white dress. Scooby now disguises as his assistant, and while they're hemming the dress, the Caliph asks for another story. Wanting to tell something less romantic, Shaggy chooses "Sinbad the Sailor" (featuring Magilla Gorilla).

So that's over and he's still awake, talking abut the wedding. Shaggy, with nothing else to think of to stall him, then says "How can you have a wedding without a wedding cake", and The chef brings one in, and both Shaggy and Scooby taste it. The chef now recognizes both of them and they jump inside the cake. The guards arrive, and chop the part of the cake they're hiding in, as well as Shaggy's disguise which he tries in vain to use again.

The Caliph begins reconsidering, since he didn't die of food poisoning (chef: "You didn't eat anything, either!") The stories were so neat, he forgot he was hungry, so their lives are spared—if they stay on as royal storytellers! Shaggy suggests they could be both storytellers and food tasters. But then the Caliph would "never eat again". But then, at least, he would never die of food poisoning! They all enjoy the cake.

Shaggy looks as if they took the young "A Pup Named Scooby Doo" version and translated it back to a grown form

The Caliph is voiced by Eddie Deezen, who may be familiar from upcoming Cartoon Network shows such as "Mandark" on Dexter's Laboratory. It's clear we're now entering the age of CN!

While the premise of the younger version of the kids is what led to Scrappy disappearing, by this time, six years later, the tide was changing, and so he was not brought back, as one might have expected. Having him in this would have fit, as it would be just like the "Scary Scooby Funnies", where Scrappy provides some balance to the timid Shaggy and Scooby. As Scooby began to climb in popularity during this period (this was around the same time Cartoon Network gained the rights to the full franchise, which had been mostly on USA previously, and now all but took over CN) Scrappy would occasionally be included in commercial promotionals, such as toys, like the wind-up Scrappy Burger King offered. But as time went on, he took on a more negative connotation and would no longer appear in positive contexts, if at all.

BRAVO DOOBY DOO (July 21, 1997)

On a stormy night in a forest, Johnny Bravo has had a car breakdown (a literal "fine kettle of fish" in his engine). Thr Mystery Machine pulls up. He asks the gang for a lift to his Aunt Jebidisa, and they give no response until he mentions she lives in a spooky house up on Widow's Peak. (They all say "Jinkies!". Daphne now becomes another one of the women he hits on, who give him the cold shoulder, but Velma is the one who's interested in him ("Don't worry; I don't bite!" Pointing to Daphne, "Does she?" Shaggy and Scooby behind his back laugh at his "crazy hairdo").

They enter her house, and inside, they hear a spooky voice saying "Get out!" Shaggy jumps in Scooby's arms, and Johnny jumps in Daphne's ("Ohh MAN, you're pretty!"), who decisively drops him. Shaggy and Scooby try to leave and are stopped by Freddy. Velma points out "We're up to our ascots in a mystery!" They call for Aunt Jebidisa all over the house. Shaggy and Scooby think there might be food in the closet, but only discover a "ghostly gardener".
They run, crashing into Johnny and Velma, who both lose their glasses (while Velma can't see without her glases; Johnny can't be seen without his!), and end up putting on each other's. Velma think's she's gone blind, and switching them back, he warns her "Don't. Touch. My glasses!" (as she looks adoringly).

They're all together again, and Velma opens a door, finding the ghost's rake. Again, Shaggy jumps in Scooby's arms, and Johnny jumps in Daphne's ("You know; we got to keep meeting like this!") and she drops him again. Velma suggests it's a clue to his aunt's disappearance, and Fred points out flour on the handle, which Velma explains to Scooby, means it's not a ghost (Johnny: "You understand what that dog says?") Fred says "let's split up", and Johnny asks Daphne "You want to get lost with me? I'll give you a Scooby Snack" (a whole covered dish with a roast pig!) She steps on his foot (as all of his women usually do) and then tells Scooby and Fred to check upstairs, while she and Velma will look in the basement. Fred whispers "Daph-ne!", and then she changes it pairing Scooby and Velma, with Fred and her looking in the basement. Says Shaggy: "Well Mr. Bravo, I guess that leaves us with the kitchen!" Behind his back, he asks "Why do I have to get stuck with Jughead?"

Shaggy opens a pantry, to find the ghostly gardener. He pulls himself and Johnny into a barrel of apples, which they tiptoe in, but the ghost follws them. They stop and play the "apple core, Baltimore" game, and he grabs the barrel off of them and begin the music chase. (Set to a retro "Beatles-esque" tune made to sound like something from the old show, called "The Happy Haunted Sunshine House"). Johnny has to look at himself in a mirror before beginning the chase. He mistakenly hits Shaggy with a large mallet, and then the ghost hits Johhny with it. They hide as an "American Gothic" painting, and the ghost becomes their reflection in a mirror. They run into Velma, and Johnny ends up in her arms, and then both of them are being pushed by the ghost in a wheelbarrow. Johnny says "Jinkies", and then ponders it: "Isn't that a breakfast cereal or something?"

They next do the multiple doors in one hallway gag. Johnny eventually finds two of himself in the hallway. They all end up in the wheelbarrow, now pushed by Scooby, and the ghost is starting a hedge trimmer. They go down a flight of stairs, and Johhny is tossed, hanging by his pants from a chandelier. Freddy and Daphne are at the bottom of the stairs, and see the others coming at them, and she jumps into his arms, and then he winks at us! But then the others all land in his arms as well, causing him to collapse. The ghost continues the chase, and then Johnny falls from above, landing on the ghost.

They now begin the unmasking; the gang shouting in unison, like in the early mysteries. First is "Professor Hyde White" (Johnny: "Where's my Aunt Jebidisa, you big freak?") then "Harry the Hypnotist", "Bigfoot", "Don Knotts", "Joe Barbera" (Johnny: "Who's that?") Fed up ("All right, allright; enough with the silly masks!"), the person removes the final mask, and it's Aunt Jebidisa herself! She was trying to scare Johnny away, "because quite franky, I don't like you!" She says he's an embarrassment to the family name ("Does that mean I can't come visit anymore?"). She concludes: "OOh, I was almost rid of him, and I would have done it too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!" The gang apologizes and asks how they can make it up.

We now see the Mystery Machine driving through the forest again, stopping, and when it pulls off, Johhny is now tied to a tree. ("Man! This rope is really binding my pits!") Jebidisa, riding along with the others, says "Now, let's have some fun!" and asks Shaggy "How about it, handsome!" His response; "Like, [gulp]". Scooby opens the back door, and says "Scooby Dooby Doo!" The next vehicle to pull up to Johnny is Speed Buggy, who tells him "Hey pal, hop in, I'll give you a lift!" Iris out on Johnny, still tied to the tree.

We now close on the same note we opened on (though basically a parody of it).

With Don Messick having just passed away, Hadley Kay takes over as Scooby (and would voice him in his cameo in Johnny Bravo's. "'Twas the Night"). Scott Innes would take the role beginning with "Zombie Island", and Frank Welker himself would eventually take over, to the present.

BJ Ward takes over as Velma. (She also voiced Aunt Jebidisa). She would do so until eventually being replaced by Mindy Cohn.

Heather North also resumes her role here, but other voices would take over afterwards.

Original 1969 cues are recreated at the beginning and end

The first "villain" unmasked is Profesor Hyde White; however, he originally wans't a villain; he was the victim, from the very first episode, actually, who had been stuffed in a mummy case (whose eyes moved throughout the story). However, when discovering him at the end, the gang called out his name, like they would do the unmasked villains often.

Johnny draws the comparison of Shaggy to Jughead of the Archies (both skinny yet always eating, and having a pet dog. Scooby was once proposed as a big shaggy dog like Hot Dog). Scooby's brush with the Archie universe was the Josie appearance, since Josie had been produced by Hanna Barbera, but Archie wasn't. An Archie-Scooby crossover would have been really nice.

Producer Joe Barbera makes a cameo as a mask, and the other producer, William Hanna, likewise, did in the same fashion in "The Exterminator", when Don Adams pulled off the multiple masks of a film star who had been spooking them.

The first ever definite references to romance between Daphne and Freddy. This was of course, parody, as it wasn't present in the old show (and jumping in arms doesn't count, as everyone does it).

This now completely closes the first part (and basically, the first half) of Scooby's 50 year run (with the exception of "Bravo Dooby Doo" being three years after the 25 year mark). This was now the age of Cartoon Network, and the Warner Brothers-Turner merger had occurred the previous year, bringing the entire Hanna Barbera universe under WB ownership. The HB studio would soon be dissolved into Cartoon Network Studios, and productions like Scooby Doo would be produced by Warner Brothers Animation, which has a completely different feel from the old Hanna Barbera, of which Bravo Dooby Doo is the last entry for Scooby Doo. (The new DC Universe productions had already been produced by the new studio for several years, as DC had been bought earlier).

Scooby was really on the upswing in this period, having joined the Cartoon Network lineup a few years earlier, where it received a lot of airplay, new promos and interstitials for the channel (some of which even featured Don Messick reviving his role as Scooby, right before he died, by the time of Bravo Dooby Doo) and the the new crossover with one of CN's main original new cartoon series heralded Scooby's return to animation.

The following year, WB would begin the "direct to video" movies series, starting with "Scooby Doo on Zombie Island" (which picks up on themes such as Fred and Daphne as a de-facto couple, and Fred never having fully recovered from the airheadedness of the Pup Named Scooby Doo series). These movies would pick up (with 29 produced so far, in a 20 year period!), and in four years, we would get both a live action theatrical movie, as well as a new animated series, "What's New Scooby Doo?", which on one hand, aimed to get back to basics, but on the other hand, was updated, with new variations on the gang's outfits, and the new tech of the day. Improvements to voices had Frank Welker take over as Scooby, and Mindy Cohn as Velma. Kasem would come and go as Shaggy, until passing away in 2014. We would even briefly see Nicole Jaffe as Velma again, for two movies in 2003 (as well as Heather North, who was not voicing Daphne regularly after Bravo Dooby Doo). Of course, the turn of the millennium Scooby resurgence and the internet age would also bring out the rampant Scrappy-hatred, as fans who didn't like him spoke up loudly, and even writers and producers who didn't like him began reflecting this in new productions, that at first pretended he didn't exist, and then, began throwing negative references to him in the stories. The pinnacle of this was making him the villain of the live action movie.
We would eventually get new series trying out new things, such as "Shaggy and Scooby Doo: Get a Clue" (2006, which is about Shaggy and Scooby trying to rescue Shaggy's missing uncle from a mad scientist, and with only occasional appearances from Fred and the girls), a serialized show, showing them starting out in Crystal Cove rather than Coolsville ("Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated"; that title by then becoming the name of the gang), a version of Scooby that resembles "Family Guy" ("Be Cool, Scooby Doo", 2017), and now, finally, in time for his 50th anniversary, what's essentially a revival of the "Comedy Movies"; featuring the latest special guests, "Scooby Doo and Guess Who".

It's been quite a "trip" for half a century!

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